activity program â ¢ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, at 11 h. â ¢ setting of Cuevas de l Campo Palm Sunday 11 h. to 14 h.

and Good Friday 10 h. 20 h. In the Jerusalem of the past * recovery of lost trades. â ¢ Rehearsal drama of passion â ¢ Jewish Mar ket Holy Thursday, at 5 pm Friday 10 h. to 20h. â ¢ iX theatrical performance of the drama of passion, death and resurrection. (Pa rade of the army of Emperor Tiberius, the arrival of the praetorian governor of Judea, Pilate's Judgement, flogging, ascent to Calvary with the three falls, cru cifixion, death, deposition, burial and resurrection). Good Friday, at 5 pm. Pre amble * parade army of Emperor Tiberius. * Changing of the Guard. * Arrival of t he governor of Judea Praetorian * Caiaphas and the chief priests have the Nazare ne, to Pontius Pilate for trial. first act * Judgement of Pilate. * Flogging. * The second act cyrenean help Jesus carry the cross. * First fall. (A woman, with children, gives drink to Christ). * Second fall. (Veronica wipes Jesus' face.) * Third fall. (The Nazarene heals a blind child.) * third act of the two thieves crucified. * Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. * High priest Caiaphas and taunt the Nazarene. * Jesus' death. * The launch. * Mary near the cross. * Joseph of Arimathea requested the body of Jesus. * Descent from the body of the Nazarene. * Scene of piety (Mary with her dead Son in her arms). * Burial of Jesus. * Desc ent from the two thieves. Resurrection. Epilogue * farewell from Golgotha. atmosphere of caves in the Jerusalem area in the past. Triumphal entry into Jerusalem Pilate, escorted by his bodyguards, his arrival at Praetorian Jews shout and call the governor of Judea the condemnation of Jesus on the cross . Holy Week living in caves in the field, Granada " time of rest, meditation and fervor, Holy Week is multifaceted and millennial ce lebrations in the Spanish geography. saved them all, the common denominator, the passion of whole communities able to move, to bring a little heaven. every corn er in Spain is based on the tears, pain and sorrow of the sacrifice of Christ. b ut holy week in sevilla monopolize international spectacular applause, there are countless geographical points where the passion is, as in the Andalusian capita l, immeasurable. render entire communities with intense fervor and sincere humil ity, reverence to the suffering endured by Christ. Granada town of Cuevas del Campo, a town of 2,300 inhabitants in the north of th e province of Granada, becomes real these days in the mirage of the city of Jeru salem over two millennia. Score with scrupulous fidelity to the Gospel of St. Ma tthew with the participation of all people, living Holy Week has been recognized for their professionalism and spectacular beauty of attractions such as nationa l party of Andalusia, in addition to receiving awards from the size of the prize Generalitat de Catalunya, 2001, award intional world teatre 2004 - a major European awards amateur theater - and two 200 6 awards Padul brother image and content. the town has managed to gather over hi s eight previous editions over 80,000 visitors, with an annual average soaring. In the blink efforts involving thousands of the people on Palm Sunday awake comp letely transformed. more than 600 actors in costumes similar to those of the rei gn of Emperor Tiberius lining the streets and recreate "lost trades" of the time , and gastronomic activities, so that the whole town becomes one big stage in a pristine time warp. Good Friday takes place in the main event, the drama of pass

ion, a "silent" representation - just listed 30 phrases in his two and a half ho urs duration, in which Campsa Guide 2008 " shine the careful design of the costumes, the elaborate soundtrack, the natural beauty of the enclaves and the extreme professionalism and neatness in the inter pretation of the actors. for a day, bakers, apothecaries, mayors, managers, carp enters put their talents to the passion of his characters. prior to the work, wh ich takes place at sunset, is a market vibrant and colorful Jewish unique, ident ical to those that had held for more than 2,000 years. Jesus, looking lost and the Cross, Golgotha Road Mary Magdalene and the mother of Jesus reflected in his face the sadness and bit terness of the sacrifice of Christ The Jewish people is mockery of the Nazarene a woman gives drink to Christ Roman soldiers, Via Dolorosa,€are directed to Golgotha the chief priests rejoice contemplating the death of Christ at the ninth hour darkness fell upon the earth, and Jesus gave a loud cry, expir ed ... And rose again prizes and awards National Tourist Interest in Andalusia (Decree 15/2004) prizes Padul brother (im age and content) 2006 International Prize "world theater" 2004 Award of Cataloni a 2001 telephone numbers direction of the drama: President Guild: HE. City Hall: antonio v. Cruz Maria Martinez Carrion Caves field troubles tlf. 609 486 219 tel. 617 271 925 tel. 958 718 051 e-mail: Free activities fully S. PARISH FIELD CUEVAS ISIDRO LABRADOR