Original Reading Date: October 14, 2007 Your Question: “success” Your Deck: Rider-Waite-Smith Your Spread

: 5-Card Celtic Cross

Card Shadow Updates Situation: Challenge: Lesson for Living: Advice: Future: Maximum Change Large Change Large Change Large Change Maximum Change

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Situation: King of Swords This card refers to the most important circumstance you find yourself in with regard to your concern (“success”). Card Keywords—Isolated, fatherly, generous, analytical, intellectual, counseling, introspective, philosophical, truthful, romantic, transformative. Card Description: Oldest of all the kings of the Tarot.

He is a figure of many strengths. He has traveled to far-off kingdoms. He has learnt arcane arts and sciences from wise masters. He has won and lost many battles. He is knowledgeable, inventive, and gifted with powers of vision into the future. Laws of nature fascinate him, as do mathematics, philosophy, and metaphysics. He has been tyrannical and destructive in the past, but now rules with compassion. Behind his gentle exterior resides immense inner strength. As the aged King of Swords, drawing upon the experiences of his youth, he avoids passing judgment on others. Mostly he is in good spirits - indulgent and forgiving toward all. Yet he is not to be trifled with for long. Angered, he can uproot lives, turn green gardens into dead deserts. His wise subjects treat him as father-figure, platonic lover, professional guide, and faithful life support, never as enemy. Opponents who mistook him for a weakling have rarely survived to tell their tales. Situation Shadow Card: Queen of Swords Queen of Sword—King of Sword’s wife—is normally witty, intelligent, humorous, positive, attractive, loyal, and religious. These are the qualities for which the King of Swords falls in love with her. However, when the Queen’s shadow falls on the South Side, she gains an entirely opposite nature. She scoffs at religion, respects none, and scolds and demeans everyone, even the King. Bound by ancient codes of marital honor, the King of Swords learns to deny his powers, becoming quiet and somber in the Queen’s disrupting presence. He appears hesitant in actions and ambiguous in language. Conflicts he once faced openly and boldly now can make him uncomfortable. He becomes forgetful and listless. Yet his powers remain undimmed, waiting only to be released with a light and gentle hand and reminded of his awe-inspiring deeds of past.
Mystic Order of the Golden Dawn July 2010

Challenges: The Devil Card Keywords—Ego, disruption, loss, despair, addiction, doubt, distrust, enslaved to past memories and relations, unhealthy sexual domination, caught up in physical appearances, tired, intense energy. Card Description: The Devil card in Challenges situation reflects an unfulfilled life lived beneath one’s potential. It denotes desires, passions, and attractions so overwhelming of thoughts and emotions that they push you away from your goal (“success”) . It points to the presence of strong ego, creating a false pretense of being better than others. The Devil’s dominant theme is of intense energy with insufficient controls. The powerful energy within you disturbs stability by constant new lures showmanship and wealth, blowing you like a leaf into unhealthy situations and ultimately unprofitable situations.

Challenges Shadow Card: Queen of Wands Card Keywords: Well-liked, humanitarian, comforting, soothing, attractive

Card Description: The Shadow Challenges card of Queen of Wands speaks of a warm, loving, outgoing personality, of person who easily makes friends and has great sex appeal. It denotes body flexibility, athletic gift, sunny disposition, easy laughter and ability to have spontaneous fun in any situation. These two cards represent an odd, rare combination. When the Queen of Wands falls in the realm of the Devil, she becomes unlucky despite her best qualities. In some cases, she may gather very unsavory reputation even when blameless. She is advised to avoid risky social engagements and professions. Her beauty becomes her trap, constantly bringing unwanted harmful attention and invitations from professions of ill-repute and unpredictable personal dangers. Natural spontaneity and joy-seeking also expose her to unusual risks. Her intelligence and tactfulness often protect her but are not always sufficient. The Devil plays on her mind, dissuading her from making and persisting with wholesome, healthy long-term choices. For long she remains drawn to energetic showmanship, to rhythmic singing and dancing, to conversational dominance by men of uncertain character, and to sexual and emotional abuse—all favorite effects of the Devil. In her very intimate relationships, she readily offers all the attractions of her body to her lovers in hope of finding true love, often allowing her passions to come in the way of achieving her goals. When she is faced with the need for assiduous application of effort, the Devil repeatedly seduces her with false promises of quick glory and gain, wavering her attention from straight paths ultimately leading to her goal (“success”). The Queen of Wands is a humanitarian par excellence. She has the qualities needed to reject the attraction of the Devil—her natural card. When she exercises self-control, rejects seemingly easy but false short-cuts to achieving over-ambition, she can be successful and self-fulfilled through persistence and hard work.

Mystic Order of the Golden Dawn July 2010

Advice: Nine of Pentacles (Updated!) Card Keywords: Self-control, restraint, sacrifice, reorientation, opportunity, novelty, thankfulness Card Description: The Nine of Pentacles tells you to control what has been the base, unsavory, lower aspects of your life, and to aim higher now. Characteristics most in immediate need are self control, sacrifice of unproductive deadwood, openness to new possibilities, and consistent humility. Be bold enough to sacrifice addictions, old habits, interests, and ties that continue to have great emotional value to you, but have become unproductive now in your own daily life. Exercising emotional control over you, they steal more time, effort, and money from you than you can now afford to waste if you are interested in success. Let go of the attraction of the showy and illusory and invest energies in nobler pursuits. Now is the time to open yourself to new possibilities. You are meeting new kinds of people. Curb your natural reaction of distaste. Make yourself humble, focused, and thankful for the opportunity for learning. Forming new relationships, developing new interests, learning about new cultures and sciences will be your ticket to leaving behind the limitations of your past experiences. Cast aside any traces of haughtiness, pride, and thanklessness that the Devil engenders in your heart as poison to keep you tied down forever.

Lesson for Daily Living: Eight of Coins Card Keywords— Diligence, absorption, learning, training, thoroughness, detail, consistency, reliability, availability, visibility. Card Description: The card Eight of Pentacles clearly details how you must spend your days so you are able to follow the advice of change and reach your stated goal (“success”). The Card Eight of Pentacles shows us a young person hammering away at a coin. He has finished six such coins, so has been at his task for some time. He is engaged in a project, with attention to detail and concentration, without any supervision. The Eight of Coins’ lesson for daily living is to give 100% of your effort and attention to your current projects. The apparently rough metal you have hammer at right now will surely yield much greater benefit later in the form of valuable coins. Take the initiative. Don’t wait for tasks to be handed to you. Find out what has to be done. Like the Eight of Coins, complete all tasks thoroughly. Pay attention to detail. Check and recheck. Look for errors and fix them. You will win satisfaction and joy of job well done, and trust of others. At this time of transformation in your life, you can’t be found wanting in effort, attention to detail, or personal reliability. Eight of Coins also symbolizes new learning, training, and building skills. Now is both the time to learn as much as you can. Take any opportunity given to you to learn new useful skills. Even if you have to make some sacrifices to gain new knowledge, do so gladly. Learn not only new technical skills but also new ideas and appreciation of new greater things. Finally Eight of Coins tells you to accept some loss of privacy and thus gain greater visibility. Others must see you physically working so you get the credit. You superiors must also understand you so you may receive due personal appreciation. Success comes at the cost of building strong personal relationships and performing exemplary work.
Mystic Order of the Golden Dawn July 2010

Future: The Chariot Card Keywords—Skill, drive, focus, balance, motion, success, physicality. Card Description: The Chariot card denotes sustained drive for “success” in your future. It shows increasing positive movement toward attaining that goal. In this journey, you will balance multiple forces just as wheels of a chariot stay in balance. The Chariot Card clearly indicates the presence of powerful means to move you far ahead of where you have been in the past. The Chariot seems already with you. With courage and patience it can be ridden to your goal (“success”).

Shadow Card for Future: The High Priestess Card Keywords: Passive, in the background, mysterious, knowledgeable, influential, powerful.

The appearance of a shadow card in this reading for future is most surprising and very meaningful. The Card belongs to the powerful figure of High Priestess, who prefers to stay in the background. She does not desire the role of the boisterous, ostentatious leader herself. Instead, she maintains control through her inner secretive knowledge of the Kingdom and though her influence on seats of power. Undoubtedly, in the presence of High Priestess as Shadow, the Chariot Card acquires a new and clear meaning. With the aging, generous, and powerful King of Swords as the most important circumstance for “success” the receiver’s future is visible in the role of the chariot that rides with the King to “success” yet stays in the background. The king shall command and lead, but the receiver will be the High Priestess of the kingdom. From behind the shimmering robes covering the receiver as the High priestess, her word will carry import. The receiver’s relationship to the King will be mysterious but strong. The Cards show large future rewards if appropriate choices are made now and commitment is maintained over time.

Summary advice from the Order for achieving your goal (“success”): We advise the receiver to draw upon her inner strength and cast aside the lingering grip of the Devil holding her back. She should release her spontaneity and joyfulness in ordinary productive avenues. The Devil instills pride and distrust of ordinary work. Instead, through determined humility, dedicated service, warmth and loyalty, she should repose trust and confidence in her important circumstances. Enhancing professional skills, exceeding responsibilities, showing patience and initiative in professional setting now will go a long way in bringing desired goals. Her “chariot” appears slow now but it will gather speed. At this time, the receiver should remain committed to the right paths. She must determinedly avoid the silken ropes the Devil shows to draw her back into his world. For this Queen of Wands, a bird in hand is worth many more than two in the bush because the bush belongs to the Devil—the source of her bad luck every time. IMPORTANT You shall not use occult knowledge received in any form to harm anyone else. Nor share your Reading Document with anybody connected to in any way, who may be enveloped in their own energies. Serious harm may occur to all individuals from undesirable intersection of differently oriented occult forces. If information presented here is useful to you, you may submit a request. The email address of the Tarot Master should be included in the electronic message delivered to you.