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The Final Test

Class: IX

Student: ______________________________________________

1 Match the words to make ‘clothes’ expressions.
denim (f)
(a) hat
1 high-heel
(b) skirt
2 woolly
(c) trousers
3 flared
(d) shirt
4 knee-length
(e) shoes
5 long-sleeved
(f) jeans

5 points

2. Read the sentences. Choose the best word (A, B or C) for each gap.
Who does this jacket belong __C____ ?
A with
B for
C to
1 He’s very good at dealing ___________ practical problems.
A with
B about
C for
2 She’s learnt a lot ______________ the history of fashion.
A at
B for
C about
3 You can depend ___________ Philip to help you.
A with
B on
C by
4 Do you suffer _____________ any allergies?
A from
B for
C in
5 He uses his umbrella ____________ a walking stick.
A for
B by
C as

5 points

3. Report these sentences.
‘I’m usually lucky in competitions.’
He said he was usually lucky in competitions.
1 ‘We’ll win the match.’
He predicted that they ____________________________________________________
2 ‘We won in 2005.’
He reminded us that they _________________________________________________
3 ‘We’ve never lost a match.’
He told us that they _______________________________________________________
4 ‘I don’t always tell the truth.’
He admitted that he _______________________________________________________
5 ‘I’m not going to play in the team on Saturday.’
He said that he ___________________________________________________________
6 ‘I’m having a long holiday.’
He told us that he _________________________________________________________
7 ‘The weather is wonderful.’
He told us the weather _____________________________________________________
8 ‘I’ll be home for Christmas.’
He promised that he _______________________________________________________

8 points

4. Read the sentences. Circle the correct words.
He put on / off his helmet before he got on his motorbike.

5 points

1 Sam dropped in / out of the race because he felt ill.
2 They put up / over a big stage in the park for the outdoor concert.
3 The robbers thought they had got away / out with their crime, but the police caught them at
the airport.
4 The group went back / ahead with the outdoor concert in spite of the bad weather.
5 Don’t forget to put the cat out / away before you go to bed.
5. Complete the sentences with of where necessary.

5 points

1. Example.Please switch/turn the radio up. We lost because the goalkeeper put / let us down. 6. 1 Neither ____________ the teams played well. __________________________________________________ 2. 4 None _____________ the athletes gave interviews to reporters. You’re our best player-please don’t give / drop out of the team. The thief didn’t get / go away with his crime. Correct the underlined mistakes. How does she look like? What does she look like? 1. Max points: 40 points 6 points 6 points . 6. His trousers look likes ones from the 1970s. 2 All _______________competitors were in the opening parade. 3. We must speak out / up against cheating. 4. What is your brother look like? __________________________________________________ 3. Don’t give / drop up. Please give up / out these books to the class. How is your best friend like? __________________________________________________ 4. Adam look like his parents. __________________________________________________ 6. Is Tanya like shopping? __________________________________________________ 7. You can finish the race.Both of us are in the hockey team. 3 The judges gave top marks to some ________________ gymnasts. 5. __________________________________________________ 5. 2. Your sunglasses looks cool. 5 Most ____________ swimmers had arrived the week before the competition started. Choose the correct words.

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