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Candidate ID - 63971903

Dear Dilip Kumar
We appreciate your interest in Infosys and this mail is in continuation to our previous mail/call regarding a
suitable opportunity with Infosys Ltd. Please treat this mail as confirmation for an in-person discussion
(technical / personal). The details of the same are given below. Please note that the entire process may take
approximately 4 hours of your time.
Venue Address

Contact Person

11:30:00 AM
Building no. 18-19
4th Floor
Survey no. 210
Manikonda Village,,Lingampally,Rangareddy
district,Hyderabad - 500019,Andra Pra

As part of the interview process, you are required to fill up the online application form and carry a print out
of the same. Please ensure that all the details are filled accurately as per the supporting documents. This is a
mandatory process since without the filled-up online application form, we will not be able to proceed with
the interview process. The steps to fill the online application form are given below:

Preferred browser - internet explorer version 8 / above.
Click on


To logon, select Experienced Professional and continue, enter your email ID


and the password (in case you do not recollect your password, please click on the
'Password Forgotten' link to reset your password).
Kindly do not create a new profile by clicking on 'Register here'. In case you have not
been able to login, please reply back describing the issue faced and we will assist you
with your queries.
Go to 'My Applications' section under 'Employment Opportunities' tab.
Click on 'Click here to Open Application Form' link to fill the online application form.

Please do not carry laptops/cameras to the venue as these will not be allowed due to security restrictions.
The following documents are mandatory and we request you to bring these for the discussion.

Print out of this email
Copy of your latest resume
Print out of the filled Online Application Form
One recent passport-size photograph in color - front view of the full face on a light background
is required. Black and white photograph, printed/T-shirts/round neck /casual shirts will NOT
be accepted
Proof of identification: Original photo-identity card (photocopies will not be accepted)
Proof of Compensation (Latest Offer Letter/Compensation Revision Letter)

Please note, without one of the above mentioned documents, we reserve the right to disallow you in
participating in this process
As a policy, candidates have to maintain a gap of at least 9 months between two successive selection
processes with Infosys. Please intimate us in case you have gone through a selection process with Infosys
during the last 9 months.

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