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Word Translation Definition

Recruitment Tuyen dung Process from identifying that

business needs to employ someone
up to the point at which applications
have arrived at the business
Job analysis Phan tich cong Identifies and records the
viec responsibilities and tasks relating to
the job
Job description Mo ta cong viec Outlines the responsibilities and
duties to be carried out by someone
Job specification Dac ta cong viec Document outlines requirements,
qualifications, expertise, physical
characteristics, etc. for a specific job
Internal Tuyen dung noi When a vacancy is filled by someone
recruitment bo who is an existing employees of the
External Tuyen dung ben When a vacancy is filled by someone
recruitment ngoai who is not an existing employee and
will be new to the business
Part- time Ban thoi gian Often considered to be between 1
and 30- 36 hours a week

Full- time Day du thoi gian Usually work 35 hours or more a


Induction Dao tao thich Introduction given to a new

training nghi employee, explaining firms
activities, customs and procedures
and introduce them to their fellow
On- the- job Dao tao nghe Watching a more experienced worker
training doing the job
Off- the- job Dao tao nghe Being trained away from the
training workplace by specialist trainers
Workforce Lap ke hoach Establishing workforce needed by the
planning nguon nhan luc business for foreseeable future in
terms of number and skills of
employee required

Redundancy Thua thai When an employee is no longer

needed and so loses their job, not
due to any aspect of unsatisfied work
Ethical decision Quyet dinh dao Decision taken by a manager or a
duc company because of a moral code
observed by the firm
Industrial Toa an cong Legal meeting which considers
tribunal nghiep workers complaints of unfair
dismissal or discrimination at work
Contract of Hop dong lao Legal agreement between employer
employment dong and employee listing the rights and
responsibilities of workers