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If We Ever Meet again

by Skyler Jayne
2010 Skyler Jayne

If We Ever Meet Again

~ Skyler Jayne

Giselle sat in a coffee shop. She sipped her cappuccino. Someone tapped on her shoulder. She looks up to see a guy with deep brown eyes and a shy smile. His smile showed his beautiful set of teeth. Can I help you? she asked politely. Yeah, he said and then hesitated, Is it alright for me to sit with you? She would have said yes immediately because she found him attractive. Instead she asked, Why? Because I have no other place to sit. he told her. She scanned the room and saw that the place was packed. There wasnt a single empty table to sit at. Plenty of people stood in line, waiting for a seat. Since he awakened interest in her, she said, sure. He sat on the chair opposite her. There was silence between them. Its crowded here, she said, trying to break this awkward silence. Ill leave you as soon as an empty table opens up. The host will show me another table, he said guiltily. Its okay, you can stay, she chuckled. He smiled, showing off his beautiful set of teeth.

Im Giselle, she introduced and extended her hand out to him. He shook her hands. There was instant fire as soon as their hands met. The burning sensation left them with tingling feelings that they both liked. Im Shaun, he said and gave her another one of his smiles. A smile she began to love.

They talked and talked for a long time. They got to know one another. He admired her violet eyes and wavy blond hair while she admired his dimpled smile, his jet-black hair. They ordered more coffee.

Then he felt his phone vibrating. Damn! He thought. He answered his fathers call. Shaun, where are you? his dad yelled from the other end. Im still at the coffee shop, he told him calmly. You need to get here right now! his father ordered him. Im busy, he said. He didnt want to leave Giselle. Not yet anyway. Its urgent, his father told him, your sister needs you right now. She only wants to talk to you. He sighed and said, Alright, Ill be there in 20 minutes. Great, He knew his dad was pleased.

He hung up the phone and looked into Giselles confused eyes. I need to go, he said sadly.

Cant you stay longer? I was having fun, she pouted. Shaun chuckled and said, Well meet again soon. Will we? she asked with hope. Sure, he told her and then smiled, If fate allowed us to meet once, it will definitely allow us to meet twice. He smiled and got up. He gave her his cell phone number and said, And incase fate doesnt get us together, I want your number. She saved her number in his phone with delight. See you, he said. See you too, Giselle said, upset about the fact that he was leaving, but happy that he had her number.

He walked out of the shop. Within minutes her phone started vibrated. She opened the SMS that she had received. It read: If you knew me more, You would have known that Im not a man of patience I dont know how long it will take for fate to walk in again. Do you want to have lunch tomorrow? ~ Shaun

She almost squealed with joy! She replied back: Definitely! Give me more details later. =)

She paid the bill of her coffees and left the shop. She felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around and saw Shaun. Hey! she exclaimed in surprise. So tomorrow at 3pm at the Club House Diner? he asked. Even though Giselle had told him yes, he was afraid of her rejecting him. Sure, she said and smiled. Great! he said excited and kissed her cheek. See you there. See you too! she said and touched her cheek that still tingled from his kiss.

If we ever meet again, Ill have so much more to say If we ever meet again, I wont let you go away Ill never be the same, if we ever meet again Wont let you get away, if we ever meet again This free falls got me sold, kiss me all night Dont ever let me go Timbland & Katy Perry If we ever meet again

2010 Skyler Jayne

About The Author Skye started writing at the age of 16. She started off writing on a website called where 3 of her creative works have been featured by the website. She loves writing short stories and poems. She sometimes dabbles with writing full length stories too. She has written stories under the names of Skyler Jayne, Skye Jayne and Skye J Cardoz. She also sometimes refers to herself in third person!

~Writing Tales of Love and Heartbreak~ ox Skyler Jayne

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