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Battula Edukondalu

Mobile : +91-9553599838
Having 3+ years of IT experience in design, development and implementation
of various datawarehousing applications using Datastage.
Good experience in Datastage designer and Datastage Director.
Extensively used Sequential File, Dataset, Filter, Switch, Aggregator, Change
Capture, Lookup, Join, Tranformer, Copy, Oracle Enterprise, Surrogate Key Generator,
Sort, Remove Duplicates stages while designing the DS Jobs.
Used Row Generator and Peek Stages while testing the developed jobs.
Implemented Job Sequence to integrate the entire performance of the DataStage job
Implemented Performance Tuning Techniques while designing ETL applications.
Used Job Activity, Wait For File Activity, Execute Command, Notification, Terminator,
Sequencer activities while implementing Job Sequence.
Involved in Dimension, Fact and Summary table loads in the current project.
Extensively worked on Change Requests to add/remove the columns, implementing
new customer requirements.
Participating Client interactions frequently in the initial phase of the project.
Involved in Dev and QA environments.
DWH tools : IBM InfoSphere DataStage 8.0.1, Datastage PX 7.5 and Basic
Knowledge on Datastage v8.5.
Languages : SQL,C.
Operating systems : Win XP/2000/NT, UNIX
DBMS : Oracle 10g.
Others : MS Outlook Express and Toad

Working as ETL Developer at Wipro Technologies, Hyderabad from Oct 2011 -
Till Date
Worked as ETL Developer at Alphatech solutions, Bangalore from May 2010 to
Oct 2011
M.Tech (power system and automation) from Andhra University.
Project #1
Project : BISBI (BellSouth Internet Services Business Intelligence)
Client : Bellsouth, Atlanta, USA
Environment : IBM InfoSphere DataStage 8.0.1, Oracle11g, UNIX
Duration : Oct 2011 - Till Date
Role : ETL developer

Bellsouth Corporation is a Fortune 100 Telecommunications Service Company
headquartered in Atlanta, USA. It provides services to more than 44 million customers in
the United States and 14 other countries.
The Enterprise data warehouse High Performance is a part of Bellsouth Internet Group.
EDW consists of the systems and processes that collect data from the Bellsouth Internet
Services operational systems, integrates and transforms the data into useful business
information, and makes the information available to a broad audience within BIS and
affiliate companies.

Extensively involved in preparation of low level design documents.
Involved in creating Datastage jobs for Dimensions and implemented Slowly
Changing Dimensions.
Used stage variable whenever it is necessary to meet the requirements while
Involved in performance tuning activity.
Extensively involved in using the various activities like job activity, routine
activity, wait for file activity, sequencer activity, terminator activity, exception
handler activity etc.
Involved in loading the data into various dimensions, facts and Summary tables.
Involved in client meeting and updated the daily task to the client/onsite

Project #2
Project : DCFSEDW (Daimler Chrysler Financial Services Enterprise Data
Client : Daimler Chrysler Financial Services, Berlin, Germany
Environment : Datastage 7.5.2/ Oracle 10g/ Win XP.
Duration : May 2010 to Oct 2011
Role : ETL developer


Daimler Financial Services is headquartered in Berlin, operates in 39 countries, making it

the most international automotive financial services provider in the world. Daimler
Financial Services AG is a subsidiary of Daimler AG. It provides customized financial
services that promote sales of vehicles from the Daimler Group worldwide. With its
comprehensive range of leasing, financing, insurance, fleet-management, and banking
services, the company manages a contract volume of approximately 64 billion. Daimler
Financial Services employs 6,800 men and women around the world.

This project is aimed at providing a single source of truth for enterprise reporting for the
crucial business data. We got source data in the form of flat files and Oracle database
tables. As a first step, we performed ETL job to develop a Data Warehouse. The outcome
of the ETL will be as set of de-normalized tables. These tables are then used as source
for reporting. Reporting will be done based on Cognos products.

Involved in LLD preparation.
Involved in code review (peer review (or) buddy review activity.
Used Datastage designer to generate data stage jobs.
Involved in interacting with different source systems like Oracle database and flat
Used job parameters and various environmental variables in all the data stage
jobs within the project.
Involved in Unit Testing of developed jobs
Used row generator, peek stages while testing the data stage jobs.
Involved in client meeting and updated the daily task to the client/onsite