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Describe the characteristics and application of the following network devices :
(a) Routers
(b) Bridges
(c) Switches
(d) Hubs
2. What is Bandwidth?
Every line has an upper limit and a lower limit on the frequency of signals it can carry. This
limited range is called the bandwidth.
3. What is the difference between physical address and logical address?
Simply physical address known as hardware address. IP address is known as logical address.
Physical address is used for identify the PC on network and IP is used for identify the network
on the PC mac address 48 bit address IP address 32 bit addresses.
4. If you are given the IP address can u tell how many computer scan be connected?What do
you look at?
Depending on the address given (Class A, Class B, or Class C) you can determine how many
hosts are available. This is also subject to whether the address is classless or classful. If it is
classful the a Class C address can have 254 valid hosts, a Class B can have 64,534 and a Class
A can allow over 16 million hosts!
5. Expand the following : Wi-Fi, wlan, WiMAX, Wan, WAP.
Wifi – Wireless Fidelity
Wlan – Wireless LAN
WiMAX - Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access
Wan – wide area network
WAP – Wireless Access Protocol
6. What is anonymous ftp? Why is it used?
Anonymous FTP enables users to connect to a host without using a valid login and password.
Usually, anonymous FTP uses a login called anonymous or guest, with the password usually
requesting the user's ID for tracking purposes only. Anonymous FTP is used to enable a large
number of users to access files on the host without having to go to the trouble of setting up
logins for them all. Anonymous FTP systems usually have strict controls over the areas an
anonymous user can access.
7. Name the layer to which following things are related.
(a) raw bits sending
(b) encryption
(c) making two networks compatible to communicate
(d) electronic mail, http
(e) session control
8. You have an IP of with a subnet mask of 7 bits. How many hosts and subnets
are possible?
(a) 126 hosts and 510 subnets
(b) 128 subnets and 512 hosts
(c) 510 hosts and 126 subnets
(d) 512 subnets and 128 hosts
Correct answer: C

If an Ethernet port on router was assigned an IP address of 172.0. Ping uses what part of the TCP model? (a) ICMP (b) IP (c) TCP (d) UDP Correct Answer : A 13.35 .3.0.Unsuccessful Which of the following problems would create the test results listed above? (a) TCP/IP not correctly installed (b) Local physical layer problem (c) NIC not functioning (d) Remote physical layer problem Correct Answer : A 11.0. Which of the following are connection oriented protocols ? (a) TCP (b) IP (c) FTP (d) ICMP (e) SNA Correct Answer: (a) and (c) 10.Successful Ping 190.5.35/24 Default Gateway 190.0. .1 Remote Server 190.0.Unsuccessful Ping 190.5.250 . You receive a call from a user who is unable to reach a server at a remote site.3.) (a) Half-duplex Ethernet operates in a shared collision domain.Unsuccessful Ping 190. When you consider half-duplex and full-duplex Ethernet.3.0. (b) Half-duplex Ethernet operates in an exclusive broadcast domain.0.112.3. You are the network administrator of the RouterSim global software Company.250/24 You then conduct the following tests from the offending local PC: Ping 127.1 . what is the maximum number of hosts allowed on this subnet? (a) 2046 (b) 8190 (c) 4094 (d) 4096 (e) 1024 Correct Answer : D 12. what are unique for half-duplex Ethernet? (Select all possible options.0.16. After further review you discover the following info: Local PC 190.9.1 .1/20.

What is IPv6? How is it better than Ipv4? 20.* 16.14. Match the port address for the following services SSH 21 Telnet 3306 SMTP 80 IMAP 25 HTTP 22 FTP 143 Mysql 23 22. 15. What do the following utilities do ping. imap. The maximum distance between any two hosts is 1km and propagation speed is 100m/s. traceroute. Calculate host address range. Explain the importance of the following services ssh.4.168. mysql 23. ftp.D 14. http. Which of the following network topologies has a possible central point of failure? (a) Fully Connected (b) Switched LAN (c) Bus (d) Mesh 21.255. What is the minimum packet size in an Ethernet LAN using a cable supporting 10Mbps. ifconfig. write a shell script/c/c++ code to find everyone in your subnet in range 192. Correct Answers : A.(c) Half-duplex Ethernet has efficient throughput. But they are not able to ping each other.1. What protocol is used by DNS Servers? DNS uses UDP for communication between servers.6 and are both connected to a common switch. 26. The ping program seems to work when the IP of the second system was set as 10. Two computers with their IP s set as 10. ethereal/wireshark 27.255.1. What encryption algorithm does ssh use? How to make ssh passwordless? 17. It is a better choice than TCP because of the improved speed a connectionless protocol offers. (e) Half-duplex Ethernet operates in an exclusive collision domain.5 (a random test). Expand DNS? Whats a structure of a DNS? Whats a DNS Resolver? . (d) Half-duplex Ethernet has lower effective throughput.2.5.1 Subnet Mask – 255.1. nmap. telnet. Of course. Whats a DHCP Server? Why is it used? 25. smtp.168. transmission reliability suffers with UDP. What could be the reason? 19.240 18.3 and 10. broadcast address for the following ipaddress IP Address – 192. Whats the difference between the following (a) http and https (b) imap and pop3 (c) port and socket (d) IPV4 and IPV6 24.2.