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(To be submitted to PEC upto 31st December 2017 of

proceeding year for CPD activities next year)

CPD Activities Calendar for Year 2017

PEB Name: The Institution of Engineers, Pakistan (Rawalpindi Islamabad Centre)
PEB Reg. #: PEB-F-IEPISD-0077
PEB Coordinator: Yasir Nazeer
Sr. # CPD Title Category Location Dates Collaboration Recourse Person Credit Fee (Rs)
Type Points

1. Professional Ethics Lecture IEP Building, 14th Jan, Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Engr. Sharif 0.5 Free of Cost
Presentation Islamabad 2017 Bhatti

2. Value Engineering Lecture IEP Building, 11th Feb, - Col (R) Murtaza Ali Shah 0.5 Free of Cost
Presentation Islamabad 2017

3. Energy Conservation & Lecture IEP Building, 11th Mar, CDA Engr. Muhammad Imran 0.5 Free of Cost
Industrial Audit Presentation Islamabad 2017

4. Implementation of 5S Lecture IEP Building, 15th April, KRL Engr. Ahmad Shamim 0.5 Free of Cost
Project Presentation Islamabad 2017

5. Accreditation of Lecture IEP Building, 13th May, - Gp. Capt Engr. 0.5 Free of Cost
Labs/Intellectual Property Presentation Islamabad 2017 Najamuddin

6. Project Procurement Lecture IEP Building, 17th June, Vice Chancellor Dr. Engr. Attaullah Shah 0.5 Free of Cost
Management Presentation Islamabad 2017 City University

7. Environmental Impact Lecture IEP Building, 15th July, NUST Prof. Dr. Anwar Baig 0.5 Free of Cost
Assessment (EIA) Presentation Islamabad 2017

8. Cost of Poor Quality Lecture IEP Building, 19th Aug, CDA Engr. Dr. Mohammad 0.5 Free of Cost
(Quality Management) Presentation Islamabad 2017 Shahid
9. Project Management for Lecture IEP Building, 16th Sept EME College Engr. Prof. Dr. M. Tahir 0.5 Free of Cost
Engineers Presentation Islamabad 2017 Nawaz

10 Climate Change & its Lecture IEP Building, 14th Oct, - Engr. Nasir A. Gillani 0.5 Free of Cost
Implications Presentation Islamabad 2017

11. Land Slides Analysis & Lecture IEP Building, 18th Nov, - Engr. Dr. Manzoor 0.5 Free of Cost
Mitigation Presentation Islamabad 2017 Hussain

12. One Day Seminar on Lecture IEP Building, 16th Dec, - Prof. Dr. Anwar Baig 1.0 Free of Cost
Climate Change & its Presentation Islamabad 2017 Engr. Dr. Attaullah Shah
Implications Engr. M. Irfan Illahi
Engr. Nasir A. Gillani
13 Use of Commercial Lecture IEP Building, Reserve FWO Engr. Muhammad 0.5 Free of Cost
Explosion in Mining Presentation Islamabad Yousaf
Engr. Khalid Pervaiz

14 Mine Health & Safety Lecture IEP Building, Reserve FWO Engr. Muhammad 0.5 Free of Cost
Presentation Islamabad Yousaf
Engr. Khalid Pervaiz