Complete with a preposition: “In” “At”, “On”. 1- Mr Smith is ________the United States (In. At, On) 2- He is studying French_______university (In.

At, On) 3-He always arrives _______school late (In. At, On) 4- There is a good shop _______the corner (In. At, On) 5- The ball is _____the corner of the living-room (In. At, On) 6- She is lying _______bed (In. At, On) 7-He was wounded ______the leg (In. At, On) 8- I was annoyed _______her mistakes (In. At, On) 9- I have no interest _______this matter (In. At, On) 10- Write your name _______the end of the letter (In. At, On) 11- He is _____home (In. At, On) 12- They arrived ______ four o´clock (In. At, On) 13- There is a policeman _______the crossroad (In. At, On) 14- We have no money _______this moment (In. At, On) 15- We often go for a walk ______the park (In. At, On) 16- There is a test _______the next page (In. At, On) 17- I have a watch _______my wrist (In. At, On) 18- The church is ______the right (In. At, On) 19- I went for a walk _______the park (In. At, On) 20- She has a ring _______her finger (In. At, On) 21- There was a good film ______the Capitol (In. At, On) 22- I heard the news broadcast _______the noon (In. At, On) 23-Don´t sit ____ that chair, sit ______this armchair (In. At, On) 24- Put these books _____that shelf and those pens _____this box (In. At, On) 25- The picture is ______the wall (In. At, On) 26- We pass the exam _______in the end (In. At, On) 27- There is a doctor ________front of the house (In. At, On) 28-There is a hole _______the back of my coat (In. At, On) 29- The hole is _______the bottom of the coat (In. At, On) 30- Mr Miller is _______front of the house (In. At, On) 31- There is a kitchen _________the back of the house (In. At, On) 32- Mr Evans spoke ________a loud voice (In. At, On) 33- I am interested _________music (In. At, On) 34- There is a horse _____front of of the picture (In. At, On) 35- There is a garden ______the back of the house 36- Can you see a kennel ________the side of the house (In. At, On)

Key 1-in 2-at 3-at 4-on 5-in 6-in 7-in 8-at 9-in 10-at 11-at 12-at 13-at 14-at 15-in 16-on 17-on 18-on 19-in 20-on 21-at 22-at 23-on / in 24-on / in 25-on 26-in 27-at 28-in 29-in 30-in 31-at 32-in 33-in 34-in 35-at 36-at

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