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Natural, God’s creation is always normal. God created a man and a woman,
with distinct sexual traits. There is no thing in between. One’s sexual organs
determine his/her sexuality. Every Man is born with penis and every woman
with breasts and vagina.
All homosexuality and cross-dressing stems from demons. Without
exception. In normal conditions, people abhor unnatural behaviour. As you see
from the Bible, with the fall in the Garden of Eden and the advent of sin, curse
and demons, to which mankind yielded to, there appears also abnormal sexual
Demons are ‘perverts’ in nature, not humans. Demons perverted religions,
thinking, sexuality and multitudes of human’s lives.
Lucifer wanted his own creation. As you see, he can’t create so the only thing
that remains is to pervert God’s creation. By giving false light and teaching,
reasoning and point of view, he deceived Eve and Adam. From then on,
humanity started to have interaction with malignant spiritual world.
Satan deceived 1/3 of the God’s angels, and also deceived people to follow
many of his inventions like false religions, cultures, behaviours etc. In Genesis
6, he even used some technology to create a mixture between a human being
and fallen angels.
Nature of Satan and every fallen angel is this:
“He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because
there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he
is a liar, and the father of it.” John 8:44
There is no murder on this globe if it’s not Satan who tries to impose his
nature! It’s not in human nature! There is no lie committed on this globe,
except under the influence (Satan trying to impose his will and nature).
Likewise, there is no pervert on this globe, except for demons that impose
their nature upon him and trying to convince him, it’s he! If they manage to do
it and push their victim to commit a sin, they enter and try to blend with his
personality and mind (satanic interface)!
This great revelation will help you understand how the spirit world operates! If
somebody tells you otherwise, it’s simply because he is deceived and a vessel
for Satan to speak to you!



People throughout the ages and especially nowadays are being bombarded
with demons of perversion. How?
1. Proliferation of movies where they blatantly showing demonic sexual
repulsive behaviour. They write books, articles in the common
newspapers that are to spread how homosexual demons think.
2. They try to set up places when myriads of pervert spirits just lurk to
possess an individual. We are talking about prisons, theatres, cinemas,
bars and also parades. You don’t have to agree with what they do there,
yet you open yourself up for possession and take-over of your mind.
Some preachers tell you to go there to preach…You can get more than
you bargain for.
3. These spirits seem to take over the whole nations thinking. Look at the
countries like Scandinavian, America, UK, where they are in demonic
4. European Union and all globalist agendas and organisations are the
vessels of homo demonic propaganda. They hide behind social work and
use it as occasion to make people perverted and tolerant to demons.
5. Some preachers falsely teaching about ‘love’ towards demons of
perversion and it’s the cause of fall of multitudes of them…God hates
both person who commit this crimes and behaviour. Don’t allow the
psychologies behind the pulpit, people in “freedom” trance or former
practitioners of perversion to brainwash your mind. Those who are for
tolerance and false love, are full of these demons, not even being
practitioners of perversion themselves… (False philosophy, tolerance
and possession of their minds…)
How the demons of perversion enter or attack a person? There can be
generational sins, they can have sexual relations with a person of opposite sex
that is filled with these kind of spirits. They can open themselves for them in
the liberal, Euro-American churches…There can be a transfer or transfers of
spirits when you watch current movies, go to theatres where perverts perform,
or listening to music of people who in real life are like this. Examples are
Madonna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Elton John etc. Their music
transmit spirits of bisexuality, homosexuality, lesbianism and cross-dressing/
sex change demons…
If you have friends who are perverts you can get many demons from
them…through soul ties and also fragments of their soul.



Sexual contacts spread homosexuality (rape, bedding a girl who is bi, etc).
Finally, there are rituals going on by the groups who practise perversion. They
can send demons to attack you directly during the day or when you sleep to
invade your conscience. Why would anybody try to do this? Out of revenge,
out of malignancy to try to destroy you…
Many mythological creatures were perverts. You can notice Zeus, Set, Hermes
In 21 Century, we need to arm ourselves up and get knowledgeable about
BOTH spiritual warfare and deliverance from demons. People need to be
baptised in the Holy Ghost (and besides speaking in tongues (as a sign of His
reception) ask God for discernment of spirits, words of knowledge, warfare
tongues etc…).
How to get rid of them?
In order to get rid of tormenting spirits you need to realise one thing- only
Jesus is the Deliverer. Call on His name to save you and cleanse you from all
sins you have ever committed. There is no deliverance without asking Jesus to
become your God and Saviour. You need to decide to follow God at any cost
and go the way of holiness! Ask God to send down hatred of your sins and to
let you see how He looks on them.
Next, confess any sin committed. Break any curse involved in your particular
sin. Break and sever all soul ties with evil people, carriers of filthy spirits.
Change environment, clean your life, house and stop watching movies that
pollute your soul and spirit!
Renounce perversion and all its forms and corresponding demons. Next call
upon Jesus to deliver you and call upon Him to surround you with His Mighty
Angels to help you, protect you and fight the wicked spirits!
Remember that you can simply be under spiritual attack by some psychic
predator pervert! Use spiritual weapon to break this attack now!
Now, in the name of Jesus Christ I command all the following demons, their
roosts, their kind to manifest and come out! In Jesus’ mighty name! Namely:
 Brooding homo hen, father of homosexuality, abomination, desolation,
abnormal life, antisocial, homo blood rituals, darkness of mind, king of
sodomy, lesbian queen, living against normal creation and sexuality,



hatred towards normality, lover of abnormality, witchcraft, idolatry,
departure from the Truth, Bible hater, God hater, spirits that want to
rape God, homo pregnancy, homo spiritual children, homo dreams,
Innana, Cybele, Tammuz, Attis, rape, homo mind control, reprobate,
pride, shamelessness, erotes, goddess of homosexuality, god of
homosexuality, filthiness, obscene, unclean spirit, foul spirit
Gender bender, tranny, homo lust, sex change spirits, tu-er- shen,
Dionysus, deviant, aberrant, queer, unnatural, depraved, degenerate,
sicko, weirdo.
Attraction to own sex, self-rapist, satanic homo dreams, worship of
creation, wicked, priest of homosexuality, priestess of lesbianism,
atheism, Sappho, lesbian, butch, Aphrodite, uranian, hermaphrodite,
Sociopath, homo magic, homo blood ritual, homo human sacrifice, lies,
deception, stupidity, self-deception, homo propaganda, lover of
abnormality, pederast, oral sex, anal sex, rape orgy, effeminate, twospirit, affected, spirit causing limp-wrist, womanish man, manly woman,
campey, queeny, poncey, faggot, fag, poof, poofter, pansyish, faggy.
Root of homosexuality, Catholicism, mother goddess, gimp, tomboy,
Jezebel, Ahab, Baal, Astarte, mind-bending demons, demons that turn
your head to look at penis or vagina, penis spirits in mind, homosexual
altars in body, homosexual altars in the sea, homosexual altars on earth,
homosexual altars in satanic heavens, unmanly, unwomanly, succubus,
incubus, worship of anus, worship of penis, worship of vagina, worship
of the body, narcissism, early death, incurable disease
Death, hell, destruction of life, destroyer of normality, false tolerance,
false love, disgusting, homo predator, homo soul ties and demons, homo
mind invaders, homo dream invaders, killer of sex, demons who try to
destroy the purpose of mankind on the Earth, homo burial magic, homo
sympathetic magic, homo paedophilia, man raped by woman, Satanism,
luciferianism, Wicca, paganism, African witchcraft, Hindu witchcraft,
Buddhist witchcraft, European witchcraft.
Homo demons from Lady Gaga, Obama, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Elton
John, governmental homo mind control, homo alters, demons from Skull
and Bones, demons from Bohemian Grove, homosexual prayers directed
toward you, homo conspiracy in the satanic heaven against your



 Zepar (pederasty), Belial, Philotanus, Ganymedes, Dionysos, Eros, Attis,
Hermes, Aphrodite, Himeros, Anteros, transsexual, transgender, Aravan,
Bahuchara Mata, Narcissus, Priapus, Pan, satyr, Perseus, berdache,
intersex, rent boy, catamite, Mutunus Tutunus, Exoletus, Sapphic love,
Wakashū, Babopy, Goonerman, batty boy, Hochipili, freemason, Knight
Templar, Rosicrucian, Zeus Arrhenothelus, Apollo, Hyacinth, Nana
Buluku, gender reversal, Androgynous Archetypes, shamanism, voodoo,
 Fag, gunsel, invert, flit, fruit, fairy, dyke, homo psychic vampire, Erotocomatose lucidity,
I command them all to come out, escorted by the angels of God to the fiery
torment. I pray for the filling up of empty spaces in body, soul and spirit with
the Holy Ghost and blood of Jesus. Restore my soul! Lord Jesus- send your
angels to restore any missing parts of my soul, cleanse them with the blood
and put back in their rightful places. Remove from me any demonic parts,
remainders, fluids, what’s left from their roosts, any witch parts, alters from
others and throw them into a fire to burn.
Thank you Jesus for the deliverance!
Spend some time on thanksgiving!