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A publication of Keppel Offshore & Marine

May/June 2005

MITA (P277/03/2003)


Four new
Two major
FPSO conversions

Seven ship
deliveries in
three months

Maersk Contractors chooses

Keppels co-designed DSS 21 semis


More orders for KFELS B Class rigs

A special kinship

Four new orders for KFELS B Class jackups

Major FPSO conversions at Keppel Shipyard


Record of seven deliveries in three months


Keppel AmFELS Day declared!


Best reception at OTC


Passion for Asias maritime future


Keppel Kazakhstan wins piperack and

barge contract


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New frontiers in Kazakhstan

2 OffshoreMarine May/June 2005

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The Can Do Spirit of Keppel

eppel O&Ms aim is to be

the Provider of Choice and
Partner in Solutions to our
customers in our three offshore and
marine business units, namely offshore,
shiprepair and conversion and specialised
shipbuilding, said Mr Choo in his
opening statement.

Ingredients to success

He went on to share the history of the

company built upon the pioneering and
entrepreneurial spirit as well as the bold
visions of its founding fathers including
Keppel Shipyards first local Managing
Director, Chua Chor Teck, and the late
Lee Khim Chai, known fondly as
KC Lee.

He shared the importance of

strengthening businesses at
home through innovation and
product development.

Near Market, Near Customer

At Keppel O&M, we adopt a strategy we
call Near Market, Near Customer. We
believe that in the long term, customers
interest would be best served if our yards
were located near our customers and near
the target market, said Mr Choo.
He went on to chronicle Keppels venture
from Singapore to the Philippines, Middle
East, USA, Norway, Azerbaijan, Brazil, the
Netherlands and Kazakhstan.
And in all these, what has kept Keppelites
going? Our Can Do spirit! Mr Choo was
quick to emphasise.
It is this spirit that has seen our growth,
and brings us towards our goal of
becoming the provider of choice to the
offshore and marine industries and in the
segments we choose to be in, he

Having a strong core business

at home, understanding the
environment you operate in and
possessing the right resources,
Mr Choo said, are vital to
overseas expansion.

In this aspect, Keppel O&M

has three main divisions driving
this focus, namely Offshore
Mr Choo Chiau Beng
Technology Development
(OTD), Deepwater Technology
Group (DTG) and Marine Technology
Looking ahead, the worlds energy
Development (MTD). We also selectively
demand will continue to see steady
invest in Intellectual Property that we
growth. Keppel O&M will continue to
identify as having commercial viability,
provide the best products and services,
he said.
cheaper, faster and better, and create more
value to our customers.
He continued, It is also important to
understand the specific overseas
We believe in not just being the best in
environment that we are operating in. We
Singapore, or the region, but the world
must understand the market, customer,
and I firmly believe we Can Do it.
competition and local regulations.
Thirdly, to succeed, the company will
also need critical resources namely the
right people, time and money.

For a full transcript of Mr Choos speech,

please visit Keppel O&Ms website at

As he wrapped up the session, Mr Choo

had words of encouragement for the
He said, Building a winning company is
a team effort. It is undoubtedly hardwork
with many challenges but it must also be
OffshoreMarine May/June 2005 3

Source: Lianhe Zaobao Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. Permission required for reproduction.

At the Enterprise 50 (E50) Leaders Talk co-organised by The Business Times and Accenture on
17 May 2005, Mr Choo Chiau Beng, Chairman & CEO of Keppel O&M, shared with over 150
business leaders the factors that led to Keppel O&Ms rise as the global leader in the offshore and
marine industry. OffshoreMarine reports on the talk.

A special kinship

.P. Mller-Mrsk awarded

Keppel FELS contracts totalling
over $1.7 billion in the first
five months of 2005.
This clearly reflects the trust and
confidence Maersk has developed for
Keppel FELS.
Relationship between the two companies
dates back to the 80s when Keppel FELS
first undertook the successful repair of
jackup Maersk Valiant. This friendship has
bloomed over the years.
OffshoreMarine showcases recent
projects and tells you why Keppel O&M
is Maersks provider of choice.

Preferred partner
In end May 2005, Maersk Contractors
sealed a deal with Keppel FELS for the
construction of two semisubmersible
drilling platforms.
They have selected Keppels co-design, the
DSS 21, to build the two semis. The DSS
21 design is developed by Keppels
Deepwater Technology Group (DTG) and
Marine Structure Consultants (MSC).

The two new DSS 21 semis are designed from extensive customer input and
operational experiences from the DSS 20, Maersk Explorer (seen here), built by
Keppel FELS for the Caspian Sea in 2003

4 OffshoreMarine May/June 2005

The construction of the two semis will

cost approximately $780 million with
Maersk Contractors supplying the drilling
and other equipment.
Claus V. Hemmingsen, CEO of Maersk
Contractors, said, Exploration in deeper
water has given good results and now
enters the development phase. In a

(From left) Keppel O&M

Senior GM (Group
Procurement) Wong
Kok Seng, Keppel O&M MD
& COO Tong Chong Heong,
Maersk Contractors CEO
Claus V. Hemmingsen and
Keppel FELS Executive
Director Michael Chia

response to our customers request for

lower cost development solutions, we
have together with Keppel and MSC
designed a high efficiency rig to support
our customers ambitions.
The rigs will have a dynamic-positioning
system, with the ability to attach to a
pre-laid mooring system. Capable of
operating at water depths to 3,000 metres,
the new semisubmersibles are designed
for moderate environmental conditions
such as West Africa, Brazil, Gulf of Mexico
and Southeast Asia. Each rig can
accommodate up to 180 people.
In customising the rigs for deepwater
development operations, the partners
have drawn from extensive customer
input and operational experiences from
the semisubmersible Maersk Explorer, a
DSS 20 design from the DTG/MSC team,
built by Keppel FELS for the Caspian Sea
in 2003.
Mr Hemmingsen added, The reasons for
awarding Keppel FELS are past experience
and their proven reputation to deliver on
time. We believe that we have an excellent

team for our expansion in the deepwater

Tong Chong Heong, MD & COO of
Keppel O&M, said, The Maersk contract
represents a vote of confidence from a topnotch drilling contractor in Keppels
capability to provide highly efficient
solutions for the deepwater development
Our establishment of the Deepwater
Technology Group (DTG) to complement
Keppel FELS expertise in fabrication
underscores Keppels commitment to
provide deepwater drilling and
production solutions.
The contract also carries an option for an
additional unit of a similar design and
capacity, to be exercised within 12 months
and subject to price adjustment for steel
material and equipment price, labour and
currency fluctuations.
Delivery of the two deepwater
development semis are expected to be in
2008 and 2009 respectively.

The Maersk contract

represents a vote of
confidence from a
top-notch drilling
contractor in Keppels
capability to provide
highly efficient solutions
for the deepwater
development market.

Tong Chong Heong

MD & COO of Keppel O&M

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OffshoreMarine May/June 2005 5

Yard of choice

Continued from page 5

The reasons for

awarding Keppel FELS
[the two semisubmersibles]
are past experience and
their proven reputation to
deliver on time. We
believe that we have an
excellent team for our
expansion in the
deepwater market.
Claus V. Hemmingsen
CEO of Maersk Contractors

Inking the semis contract:

Claus V. Hemmingsen,
CEO of Maersk Contractors
and Tong Chong Heong,
MD & COO of Keppel O&M

6 OffshoreMarine May/June 2005

It was the largest series of jackup contracts that

Keppel FELS has secured from a customer at any one
time. Choo Chiau Beng, Chairman and CEO of
Keppel O&M said this when Maersk Contractors
awarded Keppel FELS the multi-million (US) dollar
contract to build four jackups in March 2005.
Mr Choo continued, We are pleased that Maersk
continues to choose Keppel as their partner of choice
to participate in their offshore fleet expansion
The four jackups are of the CJ 50 design from MSC.
The first rig is expected to be completed in the fourth
quarter of 2007, while the rest will be delivered
consecutively in half-yearly intervals thereafter.
Maersks Chief Executive Officer Jess Soderberg said,
We are looking forward to working with Keppel
FELS on these technically advanced high efficiency
jackup projects.
Whether it is Singapore, Azerbaijan, Brazil, the
Netherlands or USA, the special affiliation between
Maersk and Keppel goes beyond the individual
In 1993, Keppel FELS successfully constructed and
delivered the CJ-62 design jackup rig, Maersk Gallant.

A handshake after sealing the deal for the four jackups

Keppel Shipyard had also successfully repaired

and upgraded a number of Anchor Handling
Tug/Supply (AHTS) vessels for Maersk
Contractors, the most recent being Maersk
Sovereign and Maersk Supplier. The latter was in
fact built by sister yard, Keppel Singmarine, in
1999 when the yard constructed a series of six
of the worlds most advanced AHTS Maersk
Shipper, Maersk Supporter, Maersk Supplier,
Maersk Seeker, Maersk Searcher and Maersk
More recently, in 2003, Keppel FELS and
Caspian Shipyard Company (CSC) in Baku
delivered the DSS 20 semi, Maersk Explorer. Not
only was the semi completed to Maersk
Contractors satisfaction, it was concluded with
a 100% safety record, earning Keppel FELS/CSC
multiple accolades and praises from Maersk
Contractors, including a bonus of US$500,000.
Over in the US, Maersk Contractors is also a
long-time client of Keppel AmFELS. Since
1994, the Brownsville, Texas, shipyard has
undertaken several projects including the
fabrication of two new drilling barges, Pioneer
and Pathfinder for operation in Venezuelas Lake
Maracaibo. Keppel AmFELS also undertook the
major conversion of jackup rig JFK 11, which
was later renamed Maersk Endurer.

In 2004, Keppel Verolme in the Netherlands

was awarded a fast-track contract for the
upgrading of an ultra-harsh environment
jackup, Maersk Guardian.
In Brazil, Keppel FELS Brasil is also constructing
two Platform Supply Vessels (PSV) for Maersk.
The largest PSVs to be build in Brazil, these
two UT745L PSVs are suitable for operations
in harsh environments and will comply with
stringent international shipbuilding standards.

About Maersk
The A.P. Mller Mrsk Group, based
in Copenhagen, is a major international
enterprise with activities covering
diverse areas such as shipping,
exploration and production of oil and
gas, shipbuilding, aviation, industry and
The Group Fleet comprises more than
250 vessels with a total deadweight of
about 12,000,000 tons and includes
container vessels, tankers, car carriers,
supply ships, special vessels and drilling

OffshoreMarine May/June 2005 7

Four new orders for

KFELS B Class jackups

he offshore market has seen a

growing demand for the KFELS
B Class jackup rigs, which is well
received by the industry.
Keppel FELS received four new orders in
the last two months adding to its track
record of 10 KFELS B Class rigs under
construction at the yard. Since its
introduction in year 2000, five KFELS B
Class jackups have been delivered and
are gainfully deployed.
OffshoreMarine reports on the four orders.

400 ft leg jackup for Seatankers

Keppel FELS has secured a contract for
the construction of a KFELS B Class
jackup rig for Seatankers Management Co
Ltd (Seatankers).

Michael Chia, Keppel FELS Executive

Director, said, Outlook for offshore rig
market is very positive with utilisation
rates rising faster than anticipated in the
last one year. As the industry expects the
market to tighten further, there is growing
interest in rigbuilding, particularly in the
drilling jackup market.
We are happy to benefit from this trend,
and our response to the current market
environment is to stay on course in
providing quality products and services
to all our customers on time and on
We will focus on excellent and innovative
project execution for every individual
The new rig for Seatankers, when
delivered in third quarter 2007, will
incorporate the latest design and
engineering concepts. It will be capable

of drilling down to 30,000 feet in water

depths of up to 400 feet..

Building E108 for ENSCO

Keppel FELS has secured from regular
customer ENSCO International Inc
(ENSCO) an order to build another
KFELS B Class jackup rig.
The rig will be a replacement for ENSCO
64, which was heavily damaged by
Hurricane Ivan in September 2004.
To be named ENSCO 108, the rig is due
for delivery in the first quarter 2007.
It is a sister rig to ENSCO 106, now
operating in Australia, and ENSCO 107,
which Keppel FELS expects to deliver in
late 2005.
Apart from the newbuilding contracts, the
Keppel Offshore & Marine (Keppel
O&M) Group also undertakes several
other projects for ENSCO. They include
three major refurbishment and life
extension jackup rig projects, which will
be executed by Keppel AmFELS. Keppel
FELS is also currently carrying out a
significant upgrading and life extension
project for ENSCO.
Michael Chia said, We are extremely glad
ENSCO continue to choose us to be their
preferred solutions provider in the
expansion, renewal and upgrading of their
fleet of rigs.

Keppel FELS proprietary KFELS B Class jackup is

gaining increasing market share in the world today
8 OffshoreMarine May/June 2005

ENSCO 108 is the seventh consecutive

jackup rig that they are building with us
since 1999. All these seven rigs are
premium jackups of KFELS design.

capable of drilling depths of up to

35,000 ft with a hook load capacity of
two million pounds and a cantilever reach
of 70 ft.

I am happy to note that the rigs fetch

one of the best daily rates for their owner
in every location that they are being
deployed, he added.

Delivery of both units is anticipated to be

in the first quarter of 2008.
The contract provides an option for the
construction of a third jackup rig at a
later date.

Diamond Double
Keppel FELS Ltd has been awarded a
contract by Diamond Offshore Drilling
Inc for the construction of two highperformance premium jackup rigs.
One of the units will be constructed in
Singapore, and the other in Keppel
AmFELS in Brownsville, Texas, USA.
To be built based on the KFELS B Class
(Super) design, both rigs will be 350-ft,

Diamond Offshore President and Chief

Operating Officer, Larry Dickerson, said,
The primary focus of the Company has
been enhancing our deepwater rigs, while
at the same time we have significantly
modernized our jack-up fleet.
Based on the strength of the market, we
believe the construction of these premium
jack-up units will augment our ability to
offer a full range of service to our

Tong Chong Heong, MD & COO of

Keppel O&M, said, Diamond Offshore
is our regular and valued customer who
has entrusted the construction, repair,
upgrading, conversion and life extension
of their fleet of rigs to our shipyards in
Singapore, Brazil, USA and Europe.
We are glad that, through our integrated
network of shipyards and superior rig
designs, we can continue to offer our
customers turnkey solutions.
Diamond Offshore provides contract
drilling services to the energy industry
around the globe and is a leader in
deepwater drilling. The Companys fleet
of 45 offshore drilling rigs consists of 30
semisubmersibles, 14 jackups and one

Flying Squad mends

Ocean Heritage

t does not matter where in the world,

Keppel FELS offshore repair
specialists, more popularly known as
the Flying Squad is always ready to take
In May 2005, the Flying Squad received a
call for help from Diamond Offshores
Ocean Heritage. She had suffered a punch
through whilst on location in Bombay
High, Offshore West Coast of India.
Working closely with the crew of Ocean
Heritage, the Flying Squad quickly got her
back into operation safely, minimising
downtime for the rig.
Congratulating Keppel FELS for a job well
done, Luke James, Operation Manager of
Ocean Heritage, said, The project was

completed on time and on budget and,

most of all, safely. This was big plus on
our part to be able to meet our contractual
obligation to our client on time.
Said Quek Mong Song, Keppel FELS
Assistant Marketing Manager, Special
thanks goes to the crew of Ocean Heritage,
without whom the timely project
completion would not have been possible.
Their invaluable contributions also
ensured the job was carried out safely and
without any mishaps.
Recent successes of the Flying Squad
include the repair of ENSCO 51 and
Smedvigs West Pelaut in Brunei,
GlobalSantaFes Adriatic 5 in West Africa
and Rig 136 in Indonesia.

OffshoreMarine May/June 2005 9

Major FPSO conversions at Keppel

MST Odin for Marathon

eppel Shipyard secured a Floating

Production Storage & Offloading
(FPSO) hull conversion contract
worth $84 million from Marathon Petroleum
Company (Norway) on MST Odin.

MST Odin undergoes

fast track conversion at
Keppel Shipyard

The 87,000 dwt multi-purpose shuttle tanker

arrived at the yard for the fast track hull
conversion on 19 March 2005.

Odin will undergo hull upgrading and

modification works which involve
procurement, construction and installation of
the FPSO hull equipment, including shipboard
marine systems, cargo, ballast, inert gas, crude
oil washing, fire fighting and electrical and
The contract also entails the fabrication and
installation of topside module support
structures, green water protection, modification
of the mid-ship moon pool into a cargo tank,
turret cone/support structures and caissons for
seawater lift pumps.
The vessel will be redelivered at the end of 2005
where it will be integrated with processing
facilities by Vetco Aibel, before deployment in
the Alvheim field in the North Sea where the
company expects to begin production during
the first quarter of 2007. The partners of the
Alvheim field are Marathon, ConocoPhillips AS
and Lundin Norway AS.
Peter Oswald, Alvheim Project Director said,
This is our first project with the yard, we look
forward to a high quality job.
Nelson Yeo, Executive Director of Keppel
Shipyard said, This contract certainly
strengthens our market leadership in FPSO/FSO
conversions. We are committed to deliver Odin
on time on budget.
Marathon Petroleum Company (Norway) is a
wholly owned subsidiary of Marathon Oil
Corporation which is a fully integrated energy
company engaged in worldwide exploration,
development, production and transportation of
crude oil and natural gas.

10 OffshoreMarine May/June 2005

FPSO Capixaba for SBM

eppel Shipyard has secured a Floating

Production Storage & Offloading
(FPSO) vessel conversion contract
from repeat customer Single Buoy Moorings Inc
The 273,000 dwt VLCC Stena Congress is
currently berthed at Keppel Shipyard for its
conversion into FPSO Capixaba.
Upon completion in 12 months time, FPSO
Capixaba will be capable of producing up to
100,000 barrels of oil per day with a storage
capacity of two million barrels.
SBM will lease the vessel to Brazils national oil
company, Petrobras, for deployment in the
Golfinho field of the Espirito Santos Basin
offshore Brazil.
The vessel will be moored in 1350 metres of
water and hooked up to six production wells
and two injectors. First oil is anticipated in the
second quarter of 2006.
Dick van der Zee, Chief Operating Officer of
SBM, We have been working with Keppel
Shipyard for the conversion of a number of
sophisticated FPSO projects. Their track record
is good. They are very reliable and have
delivered on time. We are pleased to award them
the FPSO Capixaba.
Tong Chong Heong, MD & COO of Keppel
O&M, shared, We are pleased to be able to
work with our valued customer SBM on another
FPSO conversion. Keppel Shipyard is
committed to offer first class services.

Conversion of VLCC Stena Congress to FPSO Capixaba is expected to

be completed in 12 months

This is the seventh conversion contract that

SBM has awarded Keppel Shipyard since 2000.
Previous projects include FPSO Espadarte,
Yetagun FSO, FPSO Falcon, FPSO Brasil, FPSO
Serpentina, and FPSO Marlim Sul. FPSO
Espardarte, FPSO Brasil and FPSO Marlim Sul
are currently on lease to Petrobras.

OffshoreMarine May/June 2005 11

Keppel Singmarine to build

five new vessels

eppel Singmarine has secured

orders for three offshore support
vessels (OSVs) and two tugboats
for about $80 million.
The vessels will be progressively delivered
to their owners up to end 2006.
Keppel Singmarine will build one ice-class
OSV for anchor handling and supply
purposes for new customer, the Russian
oil company Lukoil Kaliningradmorneft
(LUKOIL). When completed at end 2006,
the vessel will be deployed in the Caspian
Sea region.

segment for OSVs and harbour and

terminal tugs.
The leading oil company in Russia,
LUKOILs main activities are in oil & gas
exploration and production, and
production and sale of petroleum

in offshore oilfields, in towage and

assistance services and in dry bulk
Keppel Smit Towage is a joint venture
between Keppel and Smit International
Singapore. The company operates a
complete spectrum of towage.

Groupe Bourbon has a fleet of over 200

vessels offering clients customised services

The other two OSVs are for repeat

customer Groupe Bourbon (Bourbon).
With these two 100-tonne bollard pull
anchor handling tugs, Keppel
Singmarines orders from Bourbon will
add up to a total of seven vessels.
Keppel Smit Towage placed an order for
two tugboats, designed by Keppels
Marine Technology Development.
Keppel Singmarine is currently building
15 OSVs and four tugs.
Its strong orderbook has placed the
Company as one of the worlds leading
builders of offshore support vessels.
Said Charles Foo, Chairman of Keppel
Singmarine, The demand for offshore
support vessels is strong with an aging
world fleet and improvement in offshore
oil and gas exploration and production.
I am glad that Keppel Singmarine has
successfully repositioned itself as a
specialised shipbuilder to offer quality
products and services on-time and onbudget for our customers in the market

12 OffshoreMarine May/June 2005

Demand for offshore support vessels and tugboats is expected to remain strong

Record of seven deliveries

in three months

eppel Singmarine has achieved

a record of delivering a total of
seven vessels in three months between
March and May 2005.
Speaking on the importance of close co-operation
between Keppel Singmarines project teams and
owners, Executive Director Goh Boon Kiat said,
It takes two hands to clap, so in the same way
both our project team and that of the owner must
do their utmost to work together in a positive way
to produce resounding results for both parties.
The resounding results include three Anchor
Handling Tug/Supply (AHTS) vessels and four

Deliveries of the vessels includes AHTS Coloso and

Titan to owners Gulfmark Offshore, Inc, AHTS
Pacific 68 to Pacific Richfield Marine Pte Ltd and
tugboats Noble Prince & Noble Knight for PSA
Marine. Two more tugboats KST Sky and KST Space
were also delivered Keppel Smit Towage in April

It takes two hands to clap,

so in the same way both our project team
and that of the owner must do
their utmost to work together
in a positive way to produce
resounding results for both parties.
Goh Boon Kiat
Executive Director
Keppel Singmarine

KST Sky and KST Space were delivered to Keppel Smit Towage

OffshoreMarine May/June 2005 13

MV Salalah will be one of the best vessels providing towage service in the Port of Salalah and Oman

MV Salalah delivered
ahead of schedule

eppel Philippines Marine (KPMI) has

successfully delivered MV Salalah 23
days ahead of schedule to Salalah Port
Services Co. (SPSC) on 14 March 2005.
Built at KPMIs Keppel Batangas Shipyard, this
28.90 metre long tugboat is capable of a 45tons bollard pull and a service speed of up to
12 knots. Outfitted with modern nautical,
navigation and communication equipment, MV
Salalah is also equipped with fire fighting
MV Salalah will serve as the ambassador of
KPMIs shipbuilding capability not only in the
Port of Salalah but also in the other areas of
Oman. It will be one of the best vessels
providing towage service in the area, said
Captain Ahmed Abdullah BaOmar, SPSCs
Harbour Master at the vessels delivery
The Captain also lauded the Keppel
shipbuilding team for a job well done, This
14 OffshoreMarine May/June 2005

project has been achieved through good

leadership, good teamwork and good
relationship with customers.
Sharing his sentiments was Captain Geerd
Guenther, Marine Manager of SPSC who said,
We are very happy with the end result. We
have looked far and wide in the Far East region
for a shipyard to build our vessel and we found
it at Keppel Batangas Shipyard.
Toh Ko Lin, President of KPMI, commented,
We are glad to be able to complete this
shipbuilding project ahead of schedule and to
the customers satisfaction. We are also grateful
for the trust and confidence SPSC has in our
yard. KPMI will continue to build on our
achievement and deliver quality products ontime on-budget.
Meanwhile, as part of its shipbuilding program,
KPMI has commenced construction of another
two similar vessels of the MTD 2745T design
from Marine Technology Development Pte Ltd.

Smedvig exercises option

for drilling tender

West Setia will be completed in August

medvig Asia has exercised its option to

co-invest in a semisubmersible drilling
tender (SSDT) with Keppel FELS.

The option was offered in January 2004 as a

one plus one co-operation agreement to
construct a drilling tender based on Keppel
Offshore & Marines proprietary design, the
The first vessel, the West Setia, is due for
delivery in August this year.
The repeat SSDT is valued at approximately
US$105 million, in which Keppel FELS and
Smedvig Asia will own and operate the ultra
deepwater semi tender on a 72/28 basis

an option to purchase Keppel FELS stake in

the rig.
The new tender rig is scheduled for delivery
in the fourth quarter of 2006.

Smedvig Asias
MD Staale Roed,
signing the contract
while Keppel O&Ms
Tong Chong Heong
looks on

Under this agreement, Keppel FELS will

build and own the semisubmersible, while
Smedvig will contribute the drilling
equipment. Smedvig will also be responsible
for marketing, managing and operating the rig
for a 10-year period during which time it has

OffshoreMarine May/June 2005 15

Bonus & Bouquets

Wong Fook Seng, Senior Project Manager, and

AC Lim, Assistant Project Manager, receiving
the cheque on behalf of Keppel FELS from DDI
Site Manager, John Campbell

Rubem Santos Filho, Director of Projato Ltda and

representative for Windstor Holdings Inc, the vessels owner,
presenting the award to Nelson Yeo, Executive Director of
Keppel Shipyard

Despite record level of new contracts clinched, our yards continue to execute every
project with the highest quality and safety standards that customers have come to expect
with the Keppel stamp. OffshoreMarine highlights some accolades.
Meeting safety standards of
Deep Drilling

eppel FELS was awarded a

$10,000 bonus for excellent
safety record in the construction
of Deep Drilling Investments (DDI)
jackup, B263.
Work on the jackup newbuild achieved
1,000,000 manhours without any Lost
Time Accidents and zero material
damages or delays due to fire hazards.

During the Project Safety Presentation

held on 22 April 2005, Tong Chong
Heong, MD & COO of Keppel Offshore
& Marine, said, a safe and healthy
worksite is an achievable goal and no
effort should be spared in our pursuit
towards a safe workplace.

representative of the vessel owner,

Windstor Holdings Inc, commended
Keppel Shipyard for her dedication,
flexibility and the Can Do! attitude.

This is not a one-person effort. It takes

all of us to create a strong safety culture
at our workplace.

Big One was converted from an oil tanker

over a 10-month period starting last June.

Thumbs up for Big One

In a letter to Keppel FELS, Tom
Mikkelsen, the Project Manager of Deep
Drilling 2 Pte Ltd wrote, Keppel FELS is
serious about investing in safety matters.
He added that his project team look
forward to continue the good cooperation
and team work on safety matters as well
as on all other project related matters,
both for B263 and our following rigs.
16 OffshoreMarine May/June 2005

Keppel Shipyard received a bonus of

$35,000 from Projato Ltda for the early
completion of the extremely challenging
conversion of Big One into the largest
pneumatic self-unloading cement carrier
in the world.
During the delivery ceremony, Rubem
Santos Filho, Director of Projato Ltda and

He said, Keppels commitment ensures

results. Safety was stringent.

The project entailed fabrication and

installation of the fluidisation panel
supports, fluidisation systems and
loading/unloading systems, including
related automation works
The vessel is heading for Brazil where it
will ply between the US and Brazil under
the command of Fransisco Missiagia,
charterer of the vessel. He commented,
With Keppel, the impossible is always
made possible.

(From left) Senior Project Manager Burt Loh, Woodside

Construction Manager Hallvard Nordbo, Bergesen Site
Manager Rolf Norman, Senior General Manager
(Operations) Daniel Chang and Project Manager AK Tin

Workers of Berge Helene gathering at mustering point

Safety readiness on board

Berge Helene

incidents on the FPSO Berge Helene


increased, customer trust and satisfaction

is achieved.

Keppel Shipyard and customer Bergesen

Offshore conducted a successful joint
evacuation drill on 20 May, involving all
yard workers, contractors, ships
personnel and hired contractors on board
FPSO Berge Helene. The main objective of
the drill was to familiarise all personnel
on their response to emergency situations.
Interaction and co-operation between
yard and ship in handling such situations
were evaluated, together with workers
proficiency in evacuating the vessel. The
drill was executed smoothly with all
personnel on board evacuated and
accounted for in a mere 13 minutes.

During the presentation ceremony, Senior

General Manager (Operations) of Keppel
Shipyard, Daniel Chang, congratulated
the project team for achieving this safety
milestone amidst a highly demanding and
hostile shipyard environment. He urged
everyone to ensure safety around the
shipyards and reiterated the point that,
In everything that we do, safety must
never be compromised. In doing so, we
can ensure that our fellow workmates
come to work and return home safely.

During his speech, Rolf Norman, Site

Manager of Bergesen commended the
safety efforts of everyone saying he was
very impressed with the excellent
housekeeping. He also reminded
everyone that there is no room for
complacency in safety saying, Especially
in the last few months where final works
will be carried out and everyone will get
very busy. In spite of this, I cannot stress
enough on the importance of taking time
to step back and observe safety.

Richard P. Capito, one of the workers of

Keppel Shipyard said, when there is a
safe environment to work in, everyone is
happy, and can look forward to returning
home at the end of the day.

Agreeing, Hallvard Nordbo, Construction

Manager of Woodside Australian Energy,
added, Until now, we have executed
more than one million safe work hours
and are looking to complete the job the
same way.

Following this display of safety readiness

and awareness by members of the project,
vessel manager Bergesen Offshore and
vessel charterer Woodside Australian
Energy presented Keppel Shipyard with
a $20,000 safety bonus for achieving one
million manhours with no lost time

It is this mindset across Keppel Shipyard

which makes safety awareness the utmost
priority in every activity. With high safety
standards, not only are workers morale

Continued on page 18 
OffshoreMarine May/June 2005 17

Continued from page 17

Bonus & Bouquets

Outstanding work on Ocean Epoch
An outstanding effort. An incident free
operation. That was how project team
members of Diamond Offshore summed
up the repair and upgrade project for
semisubmersible rig Ocean Epoch.
Ocean Epoch had suffered slight diagonal
bracing damages after a supply boat
collided with her while she was drilling
off the Australian coast.
Despite her damages, Ocean Epoch
completed her assignment before calling
at Keppel FELS on 21 February 2005 for
quick repairs and renewal of her highpressure piping systems. Her scheduled
stay was only for one month.
However, after most of the initial work
was completed, routine Special Periodic
Survey (SPS) revealed excessive corrosion
in other areas of the rig. She would need

an additional two weeks of repair

With an upcoming assignment for the
vessel, it was going to be a race against
time. Both the Keppel FELS and Diamond
Offshore project teams worked round the
clock to get her back in shape.
But just as the project was about to be
completed, another challenge arose. This
time, the SPS uncovered steel corrosion
and cracks in the rigs mud pit. This meant
more renewal works that would require
another two weeks.
Nonetheless, the Keppel FELS team led
by Project Manager Muliady Pohan
Uidjaja (Ady), assisted by Marketing
Executive Sylvia Seah rose to the
The Ocean Epoch project was challenging
right from beginning, shared Ady.

We had to work quickly because any

delay in sending Ocean Epoch for her next
assignment would result in a financial
penalty for our customer. Our teams, both
from Keppel FELS and Diamond
Offshore, had to work diligently to ensure
the repair was planned properly and most
importantly, executed safely, Ady
The result was a successful repair
completed not just to the highest
standards, but three days ahead of the first
contracted date. For that, Keppel FELS
was awarded a bonus sum of US$9,000.
Thanking the Keppel FELS team for a
quick and safe repair, Murray Campbell,
Ocean Epochs appointed Project Manager,
wrote in a letter, Diamond has always
had a close working relationship with
Keppel FELS and the work completed
on the Ocean Epoch can only work to
enhance your reputation within our

Upon completion, Ocean Epoch went

on her way to her next assignment in
Eastern Malaysia
18 OffshoreMarine May/June 2005

Efficient fast-track repair on Trident 16

Arriving in Keppel FELS on 1 April 2005, Trident 16 from Transocean Inc underwent
a very fast-track repair job lasting four days before sailing off to the Malaysian high
During her short stay, the scope of works consisted of repairs to the high-pressure
mud pipes, replacement of a butterfly gear operator, modifications to the sea water
line and fabrication of two portable davit units.
In an email to Keppel FELS SPJM Wilson Goh, Chidpon Jantarawaranyoo, Rig Manager
for Trident 16, wrote, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your
team for the quality and efficiency of the job and service given to the Trident 16 for this
short stay. The timing is the most critical and challenging factor to the success of my
planned work.
You and your team have done it well and completed all the critical task given. Your
quality and efficiency is much appreciated.
This is the second time the rig is back with Keppel FELS. Earlier in June 2002, Trident
16 underwent an upgrade to her cantilever and had her drilling capacity enhanced
with two new engines, a third high-pressure mud pump and an upgraded top drive.

High standards & levels of co-operation for

Atwood Beacon

Keppel FELS completed a four-day

fast track repair job of Trident 16 for
satisfied customer, Transocean Inc.

Open & trusting relationship between

Saipem and CSC

Mr John R. Irwin, President/CEO of Atwood Oceanics

praised Keppel FELS for excellent performance and early
delivery on the repair of Atwood Beacon.

OffshoreMarine May/June 2005 19

easyCruise sails off happily

n just six months, Keppel Shipyard

completed the refurbishment of
easyCruiseOne on time on budget for its
owner, easyCruise, a member of the easyGroup
founded by Mr Stelios Haji-Ioannou.
At the delivery ceremony on 29 March 2005,
Nelson Yeo, Keppel Shipyards Executive
Director said, The successful completion of

easyCruiseOne is a significant milestone in our

relationship with the easyGroup. Keppel has
been servicing tankers that are owned or
controlled by Stelmar Tankers and World
Tankers, which are also part of the Haji-Ioannou
I appreciate this continued relationship with
Stelios. We share in their culture of being
innovative and versatile, while consistently
providing quality services at fast turnaround
The first of the easyCruise fleet of budget cruise
liners, easyCruiseOne will soon make its maiden
voyage in the French and Italian Rivieras.

easyCruiseOne was delivered at a

ceremony on 29 March 2005 at the
Singapore Cruise Centre

Malaysian vessel calls at

Keppel Verolme

Cenderawasih of Malaysia
Corporation (MISC) came to Keppel
Verolme for repair of three 10 mm thick
clad steel cargo tanks.
It was an intricate repair involving clad
steel which is a composite of stainless steel
and normal carbon steel.
The yard had to protect the stainless steel
inner surface of the tanks from steel
carbon material which would cause
corrosion. The work areas were sealed

20 OffshoreMarine May/June 2005

with shrink wrap foil and welding cloth

to prevent the welding sparks, which
contains carbon, from dispersing and
damaging the stainless steel.
Areas that could not be sealed off were
cleaned after completion of work by
grinding to ensure no carbon steel
remains in the tank. Finally, the entire
tank was vacuum-cleaned to remove all
carbon particles.
No effort was spared to ensure that the
chemical tanker was delivered on time to
its satisfied owner, MISC.

Bunga Cenderawasih an intricate

repair involving clad steel

Keppel FELS and AHI team up

to complete GULF-2

ULF-2 was delivered to its Dohabased owners, Gulf Drilling

International (GDI), in March
2005 after seven months of major
A joint effort between Keppel FELS and
its sister company Arab Heavy Industries
(AHI) in the Middle East, the project
represented a major breakthrough for
AHIs push into the offshore market.
The project involved the upgrading and
repair of a 24-year old jackup, formerly
ENSCO 55, at AHI yard premises. Major
works included the upgrading of the
living quarters from 60 to 90-men

accommodation, installation of new

decks, cantilever upgrade, steelwork and
leg repair works.
GULF-2 has since left AHI and is currently
operating in Qatari waters.
GULF-2s successful completion adds to
Keppel Offshore & Marines track record
in the Gulf, including two new KFELS B
Class jackup rigs, for GDI and Abu Dhabis
National Drilling Company (NDC).
AHI also completed the upgrading and
refurbishing of a jackup, NPCC SEP-350
for National Petroleum Construction
Company, based in Abu Dhabi.

Formerly ENSCO 55, Gulf 2s

successful refurbishment adds to AHIs
track record in offshore repairs

The integrated TPG500 hull being

towed out of Caspian Shipyard

later and arrived at CSC progressively

between 16 and 27 October 2004. CSC
undertook the hull integration as well as
the installation of the jackhouses,
machining and inter-strip outfitting

TPG500 hull delivered

fter six months of working round

the clock, the four strips for the
TPG500 hull platform have been
fully integrated by Caspian Shipyard
Company (CSC) in Baku and delivered
to satisfied customer, BP Exploration
(Shah Deniz).

In June 2003, Keppel FELS in Singapore

secured a contract for the construction of
the main hull sections of the BP Shah
Deniz TPG500 platform.
Constructed in four sections, the strips
departed from Keppel FELS exactly a year

In a sail-away ceremony on 6 April 2005,

the project teams from CSC and BP
gathered to watch the integrated hull
depart for neighbouring Zykh yard where
she will undergo the final installation of
her platform legs and completion of
topside facilities.
The TPG500 jackup is a self-installing
jackup drilling/production/quarters
platform. When completed in the third
quarter of 2006, it will be the first worldclass gas-condensate drilling/production
platform operating in the Caspian Sea.

OffshoreMarine May/June 2005 21

Keppel AmFELS

arch 23, 2005 has gone down

the annals of Texas, USA, as
Keppel AmFELS Day.

The US wholly owned subsidiary of

Keppel Offshore & Marine was recognised
by the Texas Senate for its economic,
workforce and charitable contributions to
the community.
Keppel AmFELS Day at the Capitol will
honor one of the largest private employers
in Cameron County, said Sen Eddie
Lucio, Jr who sponsored the Senate
Recognition at the Capitol in Austin.

He added, We welcome industries that

add to the vitality and growth of our
community, and today it was an honour
to recognise this company with the
distinction it has earned.
As one of the largest private employers in
Cameron County, Keppel AmFELS,
located on the Brownsville Navigation
Ship Channel, is responsible for providing
over 1,500 jobs to the local community.
Capable of docking, designing,
constructing and repairing mobile and
floating offshore oil drilling units and

Group photo with Governor Rick Perry of Texas (front row, fifth from left) after the presentation of the Senate Recognition
22 OffshoreMarine May/June 2005

S Day declared!
vessels, Keppel AmFELS was acquired in
1990 by Keppel FELS.
The Company is today the most well
equipped shipyard in the Gulf of Mexico.
During the ceremony held at the Senate
Floor, the Honorable Lieutenant
Governor David Dewhurst, President of
the Senate, presented the recognition to
Tong Chong Heong, Chairman of Keppel
AmFELS and Managing Director/Chief
Operating Officer of Keppel O&M.
Prominent leaders of the State of Texas
and employees, customers and business
partners of Keppel AmFELS participated
in the Recognition celebration.
Amongst the leaders were the Honourable
Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, the
Honourable Tom Craddick, Speaker of
the Texas House of Representative and
Luigi Cristiano, Brownsville Port

Tong Chong Heong, MD & COO of

Keppel O&M, exchanged tokens of
appreciation, which includes the
commemorative book, Can Do: The
Spirit of Keppel FELS to the
Honourable Dewhurst

Keppel AmFELS is an ardent

supporter of community development

Governor Perry recently visited Keppel

AmFELS and presented the Company a
$350,000 grant from the Texas Workforce
Commission Skills Development Fund for
developing existing and new employees.
In his speech, Mr Tong said, All of us are
deeply honoured by the recognition of the
Senate, especially the Resolution initiated
by Sen Luico.
I am personally very moved by the
support of our customers who took the
trouble to travel the distance to Austin just
to be with us on this very special
Some of the customers included John
Vecchio, of Diamond Offshore Drilling
Inc., Bill Chadwick of Ensco Offshore,
Patricio Alvarez Morphy O., Vice
President from Perforadora Central S.A.
de C.V. , Jorge Villalpando, Vice President

from Perforadora Central S.A. de C.V, Alan

Quintero, from Atwood Oceanics Inc. and
Charles Smith, from WYEast Shipping.
Malcolm Sharples, Director of Keppel Offshore
& Marine, was also present at the event,
together with some 25 employees who
travelled overnight by bus from Brownsville
just to be part of this red-letter day.

(From left) The Honourable David

Dewhurst with Mr Tong and
CY Ho, President of Keppel
AmFELS as well as staff and
friends of Keppel AmFELS

OffshoreMarine May/June 2005 23

Best reception at OTC

Mention the oil centre of the world, and Houston comes to mind. And it is in May every
year when the Whos Who of the international oil and gas industry convene at this
major US city for the worlds foremost event, Offshore Technology Conference, better
known as OTC.
24 OffshoreMarine May/June 2005

005 was no exception. Aptly themed A Sea of Resources.

An Ocean of Knowledge, this years conference focused
on new technologies and ideas to sustain the industrys
Held from 2-5 May at the Reliant Center in Houston, OTC 2005
also marked Singapores debut participation at the OTC

Under the brand name, Uniquely Singapore, Keppel Offshore

& Marine (Keppel O&M) showcased its expertise in offshore
rigs, ship conversion and repair and specialised shipbuilding at
the exhibition, a competence that has helped put Singapore on
the global offshore and marine map.
Keppel O&M subsidiaries Keppel FELS Brasil and Keppel
Verolme also participated in the event, under the Brazilian
and the Netherlands country pavilions respectively.

This years conference attracted a 20-year record high of 51,320

attendees, from 110 nations across the globe.
Another key highlight of OTC each year is the cocktail reception
hosted by Keppel O&M, often hailed as the Best OTC Reception
in town. More than 600 customers, business associates and
friends turned up for the widely anticipated party, where food
and drinks flowed freely as acquaintances were renewed and
new friendships forged.
If one had to sum up the OTC.05, it would be A resounding
For those who did not get enough, theres OTC 2006, New
Depths. New Horizons, scheduled to take place from 1-4 May

Capturing moments from the Best Reception in town

OffshoreMarine May/June 2005 25

Petrobras delegation and Keppel management with tankers to be converted into FPSO Capixaba (right) and FPSO P-53

Petrobras delegation visits Keppel

Keppel Offshore & Marine (Keppel O&M) welcomed long-time customer and friend,
Petrobras during a visit in April. Led by Jos Eduardo de Barros Dutra, President and
CEO of Petrobras, the delegation toured Keppel Shipyard and Keppel FELS.

26 OffshoreMarine May/June 2005

Keppel is undoubtedly one of the best shipyards in the world! Their

track record tells it and I too, have seen it myself. The shipyards are
very clean and organised, with proper facilities to service their
customers. The people are also experienced and well-trained.
I am happy with the progress of the Petrobras projects at both
shipyards and am certain that the yard will deliver quality vessels that
will serve our needs.
An impressed Jos Eduardo de Barros Dutra, President and CEO of Petrobras,
describing his two-day visit to Keppel O&M

Choo Chiau Beng,

Chairman & CEO of
Keppel O&M (right)
sharing Keppel Shipyards
experience in sophisticated
conversions as
Jos Eduardo de Barros
Dutra, President and
CEO of Petrobras (middle)
examines a model of an

State-of-the-art facilities
that ensure projects are
completed to the highest
standards impress the

May/June 2005
2005 27

Union of strengths

out five main initiatives wage

restructuring, customer orientation, job
creation, job matching and the raising of
the retirement age to beyond 62 years.

Minister Lim met up with officials from

Keppel Employees Union (KEU) and
Keppel Offshore & Marine to understand
employment concerns of the workforce
so as to better address them.

Said Minister Lim at the end of his visit,

I am impressed by the positive labourmanagement relations here at Keppel.
Today, we discussed key issues openly
and constructively. It reflects very well on
the openness and effectiveness of
communication between the management
and the union.

In his presentation, the Minister shared

labour movement trends and the key
concerns facing workers today job
security, income stability, fairness at work,
and the quality of work life. To address
these, he shared that the NTUC has rolled

I congratulate both parties on this

achievement. We should continue to
build on this good foundation, and work
hand-in-hand to create values for the
customers, for Keppel, and for our

r Lim Swee Say, Minister,

Prime Ministers Office,
Second Minister for National
Development, and the Deputy SecretaryGeneral of the National Trades Union
Congress (NTUC), visited Keppel
Shipyard (Tuas) on 30 March 2005.

Minister Lim Swee Say (extreme right)

unveiling NTUCs initiatives for 2005
to officials from KEU and
Keppel O&M

Dutch suppliers visit Keppel Verolme

he Association of Dutch Suppliers

in the Oil & Gas industry, IRO,
visited Keppel Verolme on
3 March 2005. Called Members meeting
Members, the event takes place three to
four times a year where IRO will lead
suppliers to visit different companies.
Managing Director Harold Linssen
welcomed more than 150 guests and gave
a short presentation on Keppel Offshore
& Marine and on Keppel Verolmes
existing and new business focus in LNG
and cruise liner modifications.
Edward Heerema, Managing Director of
Allseas, and R. Kloos, project manager
for the conversion of Solitaire also shared
insights into the deepwater pipe-lay
conversion at the yard.

28 OffshoreMarine May/June 2005

Keppel Verolmes MD Harold Linssen (right) played host to more than 150 guests

Awards for innovation

eppel has been rewarded for its

advances in innovation.

At the International Exposition of

Innovation and Quality Circle (IEIQC)
2005 event, Keppel Shipyard and Keppel
FELS were presented with a total of five
awards for their winning projects aimed
at improving safety and efficiency and
reducing costs.
Keppel Shipyard submitted five entries
and won three out of six Eureka awards
presented this year. There were a total of
110 entries submitted for the IEIQC
Its shipyard along Gul Road, Keppel
Shipyard (Gul), was also conferred the
Outstanding IQC Organisation Award. A
second time winner, Keppel Shipyard
received this award in 2003 when it first
participated in the IEIQC.
The sterling performance reflects Keppel
Shipyards continual emphasis on
innovation for improvement in safety,

The winning IQC 2005 teams from Keppel FELS and Keppel Shipyard
(Tuas, Gul and Benoi) received their awards at the IEIQC 2005

efficiency and cost reduction to benefit

As Spencer Leong, IQC Manager of
Keppel Shipyard Limited (Gul Yard)
explained, Winning these awards gives
us national recognition for our continuous
improvements and commitment to the
IQC movement within and outside the
organisation. It will certainly continue to
spur us in creating a safer and more
efficient work environment.

Keppel FELS award was for an innovative

pipe fitting elbow dispenser which
facilitates ease in the storage and
collection of pipe elbows.
There are various task forces at Keppel
that continually develop innovative
solutions for day-to-day operational
problems. The process of developing
these solutions helps nurture the spirit of
innovation and culture of making things
The award ceremony, organised by
Standards, Productivity and Innovation
Board (SPRING Singapore), was well
attended by some 500 delegates from 11
countries. The event, which was held at
the Singapore Expo on 1 June 2005,
showcases international efforts towards
innovation and quality.
During the ceremony, Guest-of-Honour
and Chairman of Spring Singapore Mr
Cedric Foo shared that the ability of an
enterprise to innovate and attain first
mover advantage would improve its
competitiveness and sustain business

Project Touch & Stop, a crane collision protector, was amongst the three
winning entries from Keppel Shipyard
OffshoreMarine May/June 2005 29

Passion for Asias maritime future

About Fred Tsao
Chairman of IMC Pan Alliance,
Frederick Chavalit Tsaos
illustrious maritime career began
in 1979.
Among his notable achievements
was the transformation of IMC
from a traditional shipping
company to one that integrates
shipping with logistics services
and solution for bulk commodity
supply chains.
Mr Tsao is the Chairman of
Intercargo, an international
organisation based in London,
representing one third of the dry
cargo shipowners in the world. He
is also a Director of the China
Shipowning Mutual Assurance
Society and the Hong Kong/Macau
Regional Chairman for the China
Classification Society.
A graduate from the University of
Michigan with a Bachelors Degree
in Naval Architecture, Mr Tsao also
has a Masters Degree in Industrial

An insightful session for many at

the 19th Chua Chor Teck
Memorial Lecture
30 OffshoreMarine May/June 2005

ousing La Passion for the destiny

of the maritime industry was
Frederick Tsao, Chairman of IMC
Pan Alliance, at the 19th Chua Chor Teck
Memorial Lecture (CCTML) on 25
February 2005.
The maritime veteran made a passionate
appeal to Singaporeans to take up
leadership in Asia if we have ambitions
to be a global maritime centre. He is
convinced that Singapore has all the
attributes necessary for the task.
Many of the 300-strong turnout of the
maritime fraternity and members of the
public described the session as insightful
and thought provoking.
The CCTML is organised by the Society
of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers
Singapore (SNAMES) in memory of the
late Chua Chor Teck, formerly
Managing Director of Keppel Shipyard
and a pioneer of Singapores maritime
OffshoreMarine highlights questions and
answers at the session with the ebullient
Fred Tsao, whose illustrious career in the
shipping industry began in 1979.

Q: China is becoming more involved

in shipping, shipbuilding and
shiprepair. As a country with the
largest population in the world, can
we see China as a future initiator
and leader in improving safety,
quality and efficiency in shipping?
Fred: Anything is possible, but there are
Number one, the shipping industry
moves with industrialisation and China
faces a number of problems here. One is
existing, the other is accumulating.
China does not have a habit of scrapping
ships. They put the age of 43 years, and
then 32 years, and keep lowering the
years. As a result, a lot of the provincial
coastal traders ships cause problems.
Constantly, they face a lot of safety and
quality issues.
The question is always who sets the
Now, we have Classification. But on the
coast, there is no Classification.

The second challenge is engagement. It

takes time to understand the structure of
world trade. And there are not enough
qualified people to go and understand
those issues and deal with them.
So it will take them a little more time, but
they have the determination and the will.

Q: Can you comment on whether

Singapore industry players are
ready to take up the challenge of
Fred: In Asia, Singapore is the most ready
compared to all other nations. Malaysia
also has a good command of language, is
able to deal with cultural diversity, has a
good understanding of east and west, and
is now more acquainted with the industry.
The problem is the mindset. The mindset
to go out there and do something.
It is wide open for us to take up
leadership. I have to blame Asia for not
taking leadership because the West is
saying Come, we need you and our reply
is Oh, I will talk to you later, and we
never come back.

Q: What do you think we can do to

overcome this mindset?
Fred: We need a little bit of the heart. We
have to love this industry. It is a thankless
job and I have been doing this for years.
When you do it, you will love it, thats
basically it.
Just do not take no for an answer.
Although I take no at times, its only over
a short period.
If you have that kind of determination,
you can do something for the industry. It
will take you time but it is not difficult.

Mr Fred Tsao on La Passion

With the right attitude, it only takes time

for people to catch it and come along.

Q: Is quality just a buzz word?

Fred: Well, no. Statistics-wise, it is
improving. There are companies that
cannot afford the quality and there are
companies that believe in quality. Those
that believe in quality are already doing
it and those that dont are still not doing
anything. A few of them had died. So
proportionately, it has improved.
Another trend is that ship managers are
more convinced of the need for quality
and the market is now better. The ones
without quality are going to be irrelevant
in being substandard even though they
want to keep their ships going for as long
as possible.

Q: What do you think the shipping

industry should or could do to
improve the image in general?
Fred: There is a concept written by a very
famous Japanese-American, Francis
Fukuyama. In his book, called The Trust,
he talked about the concept of social
capital. If an industry itself has strong
community cohesiveness, it will radiate

energy which people call credibility. If that

community is interactive and concerned
about how it relates with other
communities, then those communities
will build up great trust. And trust is a
foundation of image. We need people in
the industry to give of their soul to radiate
this energy.
The culture of our industry is based on
individuality. We have to look inside
ourselves, and ask, Do you really care?
If an industry is run without leadership,
how are we going to develop social
Image building is very difficult. People are
tackling it but have no idea. Brand
management does not work. Im trying
to sell them this social capital concept but
it will take more time digesting it as people
tend not to be very conceptual.

Q: How can we make it more

attractive to the youths that they
would say Im going to take up
marine engineering studies?
Fred: Give money. Give scholarships.
Find the best people and tell them
marine and paint a good picture.
Develop people.
OffshoreMarine May/June 2005 31

Fostering Ties
Panamanian Delegation

delegation from the Panamanian Trade

Ministry, lead by Panamas Minister for
Commerce & Industry, Alejandro Ferrer,
visited Keppel Shipyard on 6 April 2005 to better
understand the shipyards operations and
The visit served to add to their knowledge of the
marine industry even as Panamas multi-purpose
marine terminal and deep-draft mega port is being
The mega port development aims to attract shipyards
to operate in the Panama Canal. Management from
Keppel Offshore & Marine (Keppel O&M) and the
Panamanians had a short but engaging discussion on
issues revolving research and development, technical
skills, literacy and wages of the marine industry in
At the end of the meeting, the delegation was brought
on a yard tour of Keppel Shipyards facilities at Tuas.

Nantong Delegation

(From left) Lum Chee Kong, GM (Commercial, KSL), Mah Chan Wah,
GM (Commercial, KSL), Ivan G. Gonzalez, General Manager, Marine
Logistics & Supplies, Wong Kok Seng, SGM (Group Procurement,
KOM), Carmen Giesela Vergara, Vice Minister, Ministry of Commerce
and Industry, Alejandro G. Ferrer, Minister for Commerce and
Industry, Daniel Chang, SGM (Operation, KSL), Julio J.Fabrega,
National Director, Export & Investment Promotion, Ministry of
Commerce and Industry

Mayor Ding Da Wei of Nantong Municipality (China)

led a delegation of 10 visitors to the Keppel yards on
29 April 2005, in a bid to foster friendship and also
to further understand our capabilities as a world
leader in the offshore and marine industry.
Upon arrival at Keppel O&Ms office, the visitors were
introduced to the Keppel Group as well as the Keppel
The Chinese delegation were later brought on yard
tours of Keppel Shipyards Benoi, Gul and Tuas yard
to gain better insight as to how we integrate our
network of shipyards to work as an integrated unit.
Besides the yards, they also toured Keppels premium
water front development, Caribbean at Keppel Bay
where lunch was served at the show apartment. In
the evening, Chairman and CEO of Keppel O&M
Choo Chiau Beng hosted a dinner for the guests at
the Four Seasons Hotel.
32 OffshoreMarine May/June 2005

Mayor Ding (second from left) together with Chinese Delegation, visit
Keppels pristine waterfront property, the Caribbean at Keppel Bay

HSE Awareness at Keppel yards

eppel Shipyard and Keppel

Singmarine jointly launched
their month long HSE
Awareness programme in May 2005 in
conjunction with the National
Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)
Week organised by the Ministry of
Manpower (MOM).
The aim is to further reinforce the
accountability in identifying and
eliminating hazards in the workplace.
Tan Pui Guan, Chief Inspector of
Factories from MOM was amongst the
distinguished guests and customers at the
launch which was held at Keppel
Shipyard (Tuas).
An exhibition put up by workers and
contractors was staged, showcasing the
dos and donts in enhancing safety at
the work place.
Since 2001, Keppel Shipyard and Keppel
Singmarine have been actively promoting
their Behavioral Based Safety Programme
known as Safety Plus Programme.

Standing united to bring safety awareness into the yard are Keppelites from
Keppel Shipyard and members from the Ministry of Manpower

Its objective is to increase safety awareness

amongst the workforce through positive
approach, recognition and incentives.
The theme for this years HSE campaign
highlights four main elements: Hazard
Reporting & Elimination (HazREP),
Housekeeping, Take 5 and Contractor

In his opening address, Keppel Shipyards

Executive Director Nelson Yeo reminded
workers of the companys aim for Hazard
Zero, a concept established since 2002.
This is in line with MOMs release of the
new OSH Framework in early 2005,
which focuses on personal accountability
as well as on ownership and eliminating
risk at source.
Mr Tan emphasised in his speech on the
need for concerted efforts by the
workforce to create a safe working
environment by means of prevention and
personal responsibility.
The milestone event marks another step
towards safety excellence and zero
accident for Keppel Shipyard and Keppel

Taking personal accountability and

ownership towards safety involves
active participation from the
OffshoreMarine May/June 2005 33

Around our yards

OffshoreMarine tracks works carried out in some Keppel yards.

Ocean Endeavor

Keppel FELS
Ocean Endeavor the Victory-class rig
owned by valued customer Diamond
Offshore Drilling, Inc. (Diamond) arrived
at Keppel FELS for deepwater upgrade
and conversion.
Major upgrading works included the
addition of pontoon and column
sponsons, main deck extensions, upgrade
of the engine, switchboards and all
drilling systems. Work is estimated to take
17 months with the vessel expected to be
re-delivered in the second half of 2006.

Ensco 104

Keppel FELS cooperated with Diamond

on the engineering and technical details
of the project so as to ensure that the
upgraded rig meets all their requirements,
enhancing our close customer
Ensco 104 the jackup was at the yard
recently for various upgrades and
modification works which was completed
within a month.

MSC Ilona

She is now operating in the Blk B/Belida/

Belanak field for ConocoPhillips in

Keppel Shipyard (Tuas)

MSC Ilona this container ship belonging
to NSB Niederelbe Schiffahrtsgesellschaft
Mhb & Co Kg (Germany) was brought in
on 20 January for collision damage repairs
sustained when she was out at sea.
Extensive steel work had to be done for
the repair of the containers hull.

Keppel Verolme
Solitaire After mounting the newly
fabricated stinger sections in the dry dock,
the pipe-laying vessel was towed out to
the deep waters of the Caland Canal
where her propulsion system, consisting
of eight azimuth-thrusters, were reinstalled.
Solitaire resumed her pipe-laying duties
in Norway after her dynamic positioning
K12E Platform Gaz de France (GdF)
sent its K12E fixed platform topside
to Keppel Verolme for modifications,
installation of new gas processing
equipment and an extensive
maintenance programme involving
piping renewals, blasting and
Expected to complete in July this year,
the platform topside will be

34 OffshoreMarine May/June 2005


Western Triumph

Milena L
be a safety hazard if not removed
beforehand. Daily monitoring of the cargo
tanks ensured that tanks remained , while
a third party inspector did a final check
on the condition of the tank prior to

redeployed to a new location on the Dutch

Continental Shelf thereafter.
Another topside, due to enter the yard in early
May, will be undergoing similar modification
works at Keppel Verolme and redeployed
upon completion.
These projects are done in close cooperation
with Seaway Heavy Lifting, which will provide
the lifting services for the platforms.

Keppel Batangas
Coral V Ships Switzerlands Coral, a Liquid
Petroleum Gas (LPG) carrier was in the yard
for a month in February for hull cleaning,
blasting and painting, main engine works and
cargo equipment calibration and testing.
Upon arrival, liquid nitrogen was used to flush
out the tanks to ensure that there was no
residual LPG before hot works began. The
presence of highly combustible LPG would

V Ships Technical Manager S. Kitarovic

commented: We are satisfied with the
yards performance and appreciate the
good working relationship that we have
built since last year. Its nice working with
friends, as any problems were resolved
amicably. We definitely would like to
come back here again for drydocking of
our vessels.
Last year, KPMI did extensive cargo
holds blasting and water ingress
installation for three Handymax bulk
carriers of V Ships.
Milena L Owned by Starmarine
Management Inc (Greece), the bulk
lumber carrier called on our shipyard on
18 April for cargo hold blasting,
steelworks, hull cleaning, grit blasting and
painting, piping works, auxiliary engine
overhaul and main engine fuel injection
pumps overhaul.
Due to the extensive works being done
in the cargo holds, more vigilance was
given to the scaffoldings and the work site
in addition to constant monitoring to
ensure safety at all times. This resulted in
project completion with zero accident.
Milena L returned to the high seas on
14 May.

Keppel Cebu
MV Western Triumph & MV Western
Zenith After the successful delivery
of MV Western Flyer and MV Western
Star to Western Tug and Barge Co
Ltd (Papua New Guinea), the MV
Western Triumph arrived at the yard
for scheduled drydocking and
repairs on 6 May. This will be
followed by the MV Western Zenith
which is scheduled to arrive in the
yard on 26 June. Both cargo carriers
have similar work specifications to
be completed in some 12 days.
MT Rathboyne New customer,
Kristian Gerhard Jebsen (Norway)
brought their oil tanker, MT
Rathboyne in for regular drydocking
and repairs on 1 May. Main engine
turbo charger repair, ballast suction
and sewage pipes renewal, auxiliary
engine, main switchboard and
emergency switchboard servicing,
were completed in addition to the
regular drydocking and repairs.
Together with the clients, proper
planning was done to clarify
work specifications and owner
requirements. Based on the work
plan, the completion time will be
10 days.

Continued on page 36 
OffshoreMarine May/June 2005 35

Continued from page 35

Subic Shipyard & Engineering

Taiju Taiju of Eurasia International Ltd Partnership (China)
sailed in on 7 May and docked for a period of nine days until 16
May. The bulk carrier was in the yard for hull and cargo hold
preservation, sea suction and overboard valves overhaul as well
as M/E turbocharger overhaul and water ingress alarm system

Hermes Island Another bulk carrier, Hermes Island, came in for

drydocking, hull cleaning and painting, cleaning & painting to
cargo holds 1-7 and mooring winches brake lining renewal. Main
engine works were also carried out.
The vessel owned by World Marine Company Ltd arrived on
14 May and was in the drydock for about 10 days.

Hermes Island

Can do for the Nation

ance Corporal Johari bin Jamal

was commended by the Singapore
Civil Defence Force for his
outstanding performance during his incamp training.
The safety coordinator at Keppel Shipyard
(Tuas) said, Going back for National
Service is not very different from going to
work at Keppel.
Its my duty to do my best and I will not
feel good if I give less than what is
required of me.
A Keppelite since 1994, Joharis work at
Keppel Shipyard (Tuas) involves
monitoring and inspecting danger areas,
and coordinating safety measures in the
Keppel Shipyard supports the Singapore
National Service policies. The company

36 OffshoreMarine May/June 2005

caters for work processes to be adjusted to

accommodate its employees absence while
they serve their nation during in-camp
Mohd Aliffi, Keppel Shipyards (Tuas) Fire
Safety Manager said, Some inconveniences
are inevitable. We overcome this by
reassigning duties to his colleagues in his
section who will cover his duties. I am glad
there is strong team spirit which sees the
team through.
For its contribution and commitment,
Keppel Shipyard has been conferred many
awards including the Singapore Armed
Forces (SAF) Commendation for Employers
in 2003.
So how does Lance Corporal Johari feel
about tough times during National Service?
Can do! was his reply.

Johari, Safety Coordinator at

Keppel Shipyard, ready for duty
on the job

Charles Foo made Fellow of RINA

Charles Foo, MD
(Special Projects) of
Keppel O&M,
receiving his certificate
of Fellow from RINA
Chief Executive
Trevor Blakeley

harles Foo, Managing Director

(Special Projects) of Keppel
Offshore & Marine (Keppel
O&M), was recently elected a Fellow of
the Royal Institution of Naval Architects
(RINA) in recognition of his significant
contributions to the marine industry in
The Chief Executive of RINA, Trevor
Blakeley, presented the Fellow certificate
to Charles Foo on 10 March 2005 in a
ceremony at Keppel Shipyard (Tuas).
During his visit, Mr Blakeley also took
the opportunity to meet Keppelites
affiliated to this prestigious institution.

Keppel at the RSN-ASMI

Career Road Show

eppel Offshore & Marine

(Keppel O&M) participated in
the second RSN-ASMI Career
Road Show, held on 1 April 2005 at
Changi Naval Training Base.

The event witnessed the signing of a

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
between the Republic of Singapore Navy
(RSN) and Association of Singapore
Marine Industries (ASMI) for the RSNASMI Career Transition Scheme.
The Scheme helps naval specialists
completing their military service to match
their expertise with jobs available in the
offshore and marine industry.

Naval personnel and guests learning

about Keppel

Participants at the exhibition having

a discussion
Guests and RSN personnel viewed the
exhibition put up by various companies,
including Keppel O&M. Through
interaction with staff at the booth, RSN
personnel were able to better understand
the exciting career opportunities available
in Keppel O&M.

OffshoreMarine May/June 2005 37

Tribute to a team builder and player

eliable colleague. Trusted friend.

Part of the Keppel FELS family.

Thats what many say of Mick Jobes,

ENSCOs Manager of Singapore Projects,
who passed away peacefully at 63, having
lived a full life and made his mark in the
lives of others.

Mick first worked with Keppel FELS on

the Pelaut, a semi-submersible drilling
tender, which was delivered in 1994.
His last project was the ENSCO 106
delivered earlier this year. As ENSCOs
trusted representative in Singapore, he
had a strong reputation of being a team
builder with the ability to rally people to
get the job done.

known Mick since the Pelaut, the

firstI have
semisubmersible drilling tender for
Petrodrill, Foster Mannings company,
delivered in 1994. Since then, Mick joined
ENSCO and became a highly respected
owners representative. He worked to get
the yards Project and Construction team
motivated in building and repairing
ENSCOs rigs to the highest quality on
time and on budget.
He was straightforward, frank and
proactive. Problems got nipped in the
bud. We are all very sad at his sudden
passing at home. To his family, friends and
ENSCO, we extend our condolences.
Choo Chiau Beng
Chairman & CEO
Keppel Offshore & Marine

We have always known him as one who

a very practical approach in his work
and together with his experience, Mick
was a cut above the rest. His consultative
style of leadership and decisiveness had
also won over his peers and subordinates.
Above all, Mick was extremely
approachable and made everyone felt like
an integral part of the team.
Tong Chong Heong
Keppel Offshore & Marine

38 OffshoreMarine May/June 2005

mentor to me. I respected

himMickandwaswasa grateful
for his many good
qualities. His passion for work is
immeasurable. He built a project team
that was cohesive and capable.
I believe all of the project team members
valued his leadership, guidance and

May he rest in peace.

KC Lim
Acting Project Manager

Mick had worked with us for many years

since the construction of the West
Pelaut in our old yard. He was always
responsive to the yards problems, always
working to bring about a common
solution and promote teamwork to ensure
the success of a project. We are very sad
to have lost a member of the Keppel FELS
Michael Chia
Executive Director
Keppel FELS

Mick was a well-loved man. He will be

missed not only by ourselves on the
ENSCO Project Team but also by his
many friends in the shipyard. This Project
team is more like a family than a collection
of work colleagues so when one very
important member of that family leaves
so suddenly, it is hard to pick yourselves
up & get on with it. Micks untimely
demise has made every member of the
team more determined than ever to
complete the projects he started in a way
that he would have been proud of.
Geoff Marchment
Mechanical Inspector

HPB Mobile Showtime


void casual sex. Be faithful to

your partner. Condom usage.

This is the ABC to follow if you want to

reduce the risk of getting the Human
Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
The Health Promotion Board (HPB) put
up a lunchtime mobile show at Keppel
Shipyard (Benoi) in March 2005 to share
this message.

HIV/AIDS awareness through an

engaging story

Presented as an enlightening and

entertaining show to spread the message
on HIV/AIDS amongst industrial
workers, the performance included a skit,
songs, dance routines and audience
More than 1,000 workers turned up for
the show and went away with goody bags.
Indeed everyone enjoyed themselves as
colleagues were asked to translate health
advice into Hindi and Bangladeshi. Some
were even invited to dance onstage with
the performers! These lucky volunteers
were rewarded with supermarket
vouchers for their enthusiasm.

Getting the audience to translate

health messages into different
This is part of our commitment to
take care of the workforce. We are
doing this so that our workers can
make informed lifestyle choices,
explained Daniel Chang, Senior
General Manager of Operations,
Keppel Shipyard.

Workers receiving their free goody

bags containing a health survey

This is the first time Im watching

the skit. I come from a country that
doesnt know much about AIDS, so
this was useful, shared Jewel, a
Bangladeshi piping worker at Keppel
Shipyard (Benoi).
OffshoreMarine May/June 2005 39

Acacia Lodge,
home away from home

ffshoreMarine dropped in at Acacia Lodge to bring

our readers up to speed with the welfare of the
residents of the Lodge. Our foreign workers do not
just enjoy comfortable amenities and recreational facilities.
They also get to enjoy the taste of their hometown food as
The residents at Acacia Lodge want good quality rice, which
they are accustomed to. The Indians specifically asked for
Ponni Rice and the Chinese superior or AAA Thai rice, said
Perry Yeo, General Manager of Keppel Housing in a tour
around the mini-mart at the Lodge.
To cater to the taste of the different nationalities, the minimart sole proprietor makes sure the store is well stocked with
a wide variety of food and tidbits which our foreign workers
enjoyed back home.
Even their snacks, such as the curry puffs, are freshly catered
daily from a wholesaler who makes them to the taste of the
Bangladeshis and Indians.
The residents are highly sensitive to price differences between
what are being sold here and outside.
We make sure that we are slightly cheaper than what is sold
outside, and we can do that because we have a large enough
client base of around 3,000 residents, said the mini-mart

Residents of Acacia Lodge buying fresh vegetables at the wet


Onions and potatoes are the workers favourites, Perry

chipped in. Perry, who has been running Acacia Lodge with a
team of managers and support staff, emphasised that their
responsibilities are both to serve the residents and to ensure
good discipline among them.
Located on a 20,000 sq metre site in Bukit Batok, Acacia Lodge
houses some 3,000 foreign workers from India, China,
Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, the Philippines and Malaysia.
The development looks like a private condominium, with
security at the main gate. It has more than 260 apartments,
complete with facilities and amenities which include a
gymnasium, multi-purpose hall, basketball courts, street soccer
court, self-study areas, classrooms and a host of other
recreational amenities to enhance the well being of the residents.

40 OffshoreMarine May/June 2005

Residents enjoying a beer after a hard days work

Apart from these, the Acacia Lodge

management also plans a calendar of
events with the Keppelite Recreational
Club for activities and programmes,
ranging from competitive games to tours
to places of interest in and outside
Perry said, It is our vision to be a caring
host-employer to our foreign employees.
We are constantly looking for ways to
improve our services for these workers so
that they feel that they have a home away
from home.
Furthermore, we want them to connect
with the community and know that there
are people who are less fortunate. During
the festive seasons, we would organise
visits to the nearby home for the aged to
involve them in showing care for the poor
and elderly.
Not content in just running the daily
operations in the Lodge, Perry and his
team are always looking for new ways to
meet the residents needs.
Recently, we notice that our residents are
consuming liquor in the neighbourhood.
To help reduce potential problems and to
cater to their needs, we introduced the
Beer Garden in the Lodge.

To maintain discipline, we set the rules

that they can only drink light liquor in
the Beer Gardens premises. We are glad
to see that they are happy that they have
a proper place to enjoy a drink or two.
Our residents are generally very well
disciplined. It gives us a lot of joy to see
that they are contented and are using the
services in the Lodge, he added.
Every evening, the Lodge is teeming with
activities as the workers return home after
work. They would drop by at Acacias inhouse wet market and buy up the daily
fresh provisions of fish, meat, vegetables
and fruit.
Encouraged by the workers patronage of
the stores, the management of Acacia
Lodge wants to introduce a new service
for the workers.
I think we are ready to organise a Pasar
Malam here at the Lodge. We are in talks
with some vendors to bring in some 10
to 12 stalls for a flea market on some of
the evenings, said Perry beaming at the
thought of springing another pleasant
surprise for his residents.

I feel safe living here because the

security is good. During the SARs
period, our temperatures were
taken several times a day. We
were also each given a free
a Bangladeshi electrician with
Keppel Shipyard who is in his fifth
year of stay at the Acacia Lodge

We are all good friends here! We

help each other when problems
arise. Acacia Lodge means
convenience for everybody.
a Myanmar technician with Keppel
Shipyard, has stayed in the Acacia
Lodge for almost four years

Staying at Acacia Lodge is better

because everyone stays together,
the food sold here is cheaper!
a Bangladeshi welder with Keppel
Shipyard who stayed in the Acacia
Lodge for eight years

Its convenient because when you

work in Keppel, theres transport
there (Acacia Lodge). You get
down the bus and you can go
straight to work.
a Filipino Senior Shipwright
Engineer who has stayed in the
Acacia Lodge for
more than four years

OffshoreMarine May/June 2005 41

Keppel Group Newsbytes

Keppel Land, in joint venture with
Harrahs Asia Pte Ltd, has been invited by
the Singapore government to submit
plans for two world-class iconic
destination resorts in formal proposals.
The proposed integrated resorts of the
joint venture will aim to present a musthave destination experience in Asia,
leveraging the complementary and
combined strengths of the joint venture
partners, offering the best in their
entertainment, hospitality and leisure
capabilities as well as extraordinary
designs from world-celebrated architects.

Keppel is now the third race partner of the Uniquely Singapore Clipper Yacht

Keppel Corporation has become the

third race partner to come onboard for
the Uniquely Singapore yacht, which will
be competing in one of the worlds most
prestigious international yachting events,
the Clipper 05-06 Round the World Yacht
Race. Keppel will also be sponsoring one
Keppelite to take part in this prestigious
race and the selection process is currently

of US$243 million (S$400 million). This

fund is jointly managed with Henderson
Global Investors and when fully invested,
will have a portfolio of about US$600
million (S$1 billion). The Asia No.1
Property Funds strategy is based on
seeking opportunities in the office,
residential and retail sectors in the core
countries of Japan, Hong Kong and

Singapore Petroleum Company opened

its 39th service station on 14 May 2005
at Jalan Bukit Merah. The new petrol
station is located within a high traffic area
supported by matured residential, retail
and commercial developments. It will
primarily serve motorists in the vicinity
of Alexandra, Jalan Bukit Merah, Leng
Kee, Queensway and Tiong Bahru and is
expected to capture traffic bound for the
city and the Expressway.

Keppel Corporation has appointed

Mr Yeo Wee Kiong as Director with effect
from 1 May 2005. Mr Yeo will serve as a
member of the Board Risk Committee.
Mr Yeo Wee Kiong is the managing
director of Yeo Wee Kiong Law
Corporation, a Singapore law corporation
practising in the areas of corporate law,
corporate finance, mergers and
acquisitions, listings on stock exchanges,
venture capital, banking and securities.

Keppel Lands wholly owned subsidiary,

Alpha Investment Partners Limited, has
announced the final closing for Asia No.1
Property Fund which has grown to a total
42 OffshoreMarine May/June 2005

Expanding SPC's retail network to 39 service stations with the newest at Bukit Merah

Keppels Global Reach

Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd
(Home Office)
50 Gul Road Singapore 629351
Tel: 65 6863 7200
Fax: 65 6261 7719
Keppel FELS Limited
(Pioneer Yard 1 Head Office)
50 Gul Road Singapore 629351
(Pioneer Yard 2)
55 Gul Road Singapore 629353
(Shipyard Road)
31 Shipyard Road Singapore 628130
Tel: 65 6863 7200
Fax: 65 6261 7719
Contact Person: Michael Chia, Executive Director
Ian Chin, Marketing Manager
Keppel Shipyard Limited
(Tuas Yard Head office)
51 Pioneer Sector 1
Singapore 628437
Tel: 65 6861 4141
Fax: 65 6861 7767
Contact Person: Nelson Yeo, Executive Director
(Benoi Yard)
15 Benoi Road Singapore 629888
Tel: 65 6861 6622
Fax: 65 6861 4393
Contact Person: Abu Bakar Mohd Nor,
GM (Operations)
(Gul Yard)
55 Gul Road Singapore 629353
Tel: 65 6861 3007
Fax: 65 6862 3645/7
Contact Person: Fok Swee Yin, GM (Operations)
Keppel Singmarine Pte Limited
15 Benoi Road Singapore 629888
Tel: 65 6861 6622
Fax: 65 6862 1792
Contact Person: Goh Boon Kiat, Executive Director
Offshore Technology Development Pte Ltd
55 Gul Road Singapore 629353
Tel: 65 6863 7409
Fax: 65 6862 3465
Contact Person: Dr Foo Kok Seng, General Manager
Deepwater Technology Group Pte Ltd
50 Gul Road Singapore 629351
Tel: 65 6863 7163
Fax: 65 6863 1739
Contact Person: Aziz Merchant, General Manager
Asian Lift Pte Ltd
23 Gul Road Singapore 629356
Tel: 65 6668 4222
Fax: 65 6668 4333
Contact Person: John Chua, General Manager

Contact Person: Charles Chiam, Director
Caspian Shipyard Company Ltd
South Bay, KMNF Basin
Baku AZ1023, Azerbaijan
Tel: 994 12 449 9930
Fax: 994 12 449 9931
Contact Person: Bill Kee, President
Keppel FELS Brasil S.A
Rua da Assembeia, 10 2002
20011-000 Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
Tel: 55 21 2215 0772
Fax: 55 21 2224 2248
Contact Person: Tay Kim Hock, President & CEO
Keppel FELS Baltech Ltd
54 Debar Street, Varna 9000, Bulgaria
Tel: 359 52 602556/7
Fax: 359 52 602555
Contact Person: Lyudmil Stoev, General Manager
Keppel Engineering & Construction (China)
Co. Ltd.
Shenzhen Branch Office
6th Floor, Chiwan Petroleum Building
Chiwan Road No. 3
P.R China 518068
Tel: (86) 755 26851902, (86) 755 26851959,
(65) 68637215
Fax: (86) 755 26851670
Email (China):
Email (Singapore):
Contact Person: Ho Jong Heng, Technical Manager
Keppel Kazakhstan LLP
SEZ Seaport Aktau
Aktau, Mangistau Oblast
Republic of Kazakhstan
Tel: 7 3292 512 746 / 7 3292 513 256
Fax: 7 3292 515 036
Contact Person: Ow Choon Yen, President
Keppel Verolme BV
Prof. Gerbrandyweg 25
3197 KK Rotterdam-Botlek
Harbour no. 4550
P O Box 1001
3180 AA Rozenburg
The Netherlands
Tel: 31 181 234300
Fax: 31 181 234346
Contact Person: Harold W.M. Linssen,
Managing Director

Keppel Smit Towage Pte Ltd

23 Gul Road Singapore 629356
Tel: 65 6668 4222
Fax: 65 6897 8056
Contact Person: Ben Chew, General Manager

Offshore & Marine A/S
Strandgaten 147
4307 Sandnes, Norway
Tel: 47 5160 2500
Fax: 47 5160 2510
Contact Person: Odd Skjaerseth, Managing Director

Keppel Prince Engineering Pty Ltd
Level 7, 3 Bowen Crescent
Melbourne, Victoria 3004, Australia
Tel: 61 3 9820 9033
Fax: 61 3 9866 6110

Keppel Philippines Marine Inc
Unit 3-B Country Space 1 Building
Sen, Gil J Puyat Avenue
Makati City, Philippines
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OffshoreMarine May/June 2005 43

Keppel Kazakhstan wins

piperack and barge contract

eppel Kazakhstan LLP (Keppel

Kazakhstan) has secured a contract
estimated at US$150 million from
Agip Kazakhstan North Caspian Operating
Company N.V. (Agip KCO).
The contract is to fabricate pipe racks and build
four barges. Pipe racks are structures used to
store pipes and risers offshore and the barges
are the transport means of bringing these pipes
and risers to the pipe racks. Upon completion,
they will support the first phase development
of the Kashagan oil field.
By far the world largest oil discovery in 30 years,
the Kashagan field is expected to be developed
over the next 16 years at approximately US$29
billion, and could yield up to 13 billion barrels
of oil.
Tong Chong Heong, Managing Director &
Chief Operating Officer of Keppel O&M, the
parent company of Keppel Kazakhstan, said,
This contract in the Caspian Sea reflects the
success of our near-market, near-customer
strategy in strengthening our presence in
Central Asia.
Keppel Kazakhstan will be able to tap into the
expertise and resources available in the Keppel
Offshore & Marine Group, to deliver projects
on time and within budget.
Bill Kee, Chief Executive Officer of Keppel
Kazakhstan, said, The contract signifies the
start of a pioneer industry in Kazakhstan,
creating employment and providing training
opportunities for the Kazakhs.
This is only the beginning of Keppel
Kazakhstans involvement in Kashagans
development programme. The contract will
allow us to further develop our facility in line

44 OffshoreMarine May/June 2005

Kazakhstan President Nurulstan Nazarbayev (left) met with then

Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew (right) in his visit to Singapore in 2003

with project requirements and enhance our

services for our customers.
Keppel Kazakhstan complements its sister
yard, Caspian Shipyard Company (CSC) in
strengthening Keppel O&Ms presence in
the Caspian Sea.
Keppel Kazakhstan is located in the seaport
city of Aktau on the northeastern part of
the Caspian Sea. It was set up in April 2003
to participate in and contribute to the
emerging offshore oil and gas industry in
the Kazakh Sector of the Caspian Sea.
Agip KCO is involved in hydrocarbon
exploration in the North Caspian Sea off the
coast of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Partners in Agip KCO include Agip,
ExxonMobil, TotalFinaElf, Philip Petroleum,
Shell, Inpex and Kazmunaygaz.