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Toner 1

AP Physics C
Benjamin Toner
Room: 166


Phone Number: (317) 555-5555

Course Description:
Physics is the study of all that surrounds us and why it works. We focus on the more easily observable
topics for the first half of this course. It allows you to reach an understanding on what is really
happening. Second half we get to play with the unseen; magnetism and electrical forces. I am here to
help whenever necessary. You are in an AP course which is a bit accelerated from normal courses; this
means you may require more help than normal. Take the time to ask, it pays off far more than not
asking. I am going to give you a different schedule than a lot of your classes, because your homework is
going to be a little difficult. So I have scheduled in to every lesson a day for explaining the material and
then a full day to help with the work. If you need the help this is the best time to ask and may be used to
further explain the material I will use some labs for the more visual lessons. I want to allow you guys to
learn the material and be able to visualize it. This class will be difficult to some of you and I am always
here to help if needed. We can have some fun in this course and keeping an open mind will allow that to

Text: Standard Text

Grading Policies
I use the schools grading scale:

100-90% A
89-80% B
79-70% C
69-61% D
60 and below is an F

I do accept late work for decreasing credit by 10% each day its late. I have extra credit options on all
tests. Each one is different and will mostly be problems that we have done already in the semester.
Homework will be given and be due after the work day for it. You get a full in class day to ask questions
and to allow the work to be done, I will collect it at the end of that period however.

Toner 2
Your grade will be broken up as follows:

20% labs (10% on the participation in the lab and 10% on the lab sheet itself)
25% tests
20% quizzes
15% homework

The last 20% will be your final. Note I didnt say that the AP test is on there, it is optional to take the
exam, but that is the only way your credit will transfer from this course to higher education. It is highly
recommended you take it.
If absent you have the amount of days absent that you were absent (that is an excused absent) to make
up the work.

Toner 3
What is expected of you:

Bring everything you need to class

To be courteous of students and the classroom
No Horseplay
Arrive on time to class
Dont plagiarize
What Will Happen if you Break the Rules

Offense 1: You will be verbally reprimanded so that you know what you did wrong (Severity of offense
may lead past this stage on the first offense)
Offense 2: Changing of seating arrangement.
Offense 3: I will call home to your parents and tell them what you did in class
Offense 4: Detention before or after school and I call home to parents
Offense 5: You get sent to the office for disciplinary measures: This is something that never needs to be
reached, follow the rules so that we never need to achieve this stage

Toner 4
Safety Rules
1) Know where the safety equipment is in the room
2) I will explain the safety procedures for each experiment we do and what will be required 3) Wear
goggles when chemicals are present 4) Do not touch chemicals with any exposed skin and do not
consume any
5) Do not wear open toed shoes nor tank tops to the lab
6) Alert me to ANY and ALL breaches of protocol, accidental or no there is no way to fix it without my
7) Any broken glassware or other equipment needs to be brought to my attention as it breaks and/or
discovered broken
8) No running in the Lab
9) No foods in the Lab
10) Alert me of any allergies you may have
11) We do use some projectiles during this course, be courteous of them they can be exceedingly

Toner 5
Parent Letter
Dear Parents of __________________,
I am the teacher of your childs AP Physics course. We will cover a range of interesting topics
during this course that will actually be able to transfer up to higher education!
We cover many topics within Physics, from gravity to springs and from magnetism to light.
There is quite a bit that will be covered. I will help whenever needed by the student, if you feel they are
struggling implore that they ask for help as I am here to do just that.
I do have a few rules that your child should remember them to make sure they dont
accidentally break any. Please read through this syllabus to endure that you know them as well and if
there is any questions feel free to contact me directly. Your student will be unable to participate in Labs
until this letter is returned signed by you and your child, it ensures to me that you guys know what is
going on and how everything works in this class.
Ben Toner
Allergies that your Child has (Write N/A if your child has no allergies)

Student Signature:
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Parent Signature:
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