Read text 2 and answer questions 08 and 09 Text for questions 16, 17 and 18.

according to it. “Mr. Preaud and his wife, who is pregnant,
TEXT 2 hit the ground as people screamed, “Get
GOOGLE HAS REFUSED GOVERNMENT down, get down!” After the second explosion,
DEMANDS TO TAKE DOWN A he looked up to see a giant fan — part of an
GAY MUSIC VIDEO IN KENYA air-conditioning unit — that had landed near
Kenya’s attempt to stop people from them. They had been eating at a Délifrance,
watching a music video celebrating gay talking about Salah Abdeslam, the terrorism
couples is backfiring. Three weeks after suspect who was arrested in Brussels on
trying to ban a local rap artist’s remake of Friday after a four-month global manhunt.”
Same Love, (1)__________ Macklemore Source:
and Ryan Lewis, Google Kenya has refused rld/europe/brussels (adapted). Access: March
to pull the video from YouTube, where it has 23rd, 2016.
now been viewed (2)____________ 140,000
times. Kenyan regulators banned the video 16. The verbal tense in the passage “had been
in late February, claiming that the content eating” is
threatens to turn the country a) future perfect continuous.
(3)___________ “Sodom and Gomorrah” b) present continuous.
and declaring that anyone caught distributing c) past continuous.
it would be punished. But the agency that d) past perfect continuous.
banned it also retweeted a link to it—which e) present perfect continuous.
ended up bringing more attention to Kenya’s
nascent gay rights campaign. (…)
Source: 17. The word “manhunt” in the sentence “the
hasrefused-government-demands-to-take- terrorism suspect who was arrested in
downa-gay-music-video-in-kenya (adapted). Brussels on Friday after a four-month global
Access: March 22nd, 2016. manhunt” is a synonym with
a) fundi.
b) odd.
08. In the passage, the word backfiring is a c) chase.
synonym with d) kidnapping.
a) fighting. e) experiment.
b) working out.
c) appealing.
d) getting stronger. 18. The clause “who is pregnant”, in “Mr.
e) failing. Preaud
and his wife, who is pregnant, hit the ground
as people screamed, “Get down, get down!”
09. The suitable prepositions to fill in blanks 1, is a
2 a) maintenance clause.
and 3 in text 2 are respectively b) temporal clause.
a) by, over, into. c) relative clause.
b) at, beside, through. d) stylistic clause.
c) by, from, beside. e) summary clause.
d) over, on, from.
e) through, by, into.

Susan R. write. however. b) not ever. 14. 2016. e) cause. condition. which one contains connectors that d) “the evolution path of such a type of specify a similar logical relation? laboratory. essays and other language” the word “eventually” can be texts? substituted. c) contrast. break. their.” b) Unless. & MURRAY. from overseas. b) “the majority of the countries faced with AD=ADA213269.” the logical relationship each specifies. district. a) addition.” the passage “as well as” a) Epoch – epochs. e) “my weekend was relaxing.” below. however. e) Embryo . Knowledge of Connectors as modifier in the nominal group in the sentence Cohesion Devices in Text: A Comparative a) “a heartbreaking reality around the Study of Native English and ESL Speakers. The word in bold type is NOT a part of the John. d) at no time. adjective e) As well as.” connectors include and. b) comparison.19. and c) “a 100-meter long train at the station. bay. Which of the words below can be used for English course and eventually study another ordering events in reports. c) Never. Such connectors are of limited d) “Bakhtin’s perspective of speech genres.dtic. addition. a) sometimes.” Source: GOLDMAN.” (Adapted) In: www.” comparison. heart. c) “doctors say running is good for the a) Right. just perfect!” e) Buy. rite. Phrasal verbs . sees. d) “Sarah’s always smoking during the c) Seas. d) consequence. without changes in meaning by a) Then. bye.” others. in the sentence a) “learning English is important for your 06. are a type of cohesion device sentence that make explicit the logical relations a) “very large airplanes that are arriving between sentences (cause.” a) Nonetheless. 21. etc. whether. wear. or conjunctives (Halliday & primary element in the nominal group in the Hasan. therefore. Access: bank failures. b) Over. but. In the sentence “They intend to finish the 11.” d) Ware. 1976). c) Syllabus – syllabi. e) “her daughter's college tuition bill. as she acts.” because. Identify the option in which one of the career. as long as. unless the reader e) “the various practical applications of that understands how connectors function and science. unless.embryos. nevertheless.” words b) “those students are good at making in the group is NOT a homophone with the excuses. expresses an idea of b) Person – people. d) Alumnus – alumnium. and. however. c) by no means. e) sooner or later. “Connectors. if. 22. Common b) “three high towers in front of you.). The word in bold type is NOT the head or 10. The ING ending word is used as an d) Because. where.” utility. nonetheless. seize. c) However.” b) There.” March 23rd. c) “an important objective of community From the groups of logical conjunctives development policy. they're. Identify the alternative in which the plural 23. e) Nevertheless. d) Straight. In the sentence “The actress dances as well form is INCORRECT. as soon as.

He tore up all her letters when she decided d) fell. QUESTÃO 11 Read the comics strip and then answer the questions In Scene 1. e) overcame.From questions 32 to 34. b) met by chance. too C) Garfield is thinking and Jon is speaking D) Garfield is speaking and Jon is thinking QUESTÃO 13 How does Jon Know that Garfield wants him to turn up the heat? A) Because Garfield Said he was cold B) Because Garfield was wearing a winter coat in Scene 2 C) Because Garfield Said ‘Morning’ D) Because Garfield was wearing a Summer coat in scene 2 QUESTÃO 14 . b) analyzed. a) read carefully. c) gave something to. type. d) counted. a) estimated. e) studied with. to move. c) ripped. I’ve just ran into your sister on the mall. d) showed others. b) decided. that best replaces the phrasal verb in bold a) talked. identify the item 33. e) sent back. 34. 32. how’s Jon (Garfield’s owner) feeling? A) Sleepy B) Embarrassed C) Surprised D) Happy QUESTÃO 12 Which of these statements is true about Scene 2? A) Garfield is and Jon is reading B) Garfield is speaking and Jon is speaking. c) reckoned. I’ve finally got over the problem.

A) In B)on C)at D) by . how’s Jon feeling? A) Worried B) Happy C) Angry D)silly QUESTÃO 15 He is going to Australia _________ his own.In Scene 3.