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it is absolutely necessary to have a high traffic volume (high number of users).The advertising on Internet How does online advertising work? The online advertising is based on 4 main pillars: • Supports –websites or other digital environments (RRSS…) where the campaigns are inserted. • Advertisers – brands or business that want to advertise. to communicate about themselves • Users – the public. The visitors of a web. those that actually see the ads. . • Agencies / platforms – intermediates between supports (webs) and advertisers (businesses) If a web page wants to earn money through online advertising.

The advertising on Internet .

The advertising on Internet .

It is centered on the valuable content that users look for → Inbound Marketing (the opposite of Product Placement) . awareness and creates connections between the brand and its target . emotions. that is linked to itself .it is oriented toward a bidirectional and interactive communication with the user.and to the product content that provides value.Digital advertising formats Branded content (Content marketing) = content generated by the brand.

. of course)… …or of a tourism booking platform that spreads knowledge and interesting facts about travelling… Mega Image Momondo Photoshop …and branded content is also created when a design software present creative tips for those who work with it.Digital advertising formats Branded content (Content marketing) This can be the example of a supermarket that provides recipes on his blog (including its own products.

Digital advertising formats Branded content (Content marketing) Product placement .

the association with influencers.Digital advertising formats Branded content and Influencer Marketing Some brands spread their content using influencers. • In the last years. • Influencer: public figure. very popular for a certain public. • The brand wants to be included in the influencer’s communication so as to gain awareness among his public. is one of the favorite branding strategies. . who has a wide community of followers. • At the moment. 70% of these types of collaborations are paid by the brand. in a natural manner. It belongs to a well defined sector and has a specific target. or famous persons from certain segments.

Examples of Influencers Marketing Zmenta & Laura Giurcanu. Andreea Raicu – Romanian television celebrity.Digital advertising formats *Kit Kat. . promoting Elancyl cream on her blog. famous Romanian vloggers – promoting OREO.

elembarazo. online pediatricians and midwives The use of specialized blogs works in the same way as the Influencer The brand Qbaby. Instead of searching for a popular figure. http://blog.Digital advertising formats *Examples specialized blogs Maternity: http://elembarazo. This way. they search authority blogs that belong to the same niche. . It is a very concrete in order get connected to pregnant women. brand get to all the readers of that blog in a natural way. wants to generate Branded Content on the blog elembarazo.

what social networks it uses. a brand is more present on different social networks. politics – Twitter ✓ Sports – Facebook. Youtube ✓ Events . • The brand makes the necessary research to discover where can find its target.Digital advertising formats Branded Content & Social Content • The social content represents another important part of the brand’s content strategy. • For example: ✓ Fashion.Facebook . Regarding the type of product. Food art – Instagram ✓ Decoration – Pinterest ✓ Trainings.

Digital advertising formats Pinterest Instagram @leefromamerica – food instagramer Lowe’s company – retail home decoration Facebook Event: Street Heroes .

and it is still used nowadays. that promotes a brand or a product on a specific support. • Thanks to the improved technologies. . They are more impactful and allow the interaction with the user. so work on the brand image! • All started with the so-called “Banner”. the classic formats of a banner have become better versions of Rich Media. (DFP) • The branded display empowers the brand with the tools needed for measuring the results and setting up a branding strategy based on the results → We have the possibility to track all the actions that users make. • They offer the possibility to manage the ad space inside of a blog through Adserver*. • Video ads are also included in the Display Advertising. It is the digital equivalent of a newspaper’s ad.Digital advertising formats Branded display The main objective of a brand is to generate visual impact. nowadays. It represents a piece of graphic creativity.

. Maternity: http://elembarazo. For achieving this.Digital advertising formats *Examples of Display formats CTR: Click Through Ratio The percentage of clicks related to the impressions (number of times an ad appears). with the final purpose of having them click on The brand Qbaby starts a new campaign to collect new Leads for its webpage. they chose a highly visible ad format with great impact for the user.

. - Skin (wallpaper / Brand day – customization of web’s background .300x250 (300x300 | 200x200) - Banner (full banner) – 468/60 - Mega banner (leaderboard) .http://www.728x90 (980x90) - Skycrapper .100x600 (120x600) - Button – 125x125 - Interstitial – 800x600.iabspain.Digital advertising formats Branded display: Classic banner formats The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) established the standard specifications that ads must have on the internet. The one that covers the whole screen and is displayed before the web content is Classic display formats: - Takeover ads (medium rectangle/square) .

Digital advertising formats Branded display: Classic banner formats .

uses this type of payment. A post (advertorial) on a blog or a social mention. for example. this means that the advertiser pays 10€ for the add to be displayed 1000 times (1000 pages seen). For example. Usually. The Branded Display uses this payment system. the Brand Content uses the fixed price. Fixed Price – a price that is establish regardless the number of visualizations or the results.Types of payment Payment system on the internet CPM (Cost per mille) – indicates the cost of an advertising campaign. based on the quality of the website. for each 1. .000 impressions. the visits volume and the number of followers. It means that the price is established for each 1000 times an ad appears. if a website sells its ad space for 10€ CPM.

05€. For example. The brand has the guarantee of a return of investment. complete a register. make a purchase…) –CPL (Cost per Lead). means that the advertiser pays this amount each time a users click on the ad. CPV (Cost per sale) – Similar to CPA . if a website sells its space for a CPC of 0. that engage actively…). – CPC (Cost per Click) – indicates the cost of an advertising campaign for each click received by the ad. links…). paying only after achieving certain goals (clicks.Types of payment Payment system on the internet Performace marketing This is the payment system based on the results obtained. the advertisers make sure that the support chosen (website) has real. This way. – CPA (Cost per Action) – indicates the cost of an advertising campaign for a specific action made by the user (fill an application form. click on a link. qualitative users (interested by the topic.

.Google’s Platforms For the support (website) For the advertiser Ad server • Online platforms for the management of online advertising. and AdWords for CPC or CPM. • AdSense creates spaces for advertising inside of the webs by using HTML tags and allows the insertion of ads. • They manage the two sides of the process: supports (Adsense) and advertisers (Adwords). • AdSense invoices for CPC. • Adwords allows advertisers to create their own campaigns and ads. and choose where to appear (Searching Network/Display Network).

• Besides the managing of our ads.Google’s Platforms DFP • This is the ad server that Google provides us for free. being able to put different ads into competition in CPC. CPM etc. • DFP can dynamical manage our stocks. . DFP allows us to create informs and to make predictions. • It helps us to manage our Google AdSense ads. as well as other advertising networks or packs that we sell to a determined client.

Google’s Platforms DFP .

Nielsen…) • They use to pay for CPM. the website must accomplish some requirements: high number of users and viewed pages. . external audit (ComScore. brand image. • In order to be used as support.Advertising agencies Online advertising agencies • Count on portfolios of clients.