Table 6: ‘The Structure of a typical Primary School Science Lesson.

Comment What the Science What the Comments
on: Teacher does. Students do. Document what you found
(include a photo of (include a interesting; any issues that
each stage) photo of each arose and how they were
stage) resolved; Would you have
taught any part of this
lesson differently?

The teacher said to her The students It is typical start to build
Greetings students good replied "Good positive relationship
morning. morning between the students.
The teacher engage The students This strategy is great to
Introductio the students by asking replied it is a engage the students by
n to the students what is bird. activating their prior
LOs/SOs/ this animal? They said yes. knowledge in order to be
revision of The teacher asked able to comprehend the next
prior them is it a living information that is related to
learning thing? the lesson.

Focus on a The teacher focuses The students Since the concept is new, the
specific on the words of types were learning students
content/Key of animals which are: about each Were given the information mainly
terms/ animal is by
process Amphibians belong to each Observing. Then when they used to
Fish category. it,
Methods of Reptiles They can apply it in the activity.
teaching With their features.
and She used videos and story.

The teacher allow the The students I noticed that when the students
students to read the are reading the were
story. Depend on the story with Reading the story, the noise reduced
story the students will writing the Because the students read quietly.
classify the types of types of the
the animals animals and
their features.
The teacher gave The students It was positive reinforcement.
verbal feedback for are
who answer right encouraging to
question. Who answer answers.
wrongly she jock with
them without making
them feel shame and
she said good try.
The teacher played The students I liked this game because it awakes
with them a game: were quickly students
When she point to the giving the Brains and it save a lot of time
students they have to answers to not because the
answer quickly. The be the loser. Students are answering quickly. As
question was give me well as
Review /
example about reptile. Allowing all the students to join.
I think that it's not true assessment
The student need more time to get
Goodbyes The teacher said to The students The students new the routine so the
and them line up to go the put their stuff teacher
transitions next class. under the table Didn't has trouble in closing the
to the next and lined up. class.