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A study on Evaluation of
Human Resources
Development of BSNL
Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the
degree of M.B.A. III Sem.

Under the Supervision of

Submitted By
Shivam Chourasiya
M.B.A. III Sem.

Poorva Pandey
(MBA Dept.)


Department of Management Studies


SVN University Sagar (M.P.)

The research provides an opportunity to a student to







competencies required during the technical session. Research

also helps the student to devote his/her skill to analyze the
problem to suggest alternative solutions, to evaluate them and
to provide feasible recommendations on the provided data.
The research is on the topic of A study on Evaluation
of Human Resources Development of BSNL Although I
have tried my level best to prepare this report an error free
report every





authenticate position with accuracy.





Preparing a project of this nature is an arduous task and I
was fortunate enough to get support from a large number o
persons. I wish to express my deep sense of gratitude to all
those who generously helped in successful completion of this
report by sharing their invaluable time and knowledge.
It is my proud and previledge to express my deep regards
to Respected Head of Department Dr. Pramesh Gautam,
Department of Business Management, Swami Vivekanand
Institute of Technology, College Sagar for allowing me to
undertake this project.
I feel extremely exhilarated to have completed this project
under the able and inspiring guidance of Miss Poorva Pandey
He rendered me all possible help me guidance while reviewing
the manuscript in finalizing the report.
I also extend my deep regards to my Family members,
friends and all those whose encouragement has infused
courage in me to complete to work successfully.



Date :
I declare that the project report titled A study on
Evaluation of Human Resources Development of BSNL is
nay own work conducted under the supervision of Miss.
Poorva Pandey Department of Business Management, Swami
Vivekanand University Sagar To the best of my knowledge the
report does not contain any work , which has been submitted
for the award of any degree , anywhere.









Evaluation of Human Resources Development of BSNL










Semester, under the guidance and supervision of Miss.

Poorva Pandey for the partial fulfillment of the Degree of
Signature of the
Signature of the

Signature of the
Head of the Department

Chapter: 1

page no

About the organization

Organizational Structure& Hierarchy
Objectives of BSNL
Products & services
Business processes
SWOT Analyses
Marketing strategies
Research Methodologies
Data analysis & interpretation
Limitation of study



1.1. About the organization

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. formed in October, 2000, is World's 7th largest
Telecommunications Company providing comprehensive range of telecom services in
The telecommunications system in India was thrown open to private players in the
1990s. The country is divided into multiple zones, called circles (roughly along state
boundaries) and the four largest cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai) are
circles in their own right. The government owned BSNL runs local, mobile and long
distance telephone services all over the country (except in the Delhi and Mumbai
circles). Several private companies give competition to BSNL/MTNL in different

Landlines: Landline service in India is primarily run by BSNL (MTNL in Delhi and
Mumbai). There are other companies too, such as Touched and Tata Teleservices
which do not have a pan-Indian presence. Reliance Infocom has licenses to provide
services all over the country, but have started off only with CDMA mobile and fixed
mobile services (where the phone is not wired to the exchange, but is used like a fixed
line at home or office).

Landlines are now facing competition from mobile telephones (GSM and CDMA
based). Mobile phone connections are readily available from private companies for
relatively low prices. The competition has forced the government owned monopoly
BSNL (MTNL in Delhi and Mumbai) to become more efficient. The landline network

quality has improved and landline connections are now usually available on demand,
even in high density urban areas. In addition to the government monopoly, there are
several private landline telephone companies, notably Reliance and Tata Teleservices
and Bharti (which runs the landline company Touched and the mobile company
Airtel). Long distance service is now more comprehensive and cheaper, carried
primarily on fiber optic cable. There are several private long distance companies; the
government owned BSNL continues to use its monopoly against them. However, the
competition has caused prices to drop and calls across India are now comparable in
price to calls across the continental United States.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (known as BSNL, India Communications Corporation

Limited) is a public sector telecommunication company in India. Bharat Sanchar
Nigam Ltd. formed in October, 2000, is World's 7th largest Telecommunications
Company providing comprehensive range of telecom services in India: Wire line,
CDMA mobile, GSM Mobile, Internet, Broadband, Carrier service, MPLS-VPN,
VSAT, VoIP services, IN Services etc. Within a span of five years it has become one of







BSNL has installed Quality Telecom Network in the country and now focusing on
improving it, expanding the network, introducing new telecom services with ICT
applications in villages and wining customer's confidence. Today, it has about 47.3
million line basic telephone capacity, 4 million WLL capacity, 20.1 Million GSM
Capacity, more than 37382 fixed exchanges, 18000 BTS, 287 Satellite Stations,
480196 R km of OFC Cable, 63730 R km of Microwave Network connecting 602

Districts, 7330 cities/towns and 5.5 Lakhs villages. It is India's largest

telecommunication company with 24% market share as on March 31, 2008. Its
headquarters are at Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, Harish Chandra Mathur Lane, Janpath,
New Delhi. It has the status of Mini Ratna, a status assigned to reputed public sector
companies in India.
BSNL is India's oldest and largest Communication Service Provider. Currently has a
customer base of 73 million as of June 2008. It has footprints throughout India except
for the metropolitan cities of Mumbai and New Delhi which are managed by MTNL.

Corporate assests
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has got net fixed assets valuing more than Rs. 54698
Crores (US $ 13.67 billion), which are in the form of Land, Buildings Cables,
Apparatus & Plants etc. as on 31.03.2008.

1.2) Organizational Structure

Board of the director




Fax No




23372424 23372444



23734064 23734166



23714141 23314141
23734070 23734072


Rajesh Wadhwa

23037142 23734242


23734073 23734075

23353395 23353389

Fixed Access)

Company Secretary & H.C.PANT




To become the largest telecom Service Provider in South East Asia.



1. To provide world class State-of-art technology telecom services on demand at

affordable price.

2. To provide world-class telecom infrastructure to develop country's economy.

1.3) Objective:
1. Build customers confidence through quality and reliable services.
2. Provide bandwidth on demand.
3. Contribute towards national plan target of 10 corer subscriber base for the
country by 2010.
4. Broadband customers base of 20 million in the country by 2010.
5. Telephone in all villages.
6. To be the Lead Telecom Services Provider

To facilitate R & D activity in the country. Contribute towards:



National Plan Target of 500 million subscriber base for India by 2010.


Broadband customers base of 20 million in India by 2010 as per

Broadband Policy 2004.


Providing telephone connection in villages as per government policy.

1.4. Products & services


Telephonic services:
Countrywide telephone service is being provided through 32,000 electronic
exchanges, 326 Digital Trunk Automatic Exchanges (TAX), Digitalized Public
Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) all interlinked by over 2.4 lakh km of Optical
Fiber Cable, with a host of Phone Plus value additions to our valued Customers.
BSNL's telephony network expands throughout the vast expanses of the country
reaching to the remotest part of the country.
With the aid of state-of-the-art digital exchanges, BSNL offers you a host of phone
plus services, converting your old basic telephones to a sophisticated tool which can
be used for a variety of applications.
Hot Line
At the same time you may want to have the flexibility to dial any other number of
your choice. It is possible to have this facility in the digital exchanges by the delayed
hotline feature. The number of your choice can be programmed by the exchange staff
at your request. After doing so if you lift the telephone and do not dial within 5


seconds, you will be automatically connected to the programmed number. However if

you start dialing within 5 seconds, you can make an outgoing call as usual.
Call Transfer
Using this facility Calls can be forwarded to another telephone number designated by
Call Waiting
This facility lets you receive incoming calls even when your telephone is busy. You
will get a short duration pip-pip tone when you are busy talking, indicating that
another call is waiting for you, provided you have activated this facility. You can talk
to any one of the callers keeping the other waiting. Complete secrecy of







Abbreviated Dialing:
You may be calling a few people very frequently. It is possible to program these
numbers as abbreviated codes of 1 or 2 digits. A maximum of 20 numbers can be



dialing. It





Automatic Wake-Up/Reminder Call Service: When you want to be given reminder at a

specific time, all you have to do is to call the exchange and leave the time you want to
be reminded. The facility allows you to initiate a call automatically by the exchange at
a fixed time specified by the user of the telephone.

Mobile services:
Fastest growing and number one cellular service in India, providing postpaid and
prepaid services makes cellular telephony to the masses, through innovative

technology and strategic pricing. Our entry into this sector has brought GSM cellular
service at an affordable cost to the common man. All serving a single objective, to
provide better communication to millions across India.
Customers have reposed tremendous faith in BSNL and it has enrolled over 30 Lakh
Cellular customers within ten months of launch of Cellular service, an unprecedented
mark in Indian Cellular Market.

Post paid services:

BSNL Mobile offers you a host of value added services and unmatched features not
found in any other Cellular service
As a proud subscriber of BSNL Mobile service you will stay in touch with your nears
and dears anywhere in India because BSNL Mobile is the only Cellular service which
is available in all major cities and covers all major highways. BSNL Mobile gives
you all India roaming facility (including Delhi and Mumbai) and International
roaming facility to more than 300 networks across the world.

Prepaid services:


BSNL Mobile prepaid service offers you a host of value added services and
unmatched features not found in any other Cellular service. All India roaming facility
is also available on BSNL mobile prepaid service.
Initial activation charges for Prepaid Mobile is only Rs. 200/- and free talk value of
Rs. 50/- is given to all subscribers.
A host of value added services are also available at very economical charges:
1. Call Forwarding(within same Service Area)
2. Call Conferencing

3. Call Waiting and Call holding facility

4. Voice Mail Service
5. Short Message Service (SMS)
6. All India Roaming

WLL- wireless local loop


Wireless in Local Loop WLL

The BSNL Land line network using radio frequency signals instead of conventional
copper wires, for the full or part connection between the subscriber and the exchange
this comes with superior voice quality and high speed data capabilities. CDMA is
popular with more than 100 million subscribers worldwide, and the number keeps on
increasing exponentially. in this case, subscriber can carry a small handset of CDMA
technology. There is no antenna or

any other equipment at subscribers premises.

BSNL WLL CDMA services:

It offers host of value added services at virtually no cost to our esteemed subscribers.
Customer may get the handset by paying premium approx. Rs. 20/- per month only for
the comprehensive policy taken for the cost of handset.
BSNL WLL-offers you a host of value-added services:


CLIP (Caller Line Identification Presentation): enables you to view the

number of the calling person when you receive a call


CLIR (Call Line Identification Restriction): enables you to block

presentation of your own number on a called person's phone

3. Voice-mail service: 24 hour personal call answering service


Call waiting: allows you to receive an incoming call while already

engaged in one call


Call hold: allows you to put a current call on hold and make a second


Call divert:

allows you to divert calls within your SDCA

Internet services:

Internet service throughout the entire country (except in New Delhi and Mumbai)
under the brand name ofSancharnet". Sancharnet provides free all India roaming and
enables it's users to access their accounts, using the same access code (172233) and
user ID from anywhere in the Country. In order to make Internet available throughout
the length and breadth of the Country Internet Dhabas are being commissioned at all
the Block Headquarters. BSNL has also started DIAS and Account free internet
access (CLI based) facility on few select cities recently.

The Sancharnet Card" is a prepaid Internet Access Card with following features:
1. Self-register for internet access with your choice of use rid
2. Renew your existing Sancharnet Account
3. Wide Range of Internet Access Packages


Wireless-Fidelity (WiWi-Fi Services have been introduced for

convenient public locations hereunder
Spots is already under process at various


BSNL Managed
BSNL Managed Network Services is an

hardware, connectivity packages and

simply, affordably and reliably supports
Services is a fully managed Secured

brings together all of a business'






Service Package:

called as Hot Spots. Installation of Hot

cities/ locations.

Network Services
All-in-One comprehensive bundle of

your business. BSNL Managed Network

Data services, providing a truly onesignificantly


With the promise of an


providing high speed internet access at

managed services. It is a solution that

stop and a complete experience that

complexities involved in implementing




and maintaining a robust IP network. It

communications needs in an integrated







BSNL Managed Network Services is

in-breed network and hardware setup. It

beyond technical integration of the best-

business propositions for your business


offers truly executable technical and



No risk of technical obsolescence

Scalable according to changing business needs
One helpdesk number to call for troubleshooting and fault resolution.
Integrated customer report (Web Based) giving you a complete view of your

To ensure one stop solution for all connectivity needs, better manageability and
accountability, BSNL offers Managed Network Services which includes
Enterprise Broadband, Internet and MPLS VPN connectivity as completely
managed offering. With an integrated service option, you would enjoy benefit of
an SLA backed network services with convenience of being supported by single
helpdesk number for your network connectivity, hardware related issues. Other
benefit includes

ISDN Has emerged as a powerful tool worldwide for provisioning of different
services like voice, data and image transmission over the telephone line through
the telephone network. ISDN is being viewed as the logical extension of the
digitalization of telecommunication network and most developed countries are in





An ISDN subscriber can establish two simultaneous independent calls (except

when the terminal equipment is such that it occupies two 'B' channels for one call
itself like in video conferencing etc.) on existing pair of wires of the telephone
line (Basic rate ISDN) where as only one call is possible at present on the analog


line /telephone connection. The two simultaneous calls in ISDN can be of any
type like speech, data, image etc. The call setup time for a call between two
ISDN subscribers is very short, of the order of 1 to 2 seconds. ISDN also
supports a whole new set of additional facilities, called Supplementary Services.


The ISDN subscriber will have full connectivity, nationally, to other analog
telephone subscribers. At present ISDN services are available to and from India
for the following countries:


Austria Belgium


















United Kingdom


Services Offered By ISDN

Normal Telephone & Fax (G3)

Digital Telephone -with a facility to identify the calling subscriber number and
other facilities.
G4 Fax
Data Transmission at 64 Kbps with ISDN controller card

Video Conferencing at 128 Kbps

Video Conferencing at 384 Kbps (Possible with 3 ISDN lines)
Variety of supplementary Services supported by ISDN.

Calling Line Identification Presentation(CLIP)

Calling Line Identification Restriction(CLIR)

Multiple Subscriber Number(MSN)

Terminal Portability(TP)

Call Hold(CH)

Call Waiting(CW)

User to User Signaling (UUSI)

Leased line:
Transmit data between computer and electronic information devices, BSNL provide
data communication services to its subscribers. It offers a choice of high, medium and
low speed leased data circuits as well as dial-up lines. Bandwidth is available on
demand in most of the cities. Managed leased Line Network (MLLN) offers


flexibility of providing circuits with speeds of n x 64 Kbps up to 2 Mbps. Useful for










For dedicated point to point speech, private wire, tele-printer and data circuits are
given on lease basis. Leased circuits are provided to subscribers for internal
communication between their offices/factories at various sites within a city/town or
different cities/town on point to point basis, or on a network basis interconnecting the


Managed Leased Line Service (MLLN): The MLLN is a Managed Leased Line
Network system which is proposed to provide Leased line connectivity. The State-ofthe-art technology equipment MLLN is designed mainly for having effective control,
monitor on the leased line so that the down time is very much minimized. Details>>

Hot Line or Private Wire - Speech Circuits- Local or Long distance circuits within
two locations in a city or between two different cities provided for the same applicant.
The Terminating equipment at both ends is telephone without dialing facility. Both
way signaling and speech is possible.
Data Circuits - Local or Long distance data circuits at different speeds viz. Nx64
kbps and 2 mbps. Data Circuits are of different types:
Point to Point Data Circuits - Local and Long Distance


Private Data Network - More than one Local or Long Distance leased circuits
converging on a location such that data from one leased circuit can be transferred
automatically to another leased circuit for the same subscriber.
Closed User Group - Leased circuits can be used by more than one legal entity if
they form closed user group. The following categories of user groups constitute closed
user groups for the purpose of licensing Private Telecom Networks.
o Travel agents issuing tickets on the member airlines, whose network they
use including the network of a group of member airlines.
o Computerized Reservations System (CRS) service providers owned by
o Shared networks of banks for use of Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs),
Electronic Points of Sale (EPOS)/credit authorization terminals.
o Financial institutions registered primarily to deal in securities and their
o Financial institutions registered as Mutual funds and their agents.
o Financial institutions which are registered as depositories and their
o Other non-banking financial institutions.


o Producer of goods and his whole -sale traders /agents.

o Provider of service (not being a telecommunication service) and his wholesale traders/agents.
o Producers of same categories of goods.
o Providers of the same category of service.
o Holding company and its subsidiaries.
o Interconnected undertakings.

Intelligent Network:
Recognizing the rising expectations and requirements of the customers, BSNL
endeavors to harness the rewards of telecom revolution. Towards this, we have
redefined the term 'telecom service' by introducing value added services in the form of
intelligent network.
This technology makes possible, time and cost effective services, optimized solutions,
meeting the exact needs of the customers, in additional business for you.
How it works?
Intelligent Network provides a framework to create various services in a centralized
place independent of the switch. In IN, calls generated by a subscribers are routed
(Circuit Switched) to the nearest Service Switching Points, which in turn , consults,

the Service Control Points (SCP) on high speed CCS 7 links to get the necessary
information for further routing of the call. IN Services can be used by subscriber
connected to any type of exchange using existing telephones.
Services Offered
Free-phone Service - Call charges paid by the called person. Ideal for service and
Tourism industry.
Premium Rate Service - A great tool for professionals to sell priced
information/consultation on phone.
Indian Telephone Card - A pre-paid facility for making local, STD or ISD calls from
any telephone.
Virtual Private Network - Normal telephones programmed to work as cheaper and
flexible - nationwide - private network.
Voice Virtual Private Network - The Voice VPN service enables the subscribers to
establish a private network using public network resources.
Universal Number - A unique number nationwide.
Universal Personal Number - A unique personal number nationwide.
Tele voting - for conducting opinion polls and surveys using BSNL network.
Account calling Card - For those who want to have a permanent account with BSNL
can make use of this service. This is similar to India Telephone Card.

FREE PHONE (FPH) SERVICE This service is an ideal business promotion tool
for business communities who want their customers to call them free cost. Totally
customer oriented organizations can provide information about their products, allow
customers to place orders or even register their complaints/suggestions and offer
assistance to customers without the user getting charges.

Any user in the telephone network can call the FPH number free of charge.
All the charges are levied on the service number (one who subscribes for the
service and receives the calls).
For the calling user the calls are free of charge.
The service subscriber is allotted a FPH Service number (five digits). For same
FPH service number, the subscriber can have many destination numbers.
Any subscriber who is willing to become a free phone subscriber outside the
cities where the IN Switches are installed, the call charges will be as per the
national STD tariff.
The charges indicated here are FPH service charges and they do not include the
normal charges levied for basic telephones.
A subscriber to this service can receive or make calls using his Universal Personal
Number from any BSNL phone. The subscriber will be given some management
codes and password. Using that he can convert/reconvert any BSNL phone into his
Universal Personal Number. All the calls made by subscriber using his UPN will be
billed at his UPN by the IN platform. The subscriber will be able to get all his calls
incoming on the UPN number anywhere in India.
accessible only through ITC.


The present PRM service is

India Telephone Card

(ITC) Service
100, 200,1000,2000,5000
India Telephone cards are available on sale at all the Customers Service Centers of
BSNL and through its franchises appointed in different cities. ITC card purchased in
one city can be used in any other city where this service is available.

This is an access code based service, all IT Cards calls are preceded by the code
1802xyz as shown in the IT Card. This enables you to dial the IT Card number after
dialing the access code. On dialing, you are informed of the balance amount against
your IT Card, after which you can dial the destination number.

Video Conferencing Services

It involves Video and Audio communication. It's about connecting people. A video
conference subscriber can add two or more video participants in a particular
conference. The customers can schedule their video conferences through the Web. The
video conferencing service can be availed by any user through IP or ISDN interface.
The service is available to existing BSNL subscribers only. The Video end-point
required for conferencing should be ITU - H.323/H.320 compliant. Any conference
scheduled can have both Dial-in and Dial-out participants on either IP or ISDN. The
customer will have to procure the video end-point from the market. Personal computer
user can download the software called "PVX" from BSNL's Video Conferencing


Portal to avail the Video Conferencing facility with their web-cam. This software will
be made available shortly at BSNL's Video Conferencing Portal.

Audio confrencing services:

An audio conference subscriber can add two or more participants in a particular
conference. The customers can schedule their audio conferences through the Web or
through IVR. The service is available to existing BSNL subscribers only. Any
conference scheduled can have both Dial-in and Dial-out participants. Conference can
be scheduled one time or standing. A standing conference is always on. The authorized
participants have just to dial in a particular telephone number followed by a password
to enter into a conference.

I-net services

Change your way of doing business by networking your computers, data terminals,
hosts and LANs in different offices and manufacturing units both within the country
and outside, through I net - an X.25 based packet switched Public Data Network of
BSNL. It provides extremely cost effective and reliable solution to your High Speed



I-net gives following applications :



a. Electronic Mail Services

b. Corporate Communications
c. Information Retrieval
d. Database Services
e. Remote Job Applications
f. Credit Card Verifications
g. Travel Reservations
h. INTERNET connectivity

Services on I-net
Fast Select To send even one packet of data, a Data Terminal must exchange at least 3
packets to establish and later release the logical connection. This overhead is avoided
by Fast Select facility, whereby the Terminal may send up to 128 octets of data in the
CALL REQUEST/INCOMING CALL packet. This is useful in applications like
Credit Card Verification Systems leading to enormous savings in the communications
Charging Information Indication
In applications like the Public Call Office (PCO), information about the Data
transacted and the duration of the call are required to bill the call. Charging

Information Indication displays this information at the end of each call. Even if this
facility is not subscribed for, charging information may still be obtained on a per-call
by indicating the requirement in the facility field.
Connections Types: - There are basically two types of connections:Dialup Connection: The Dialup connection is recommended for persons requiring
not-so-frequent use of I net and who doesn't require receiving Incoming calls. A NUA









Leased Connection: A Leased connection allows a subscriber instant I net access. It

is suitable for High data transfer requirements. Server applications can be easily built
on it. In the Leased connection, an X28 connection allows only one Data Transfer at a
time, while an X25 connection allows multiple persons to communicate at the same
time. X28 is suitable for Mediocre Data Transfer applications, while X25 is suitable
for High Data Transfer or Multiple access applications. For example a Company may
decide to take X28 Dialups for its District Offices, X28 Leased for its Regional
Offices and X25 for its Head Quarter
Permanent Virtual Circuits The Permanent Virtual Circuit initiates a permanent link
between two subscribers of the Network. The Permanent Virtual Circuit replaces an
end-to-end Leased line without the need for call set-up procedure. Very useful for










It is like a HOTLINE linking the offices across the country.

Reverse Charging In Reverse Charged calls, the call is billed on the CALLED
subscriber. This enables Information Bureaus, Computing Bureaus etc. to exclude

communication costs as a part of their services to the customers. I.e. the customer is











It is akin to a TOLL FREE number for the CALLING subscriber.

1.5 Business Processes

1. Be leading telecom service provider in India with global presence.
2. Create a customer focused organization with excellence in sales, marketing and
customers care
3. Leverage technology to provide affordable and innovative products and services
across customer segments.
4. Provide a conducive work environment.

It is true for organizations that the strongest form of vision or motivation is based on
What Legacy we want to leave. And to achieve it, it must take a principled centered
path. History is full of examples that many organizations have vanished grown and
vanished overnight as their path to achieve vision was not based on principled way.

Vision of the organization can only be translated into reality, if it is shared by one and
all. The best way to implement is to involve them in formulation. But even if it is
conceived by higher management then it has to be explained to each and every
individual of the organization, otherwise it may remain as a showpiece.

Marketing vision of the BSNL has to be based on overall mission and vision of the
organization. The mission of BSNL is to provide world class State-of-art technology

telecom services on demand

at affordable price and to provide world class telecom

infrastructure to develop country's economy.

changing needs as their life styles alter- the development and provision of products
and/or services that continuously seek to satisfy those needs is good Marketing. The
Marketing will focus greater attention on how to deliver customer satisfaction and
organization will begin to structure itself around customer segments and not product
lines. A good Marketing Strategy will take the business vision and apply it to the
customer base. Once marketing is understood, we can define marketing management
as analyzing marketing opportunities, researching and selecting target markets,
designing marketing strategies, planning marketing programs, and organizing,
implementing, and controlling the marketing efforts.

Marketing Process:
Marketing process is broad term and includes all the marketing activities done by
marketing manager to gain all benefits from the market.
Some important marketing processes carried on by marketing manager in bsnl.

Knowing about product, services or ideas customers want.

Developing a product with the appropriate features and quality.
Setting the pricing of the product correctly.
Product promotion, spreading the word about why customers should buy the

product of your company.

o Selling and delivering the product to the end user.

Selling is the act of

persuading or influencing a customer to buy (actually exchange something of

value for) a product or service.

Government involvement in BSNL


The Govt. of India currently holds 56.25% stake in the company. Coverage Almost
whole of the nation. The company has also received the Navratna status.

How the demand of BSNL is increasing in the market

Some of the factors that contribute towards making higher demand of BSNL in the
market are given bellow: Company providing vital infrastructure.
Sustained growth.
Increasing demand in a fast developing economy.
Cost reduction due to induction of new technologies and computerization.
Exciting developments in new services every day.

Awards of excellence
BSNL adds one more feather to its cap. Centre for Excellence in Telecom
Technology & Management (CETTM) has been awarded with the ISO 9001: 2000
Certification for providing training in the field of Telecom Technology &
BSNL's Centre for Excellence in Telecom Technology and Management received
ISO 9001-2000 certification on 4th July, 2005. This quality certification is the first
step in developing CETTM as world class training
BSNL with a market share of about 13% of the National Telecom Network has a
customer base of about 4.98 million lines at the end of 2002- 0

1.6 SWOT Analysis:


1. Established organization with government support.
2. Better coverage of network.
3. So that they can give more stress on advertisement by their different place
exchange representatives.
4. Very much transparent






the subscribers. No hidden system of billing.

5. BSNL maintains solid partnerships with its customers.
6. It has a competitive pricing policy.


1. Do not provide smooth service.

2. Frequent network problem.
3. Trade union problem.
5. Reduce in sales and lack of advertisement.
6. Lack of attraction in terms of customer likings offers. Etc

1. They have the license to provide 3G services which no other player having.
2. Government support in terms of policy formulation and safeguarding the
companies interest




1. Increasing number of privet telecom sector players

2. Private players have better systems and processes to the customers

1.7 .Marketing strategies of BSN

Our visions begin with our desires.
- Audrey Lords
We all have some visions of ourselves and our future, and that vision creates
consequences. More than any other factor, vision affects the choices we make and the
way we spend our time.

Visions drive consequences.

Principles drive results.

Key is to base vision on principles.

Stephen R Covey.

It is true for individuals as well as organizations. The strongest form of vision /

motivation is to base vision on What Legacy we want to leave. And to achieve it we
must take a principled centered path. History is full of examples that many
organizations have vanished grown and vanished overnight as their path to achieve
vision was not based on principled way.

Vision of the organization can only be translated into reality, if it is shared by one and
all. The best way to implement is to involve them in formulation. But even if it is
conceived by higher management then it has to be explained to each and every
individual of the organization, otherwise it may remain as a showpiece.

Marketing vision of the BSNL has to be based on overall mission and vision of the
organization. The mission of BSNL is

To provide world class State-of-art technology telecom services on demand at

affordable price.


To provide world class telecom infrastructure to develop country's economy.

And the vision of BSNL is



To become the largest telecom Service Provider in Southeast Asia.

In dynamic environment anything permanent is CHANGE. So we must revise and

review so that focus is never lost.

Strong lives are motivated by dynamic purposes. -

Kenneth Hildebrand.

Marketing Objective.

The ultimate objective of any marketing activity is to satisfy the customers and today
even a step ahead i.e. delighting the customers, for which customers are offered
something beyond their expectations from the service or the product. The objective
being to acquire and retain the customers, who should continually feel that they are
getting more value of the money, they are departing with.

Marketing is the establishment, development, maintenance and optimization of longterm mutually valuable relationships between consumers and organization. Successful

Marketing focuses on understanding the needs and desires of the customers and is
achieved by placing these needs at the heart of business by integrating them with the
organization strategy, people, technology and business processes. At its most basic,
Marketing involves customers, organizations and relationships and the combination
creates the need for the management.

Marketing is about creating a competitive advantage by being the best at

understanding, communicating, and delivering and developing existing customer
relationships in addition to creating and keeping new customers. The concept of the
product life cycle is giving way to customer life cycle, focusing on developing
products that anticipate the future needs of existing customers and creating services
that extend the existing customer relationship beyond the mere transaction. The
customer life cycle will focus on lengthening the life span of the customer with the
organization rather than the endurance of a particular product. Customers have
changing needs as their life styles alter- the development and provision of products
and/or services that continuously seek to satisfy those needs is good Marketing. The
Marketing will focus greater attention on how to deliver customer satisfaction and
organization will begin to structure itself around customer segments and not product
lines. A good Marketing Strategy will take the business vision and apply it to the
customer base.
According to the Dictionary of Marketing Terms, 2nd edition, published by the
American Marketing Association, c1995,


Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing,

promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that
satisfy individual and organizational objectives.
Once marketing is understood, we can define marketing management process as
analyzing marketing opportunities, researching and selecting target markets, designing
marketing strategies, planning marketing programs, and organizing, implementing,
and controlling the marketing efforts.

In simple words it implies a buyer, a seller, bonded by the mutual need, satisfying
offer and a medium/process to exchange the offer.

2.5 Research methodology

The purpose of research is to discover answers to question through the application of
scientific procedures. The main aim of research is to find out the truth which is hidden
and which has not been discovered. The research methodology, not only the research
methods are but also consider the logic behind the methods. They are in the contest of
our research studied. And explain why we are using a particular method or techniques
and we are not using other. They are in the contest of our research studied. And


explain why we are using a particular method or techniques and we are not using

Research design
Descriptive research design:
Descriptive research is also called Statistical Research. The main goal of this type of
research is to describe the data and characteristics about what is being studied...

Nature of data:
In this study primary data collected from survey method through the questionnaire

Collection of data:
The data were collected from the respondents through the distribution of

Method of data collection: - Questionnaire is one of the most important tools

of knowing the customer view. Questionnaire helped me to know about the consumer
behavior about BSNL services in BAREILLY CITY

Area of the study- BAREILLY city

Sample size - The sample size is 100 respondents from various age groups and

Sampling method- Convenience sampling


The following four questions need to be answered in designing an effective
Set of questions or a questionnaire:

1) Will the respondent have the information/knowledge needed to answer the

2) Will the respondent understand the questions?
3) Will the respondent likely to give a true answer?

2.8 Conclusion
With the help of research we have come to the conclusion that BSNL is a best service
provider in BAREILLY city Because they satisfied the consumers through providing
service. Consumer satisfaction towards BSNL services is positive and satisfactory.
BSNL provide world class state art of technology telecom services to its customers on
demand at reasonable.

2.9 Suggestions


1. All the service providers are made good advertisements for their service.
Because, advertisements are take little part for influencing the consumers. So
BSNL should make more effective advertisements.

2. The customer care centre should pay more attention in receiving and solving
customers complaints.

3. The free incoming calls are key factor for satisfying customer. The Same
strategy should follow in future also

4. BSNL should increase the height of their BTS towers because due to the more
construction works in the area lately due to which the signals are week.
5. BSNL should try to attract the young people.

2.10 .Limitations of the study Though the detailed investigation is made in the present study, still there are following
1. Information provided by the customers may not be accurate. They may hide some
of the information at the time of filling up the questionnaires.

2. This study is based on the prevailing customers satisfaction. But the customers
satisfaction may change according to time, fashion, technology, development, etc.


3. As per the population of the study is huge; a sample size of 100 sample respondents
is only covered till now.
. 4. This study is restricted only to the BAREILLY. So, the results may not be
applicable to other areas