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Press Release:

Republican Chamberlin for Governor

St. Cloud, MN - Christopher William Chamberlin an Independent minded Republican

has declared to run for Governor of Minnesota.
Chamberlin is a political outsider, who was born in 1973, in Buffalo Minnesota. His
parents were Kathy Sue McBride and Clinton Carlyle Chamberlin. At a young age the
family moved from Buffalo to St. Cloud Minnesota. Chamberlin explains Early life
for me was difficult as I had health issues and spent time in oxygen tents, in and out
of the hospital do to constantly getting sick, and was diagnosed with ADHD early in
childhood with a slight learning disability, at the age of 5 my mother left my father
due to abuse, and at 9 my father passed away.
Chamberlins mother entered into a new relationship with James Earl McKinney who
became his stepfather and guiding figure in his life, which was a fairly rough
Life changed quickly after the family moved from MN to Las Vegas providing new
opportunities for our family and at that time my step father was working for RotoRooter and specialized in taking care of higher end clientele such as Wayne Newton
and the Liberace Estates. During this time, opportunities presented itself to become
part of the cast of Sesame Street, which for a child at that age it was an amazing
experience, everything was a new adventure.
The family moved back to Minnesota and stayed for a brief time with his
grandmother. When the family moved out of his grandmothers house they returned
to St. Cloud Minnesota. Chamberlin, can remember walking through blizzards at
night with his family during the holidays and always had a sense of Safety and
Security. Neighborhoods were different back then often times you didnt have to
lock your doors. You knew your neighbors because you talked to them daily. Police
officers always seen as a great people of moral character with a very hard and
responsible job.
They were my heroes and I looked up to them. I told my mother that I wanted to do
something great, she told me and my father was a police officer. She also explained
that he was in the United States military at one time, as was my grandfather.
Having such an eventful childhood Chamberlin is running because he wants to give
the people of MN an independent voice not one beholden to special interests or
party politics and to assist those families who like him had a difficult upbringing and
came from a broken home.
It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that MN is a dysfunctional mess.
Theyd rather fight each other with the goal of scoring points on cable news instead

of focusing on creating jobs and balancing the budget in fact, MN under current
Governor Dayton acquired more corruption and we need to Drain the Swamp.

Growing up, I learned that citizenship requires us to do more than complain about
our problems we have to work together to fix them.
Our problems cant be blamed on only Republicans, Independents, or only
Democrats we need more people in both parties committed to working together
and finding real solutions.
I have decided to run for Governor to represent you with an independent voice in
our state capitol. I will work with anyone, regardless of party affiliation, to create
jobs, invest in education and balance our budget with a plan that stands up for the
middle class, keeps taxes low and protects Medicare and Social Security.
I am ready to serve and be part of the solution, not more of the problem. And, am
running for Governor, because as a common man, after watching our great nation,
this state, fall into disarray, and deal with tyrannical leadership, almost in a dictator
fashion. While at Sun Country airlines cargo hangar, Donald Trump looked at me
and said it is time for New Blood here in Minnesota and it is your responsibility to
drain the swamp. And that is exactly what I intend to do.