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JULY 2016




by Lusset Cunanan

This month of July, Upbeat celebrated its Fifth Year Anniversary, with the series entitled SquadGoals wherein we tackled about friendship and our relationship
with each other. It defined what is the true meaning of friendship which, in this era,
is commonly known as Squadgoals.

August 6, 2016
9:00- 11:00 am

Living Beyond the

Ordinary In Jesus Name

Sis. Milen Reyes taught us on the first week of UpBeat to be a Thankful
Squad, not just by saying it but by living it. She discussed to us three ways to grow
as a thankful squad. First is to let the peace of God govern our relationship as peace
&gratitude come together.Second is to let the word of God be at home in our hearts.
Last but not the least is to let the name of Jesus be honored in everything that we do.

On the second week, Pastora Marifi (PM) taught us to be a Humble Squad
and the benefits of apologizing. She preached to us that apologizing restores the
soul as the sin that separates us from God has been re-cleansed through Jesus
Christ. We were taught also that apologizing also reconciles relationship and revives
the community. PM taught us to confess by Gods grace because we are all broken
souls, love & accepted by our holy God.

On the third week, Bro GV Lehayan taught us to always be a Forgiving
Squad. He taught us that the gravity of Gods mercy enables us to forgive unconditionally. He also tackled that we have received more than we deserved but we tend
to give less, which means if you realize how much God has forgiven you, you will
forgive as much, and for that, well receive according to what we give.

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8:30-10:30am &
Sunday Worship Service
Guarding The Heart

August 20, 2016

9:00- 11:00 am
The PWR Summit

Fit for Life: Renewing the Mind

By Star Pama

As the second part of our big series Fit for Life,

we talked about renewing the mind this month.
Heres a summary:

WHY RENEW THE MIND We came to realize in the first week that we need to renew our minds
In conclusion, A renewed mind leads to a better life in

BATTLE OF THE MIND Pastor Jun teaches
us on the second week of this month that we are in a
spiritual battle and it all starts in the mind. There are five
Es of Spiritual battle Exposure, Entertain, Experience,
Excuse, and Exchange. However, the Lord gave us a
powerful weapon to win this battle which is His Word.
The more we come to the knowledge of God, our thinking
changes; because winning or losing begins in our thinking.

R.E.A.D Love for the Word leads to
intimacy with the Lord. Pastor Ebet taught us how we
can deepen our knowledge of God through His Word.
The acronym reads:
Read the Bible
Engage in Gods words
Apply Gods truth
Discuss it with others

human default we have our own destructive thinking
patterns that are influencing our habits. However, there
are also called renewed thinking patterns Walk form
old ways; Submit to the Word of God; and Walk with the
Spirit. In conclusion, Pstra. Marifi taught us that renewed
patterns of thinking will lead to God-centered living.

part of our series, Pstr. Bong teaches us how to think
productively through thinking like Jesus, thinking of
eternity, thinking maturely and thinking correctly. As a
wrap up, we learn that Productive Thinking Leads to
Productive Living!
Lets continue to walk in the knowledge of God and learn
to renew our minds!


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On the fourth week, Sis. Swanee Gumatay
taught us to be a Loving Squad and how to love others when its hard to love them. She shared the acrostic LOVE to us which is defined as Let go of self-orientation, Overcome judgmental attitudes, Value
truth speaking, and Endure relational challenge. She
taught us that only Gods love enables us to love our

And on the last Saturday of July, 106 young
people attended UpBeat and celebrated with us. It was
a full blast celebration and Pastor Ebet Reyes taught us
about having a Life-Giving Squad and how it can help
not only on our squad but to us as individuals.
We are also challenged to pursue a God-centered relationship.

Upbeat also became a venue where young
people can have an opportunity to experience real life
with real friends!

Looking for writers, cartoonist and
contributors for THIN PLACES
Look for Fatima De Sena (09267356549)
Looking for Events Workers
Look for Pstra. Marifi Gumatay

Soul Caf

Soul Keeping

by Johanna

Thanking God
(A Special Article)

by Alexis

Living in a world that is so demanding, how are
we going to thank God? How are we going to pause for
a while and utter a thankful phrase when the world keeps
telling you to be busy?

Maybe it seems hard. Maybe thanking God
sounds like a demand as well. But you see, thanking God
is a privilege that allows us to see the beauty in everything.

Thanking God is an opportunity to set our
minds to what is good and life-giving. It works
like a filter that washes away any form of negativity. It shuts the devouring voice of doubt and anxiety.
Thanking God is one of the building blocks that help us
create a deeper trust to Him. It reminds us of His faithfulness and love that is unwavering. It shatters our fear and
limps our twisted thoughts.

If your soul is healthy, no external
circumstance can destroy your life. If your soul is
unhealthy, no external circumstance can redeem
John Ortberg, Soul Keeping

Thats why in Real Life Christian Communities,
we have Soul Caf sessions every 1st week of the month
to help each person take care of his soul.

Last July 2, 2016, Soul Caf started its series of
In every pain, in every celebration, always reSoul Keeping by John Ortberg from his book entitled Soul
there is something to be thankful for. Every time
Keeping: Caring for the Most Important Part of You.
something make you smile, thank God. Be thankful that
even in the midst of the worlds chaos, God makes way
Session 1: What The Soul Is.

John Ortberg defines the soul, its nature and its to make you smile. Every time something make you sad,
importance. The soul is illustrated like a stream to be thank God. It is a chance for you to rely on Gods grace
kept by the keeper--us.The world now replaced the word and love.

soul to self. We have our inner and outer life. The inner life is invisible and has our secret thoughts, hopes,
dreams and wishes. The outer life is the visible part where
you see your accomplishments, work and reputation. But
most of us are busy taking care of our outer life and we
often neglect our inner life.

What matters most, what marks your existence,
the really deep reason why human life matters so much,
is because of this tiny, fragile, vulnerable, precious thing
about you called soul. You are not just a self; you are a
soul. You are a soul made by God, made for God and
made to need God, made to run on God. Which means
that you are not made to be self-sufficient.
Dallas Willard
Session 2: The Struggle of the Soul.

John Ortberg illustrated the different conditions
of our soul using the Parable of the soils. The seed as
Gods word and the soil as the soul. A hardened soul is
hurt and disappointed that makes it hard for the seed to
grow. A shallow soul has a good start but when problems,
worries and trials come, they give up. A cluttered soul has
worries of these life and desires for other things beside
God. A good soul is centered and rooted in Gods words.
For the soul to be well, it needs to be with God.
John Ortberg

In everything give thanks; for this is the will of

God in Christ Jesus for you.
-1 Thessalonians 5:18
Oh come, let us sing to the Lord! Let us shout
joyfully to the rock of our salvation
-Psalm 95:1


Q and A with an RLCCnian

by Alaisa Marie Regalado

May paniniwala ka bang nagbago?

Anu-ano yun?

Hindi naman sa nagbago, its more of a
reminder. Alam natin na yung mga naiisip natin
affects our actions but we tend to neglect and forget it.
Thinking that its okay not to deal with it or we are too
entertained with our thoughts (lust, etc.) na gustonggusto
na pala tayo kay Lord.

Sangayon, paano mo ina-apply ang mga

natutunan mo? (relationships, ministry, work,

Bilang pagtatapos ng July series ng Main
Worship Celebration [MWC] na pinamagatang
Renewing The Mind naghanap ako ng makakapanayam upang alamin kung ano nga ba ang naging epekto
sa kanya ng katatapos pa lang na series.

Ang nakapanayam ko ay si Sharmaine Joyce
Daproza. Isa siya sa mga kabataan na matagal nang
dumadalo sa gawain ng Real Life Christian Communities

Sa ngayon ay bahagi siya ng Train A Child
Project kung saan ay naglalaan sila ng oras tuwing
Sabado ng umaga sa mga bata para mas lalo pa nilang
maintindihan ang mga aralin na itinuturo sa kani-kanilang paaralan at ito rin ang nakita nilang paraan upang
mapalapit sa Diyos ang mga bata sa mura nilang edad.

Q & A with Sharmaine Joyce:

Ano ang [mga] natutunan mo sa series for the
month of July na Renewing The Mind?

Ang pinaka-natutunan ko sa series na Renewing
The Mind is that our mind is so powerful. Thats why we
should know how to be aware, how to deal and how to
control our thoughts through the guidance of God. The
battle really happens in our minds and it will definitely
affect our actions. Its a hard battle and we can only win
when our faith and peace are rooted to God. What we
think will manifest on our behavior and character and
thats the reason why we have to think correctly.

I am making sure that Im doing my HABITS.
(Honor God with your time, talents and treasures. Attend
to your daily communion with God. Build your knowledge
of Gods Word. Invest in Gods Kingdom. Take care of
your family as God does. Serve in the ministry together
with others.)

Hindi ko hinahayaan na walang food yung soul
ko. And when time comes na may thoughts na hindi ko
dapat maisip [naiisip], tinitigil ko agad at nagdadasal ako
para hindi tuluyang maapektuhan yung ministry ko at ang
iba pang bagay.


Do not conform to the pattern of
this world, but be transformed by
the renewing of the mind. Then you
will be able to test and approve what
Gods will is his good, pleasing and
perfect will.
Romans 12: 2

1. The Good & Beautiful God - JB Smith
2. Soul Keeping John Ortberg
3. Replenish Lance Witt