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Judges Judge Michael Heavey (Ret.

), CEO
Steve Moore (Ret. FBI), Chief
for JUSTICE Investigator
Cambrea Ezell (Esq.), Executive
March 7, 2017 Director

Chris Tapp
Idaho State Prisoner, #56265
Bonneville County Jail
605 N. Capital Ave.
Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Re: Plea Offer


I have become informed that they have brought you over from Kuna earlier
and are offering you a plea. In my opinion you will soon have an offer to:

a. To plea guilty by way of Alford v. North Carolina, (Allows you to say Im

innocent, but I want to accept this plea deal to get out of prison.)
Everyone, including the law, will construe it as an admission of guilt.
b. You will be let out of prison and sentenced to time served with maybe
some probation.

1. We have two hearings in April, at the 25th of April hearing we will

present an overwhelming case of your innocence. You are very
close. In early May, Judge Stephens will grant your Petition and
vacate your convictions.
2. The prosecutor will argue that they could appeal and you could
remain in prison for years, or whatever. While they may appeal, in
my opinion, the judge will let you out on your personal
recognizance. Judge Stephens will see exactly what the rest of us
see, you are innocent.
3. A plea offer from the prosecutor is only because of three things:
i. They know we can show you are innocent,
ii. They know Judge Stephens is going to hear this matter in
iii. They want to save the City of Idaho Falls millions of dollars
from a civil suit filed by you.
4. If you accept an Alford plea, then you spent 20+ years in prison for
nothing, Fuhriman wins, Manwaring wins, Shindurling wins, Finn
wins, Brown wins, etc. Chris Tapp loses 20 years. Doesnt seem like
a fair deal to me.

P. O. Box 46581 Seattle, WA 98146 Page 1

5. The only thing I have ever asked from you is to listen to me. You are
like my own son, do not take any deal, unless they are willing to
declare you innocent.

Anything short of a court saying the above is a big loss for you.

The prosecutors office has done everything they can to keep you in
prison for the rest of your life, they are not honorable people. They
have the leverage, for about one more month, however to let you
out. Dont give in, dont give in, you are an innocent man; think of
your mother, Amber, Carol Dodge, me. We will understand if you
take a deal to get out, we will still love you and support you, but we
will be deeply disappointed that you gave in, that you quit when you
were on the one yard line.

Love you,

Judge Michael Heavey (Ret.)

Copies to:

Vera Tapp
Amber Smout
Carol Dodge
John Thomas
Prosecutor Danny Clark
Post Register Bryan Clark, Roger Plothow, Katie Stokes

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