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I didnt know who was his mother; the irrefutably sacrosanct

womb which had evolved his impeccable contours,
I didnt know who was his father; the revered principles of
which; circulated faster than white lightening in his tender
I didnt know what was his name; the initials he incoherently
embossed with his immaculately sweet little fingers,
I didnt know what was his birthplace; the color of the cradle
that must have witnessed his overwhelmingly surreal mischief,
I didnt know what religion he belonged to; the inexplicable
conglomerate of scriptures that were chanted on him; when he
was just born,
I didnt know the exact date of his cherished birth; the exact
second when even the God's in the Universe must have
inevitably stooped down to witness his
Omnipotent grace,
I didnt know the words which he might have uttered just a
minute ago; the rhapsodically innocent voice which must have
incredulously enlightened the pallid
I didnt know what were his likes and dislikes; the games he
adored the most; the delicacies he delectably nibbled with his
freshly protruding jaws,
I didnt know what was his shoe size; the fabulously spongy
rubber which tickled him voraciously on his diminutive feet,
I didnt know what were the fantasies circulating through his
vulnerable mind; the dream floating ebulliently in his
inconspicuously beautiful brain cells,

I didnt know who was his sister; the tiny angel who incessantly
frolicked with him in the corridors of unsuspectingly playful
I didnt know why was he crying indefatigably; the things that
mattered the most
to his mesmerizing heart,
I didnt know the identity of his naughty friends; the robust
chinned tiny stalwarts with whom he spent countless hours
every single day,
I didnt know the marks on his flesh since he emitted out his first
cry; the spots which bestowed him with astronomical good luck
in every unfurling aspect of
I didnt know the school he went too; the clay which he fondled
with in his magical palms; to chisel the most alluring shapes
ever conceivable on this planet,
I didnt know the hours which he went off to sleep everyday;
deluging the ambience with baby snores; which were infact
larger than the chapter called life,
I didnt know the amount of milk he consumed; the fraternity of
taste besieging
his daintily darling tongue,
I didnt know what was the dwelling he inhabited; the celestial
paths he transgressed; as he bounced uninhibitedly under the
flaming Sun,
I didnt know what was his destiny; the uncanny map of lines
embedded on his mystically immortal palms,
And although I didnt know anything about him; I still could
sacrifice my life for him and infinite more of his kind this very
instant; as he was Gods most precious creation; would always be
loved for centuries unprecedented as a little child.