Read this page carefully. Invent an animal.

You can imagine it as you like. Then describe it to your classmates. Plan carefully your description as it should include : • physical appearance • habitat • behaviour –paying special attention to its relations with people• life cycle You should combine general information and detail. You can also add some of your own comments on them.

This page is to make notes and organise your ideas. Don't write your final version here

• • • •

Classification. What is it? physical appearance: size, shape, limbs, senses habitat, where does it live? (nest, caves...) climate, vegetation… behaviour (feeding, enemies, how it gets its food) life cycle (from baby to adult)

Write your final version on this page.

Is the title appealing? Would the reader get interested in your animal? Is there a fine selection of general ideas and detail? What would your readers feel about your animal? Is that what you wanted?

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