First United Methodist

Church Newsletter
Mineral Wells, Texas November 2013

“The Church with a Warm Heart”
PO Box 1466
301 NE 1st Street
Mineral Wells, TX

Methodist Men
meets every second
Sunday at 7:30 am
with the men of
Central UMC. This
month’s meeting is at
FUMC on Sept. 11th.
Come join us for a
program, fellowship
and a full breakfast!

Mix & Mingle
Join us between
Sunday School and
Worship for snacks,
juice and coffee!
Welcome visitors
and share the good
If you have a talent
for baking and want
to help, there is a
sign-up sheet on the
bulletin board or
contact Sharon

Letter from the…

September 2016

For a lot of people in the
congregation and the community
class is beginning. There is always
some sort of excitement that starts
with the beginning of a new school
year. The new classes, the new
friends, the new teachers and maybe
even a new school. For parents, like
myself, the break after a long
summer of kids constantly looking
for something to do is a welcome
point on the calendar.

The start of school has always been a good time to return to
basics. Teachers are dusting off the summer cobwebs in their
students’ minds. Young children are just beginning to learn
what it means to be in school and some parents are learning
what it is to drop their kids off at the schoolhouse for the first
time (a first time that could be an equally scary kindergarten
classroom or college dorm).
For us at FUMC, I want this to be a time of returning to
the basics. To do that, we’re going to take a look at who God is
or, a better way to put it, the character of God. Over the next
few Sundays we’re going to take a look at the idea that God is
omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. For years these
funny words have been used to describe who God is and what
God can do, but most people couldn’t even spell them — in all
fairness, I had to look them up to get them right!
Over the last three weeks of the month, we’re going to explore
the idea that God knows everything, is everywhere and is all
powerful. What exactly does this identity of God mean for you
and me? Join us over the month and find out.
Pastor Eric

Because hunger does not take the
weekend off

We are rapidly approaching a new choir
season and really, really, really would like
to see you in the choir! Please prayerfully
consider joining us for fun, fellowship,
music and ministry. 
If you've ever sung in the shower, or
while driving your car, you qualify. No
auditions ever, so no need to be scared!
Lots of seats available! Practice is
Wednesdays @ 7 pm. — Don Owens

Worship on Wednesday excitement
begins again Wednesday, Sept. 7th, with
a snack supper @ 5: 30 pm.
All Kindergarteners through 6th graders
are invited to join us from 6 - 7 pm for
Bible lessons, games, crafts and activities.
We love when they bring their friends!
Sunday School is the same age group. 
After supper, the youth meet upstairs
until 7:30 pm, backpacks are packed for
BackPack Buddies and the choir practices
@ 7 . Pick an activity to join and help
with the Lord’s work!

School has started and we are gearing up
for another school year.
During the past two weeks, we have
brought in over $4,500 of food, or four
weeks’ worth. Thanks to the hard working
people who helped get it here, unloaded,
and put up. A heartfelt thank you goes to
all those who make this mission possible
with their generous and loyal support.
We have also begun packing on
Wednesday nights at 6:00. We invite you
to join us. We work hard, but have lots of
According to information from our
conference office, one in four children go
hungry in Texas. Our state has the third
highest rate of households dealing with
food insecurity, and 18 of the 28 counties
in the Central Texas Conference have a
higher than average rate.
On October 1st, we will host our second
annual Mineral Wells Idol fundraiser.
This was a big success last year, and our
biggest fundraiser of the year. We hope to
make it even better this year.
We need lots of volunteers to make this
happen. Please contact Sue Overton or me
if you would like to help.
I hope you will help us spread the word,
and if you know any talented singers,
please encourage them to enter. The entry
form is on our Back Pack Buddies
Facebook Page. Please see Sue’s Mineral
Wells Idol article for more information.
With Gratitude,
Judy Jackson

The Rev. Dr. Lisa
Neslony, CTC West
District Supt., will
preach at our church
on Sunday, Sept. 4th.
Dr. Neslony replaced
outgoing supt., the
Rev. Carol Woods,
last July. Come out
and hear our new DS!

Flood Buckets Needed!
Our Central Texas Conference of the United
Methodist Church is asking churches and their
congregations to help replenish the supply of
cleaning buckets to use in assisting victims of
recent disastrous flooding in areas of
Louisiana. The need is still urgent.
To help, please
access To provide financial support,
click on UMCOR advance # 901670.

Leadership Meetings
Our Leadership Teams will begin meeting
monthly, every third Sunday, using the
following schedule:

4:30p Staff Parish Relations (as
5:00p Trustees
5:45p Finance
6:30p Administrative Board

Sunday Services Broadcast
While we prefer having you attend service
in person because we love to see you, for
those unable to attend a service, or not able
to attend most Sundays, we hope you will
connect with us online Sunday mornings at
10:30 am.
Simply go to FUMC Mineral Wells on
Facebook (be sure to like and follow us) or
find our Facebook link on our homepage at
You can begin watching at the beginning of
worship service, or jump in and start
watching any time. You can “like” the
broadcast and even make comments.
If you miss the broadcast, you can go back
and watch the service via our Facebook
page at your convenience.
You can also watch current and past
sermons online by going to our website.
Click the "Our Pastor" link, then click the
"Video Sermons.”

Online Giving
As you know, you do not have to be in
church on Sunday morning to give, but you
can tithe and give to the church online
through our donation portal. Simply go to
the church’s web site and click on Give in
order to donate using a debit or credit card.
You can donate any amount. It is easy, fast
and secure.
Of course, we’d love for you to join us in
church during worship and in our mission
of reaching lives for Christ.
Your generosity enables us to help more
people experience the life change that
accompanies knowing Jesus Christ. We
appreciate your financial contribution and
we hope that the simplicity and
convenience of being able to do so online is
helpful to you.

Once again, there was a Murder at the Fox Hole last month and those attending enjoyed
it! The event is actually a youth fundraiser with dinner and an interactive murder
mystery play. Pictured are our youth hosts and their leader Amanda Daniell (front).

Our youth and
church hosted a
reception for
youth director
Amanda Daniell
in the parlor after
the service Aug.
7th. Amanda has
accepted another
position at
Genesis UMC in
Fort Worth. We
wish her well in
the future!

The concession stand will sell delicious
barbeque sandwiches by Jason, along
with chips, candy, cookies, drinks, etc.
Last year we had 9 contestants and a
three-way tie so there was a “sing-off.” K
Dahl won by singing At Last. Check it
out — we have some awesome talent in
Mineral Wells!
We would like to have 10-12
contestants this year. We do not care
what their talent is — singers, dancers,
We will host our 2nd Annual MINERAL
WELLS IDOL Saturday, Oct. 1st, @ 6 pm as comedians, jugglers, fire eaters or sword
swallowers — all are welcome! The big
a fundraiser for our Back Pack Buddies
prize is bragging rights for a year and a
bling trophy.
The stage will be set up on the White’s
So please help get the word out to
Funeral Home parking lot, just southeast of
up some good contestants and
the church, and patrons are encouraged to
encourage them to participate.
bring their own lawn chairs for comfort.
However, we will have folding chairs there Contestant Entry fee is $20 and entry
form may be found on FUMC’s website
to “rent” for $2 each (it’s a fundraiser!).
Admission is by donation and the winner is and Facebook page.
determined by votes from the audience in
the form of donations to their favorite
It seemed to be a hit last year, not only
with the church members, but with the
community as well and we raised $5,000 to
help feed at-risk school children on the
Sept. 2 - Travis Novak
Sept. 7 - Myra Lawrence
Please put this date on your calendar and
Sept. 10 - Nancy Carter
plan to join us. We need help in ALL areas.
Sept. 11 - Brooke Crawford
To volunteer, contact one of the committee
Sept. 15 - Mike Cox
chairs listed below:
Directors - Sue Overton & Judy Jackson
Sept. 19 - Christian Garcia
Cook - Jason Nesmith
Sept. 23 - Vicki Gregory, Rick Jackson
Concession Stand - Kelli Huseman & Jolene Sept. 27 - Robin Fanning
Oct. 2 - Brady Huseman, Amy Lovell
Accounting - Sharon Garcia & Jeri Calcote
Oct. 3 - Kenyon Calcote
Stage - Neal Overton
If any members are missing from this list, let us know!
Steps & Carpet for Stage - Gary Lovell
Electricity - Jeff Williams & Eric Douglas
Advertising - David May
Adam Hull will be our emcee. Judges will
be our own Don Owens, local celebrity Ike
August 7 – 89 (2 visitors)
Mercer, and last year’s IDOL winner, K
August 14 – 107 (7 visitors)
Dahl. Mercer and Dahl will also perform
August 21 – 98 (2 visitors)
throughout the evening.
August 28 – 85 (6 visitors)