NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML


Resist Fascist Attacks in
guaranteed by ABVP hoodlums with the full cooperation of the police and
administration. The Ramjas College incident where ABVP launched their
violent attack, has once again demonstrated the complicity of police with
Educational Institutions the majority communal forces.

All these attacks are done to harness communal polarization in the
Goondaism of RSS affiliated organizations was unleashed when Akhil name of their plank of ‘nationalism’. RSS is trying to foist its understanding
Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) hooligans targeted a protest march by of nationalism on the intellectual discourse in the country. In a country
students and teachers from the gate of Ramjas College of Delhi University which is oppressed by foreign imperialist forces, patriotism targeting
on February 22nd 2017. Students and teachers were protesting against exploitation and oppression of the country is a positive. But RSS
cancellation of a Seminar on “Culture of Protests” which was scheduled to nationalism has nothing to do with opposition to imperialism, rather it
be held in Ramjas College a day earlier. This cancellation came on the advocates subservience to imperialist powers. RSS nationalism is devoid
demand of ABVP. This has assumed a pattern wherein Universities and of its positive content. It is more in league with the so-called nationalism
Colleges are not permitting democratic discourses on the campuses which is sweeping the developed capitalist countries targeting poor
invariably on the demand of ABVP. Action is often taken against the immigrants from third world countries.
organizers for holding such meetings or discussions as was the case
recently in Jodhpur (Rajasthan) where a teacher has been placed under RSS nationalism has its roots in the machinations of British colonial
suspension for organizing a lecture by JNU Professor, Ms. Nivedita Menon. rulers and comprises aspects which serve the interests of the present day
ruling classes. After suppression of the First All India War for Independence
Campuses of the Institutions of higher learning in the country are being in 1857, British colonialists encouraged a rendering of history to serve
targeted by RSS to snuff out the culture of dissent against the policies of their objective of dividing the people of this country, particularly the two
the rulers of the day. Scientific enquiry, critical assessments and questioning large religious groups. There have been attempts to trace Indian nationalism,
attitudes are sought to be snuffed out. It is vital for them so that their which developed in the course of struggle against British colonial rule, to
baseless, non-factual, Goebellsian propaganda on different aspects does ancient cultural roots, to ancient Hinduism particularly its caste division.
not have to face any scrutiny. The intelligentsia is being targeted to Many leaders of the then Congress, though articulating composite
decapitate the country, to make them uncritical followers of Sangh ideology nationalism on the one hand, hailed the continuity of an old Indian 'nation'
whether by conviction or largely out of fear. What began with the attack on from those ancient roots. Secondly, the roots of the said Indian nation
Ambedkar-Periyar Study Circle in IIT Chennai, through Rohit Vemula’s were planted in the carving out of a nation from the state. From this angle,
suicide in Hyderabad Central University, continued its shrill journey with British ruled India was conceived and propagated as a nation. This served
the attack in JNU, fanning out to be an all out attack encompassing several the British colonial rulers, as any rebellion against their rule was looked
universities and colleges with Ramjas College of Delhi University its latest down upon and which made great Indian patriotic revolutionaries like Bhagat
victim. Singh, Ashfaqullah, Chandrashekhar Azad and others into terrorists out to
RSS has taken charge of this offensive, pressing its affiliate ABVP into overthrow this state. From this perspective, Indian nationhood has adjusted
attack. Autonomy of the Institutions of higher learning is only for namesake to the new boundaries after partition of the country in 1947. Any movement
and their heads are people of straw, appointed for their proximity to power. challenging these boundaries becomes anti-national irrespective of the
No wonder a large number of them made a beeline to prostrate before the historical causes or justification of the movement and defending these
RSS head soon after BJP came to power at the Centre. They are willing to boundaries by whatever means is nationalism. Unlike the west where
be accomplices in this nefarious design of RSS for their petty gains. A generally nation formed the state, in countries like India state formed the
complaint by ABVP is enough for them to ban any activity, the rest is nation. Such rendering of nationalist discourse therefore had nothing to do

March,, 2017 1 2 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
with anti-colonial struggle. In fact it is its opposite. No wonder its present RSS has an even larger gameplan to dominate the intellectual discourse.
protagonist had deliberately kept itself aloof from the anti-colonial struggle Besides targeting the struggles of the people, RSS is targeting its ideological
of the Indian people. opponents. RSS takes Left as its ideological enemy. Besides suppressing
revolutionary Left, RSS is also trying to target the very Left ideology. RSS
RSS nationalism upholds Indian nationalism as cultural, rooted in ancient
and its affiliates are demanding ban on Left student activism on the
Hinduism as applicable to the present day. While ancient history has
campuses. Besides the nefarious designs behind this demand, it is also a
traversed a chequered course, its rendering by Hindu nationalists is linear
recognition of the fact that neither can their ideological ware stand scientific
embodying all that was reactionary and divisive in different periods of history.
scrutiny nor does their activism stand for the interests of the student
There is not a single period of history in India which they uphold, rather
community. To dominate intellectual life in the country, they are out to
they manufacture a queer synthesis of different aspects from different
destory it. They are restricting access of students to higher education,
periods. For example they are trying to portray medieval history as that of
particulary those from Dalits, Tribals and backward castes, backward
wars between Hindu and Muslim Kings while Hindus and Muslims had fought
regions, women and economically weaker sections. Hence their emphasis
on all sides in this warring feudal period. The most cherished aspect of
on privatization of education. For this they are cutting aid to institutions of
Indianness for Hindu nationalists is its caste system which stands for upper
higher education, granting them 'autonomy' thus forcing them to raise money
caste domination. Their periodic statements against reservation are no
and thereby increase costs of higher education and doing away with any
accident nor their unleashing of violence against Dalits and other oppressed
preferential points to deprived sections. RSS, which has established its
castes. While need to secure their votes for gaining or retaining power
cells in the universities and other institutions of higher learning, is talking
through elections makes them resort to what is called 'social engineering',
of autonomy not to grant academic autonomy but only financial autonomy
it is only symbolic. It does not entail changing the social structure but only
thereby exonerating Govt. from its responsibility towards education.
superficially tinkering with it.
RSS attacks through its affiliate, ABVP, thus pose a sinister challenge
Since coming to power at the Centre, RSS-BJP Govt. has unleashed
to the academic life in the institutions of higher learning, their democratic
its nationalist plank woven around projecting security forces as symbols of
functioning to whatever extent it exists and to the culture of student activism
nationalism. This discourse serves many purposes for RSS-BJP. The first
in universities and colleges. Students have historically fought not only for
and foremost among them is an attempt at turning the people against
themselves but also for society. They joined the revolutionary movement
struggles bursting out in different parts of the country. It takes in its ambit
including anti-colonial struggles in large numbers. But RSS wants an end
of attack the struggles of people of Jammu & Kashmir and North-East, the
to student activism and only ABVP to function among the students. RSS
struggles of minority nationalities. It also includes attacks against the
attempts to crush student movement should be and would be rebuffed. As
revolutionary struggles of the people in different parts of the country which
Mao had said with reference to May 4th Movement in China, whosoever
are facing crude suppression by police and paramilitary forces. It is not
has sought to suppress the students has come to grief. Attempt of RSS
accidental that RSS affiliate ABVP shouted slogans against both struggles
cannot lead to anything else.
of Kashmiri people and also struggle of tribals in Central India. This attack
couched as nationalism is essentially against the people of the country RSS and its affiliates like BJP and ABVP are neither democratic nor
and their struggles. It is an attempt to poison the minds of the people patriotic. They stand for unbridled exploitation of India by imperialist
against these struggles and justify the brutal suppression unleashed by countries, they work for unchecked oppression of the vast sections of Indian
the Govt. through security forces. It is an attempt to sidetrack the issues people and they are working to disrupt the unity of the Indian people, all
of democratic rights and to glorify this suppression even disregarding these go against genuine patriotism. Backed by corporate media, supported
constitutional rights of the people. Officers of police and security forces by tiny though powerful section of the elite and aided by the reactionaries
which mock at these rights are hailed as heroes and observance of these dominating administrative and security agencies, RSS is painting all those
rights is portrayed as an undesirable hindrance. opposed to it as anti-national. Attacks of RSS must be resisted & defeated.

March,, 2017 3 4 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)

2nd International Conference
of Mining Workers Held at
Godavari Khani, India
From the 2nd to the 5 th of February, the coal town of Godavari Khani,
part of the Singareni coal belt in Northern Telengana, resounded with slogans
and working class songs. It was the venue of the 2 nd International Mining
Workers' Conference and delegates from 16 countries spanning 4 continents
gathered there for deliberations on formulating a common programme for
co-ordinated struggles of miners. Organized on behalf of the International
Co-ordination Group (ICG) by the Preparatory Committee of India, the latter
Main Speak
Speaker er
att the Pub lic Meeting (F
Public (Frr om left) Pr epar
Pre paraator
group consisted of ten likeminded unions working in the mining sector with
Committee Chair per
Chairper son Com. P
person .K. Mur
P.K. ty
ty,, Co-or
Murty dina
Co-ordina tor of the
Com B. Pradeep (General secretary IFTU National Committee), ICG member,
tory y Committee and IFTU Gener General al Secr etar
etaryy Com.
as Coordinator and Com. P.K. Murthy as Chairperson.
B.. Pr adee
adeep p and Guest Speak
Speakerer Pr
of.. Har
Since mid January 2017, Godavari Khani was the scene of hectic work
by the leaders, cadres and activists of the IFTU affiliated GLBKS and Coal Russia, Bangladesh and Nepal. They represented mining of Coal,
Contract workers union, other local unions of the IFTU, all under the able Phosphate, Silver, Platinum and other minerals. Thus one of the sober
guidance of the area’s political organizers. In the last ten days they were assessments in the last session of the Conference was of the need to add
joined by members of the IFTU National Committee. Many volunteers from more miners’ organizations and representatives from more mining countries
Germany also arrived ahead of the delegates to help with the preparations. to the ICG. Keeping this goal in view, it was decided that the next
Mine meetings of all three shifts were conducted daily in the mines in International Conference will be held after five years instead of four and
Godavari Khani, Manchhreyial, Bellampalli and Srirampur by the local leaders the interim period would be used to organize regional conferences so that
and activists who were accompanied by Arunodaya activists. Thus a mining workers of more countries especially of Africa, Asia and Latin
concerted drive was taken to acquaint all the coal mine workers of the area America where there is actually an explosion of work in this sector, can be
about the Conference which was to take place in their area. Similarly, involved. This alone could render the ICG as an effective co ordination of
meetings and propaganda were conducted by members of the Preparatory struggling organizations of mining workers.
Committee in their areas of work among mining workers in Jharkhand,
Asansol (W. Bengal), Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, other parts of Singareni, The Conference got off to a start on the afternoon of 2nd February 2017
Chindwara in Madhya Pradesh and other parts of India. Workers in mining with a colourful rally which marched through mine workers' colonies to the
of coal, lignite, uranium, stone, gold etc in different parts of India attended GM Office Grounds. The ICG banner, held by the members of the ICG
the Conference. leadership led the rally and it was followed by the international delegates
and volunteers. Next came the delegates and participants from the various
International delegates representing mining workers came from Germany, members of the Preparatory Group of India, each behind their own banners.
Turkey, Philippines, Poland, Kazakistan, Ukraine, Belarus, Peru, Columbia, They were followed by an Arunodaya troupe of grass skirted dancers. The
Congo, Tunisia and Morocco. In addition were present delegates from National Committee leaders of IFTU came next, as also the state leaders

March,, 2017 5 6 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
of the GLBKS (the IFTU union of the permanent workers of Singareni) each
behind their respective banners. Behind them walked members and activists
of IFTU drawn from coal workers (both contractual and permanent) and
also other IFTU members and this was the overwhelming bulk of the rally.
Nearly five thousand mine workers and activists marched in the Rally.
The public meeting was held on a gaily decked stage. Com Naresh
(GLBKS) called the members of the National Preparatory Committee and
also the members of the ICG on to the dias. Com Shamshul Islam from
Nishant (Delhi) rendered a song for the martyrs of the working class and
the revolutionary movement and thereafter Com. Andreas, Chief Co-ordinator Rece ption Committee Chair
eception per
Chairper son Teleng
person ana J
elengana JAAC
of ICG addressed the gathering followed by Com. Pradeep. The Chief Guest Convenor Kondaram and Justice (Retd.) Gopala Gowda
and main Speaker of the evening was Prof. Haragopal, prominent Civil who inaugurated the Conference (Left) and ICG Convenor
rights activist. Then the other members of the ICG addressed the gathering Andreas (Right)
including Com Eugene from Congo, Com Alexandro from Columbia as did
one member each from the ten unions who were members of the Preparatory
and could participate in its proceedings. The General Assembly passed a
Committee of India including Com. T. Srinivas, President of GLBKS and
resolution agreeing that every country could have a maximum of ten
National Committee Member IFTU. The proceedings were conducted by
delegates in place of the earlier stipulation of 5 delegates per country.
Com Murthy. The speeches were punctuated by performances by Arunodaya
Thus one member each of the ten unions who made up the Preparatory
artists and the meeting ended with the singing of the Internationale
Committee of India became delegates and this allowed a fair representation
sequentially in several languages.
from India. The Chief Co-ordinator Com. Andreas presented the work report
The next morning the Inaugural session was held in the Laxmi Narsaiha of the past four years since the First Conference of the ICG in Peru. After
hall and the Chief Guest here was Retd. Justice Gopala Gowda from discussion this report was accepted. Then the Assembly took up the main
Supreme Court who hails from Karnataka but spoke fluent telegu, much to agenda of the Conference- the finalization of the Programme of the ICG.
the delight of the audience. The proceedings began with the hoisting of the Com Pradeep presented a proposed draft of the Programme and then
flag of the ICG and of the Preparatory committee by Com.Nambaiah, one delegates were given time to submit their amendments and suggestions in
of the older workers of Godavari mines and a member of GLBKS (IFTU). writing. The Assembly then broke up for the evening. The stage was taken
Com Andreas then began the formal proceedings which were conducted by over by the cultural troupes as began the much awaited cultural evening.
Com. Pradeep. Facility for simultaneous translation was available in the This first day was marked by presentations mainly from the Indian groups
Hall and after the Chief Guest, the various members of the ICG as well as including several troupes of Arunodaya, Pala group from Tamil Nadu and
members from the various international delegations presented the country several comrades from the various participant delegations, who combined
reports in English with each country being given 5minutes. Com Gautam together to present songs and even enacted a Hindi play.
Mody, Gen. Secretary of NTUI presented the India report on behalf of the
The next day, 4 th February, was devoted to workshops on ten different
ten unions of India.
issues concerning miners, their work and their lives. Five workshops were
The business session of the Conference began after lunch. The venue conducted in the morning session and five in the evening and were open to
remained the Laxmi Narsaiha Hall and while all participants could witness all the participants. Usually each workshop had one moderator and one
the proceedings only the delegates were members of the General Assembly person entrusted with the presentation. All the workshops witnessed lively

March,, 2017 7 8 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
discussions and active interchange of experiences not only between different workers is deteriorating and contractualizaton is widespread, increasing
organizations but also between different countries. The moderators were and the norm in employment. Safety standards have been given the go
tasked with preparing summaries of the discussions of the various sessions bye. The situation is best summed up by the accident in Lalmatia mines in
for presenting to the ICG General Assembly. The workshop on Democratic Jharkhand on 29th December 2016, just weeks before this Conference. This
Rights of Working class was presented by Com. Aparna (IFTU) and was an open cast mine of Eastern Coalfields Ltd. which had been outsourced
moderated by Com. Gautam Mody (NTUI), both from India. The topics of to a private company. The workers had been warning about an impending
the other workshops included Aspects of organizing contract workers along accident since a few hours earlier as the dug out earth had started falling
with regular workers, Movements of people against mining, Environmental into the mine, but to no avail. 28 bodies were finally recovered from the
issues, Miners wives, families.etc. The workshops were organized in site but it is feared that many others are still buried as there were no records
Sindura College using the lecture theatres. After they were over, the of contract employees available while several families arrived at the site
delegates and participants moved back to the Laxmi Narsaiah Hall for claiming that their relatives had been working there and were untraceable;
another cultural evening followed by dinner. This evening, the various foreign many more have been injured. Thus, holding of the Conference gave an
delegations presented their pieces along with the Indian comrades. opportunity to the Mining workers’ unions in India to focus on the situation
of the workers here and on the several policies of the Govt. to allow
The last day of the Conference was devoted to the final session of the unfettered loot of the underground riches of the country.
General Assembly. Several suggestions had been received for amendments
to the draft Programme. The Co-ordination committee announced that all As imperialism worldwide seeks to increase the loot of mineral resources
the amendments received were being accepted and the new Committee to for superprofits, this Conference was also an opportunity to exchange
be elected by the Assembly would be charged with the responsibility of re- experiences from world over. It is quite clear that the situation is similar in
writing the Programme incorporating all the amendments. This suggestion the developing and poor countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America and
was accepted by the Assembly. Some of the moderators of the workshops that everywhere workers need to organize both for their own rights as well
held the previous day then presented their reports and the others are to as against the policies of their own governments and of imperialist loot.
submit it to the Co-ordination committee. The Assembly then elected the The Programme passed by the Conference reflects the need for co-ordinated
new Co-ordination committee consisting of all the outgoing members and struggles on these issues.
adding one representative each from Philippines, Morocco and Poland.
The Assembly passed a Declaration summing up the Second Conference.
Regarding the venue of the next Conference, the suggestion from the dais
was that it should be held in Europe but there was a suggestion from the
delegates that a better venue would be Africa, where mining was widespread
rather than Europe where mining activity was on the downswing. As the
next conference had anyway been postponed by a year to five years later,
the venue will be decided by the end of 2018 reviewing the various proposals.
The 5 year period would also be used to improve co- ordination and to hold
regional conferences where more countries can participate. The proceedings
of the Assembly then ended with the singing of the Internationale.
The Conference was a huge succes. It was held in India at a time when
the current Central govt. is going all out to increase the loot of India’s
mineral wealth by Corporate, especially MNCs. The situation of the mining

March,, 2017 9 10 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)

2nd International Mining outnumbers the regular workforce. Global capital, in order to cut costs of
production, has been adopting these methods that also entail the curtailment

Workers' Conference
of normal trade union rights. Another common feature, particularly in the
coal industry, is the growth of open-cast mines and closure, reduction of
underground mines in many countries and this phenomenon has evoked
B. Pradeep widespread protests among the miners and the local communities. Open
cast mines have not only lead to large scale displacement of the peasantry
By the greatest of dangers each day I am surrounded but also have had adverse environmental impact. In fact in countries like
Colombia there have been struggles against the huge American-British
I hang in the air by a rope or a chain, the mine may give in mining companies when they tried to expand the open cast mining. A
I may be killed or wounded significant feature in these struggles was the unity of the mine workers
Or perish by damp or the fire of a flame with the rural people. America, which ranks number one in terms of coal
production, and other European countries are resorting to “fracking” leading
(from the Song of a Coal Miner) to closure of underground mines and causing environmental problems.
It is said that when a mine worker goes into the mine he is not certain From February 2nd to 5th, mining workers from as many as 16 countries
whether he would come out alive from the hell-hole or not. “There was no participated in the 2 nd International mining workers Conference that was
body. The belt and the battery lamp number was all that was left.” That held in the coal belt area of Godavarikhani, Telangana. This is the first
was how Josu, wife of a mine worker identified the skeleton of her husband time in the history of the country that an international conference of the
three months after the flooding of the Chasnala mine in Dhanbad on 27th mine workers was held here and that too under global conditions in which
December,1975 which killed 375 workers. On 5 th August, 2010, 33 mine mining has assumed immense importance in the world economy. There
workers in the copper, gold mine in San Jose, Chile were trapped 2300 were participants from Colombia, Philippines-countries that are known to
feet below due to a cave in and they stayed alive for 69 days before they be very dangerous for normal trade union activity and known for killings of
were rescued. “We are well in the shelter, the 33 of us.” That was the trade union activists. We had delegates from four continents representing
message sent by the 33 miners on the 17 th day after the accident. Mine different segments of the mining industry. A draft programme for the effective
workers, numbering around two and a half crores in the world know, too coordination of miners' struggles worldwide was discussed and finalized
well that to make a living they have to keep visiting the dungeons and apart from deliberations on various important subjects like open cast mining,
extract the treasures hidden deep inside the earth. environment, outsourcing, contractisation, state of workers rights in the
In 2013 in the city of Arequipa in Peru mining workers representing Forums. On 2 nd February before the start of the conference proper, a
various sectors of the mining industry in the world assembled to participate massive rally marched through the streets of the coal town culminating in
in the first international mining conference that saw the coming together of a public meeting.
various miners unions to exchange experiences about their problems, lives Etienne Lantier, the protagonist in the classic novel “Germinal” by Emile
and struggles. The gold, platinum mines worker in South Africa, the coal Zola, represents the voice of protest against the oppressive conditions in
mine worker in Colombia, India, Turkey, US , Germany, the tin mine worker the coal mines in northern France in the late nineteenth century. He would
in Bolivia or the copper mine worker in Chile faced very many common often become desperate and face despair but he would stand firm in his
issues such as the decline in the number of permanent workers and belief that a better world can be ushered in. The International Coordination
contractualization of labour leading to a general depression in wages. Group under whose auspices the 2nd International conference was held
Outsourcing of the production process in the mining industry, which is here in Telangana, has “Fight for a better future, a future worth living” as its
another form of contractualization, has created a labour force that far central slogan.

March,, 2017 11 12 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)

Fight Ag ainst The Anti-W
Against or
orkker the new flourishing ‘commission business’ that helps the rich to convert
the ‘old, demonetised’ notes into the new legal tender, thereby adding to
Policies of the NDA Go
NDA vt.
Govt. the ‘black money’. With the situation being grave, workers in many places
are either being forced to accept ‘old’ notes (where in they have to pay for
the commission) or go jobless apart from not receiving the wages for the
work they have already performed.
(We are reproducing here the booklet published by
the National Committee of IFTU on the occasion of While the RBI stated that 90% of the total transactions in the country
are cash transactions, the Modi government now talks of cashless
International Miners' Conference held at Godavari
transactions as means to develop the economy. The government changed
Khani from February 2 to 5, 2017) its narrative from the ‘surgical strike of black money’ to ‘cashless economy’,
as its initial claims of benefits fell flat in a matter of three weeks and the
Construction workers sitting desolate at the chowks, machines going plight of the people at large continues unabated. In an economic structure
silent, workers without work,farmers going into further distress, old persons that is marked by low income unorganized sector, by lack of access to
falling and perishing in the long winding queues before banks and ATMs, financial services and nominal existence of banks in the rural areas, the
poor dying unable to pay cash in hospitals, production badly hit in the talk of driving the country towards a cashless economy is fraught with
country, transactions coming to a halt causing immense hardship to the dangers that threaten the lives of common people and their livelihoods. To
hawkers, petty traders and common people- this is the scenario post talk of leapfrogging in to a ‘cashless economy’ where only 17% people
demonetisation in the country. The Modi government, masquerading under have ‘smart phones’, 73% people do not have access to internet, the
the façade of fighting black money and corruption, launched demonetisation ‘financial, digital literacy’ is low and with an infrastructure that is present
of 500,1000 notes that constitute about 85% of cash circulation, all of a only in its absence, is nothing but an attempt to fool the people.
sudden on 8th November thus disrupting and paralyzing the normal lives of In the economy of the country we have something called nonperforming
the people in the country. assets, NPA and the PSU banks account for 90% of these due to bad
The propaganda that this demonetisation drive would snuff out black lending and the government writes off such debts taken by big businesses
money from the economy does not conform to reality as in the entire bundle and the industries. The government has clearly shown its class character
of black money it is said that only 6% is in the form of cash. To imagine and its real motive behind the exercise when it wrote off the debts of big
that black money exists only as paper notes hidden somewhere is naïve business to the tune of thousands of crores of rupees (Vijay Mallya being
and narrows down the very definition of black money. From concealed one of them) immediately after the announcement of ‘demonetisation’. It
legal income to unreported assets, resources are all different categories of has become a routine ploy of the RSS-BJP to brand any opposition to its
black money. It is reported that black money in old notes would be around policies as anti-national. Recently, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra
1lakh crore and the cost of demonetisation is around 1.28lakh crore declared that those opposing the moves of Modi government in the so-
whereas, the real pack of black monies lie somewhere in the Swiss banks, called fight against black money and corruption are anti-national. Such
in the businesses via Mauritius route,Panama,in the real estate sector in threats under the façade of nationalism cannot stifle the voices of resistance
the country and in the form of other assets within and outside of the country. against the burdens pushed on to the shoulders of the working class through
Black money does not exist only in 500/1000 notes and when hard earned demonetisation.
accountable money in the form of these notes are rendered useless the On 2nd September, 2016 workers and employees all over the country
impact on the lives of the people is terrible as is being witnessed today. went on a one day general strike on the charter of demands that constituted
On the other hand, the ‘demonetisation’ exercise itself has given rise to the basis for the general strike on the same day in 2015, except for a slight

March,, 2017 13 14 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
change in the minimum wage demand. In the strike the minimum wage and other poorer classes and sections of society.
demand was Rs18000 instead of Rs.15000 put forward in the general strike
in 2015. The rest of the charter remained the same that included containing Contractualization, Labour Law Amendments:Means to Bring
price rise, implementation of labour laws, social security cover for all Labour Flexibility
workers, ending employment of contract labour in jobs that are of a perennial
nature, employment generation, withdraw the proposals to change labour An important agenda of the economic reforms policy,dictated as they
laws, withdraw proposal to allow FDI in Railways and in other strategic were by the IMF-World Bank, was to bring about what they called labour
industries. Since the last strike in 2015 the government at the Centre did market flexibility that was to be realized by replacing permanent labour
not respond to the demands positively while at the same time moving in a with contract labour that was much cheaper and easy to be shunted out at
direction that stands contrary to the demands. There can be no two opinions will and by effecting changes in the labour laws as a means of achieving
in regard to the just nature of the demands and the government has no this flexibility. Twelve years ago the World Bank came out with a document
reasonable basis to not concede these demands. After all the demands titled Country Strategy for India, dated September 15,2004 that stated thus:
are manifestations of the policies now being pursued by the NDA government “Labour Market Flexibility: Restrictions on hiring and firing of workers by
and have their roots in the unjust socio-economic structure prevalent in the medium and large firms are one of the greatest challenges of doing business
country. While the Modi government is making claims of economic growth in India. Employment in India's registered firms(those with more than 100
under the label of Make in India, the actual reality is that the economy is employees) is highly protected. Any registered firm wishing to retrench
facing stagnation. The RBI talks of a slump in the economy, of slow down labour can only do so with the permission of the state government which is
in the emerging economies . rarely granted.” It goes on to state “Further the use of contract labour is
restricted to temporary activities by the existing Contract Labour Act.” How
“Come, make in India, I appeal to the world…sell anywhere in the world well the World Bank speaks on behalf of capital, in favour of doing easy
but manufacture here..”-this was what the Prime Minister of the country business without legal hassles. But the fact is that even without any
stated on August 15th,2014 making an appeal to the capitalists of the legislation or changes in the existing labour laws, such a labour flexibility
world to make investments here and for that there will be no hindrances does exist to an extent as seen in the innumerable cases of
and if any, they will be done away with, like the existing labour laws in the closure,retrenchment, lay-off despite the laws. And despite the existence
country. The scenario of the fastest growing economy in the world is such of the Contract Labour Act with whatever little protections it has for contract
that only 10% of the rural households have salaried jobs and the main labour, over the years there has been not only a steady growth in the number
source of livelihood for more than half of rural households is manual casual of contract labour replacing regular workers, but they are employed in works
labour. Compare the acche din promised by Modi to the statement by the of a perennial nature. This is true in both the public and private sectors.
IMF, that says the Gini index (a measure of inequality) in the '90s was 45
but rose to 51 in the last decade in the country. It is this same agency that In tune with what the World Bank has been advocating, the dominant
prescribed the reforms package during the Congress-led UPA in '91 the discourse in the country over the years has been the arguments in favour
implementation of which has lead to more inequality. Credit Suisse, the of ushering in labour market flexibility. In order to attain this flexibility
Swiss bank, states that the top 10% in the country own 76.30% of the restrictive laws need to be changed as they are supposed to be impeding
wealth and the richest 1% own 53% of the country”s wealth. This means growth and investments in the country.The BJP-led government has already
that the economic policies being pursued by the rulers over the years, made and is making attempts to bring in changes in the labour laws. Two
particularly from the nineties onwards and now being implemented years ago in 2014 on 31 July, the Rajasthan Assembly passed amendments
aggressively by the NDA dispensation has lead to the present state of to the Factories Act, Industrial Disputes Act, The Contract Labour R&A
affairs in the country. The economic reforms' policies are tailored to meet Act and Apprentices Act. The Chief Minister there promised that she would
the needs of imperialisr capital rather than the needs of the working class convene a meeting of the trade unions before the introduction of the bills in

March,, 2017 15 16 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
the Assembly which never happened and the bills were passed in the Modi's “Ease of Doing Business” means lending unfettered rights to
Assembly. Similarly the Union government has been able to get the capital and undermining the rights of the workers. These are “acche
amendments to Apprentices Act and amendments exempting managements din”,good days for the world of capital and for desi corporates. But while
from the Labour Law that envisages managements should furnish records Modi makes the Make in India as the centre piece of economic policy, the
and returns. The Contract Labour (R&A) Act is sought to be amended in a outgoing Governor of RBI, Rajan, sings a different tune in the context of
way that frees the principal employer from any violations of the law. At ruling class responses to the economic slump in the country. He warns
present factories,establishments employing twenty or more workers, are “There is a danger when we discuss Make in India, of assuming it means a
covered by the Act and now the government intends to reduce the coverage focus on manufacturing, an attempt to follow the export-led growth path
of this Act only to those units that employ 50 or more workers. Employment that China followed…if external demand growth is likely to be muted, we
of contract labour in industrial and service sectors has increased manifold have to produce for the internal market.” An ardent advocate of globalization
since the introduction of the economic reforms policies. A drastic reduction that he is, he now talks of production for the internal market for the growth
in the employment of regular workforce has taken place and the situation of the economy. When Modi chants “manufacture here, sell anywhere in
today is such that contract labour outnumber regular workers. Privatisation the world” he is once again reiterating the model of export-led growth.
has also lead to the increase in the number of temporary labour.Privatisation Globalise more and more and all economic ills will be no more- this seems
and contractisation go hand in hand. This does not in any way mean that to be the mantra of rulers. But this was what was followed in the last two
this process of replacement of permanent workers with contract workers is decades. One of the main ingredients of this globalization is opening up of
not in vogue in the PSUs. Even here a dominant percent of the workforce our economy to all and sundry imports which also means opening all sectors
is contract labour. This labour is one form of cheap labour which can easily of the economy to foreign investments. Foreign capital is so dear to the
be removed at will. In order to cut costs of production, wages are depressed rulers that they will do whatever is needed to attract it. They will bow down
and for this purpose employment of temporary labour or contract labour is to the hard conditionalities of foreign investors, cut down corporate income
one means. Amendments relating to the Factories Act, Labour Code on tax and place the abundant resources,land and minerals in their service.
Wages, Labour Code on Industrial Relations are still pending before the This is the reality today in the country, when every sector of the economy
Parliament. In essence, the changes and proposed changes would place a has been prised open to foreign capital- from retail trade,insurance,
large number of workers outside the pale of labour laws thus depriving telecommunication to railways and defense. Attracting FDI has become
them of whatever little benefits and rights accrue to them. Secondly they the principal task of the Modi government and it has lifted the earlier caps.
take away the hard won rights of the workers and thirdly they strengthen In 2001 the ceiling on FDI in Defense was 26% but now this cap is removed
the hands of the employers in resorting to closures,lay-offs and and even 100% in this strategic sector of the economy is allowed. Today,
retrenchments. Freedom to hire and fire workers at will has been the demand the US is the largest source of arms imports over Russia. The crucial
of capital and the NDA government is moving in that direction. Since it Railways is also opened to foreign private capital and the government has
faces problems in getting these changes to labour laws passed in the Rajya taken the decision to allow 100% FDI in railways. The loco works which
Sabha, another route is being taken for the purpose and that is through the are under the state are now being handed over to foreign companies. The
state governments. The Prime Minister's office has sent circulars to the US based GE and Alstom of France have entered this section of the
Chief Secretaries of all states directing them to follow Rajasthan in bringing railways. The Debroy Committee on railways recommended reforms in the
these anti-worker changes. In January this year, the Central Labour railways to attract foreign capital and the same is happening today.
Secretary issued executive orders giving exemption to Start-Up companies
When Make in India becomes the main pillar of economic policy, it
from nine labour laws. Changes are being made in the Shops and
becomes very obvious that our economy is being more and more tied to
Establishments Act to give free hand to businesses to run their units 24x7.
the wheels of global capital. This leads to more and more dependence on
Foreign Capital and Development: foreign capital that is bad for the country”s economy. Despite the long

March,, 2017 17 18 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
experience that the country has had with such policies that really never Price Rise, Minimum Wages:
delivered the promised fruits, the obsession that the economy of the country
can grow only with foreign investments is still strong in the development The NDA government makes proclamations to the effect that it is taking
strategies of the rulers. In 2005, the then Congress-led government brought measures to contain price rise while the ground reality is that prices of
in the SEZ Act though the the NDA government first introduced the essentials have been on the rise mainly because of the failure of the
programme in 2000. These zones were exclusive export oriented clusters, government to strengthen the distribution and procurement system and
deemed as territories outside the country where labour laws would not control the speculative market. Over the years,as a measure of neo-liberal
reach. The SEZ mantra was supposed to have generated employment, reforms, Public Distribution System has been systematically weakened
augment manufacturing and attract foreign capital et al. In 2014 the CAG and with the introduction of Targeted PDS in 1997 the intervention of the
found that only 7 jobs were created out of the promised hundred, a shortfall government in foodgrains market also got weakened. Huge stocks of food
of 80 percent in exports. Everyone knows today that it is the class of grains at the disposal of the government was seen as a threat to the big
promoters that benefited the most in this project of SEZs, enjoying subsidies and multinational traders and therefore their demand was to do away with
and tax holidays. Who benefits from this project of “Make in India” is too public procurement and distribution. This led to sharper, higher price
obvious. fluctuations in retail price affecting both the consumer and the peasant. As
long as speculative trade flourishes in essentials, price rise cannot be
Divestment, Privatization: controlled and the government needs to move in that direction but it is not.
In a country where over 92% of the workforce is in the unorganized sectors
An important element in the economic reforms package is privatization
of the economy, the reach of statutory or legal rights is always in question.
that also goes under the label of disinvestment in PSUs. We had seen how
Minimum wages, social security, rights of this vast pool of workers are by
this process of handing over public assets to private capital went on in the
and large denied and most of the welfare legislations are not implemented.
last two and a half decades. It was initially propagated that those
There are those who subsist on a daily wage of Rs. 20-60. Even for the
government undertakings running in losses would be privatized but that
majority in the organized sector a reasonable minimum wage does not exist.
was a lie since even huge profit making units were sold off for a pittance to
Our Union Labour Minister doles out a daily minimum wage of Rs. 273 and
private players. Privatisation or disinvestment of PSUs in the country did
if we take into consideration the criteria set out by the Supreme Court, this
not depend on the loss or profit account of the PSU. The neo-liberal
wage is too paltry. On the one hand we witness the denial of a reasonable
philosophy was that the state should not have anything to do with economic
wage to the vast majority of workers in the country and on the other social
activity which is the domain entirely belonging to the market. The World
security to the masses is a mirage despite the tall proclamations of the
Bank sponsored economic reforms in the country drove the economy in
this direction and the present NDA dispensation continues to follow this government. The government affords subsidies to the corporate but when
line. We have now a triple P, which in essence is another form of it comes to the issue of pensions and other forms of social security to the
privatization. Restructuring, corporatisation of government enterprises have workers it does not lend any financial help. In a situation in which the
ultimately lead to privatization. Divestment in profit making PSUs like government plans to divert the pension funds to the market putting to risk
ONGC,BHEL,IOC has already taken shape and the coal industry in the the post retirement source of livelihood, aiding the needy seems to be a far
country is facing the danger of reverting back to pre-'70s,that is, before cry. It is important to remember how the government in the last six months
the nationalization. The NDA government has already brought in the Coal tried to attack thrice the employees' PF but had to retreat in the face of
Mines(Special Provision)Ordinance that seeks to open up the industry further opposition and in particular in the face of the struggle of the women garment
to the corporate sector not only for captive use for power, steel but also for workers of Bengaluru.
direct sale of coal hitherto restricted to the PSUs.
The working class in the country needs to put up a united fight against

March,, 2017 19 20 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
the anti-worker policies of the government. In the backdrop in which the
party in power, its parent body and its affiliates are guilty of divisive politics, ELECTION SCENARIO IN
of fomenting communal violence, of whipping up pseudo-nationalism and
thereby diverting the actual struggle of the workers and other oppressed PUNJAB and CPI (ML) ND
classes and sections of society on the basic issues confronting them, it is
all the more necessary that the unity of workers as a class is not threatened. S.S. Mahil
These forces are trying to dictate as to what workers should eat and what
not and if they do not like you eating something you like they can cause Electioneering in Punjab is in top gear. The contest in most of the seats
physical harm.Akhlaq's lynching in Dadri was an example of this brutality. seems to be triangular. Akali – BJP alliance has been in power for the last
And now in Una in the Prime Minister's Gujarat, Dalits were targets of their ten years. It is facing people’s anger for its misrule and misdeeds. Their
violence and that goes in the name of cow protection. Rationalists are ten years' rule has proved to be a mafia rule. Badal clan has used state and
gunned down by these fanatics for holding views that do not conform to private muscle power to push small transporters out of business and has
their views. Universities are attacked because in their eyes, they say these established a near monopoly in transport. They have bent all rules to benefit
have become centres of casteists, anti-nationals and extremists. They their transport business and push the state transport into red. They have
are trying to bully those who do not toe their line. This is a dangerous trend established monopoly in cable business and using this stopped the telecasts
that seeks to disturb the unity of the working class and therefore needs to of channels critical of them. Bikram Singh Majithia, the brother-in-law of
be resisted. It is on the strength of the unity of workers as a class that the Sukhbir Badal, is known as the king of drug mafia and sand mafia. They
struggle to ameliorate the conditions of life can move forward. These forces have patronized and encouraged goonda gangs endangering the lives and
do not want this to happen and therefore serve the interests of those who property of people and safety of women. They have unleashed brutal
are responsible for the present state of the working class. repression on people’s struggle especially on dalits, peasants and
Let us march hand in hand saying aloud that our unity as a class cannot unemployed. Peasants’ suicides have increased and the govt. has remained
be broken and on the strength of that unity, defeat the anti-worker policies totally unconcerned. Now they are facing people’s wrath, black flag
of the rulers. demonstrations and opposition to their poll campaign. They have lost even
their traditional vote base. Akali presence in Assembly will be reduced to a
large extent. BJP being the alliance partner, is facing people’s wrath for
misdeeds of coalition govt. but demonetization has added fuel to the fire.
So it may hardly retain any seat.
The main competition seems to be between Congress and AAP. AAP
had a situation in which it could sweep the elections one and half years
back but the way Kejriwal and his close associates have run the party has
considerably damaged its image. He is running his party as a company of
which he is CEO and a clique around him is the Board of directors and the
rest are unpaid employees. Whosoever has some independence of mind
has been pushed out of the party. There is a long line from its group leader
in Parliament and half of MPs, State convener, Chairman of Disciplinary
Committee, majority of Zone conveners and many more who have been
pushed out of the party. Only yes men are allowed. In this situation a mob

March,, 2017 21 22 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
of power hungry and unscrupulous people have thronged and overwhelmed AAP can replace these parties. They are sending a lot of money, persuading
this party resulting in weakening of a wave for it. For example, it has put up their relatives in India to vote for AAP and are also coming to Punjab for
a candidate from Nawan Shahr who is the son of many time Congress MLA campaigning. This is also going to be an important factor in favour of AAP.
and Minister, Dilbag Singh. His name is Charanjit Channi. After the death
of his father he was denied ticket by the Congress. Ticket was rather given Congress had uninterrupted rule in Punjab till 1967 when a joint front of
to his mother but he contested as an independent candidate and got elected non Congress parties of right and left came together to replace Congress
to the Assembly. Immediately he joined Congress. He contested Lok Sabha rule. But Congress did not allow this government to run for long, destabilized
election from Hoshiarpur on a Congress ticket. But next time he did not get it by organizing defections and came to power again in 1972 and remained
a ticket from Congress and he joined BSP and was defeated. He joined in saddle till 1977. It lost power in 1977 but regained power in 1980. Except
AAP just four days before he was declared candidate from Nawan Shahr. for a brief period, it ruled Punjab till 1997 either directly or through President's
People say he made the declaration to join only after the deal was clinched. rule when Akali–BJP government led by Prakash Singh Badal came to
Almost half of the candidates put up by AAP have recently joined it from power. Congress regained power in 2002 but since 2007 it is out of power.
Akali Dal or Congress. Many of its leaders have accused Sanjay Singh Power for Congress is as water for fish. Congress was in a position to
and Durgesh Pathak of making crores of money by selling tickets. This come to power in the year 2012, but Captain Amrinder Singh, who was
destroyed its image of crusader against corruption and fighter for a clean leading the Congress at that time, because of his royal behaviour and
system. because of over dependence on anti-incumbency factor, did not take
dissidence and rebellion seriously. A long period of ten years out of power
Three types of people are supporting AAP. A tiny minority which is still has seriously eroded its vote base. Earlier Bahujan Samaj Party had taken
under the illusion that this party is still working for ‘revolution’, stands for away a share of its traditional vote bank i.e. scheduled castes and backward
‘swaraj’ and with its coming to power in Punjab, will bring a clean system. castes. Presence of a strong BSP was greatly helpful for Akali Dal. Though
Second is a section of people who think that AAP in power may or may not BSP’s influence is considerably weakened but Congress being out of power
make any difference but it is worth giving it a chance. The third section, for a long period, the pro-Congress groups in villages have broken. High–
the largest one, thinks whatever may be the performance of AAP but it is handed tactics of Sukhbir has also contributed to it. Despite all these factors,
the only party which can rid Punjab from oppressive and goonda rule of people’s anger against Akali-BJP could have compensated the base loss
Akalis and corrupt Congress. This feeling is going in the interest of Aam due to above factors but now AAP has come to share the benefit of anti –
Aadmi Party. Beneath the surface a strong current is that as an alternative incumbency factor and Congress is trying hard to overcome this factor.
to Congress and Akali Dal, AAP be given a chance. This current seems to Congress has hired the service of Prashant Kishor, so called expert election
be building into a strong wave which may sweep AAP to power. strategist. It is trying to handle dissidence and rebellion more seriously
Another factor which is going in favour of AAP is the support of Punjabis with partial success. It has changed a number of candidates and changed
settled abroad. There is a general impression abroad that Sikhs in Punjab the constituencies of some candidates to cool down rebellion, but did not
are being discriminated against and oppressed by the rulers in Punjab and succeed fully specially in Doaba region and Pathankot district. Congress
also that Khalistan movement was a movement for Sikhs. It is rooted in is not able to cash in on the anti–Akali feelings among Sikhs because of
their diasporic consciousness, longing for motherland and alienation resulting desecration of holy Guru Granth Sahib. This is because of anti-Sikh violence
from it. That is why there is a wider influence of Khalistan ideology though in Delhi and other places out of Punjab in which more than four thousands
there is no such movement in Punjab. Desecration of Guru Granth Sahib, Sikhs were butchered and many burnt alive after the murder of Indira Gandhi
the holy book of Sikhs, during Badal government and Akali Dal’s alliance in 1984 and Operation Blue Star in which the highest religious places of
with BJP which is the political face of RSS, is considered as treachery Sikhs, Golden Temple and Akal Takht, were badly damaged and hundreds
with Sikhs. Congress is more hated because of Sikh genocide in Delhi of Sikh pilgrims who had gathered there to celebrate the martyrdom day of
in1984 and operation Blue Star. So in this situation they think that only fifth Guru, Arjun Dev, were arrested. Many innocents were killed apart from

March,, 2017 23 24 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
Bhindrawale and his associates. These two events left deep scars in the contractor and has enough money. Whether the ticket is sold like by Kejriwal
Sikh psyche which cannot be erased easily in the near future. Congress is or agreement with Sukhbir Badal is being implemented or both, is a question
always in the dock for these anti Sikh tragic events. Handicapped by these being discussed these days. On three seats in Majha and three seats in
factors, Congress is trying hard to compete with AAP which is seen as an Doaba this so called left front is facing CPI (M-L)ND .
alternative to both Akalis and Congress.
Those who left AAP have formed two different outfits. One is Apna
Communists are not seen as in a position to form government but are Punjab Party formed and led by Sucha Singh Chhotepur which seems to
also contesting elections. CPI (M-L) ND has put up candidates on ten seats be his personal outfit as no known face is visible in this party. Second is
mostly in Doaba (5 seats) and Majha (3 seats) and only 2 seats in Malwa Punjab Front led by Dr. Dharmvir Gandhi, member of parliament from AAP
i.e. Moga and Jagraon. On the rest of seats it has given a call for NOTA and Prof. Manjit Singh of Punjab University Chandigarh. Both these outfits
and a campaign is being conducted for it. It had earlier issued a booklet try to pose the question of outsider leadership i.e. Kejriwal, Sanjay, Durgesh
along with two other organizations explaining the issues of the people in etc. though Dr. Gandhi is trying to put it in a little logical way, trying to
the coming election. It has issued a four page leaflet detailing the people’s occupy the stance of Akali Dal that interests of Punjab can be saved only
issues for which the Party has been fighting and will build a movement and in a federal system. Both these outfits have come together to form an
which are necessary for transformation of people’s lives. It has also exposed electoral front. They aim to harm the prospects of Aam Admi Party but it
the character of ruling class parties including its left wing. CPI, CPM and seems that this front will have little impact. They are nowhere in the
RMPI (Pasla group) have put up 46 candidates and are contesting in the competition.
name of “left front”. Earlier it was a four parties' front, as Liberation was
also part of it. But dispute arose on two seats in Mansa district between Bahujan Samaj Party is also in the fray. This party, after coming into
CPI and Liberation , both claiming Mansa and Budhlada seats. CPI conceded existence, has harmed Congress in elections as Congress had a poll base
one of the two seats but Liberation remained stubborn and insisted on among Dalits and Dalits largely shifted towards BSP after its advent. It
having both. So verbose talk of left unity evaporated into thin air. Liberation has a core vote among dalits but it has been progressively losing it either
is supporting AAP where it is not contesting. Its leaders are actively to Congress or to Akalis. Akalis ,who have virtually no base among Dalits,
campaigning in Gurdaspur on a seat where CPI (M-L)ND and CPI are have acquired some with schemes like “Aata Daal scheme” and “Shagun
contesting. Almost a month back CPI state Secretary, Hardev Arshi and Scheme “. There is also an impression that BSP takes money from Akalis
Akali Dal president Sukhbir Badal had met at a social function and had a to divide Dalit votes, traditional vote base of Congress, and uses this money
closed door meeting without anyone else being present. The meeting had in UP elections. Except on one seat, Philaur (Jalandhar), it nowhere seems
lasted for more than half an hour. This is no secret, had appeared in the to be in the competition.
press and neither of the sides had denied it. So talk is going on that in that ELECTIONEERING AND BASIC ISSUES OF THE PEOPLE
meeting an agreement was reached that CPI will put up a large number of
candidates on seats indicated by Sukhbir Badal for a definite amount of None of the ruling class parties and revisionist parties are raising the
money. People say that the whole of the 'left' front is part of the deal. This real and basic issues of the people, rather are dependent upon mud-slinging
deal is said to be aimed at dividing the votes opposed to the ruling alliance. on each other. Akali Dal-BJP combine is mainly propagating “development”
Some incidents indicate that there is a grain of truth in it. In Nawan Shahar during ten years of their rule and grants it distributed. Opposition parties
CPM has put up a candidate who is from a traditional Congress family are raising the issues of drug menace, high-handedness of Akalis and police
since long residing out of area at Hoshiarpur. He is a wholesale contractor during last ten years and sand, cable and transport etc. But they are not
of wine which is a serious thing when drugs and wine are major poll issues. offering any solutions to these issues. Rather they are promising the moon
He is in no way linked to CPM in the past and had never been even a in their manifestoes. Only CPI (ML) ND is raising the basic and burning
primary member of the party. His only qualification is that he is a big liquor issues of people and offering a correct and scientific solution of these

March,, 2017 25 26 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
issues. Small and poor peasants are the starta which are most hit by agrarian
crisis, hence Party proposes some special measures for these sections. It
CPI (M-L) ND is the only party which is raising the issue of land. It includes that reconsolidation of land be undertaken in Punjab and the land
stands for lowering of land ceiling to ten acres from seventeen acres in of this section of peasantry be consolidated on one side of the village and
view of the development of agriculture and increased productivity, its strict government shall arrange free water for irrigation of their land. Peasants in
implementation by plugging all the loop-holes in the law and distributing Punjab are largely dependent on ground water and with water table going
surplus land to landless and poor peasants, Nazool land be given to landless too far down, it is not possible for poor small peasants to afford submersible
and poor peasants by removing illegal occupation of rich and landlords. pump sets without which water cannot be drawn. So it is pertinent to assure
Tillers who are cultivating the government land and endowment land be that water for irrigation will be provided free of cost by government. Secondly
given ownership rights. Dalits’ share in Panchayat land i.e. one third, be agriculture service centres be set up in every village, from where small
permanently transferred to them and they be given grants for cultivating it poor peasants can get all agricultural implements on nominal rent. These
and rest of the Panchayat land be reserved for poor and small peasants on centres shall be exclusively for this section and rich peasants and landlords
rent and rent be reduced to affordable limit. shall be debarred from using these implements, middle peasants may rent
Second main issue is the agrarian crisis, as Punjab is an agrarian state these implements whenever those are vacant, priority shall be for small
and is facing serious crisis with two /three peasant suicides daily recorded poor peasants. They shall have exclusive right to rent Panchayat land. At
in the press. Party stands for solution of this crisis. For that all debts of least one family member of these peasants shall get a government job
peasants having up to ten acres of land be remitted, interest on crop loan according to qualification.
be reduced to 4% per annum and a provision be made for special interest Rural labourers are the most oppressed section of the rural population.
free loans for social needs like marriage and other such occasions. Minimum Use of capitalist methods in agriculture i.e. mechanization, has resulted in
support price for all crops shall be announced before the sowing of that loss of work opportunities in agrarian sector which has affected labourers
crop and all crops be purchased by the government at not less than minimum most. MGNREGS which is said to be initiated with the declared motive of
support price announced. CMP must be remunerative and must ensure providing jobs to this section, has become a den of corruption for
some profit. Imperialist model of agriculture, misnamed green revolution, sarpanches who are generally landlords and rural rich and government
is at the roots of present agrarian crisis, hence a sustainable and alternative officials. This has failed to achieve the declared object of the project. Though
agricultural model needs to be developed. This is necessary not only for hundred days work in a year is promised in the Act but that is only on the
the solution of agrarian crisis but also because the present imperialist model paper. Party demands full employment throughout the year, need based
has devastated the climate. Soil, water and air are badly polluted resulting wage and unemployment allowance equal to wage in case of not getting
in deadly diseases like cancer and hepatitis. Depletion of water table has work. Opening of PDS depots in labourers’ colonies which shall remain
resulted in a serious water crisis looming large over Punjab. Damage to the open for all the days of the month and all essential commodities be supplied
soil health and depleted water is the main reason for the increasing input at half the rate are needed. They shall be given ten marla land as a
costs causing agrarian crisis. For an alternative model, Party has put residential plot for each family and grant for building the house. They shall
forward some points. It includes that whole Punjab shall be divided into be given a space to dispose off their trash. Fodder (green and dry) depot
agro-climatic zones, special crops for each and every zone shall be identified, shall be opened in the villages.
research centres for those crops be set up in those zones for advanced
seeds and technology. All such crops be covered by MSP and their Drug menace is very much propagated by opposition parties as the
government purchase shall be guaranteed at remunerative prices. names of one Akali minister and some other Akali leaders have appeared
Processing units for those crops shall be set up in the area concerned. as patronizing the drug trade and opposition want to take political mileage
This can provide a basis for an alternative and sustainable model of out of it, but the truth is that an ex DG of police submitted a list of people
March,, 2017 27 28 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
involved in drug trade to the government and it includes the names of both for profit for national capital, will make strict and pro-workers labor laws
main parties, Congress and Akali Dal. But drug menace is not only a problem and ensure their strict implementation, will provide a decent and need based
in itself. It has many aspects. It is closely linked to the unemployment of minimum wage and full neutralization of price movement. All the contract
educated youth. Privatization of education has resulted in mushrooming of and casual workers will be regularized and contract system will be abolished
educational institutes especially professional institutes, producing a large altogether. All these measures are to be implemented in unorganized sector
number of professionals. But in a crisis ridden agrarian economy jobs are too.
a rare commodity. Educated youth are facing large scale unemployment.
This youth finds no future and finds itself in a dark alley. Frustrated youth All the private schools, college campuses, universities and hospitals
is going into the dark alley of drug addiction. With this ready market for shall be made public property and brought under government control. Private
drugs, traders have come in a big way. An alliance of drug smugglers, passenger transport shall be nationalized. Free, progressive, democratic
police officers and politicians patronizes and provides security to them. and quality education shall be ensured. Advanced, safe and quality treatment
Politicians belonging to both main parties in the belt bordering Pakistan shall be made available free of cost. Passenger friendly, relaxed and secure
are involved in drug trade. As youth have a natural penchant for militancy, travel will be the right of people and state will be committed to provide that.
in the absence of very strong progressive and democratic youth movement, Foreign capital in media, information and broadcasting sector will be
youth form groups and militancy is misdirected toward gangsterism. confiscated and banned for future. All private channels will be brought under
Politicians protect those gangs and utilize those for their political and strict supervision. A special law will be enacted, in which provision will be
business interests. This phenomenon of gangs poses a serious threat to there for hard punishment for those writing, singing and filming vulgar songs
the democratic movement and they often come into clash with this and other vulgar programmes. Imperialist and feudal culture will be opposed
movement. This whole problem has to be taken in totality not its single and democratic progressive culture shall be promoted.
aspect of drug menace. Unemployment of educated youth is at the root.
Industrialization in the state is the key to solve this problem but the state Punjab shall have exclusive right over the water of Punjab's rivers,
has some disadvantages for this. Punjab has no mines and is far from being a riparian state. Satluj–Yamuna link canal will not be allowed and
ports. Additional disadvantage is that it is a border state and has seen two land acquired for it will be returned to the owners. Water given to other
major wars with Pakistan. This is a factor scaring private investment. But states shall be looked into and water being used by industry and beyond
CPI (M-L)ND has put forward a programme for industrialization of the state. the original project shall be stopped. Control of headworks in Punjab is
Agro industry and industry producing agricultural inputs is most suitable with the Centre and this will be given to Punjab.
for Punjab. State government had built agro industry, mainly in co-operative
State functioning shall be democratized. People shall be given the right
sector- cotton ginning, spinning and weaving mills in cotton belt, oil mills
of recall of all elected representatives at all levels. Judiciary, bureaucracy
from cotton seeds, sugar mills and milk plant etc. But almost all cotton
and police force shall be made responsible to the people. People shall
mills are closed now. More than half of the sugar mills are also closed and
have the right to audit the accounts and supervise the decisions of all
the rest are running much below their capacity. Most of the milk plants are
these institutions. Judges and civil officers shall not be appointed but shall
seriously in the red. Why has this happened? Because those could not
compete with giants of food, cotton and other industry. So for the be elected by the people from the eligible candidates and people shall
development of agro-industry the pre-condition is that capital of foreign have the right to recall in their case also. Violation of democratic rights of
sharks and the Indian compradors be confiscated to assure protected the people shall be a non-bailable offence and liable for harsh punishment.
market and easy reach to the resources for agro-industry. This will assure Caste is a major issue of the Indian society. Caste has its roots in the
a safe market and the confiscated capital can be a good resource. structure and is spread in super- structure. Communist movement has to
Party stands for imposing a ban on lock-outs and lay-offs, fixing a limit properly deal with this issue for advancing. We stand and fight for the

March,, 2017 29 30 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
share in means of production for dalits, especially the land. An ideological
campaign against caste system is always necessary. Inter- caste marriages
Issues Before the People of UP in
shall be encouraged by providing economic incentives. Social security and
life security shall be provided to the couples having inter caste marriages.
Vidhan Sabha Elections 2017
Dalit Christians shall be provided with all rights available to other Dalits.
Reservation for Dalits shall be continued and backlog will be filled. Ashish Mital
Equal wage for equal work shall be ensured for the women. Women
shall have the right in the property of their parents as well as in the property UP elections are taking place at a time when the RSS - BJP are seeking
of their in-laws. Female foeticide shall be made an offence of murder and to revive their sinking electoral performance since the 2014 success. They
be punished under section 302 of Indian penal code. Punishment for rape failed miserably in Delhi and Bihar, have little hope in Punjab and face stiff
shall be rigorous imprisonment for twenty years and onus of proof shall be opposition in Gujarat where elections are next due.
on the culprit. Hearing of rape cases shall be in-camera and on fast track Meanwhile, for the people the hope of ‘acche din’ arriving has faded
basis. Security of women at public places, work places and in homes shall fast, the reality about sinking job market and inflation is glaring, the
be ensured. consumer market is failing to pick up and there is a multi pronged policy
Punjabi speaking areas in adjacent states of Punjab shall be merged attack by the govt. on small earners, small producers and peasants. The
with Punjab including its capital, Chandigarh, Punjabi Language Act shall people have been largely dissatisfied, but the election process reflects
be strictly implemented. Whole work of govt. and judiciary shall be conducted ability of the ruling classes, old and new parties, the media owned by big
in Punjabi language and any violation of this be punished strictly. Technical business and the election machinery to infuse some public interest in them.
and science education in Punjabi at all levels shall be ensured. Sufficient Existing parties have kicked aside the main issues of the people and have
funds will be provided to Punjabi university and language department and brought into focus non issues which find echo in the speeches delivered
other institutions of Punjabi. by leaders. Mainly for this reason this election has failed to evoke much
interest amongst the people during the campaign and the voters have
On the basis of this political programme the Party is fighting this political remained largely silent. Left confused about which party stands by them
struggle. But whosoever comes to power there is going to be no basic and what they should logically expect from the system, the people are
change or even worthwhile change in the life of the people and they will bound to sink back to their lowest common dividing factor - the caste/
have to continue struggle against whichever party is voted to power. community/ communal divide to decide their vote. Even though the
percentage of votes cast is seeing a rise by 4 to 5%, the elections in most
seats see no discernable trend.
These elections were preceded by a venomous campaign by RSS and
BJP focusing on the ‘holy’ cow to target the Muslims and Dalits. It was
temporarily stalled by the beating up of Dalits in Una, Gujarat. That led to
a widespread dalit arousal and lead on to rekindling of the demand of Dalits
being given their share in agricultural land. It had some ripples in positions
taken by the BSP and Congress, both contenders in UP elections. Both of
them blamed Modi and BJP for being anti Dalit, Mayawati being more vocal,
but she too was careful not to articulate the demand of Gujarat Dalits for

March,, 2017 31 32 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
land rights. A massive, successful movement on the question of Dalit rights SP-Congress and the BSP rally these sections for electoral benefits, but
on land is on in South Malwa region of Punjab and she has been a contender not in struggle, even on the issue of communalism. For them too, communal
in those elections also, but there too she has not voiced any support either attacks serve to secure their vote banks.
for that movement or for the demand.
As far as the BJP is concerned, despite claiming to work on development
Mayawati targeted the BJP for discriminating against Dalit students as agenda, it has kept the Hindutwa agenda as main in various ways. Its
evidenced in the Rohit Vemulla case and the RSS/ BJP for being opposed communally aggressive leaders and RSS continue to condemn Muslims,
to reservation, but has failed to articulate the more basic demand for link them to terrorism, raise the Pakistan bogey, attack ‘minority
subsidizing higher education, opposing privatization, ensuring govt. provision appeasement’, etc. They harp on cow slaughter and raise the issue of
of higher education and improving govt. services and jobs which alone can
constructing Ram temple. PM Modi exposed his communal thinking further
safeguard employment and reservations. She is conscious that the private
when he found it necessary to link the questions of electricity supply during
sector which her party serves is opposed to welfare of the down trodden.
She too, like the others, supports privatization in all spheres of development festivals and graveyards to unequal religious treatment. Amit Shah was
even though it undermines reservation completely. more crude and he targeted opposition parties calling them ‘Kasab’. No
moment has been missed by them to rally their basic Upper Caste Chauvinist
With incidents of upper caste violence against Dalits and women, Hindutwa support base.
including those by politically powerful persons, continuing and all party
leaders having had their fair share in such incidents, the issue finds mention 77% of Uttar Pradesh lives in rural areas and more than 60% of its
here and there, but has not been brought into focus by any party, least of workforce is directly involved in agriculture. Though the distress of
all by Ms. Mayawati. agriculture had evoked a very low decibel response from major political
parties, it is a reflection of the peasants’ anger that major parties have
Violence against Muslims and communal polarization has been the
been forced to speak up. Seeking votes in West UP where the Jat peasantry
predominant and most widespread issue of socio political mobilization prior
had rallied behind it during 2013 riots and in 2014 Lok Sabha polls, the BJP
to these elections. In all the incidents of communal attacks complicity and
had to come out with the promise of immediate payment of cane dues
tacit support by officials of the state machinery has been stark. While
within 14 days of forming the govt and a promise of loan waiver for poor
parliamentary ‘secular’ parties have condemned the BJP, none of them
farmers. Cane arrears were Rs 9700 crores in 2015 March end. SAP of
has raised the question of govt. machinery’s role. Even those like the BSP
sugar cane is Rs 305 per quintal while peasantry sells in the local market
who blame the SP govt. for Muzaffarnagar, do not highlight that this govt.
at a rate of Rs 250/q. On these issues even the opposition did not point out
has failed to even identify the communal elements in the administration
that for past 3 years the Central govt. has been giving interest free loans to
and not a single official has been prosecuted for these carnages and massive
sugar mills for paying farmers, but without linking it to clearance of farmers’
uprooting of Muslims.
cane dues in time. Nor did the SP and BSP point out that waiving of farmers’
While the SP-Congress dispensation hopes to gain from Muslim fear of loans is a issue directly under the Central Govt. The RBI has to issue
RSS coming to power, the BSP too has played on this fear and has given instructions, the issue is in the Centre's domain and formation of UP govt.
tickets to 104 Muslims to rally the Muslim support. Hindutwa forces target has little to do with this promise. Instead of pointing out BJP’s false position
mainly Muslims who are 19% of UP’s population and Dalits who are 22%. on the issue, the SP and Congress, having come out with their own
If both these communities were to be organized by any major political force manifestoes which did not mention this issue, adopted the same promise
in struggle against communal elements, for their self defense and against of loan waiver in their joint Common Minimum Program. Their lack of
communal role by officials and political leaders, it will virtually become seriousness towards peasants is obvious. On these and several such issues,
impossible for Hindutwa to create communal disturbance. Forces like the the BSP says little, as is its practice.

March,, 2017 33 34 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
Major issues of the peasantry today are of reduction in land ceiling, builders, corporate and other rich sections but that does not worry them.
land pattas and house sites for the poor, reining in the landlord and feudal The counter task, that of saving agriculture, making their work profitable
goonda mafias' violence and oppression, rights to the poor of mining of through changes in policy, granting pattas to the poor, building modern
minor minerals, reduction of input costs including that of diesel, seeds, villages with technologically advanced facilities for civic life, education,
insecticides, etc, restoration of water bodies and provision of irrigation, computer schools, hospitals, free electricity through Solar panels, roads,
ensuring profitable purchase price of crops, making farming profitable. They multi storied rural residences, development of several related industries in
have all been ignored. BJP promised Fasal Bima for the poor. Modi lamented each village, animal husbandry centres, etc has remained ignored. It is the
that while Chattisgarh and Gujarat have more than 50% insurance cover, only way to raise adequate employment in India.
UP has only around 14%. He refused to bring out the fact that Gujarat
farmers are protesting diversion of their irrigation water to industry and Having left out major issues of the people there has been a hype in
failure of crops, especially after demonetization. Gujarat too has seen name calling and allegations against one another. These included Bhartiye
farmers’ suicides due to losses in commercial crop farming and the Jumla Party, Behenji Sampatti Party, Mann ki Baat versus Kaam ki Baat,
insurance has failed to save them. He little understands that help to farmers’ advertisement of Gujarat Asses, Zuban Sambhal Kar bolo, labeling other
to sustain the country needs a comprehensive pro farmer govt. policy and as Gunda Raj, Corrupt, etc. With these the parties made empty promises
not commercial insurance. of various doles to be served out and made claims of those given. These
included gas cylinder connections, lap tops distribution, Smart phones in
UP has 80% irrigated cropped area whle Bundelkhand suffers with only future, free food grains, cheap food for urban poor, air ambulance for the
40% being irrigated. UP has 17% of India’s population, 13% of its gross poor, E Rickshaws, free electricity, jobs in lacs, skill development for self
cropped area, 7.4% of area. Food grain acreage is much lower than average. employment, small promises for women including new reservations in jobs,
Agri GDP growth is lower than even Bihar. Food grain procurement is very pension raises, etc.
low. Chattisgarh, MP show growth only on strength of good procurement
structures. From the debates enacted, some facts do emerge which seem to have
gripped the people. Modi was criticized for making false promises, not
The other major issue was demonitization’s impact on small traders, delivering and then makes tall claims to divert attention. His speeches no
small producers and farmers. These form the bulk of India’s working longer create the kind of frenzy in BJP cadre as they used to. The Centre’s
population. All of them were adversely affected leading to massive losses Security and Terrorism agenda, surgical strike claim has not swayed the
to peasants and closure of several industries. Combined with promotion of emotions of the people. The impact of Kashmir struggle continuing and
cashless trade and imposition of GST it is bound to ruin small producers attacks on our troops, deep into our territory, is there. Though vaguely, all
and traders. Yet it did not practically become an election issue as the of them vaguely criticize each other for unleashing a govt. controlled goonda
Opposition played faithful to this pro corporate policy initiative. The raj and not looking after the interests of the people.
Congress, SP and BSP called it a good decision only badly implemented
and appealed for votes. But they neither condemned the move, nor promised It is clear that people want change and are unenthused with the changes
any move to ameliorate the suffering of the small producers/ traders. on the offer in the elections. They are however neither picking up the
peoples’ policy agenda for development, food and livelihood security,
They have all promised development. The BJP, SP, BSP, Congress, freedom from oppression nor the peoples’ democracy agenda for
all promise highways, Smart cities, River Water Fronts meaning concrete governance. They remain confined within the limits of electing a new
embankments on rivers, Metro Rail, Shopping Malls. That these will ruin legislature in a farcical exercise to enable the executive to rule
farming which sustains livelihood of people is the most important aspect. undemocratically and unaccountably.
It will uproot villages and provide cheap land and real estate wealth to the

March,, 2017 35 36 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)

Rights of Miners in India Working Groups in Mining
Women are paid less than men. This is not even half of the official
minimum wage for unskilled labour, which is 100 rupees. In quarries they
(Justice (Retd.) Gopal Gowda inaugurated the 2nd International have to do separate task for women like handpicking, loading and crushing
Conference of Mining Workers on February 3, 2017 at Godavari Khani the stones. It takes many sills but then also they are regarded as unskilled
(Telengana). The main parts of his address are being published here. - Labourers because there is no formal upgrading of skills and there is no
Editor) recognition of these tasks. Not only they get less wage then men but they
are also sexually harassed by mine owners and contractors. Many reports
Mines means any excavation where any operation for the purpose of shows that Dalit and tribal women are the most exploited sects of people in
searching for or obtaining minerals has been or is being carried on which the mining sector.
includes all borings, oil wells, all protective works being carried out in or
adjacent to a mine etc. And when it comes to define a person who is Child labour in Mining
employed in mines then according to section 2(h) of The Mines Act, 1952
"employed" in a mine who works as a manager or who works under the Children who are born in remote mining areas start with a big
appointment by the owner, agent or manager of the mine, whether for wages disadvantage as they could not get any child care facilities there, and
or not. often no schools exist in the neighborhood, mothers are only left with the
choice to take them along to their work in the quarries. In their childhood
Major quarries of India are spread over the states of Madhya Pradesh, only when they should learn how to write and speak, they learn to crush the
Chhatisgarh, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Andhra stones or help with loading the stones on trucks. It’s not that no Government
Pradesh. Almost everywhere in these states migrant and bonded labourers
schools exist in these types of area, schools exist but because of the very
are employed to carry out the works because they are a very deprived
poor quality and teacher absenteeism, these government schools can’t
class of people and easily they get ready to work for low wages. The people
provide proper education to these children and they remain illiterate. These
of the mining villages receive only Rs. 70-120 per day depending upon his
children also don’t get proper food to eat due to which majority of children
skill, after 8-10 hours of work. Comparatively, the daily wage for a woman
is Rs. 45-55, and a child receives Rs. 30-40 a day. These workers don’t are chronically malnourished.
get any holidays, no weekly days off for these people, and no maternity Cheap child labour is welcomed by the contractors and due to the poverty
leave. and hardship child workers' families allow their children to work in mines
Unsafe working conditions in the mines lead to high number of accidents and quarries and it’s no surprise that majority of these children are working
and health care has been always a serious issue among the mine workers. in mines.
Lack of safety equipments, hard physical labour and presence of health
Reports show that many children are working in mining sector, because
hazards in mines lead to widespread health problems. The mine worker
of the remoteness of quarries and mines and informal character of the
people are poor so they can’t afford expensive medical treatment and their
sector but the response from the Indian Labour Department is complete
isolated location and poverty deny them access to health care and the
denial. They argue that child labour in mining and quarrying is illegal and it
diseases often prove fatal.
is the violation of their right to education. The are often displaced migrants,
Funding will provide health and preventive care in these types of isolated living in huts and tents and as a result they are very vulnerable for other
areas where the access to health care is not that easy. Patients should be forms of exploitation and abuses, and they are often involved in illegal
provided with diagnosis and treatment, including low-cost medication. activities by the mafia and trafficking.

March,, 2017 37 38 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
Dalits and Adivasi for the safeguard for the person working in the mines and also for the
regulation of labor and safety in mines.
Large scale mining projects are basically operated in tribal or adivasi
areas. What the government, politicians and big businessman or industrialist Article 246 Indian Constitution : Article 246 and entry 55 of the seventh
is to take away the land from their owners and force them to migrate. schedule of Indian constitution talks about the regulation of labour and
Discrimination on the basis of caste with Dalits in workplace is very common safety in mines and oilfields.
and the get excluded from social services such as health care and training.
Article 24 : Article 24 of Indian constitution says that no child below the
Also they never get the chance to be promoted as they are viewed as
age of fourteen years be employed to work in any factory or mine or engaged
unskilled labour.
in any other hazardous employment.
Mines Act 1952
Articel 39: Article 39(e) speaks that the state shall direct its policy
The Mines Act, 1952 contains the provision related to health, safety towards securing the health and strength of workers, men and women, the
and welfare of the workers working in coal, oil and metalliferous mines. tender age of children are not to be abused and that citizens are not forced
The Act defined mine as “any excavation where any operation for the purpose by economic necessity to enter vocations unsuited to their age and strength.
of searching for or obtaining minerals has been or is being carried on and
Article 42: Article 42 of Indian Constitution says that the state shall
includes all borings, bore holes, oil wells and accessory crude conditioning
make provisions for securing humane conditions of work and for maternity
plants, shafts, opencast working, conveyors or aerial ropeways, planes,
machinery works, railways, tramways, sliding workshops, power stations,
etc. or any premises connected with mining operations and near or in the Conclusion
mining area”.
In the mining industry safety is vital factor. To avoid any types of
According to the provision of the Act it is the duty of the owner to
unwanted accidents all mining industry follows some basic precaution. To
manage mines and the mining operations and health and safety in the
avoid loss of material and damaging of human health, protection system
mines. The Act also prescribes number of working hours in the mines,
as well as communication system is necessary inside the underground
what should be the minimum wage rate and other related matters.
mines. To increases both safety and productivity in mines, a reliable
The Act is administered by the Ministry of Labour and Employment communications must be established between workers. The workers
through the Directorate General of Mines Safety. It is the Government including women, children, dalits and adivasis come from a very backward
regulatory agency for safety in mines and oil fields. The main work of society and they are the most suppressed section of the society. Just
DGMS is to reduce the risk of occupational diseases and injury to persons because they are poor and illiterate and came from a weaker section of the
employed in mines and to improve safety and health standards. For this society, they should not be deprived from their fundamental and basic rights.
they do periodic inspections of mines to keep vigil over the status of safety They should also get aqual opportunity to be promoted, they should get the
and investigate into accidents and complaints. wages prescribed by law. They also have the right to get holidays, maternity
leave and safety measures. The laws should be implemented more
The Mine Act 1952 was amended in 1959 and 1983. Vocational training
effectively to uplift these people.
Rules 1966 were framed under the Mines Act 1952. In this the rule provided
that refresher should get specialized training. Role of Judiciary in implementing Rights of Workers.
Constitutional Obligations The judiciary has always had the burden of being the counter-majoritarian
The Constitution of India has empowered the Parliament to frame laws institution and coming to the rescue of those whose voices are often ignored

March,, 2017 39 40 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
and neglected. This is perhaps most true for the interpretation and consonance with the provisions of the IC Act.
implementation of the rights of the workers.
The one aspect where the judiciary has failed the workers is that they
The inimitable Justive V.R. Krishna Iyer has held in the case of KCP have declared all strikes as illegal in the case of T.K. Rangarajan vs.
Employees Association v. <amage,emtpf KCP Ltd. (AIR 1978 SC 474) State of Tamil Nadu. (2003) 6 SSC 581) This is completely out of tune
with the developments in the west where it has been held that strike is a
“Industrial law, interpreted and applied in the perspective of Class IV of healthy way in which the workers can express their grievances against the
the Constitution, the benefit of reasonable doubt on law and facts, if there employers, who are not yielding to their legitimate demands. In the case of
be such doubt, should go to the weaker section-labour.” Dharm Dutt v. Union of India, even the right of collective bargaining was
And in Indian Express News Papers Pvt. Ltd. V. Indian Express taken away from the workers. While the right to protest is a fundamental
New Papers Employees Union it was held that. right under Article 19 of the Constitution, the right to strike was just
envisaged to be a statutory right under the ID Act. This is inspite of the
“industrial jurisprudence is not static, rigid or textually cold but dynamic, decision in the case of B.R. Singh v. Union of India which observed:
burgeoning and warm with life. It answers in emphatic negative to the biblical
interrogation. The Industrial Tribunal of India in the areas unoccupied by “ The right to form association or unions is a fundamental right under
precise block letter law, go by the constitutional mandate of social justice Article 19 (1) © of the Constitution. Section 8 of the Trade Unions Act
in the claims of the little people." provides for registration of a trade union if all the requirements of the said
enactment are fulfilled. The right to form associations and unions and provide
It is perhaps in continuation of the same philosophy that in the case of for their registration was recognized obviously for conferring certain rights
Bangalore Water Supply, a seven judge bench of the Supreme Court of trade unions. The necessity to form unions is obviously for voicing the
gave an expansive interpretation to the term ‘industry’. It was held that an demands and grievances of labour. Trade unionists act as mouthpieces of
industry need not necessarily be a business or commercial enterprise labour. The strength of a trade union depends on its membership. Therefore,
running with a profit motive. A triple test was envisaged, being: systematic trade unions with sufficient membership strength are able to bargain more
activity, organized by cooperation between the employer and the employee, effectively; reduced if it is not permitted to demonstrate. ... “Strike in a
for the production and or distribution of goods and servies calculated to given situation is only a form of demonstration. There are different modes
satisfy human wants and wishes. of demonstrations, e.g., go-slow, sit-in, work-to-rule, absenteeism, etc.,
However, the same is now subject of review by a nine judge bench of and strike is one such mode of demonstration by workers for their right.
the Supreme Court as some subsequent hunches have felt that the decision The right to demonstrate and, therefore, the right to strike is an important
in Bangalore Water Supply is worker oriented and is unfair to the weapon in the arrnoury of the workers. This right has been recognized by
employers. almost all democratic countries. Though not raised to the high pedestal of
a fundamental right, it is recognized as a mode of redress for resolving the
The judiciary has also sprung to the rescue of bonded labours, temporary grievances of workers".
and badli workers who were being employeed by the employers
circumventing the provisions of the labour laws meant for their benefit. The Supreme Court has indeed come a long way in protecting the rightsof
Cases such as Bandhua Mukti Morcha and Asiad games cases are true the workers, however, there are still some key aspects which require
examples of this. reconsideration. The term industry has been given an expansive
interpretation and the same has stood the test of times for the past forty
The law is also well settled that workers are entitled to full back wages years. It has helped numerous workers secure their rights. The same should
and consequential monetary benefits in case their termination is not in not be watered down by a larger bench now.

March,, 2017 41 42 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
Final Declaration of the 2 International nd The country reports showed manifold sides of the present reality in the
countries and the current state of the miners' movement with facts and
Miners' Conference, Godavari Khani, figures and concrete examples. They showed, that the working class
India, 2nd to 5th of February 2017 movement worldwide has common enemies, similar problems and that it
urgently needs international coordination.
The 2nd international Miners’ Conference has come to a conclusion
successfully. This time it took place in Godavari Khani, India, with about From the first conference in 2013, the organizations that participated in
5000 participants and with 38 delegates of the miners’ movement from 16 the international coordination of the mine workers have played an important
countries. Delegates of 8 of the countries could not be present due to role in their struggles in several countries. After the first steps towards an
various reasons – either because their governments prevented them or international coordination of the struggles this has to be improved in an
because their visas have been denied by Indian embassies; others were organized manner.
unable to take leave from their job. About 60 countries took part in the The ICG elected in the first conference in Arequipa, Peru, submitted a
preparation process. work report to the General Assembly which was approved unanimously.
In India, the National Prepatory Committee, consisting of 10 The report and the discussion stated clearly that the process of international
organizations, made huge efforts, generated great power and unity of co-ordination has started.
workers. They mobilized thousands of workers and their families, as well The financial report of the Treasurer pointed out that the work of the
as the masses to realize a great campaign of propaganda and collection of ICG was financed totally by donations from the masses. The delegates
resources in order to support the international movement of mine workers. expressed their trust in the Treasurer unanimously.
Today, the international coordination of miners has established 150 10 forums organized a mutual learning process about the situation in
contacts with trade unions and other organizations all over the world. In 60 the different countries and there were discussions about our demands and
countries already the miners have expressed their wish to be a part of this our cooperation. A mutual exchange of experiences over-coming the
process. language barriers, miners from all over the world debated passionately and
With a public manifestation of the masses in the city of Godavari Khani, in camaraderie about all social issues and about our future fights. This
between flags, songs and slogans in various languages, we demonstrated conference gave space to all participants to learn from each other.
the immense capacity that the workers’ movement wields. Without the The 2nd International Miners' Conference has achived in an exceptional
great support of mine workers and women from the coal region of Singareni manner the integration of the national particularities in conjunction with the
this conference would not have been possible. internal cooperation. The 3 rd international Miners Conference is to be held
In the General Assembly of delegates the practical program of the mine in the year 2022. Upto the 31 st of January 2019 any country can apply for
workers on an international level has been adopted. It was discussed the hosting of the conference. This timeline should create the possibility to
intensively and improved by a lot of contributions. Other aspects were also organize regional and continental conferences.
discussed relating to the construction of the international coordination of We call out to all the miners' organizations across the world to affiliate
mine workers. This is a historic movement for the organization of our struggle with the International Miners' Coordination in a reliable manner. Let us build
on an international level. up regional coordinations. We are able to carry out great tasks and we
A new International Coordination Group (ICG) was elected unanimously, invite the mine workers from all over the world to participate.
composed of 9 representatives of the miners movement of the countries Miners of the world unite! Miners united can never be defeated!
Columbia, Congo, Germany, India, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Peru, Philippines
and Poland. Godavari Khani, India, 5 of February 2017

March,, 2017 43 44 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
Amendments to CNT & SPT Acts succession of armed uprisings which compelled the British to enact these
laws and regulations.

Assault on Land Rights of The principle of self administration and control over their lands by Adivasis
in general in the country can be seen in the Panchayats Extension to
Tribals in Jhar khand
Jharkhand Scheduled Areas Act (PESA) and is also indicated in the Vth Schedule of
the Constitution.
One important aspect of the CNT and SPT Acts is that they severely
V K Patole restrict and in some aspects totally prohibit transfer of Adivasi lands, the
objective being to protect against land alienation among Adivasis. The
Bihar Govt had extended the scope of these laws to include Dalits and
Mr. Raghubar Das, Chief Minister of the BJP led Jharkhand Govt., cannot OBCs. The Jharkhand BJP Govt. has made significant amendments greatly
stop patting himself on the back for a supposedly greatly successful ‘Global diluting the provisions so as to enable the Govt., Corporates and Land
Investors’ Summit’ in Ranchi on 16-17th February, 2017. The Summit had mafia to seize land. They were first brought as Ordinances on 21 May
12 Union Ministers in attendance to ensure proper projection of Modi’s 2016 and later the Bill was hastily pushed through the Assembly.
‘Make in India’. It is being claimed that 210 MOUs worth Rs.310,287 crore
have been signed with Indian and foreign corporates with an employment The basic amendment to these Acts is that the Govt. has accorded to
potential of over 2 lakh jobs. Obviously no statistics are being revealed as itself the absolute power to change the land use from agricultural to
to how much land will be seized from Adivasis and how many of them will non-agricultural, viz.- “Power to regulate non agricultural use:
be deprived of their agricultural land, forests and livelihood. Notwithstanding anything contained in the Act for the time being in force,
State Government shall frame rules to regulate the non-agriculture use of
Earlier other Chief Ministers have also made many such claims of MOUs land in such geographical areas and for such uses as notified from time to
many of which did not materialize particularly because of strong movements time by the State Government.” and the power to expand the permissibility
of Adivasis and other peasants resisting seizure of their lands and refusing for “transfer of occupancy holding…” to include “Road, Canal, Railway,
to sell. The Raghubar Das Govt., in order to forestall this, has made changes Cable, Transmission, Water Pipes and other service utility as pipelines,
in the CNT and SPT Acts to pave the way for grabbing of Adivasi lands for schools, colleges, University, Panchayat Building, Hospital, Anganwadi or
corporates. any public purposes/project or activity which the State Government may
add”. As is well known “public purpose” has been used by governments to
The Chhota Nagpur Tenancy Act,1908 (CNT) and the Santhal Parganas include any and every activity of Corporate. The Govt. has empowered
Tenancy Act,1949 (SPT- based on the Regulation III of 1872) are the basic itself to frame Rules and issue Executive orders as required for the benefit
laws governing rights, both individual and community rights, of Adivasis in of Corporates.
Jharkhand on all land in the village - agricultural land, village community
land, forest land. The Acts also recognize traditional and customary rights PESA, 1996 clearly states that Panchayats and Gram Sabhas in the
apart from the codified rights. These laws were not any gift from the British Scheduled Areas are empowered with authority “to prevent alienation of
rulers but were the result of armed revolts by adivasis against the seizure land in the Scheduled Areas and to take appropriate action to restore any
of their lands and forests and their oppression and exploitation by feudal unlawfully alienated land of a Scheduled Tribe.” The amendments of the
zamindars and moneylenders loyal to the British. From Tilka Majhi to Sidhu Jharkhand Govt. subvert PESA and take away the constitutionally invested
Kanu and others in Santhal Parganas to the revolts of the Hos, the Kols authority of Gram Sabhas. Here it is worthwhile to recall that in Niyamgiri,
and finally the Ulgulan led by Birsa Munda in Chhota Nagpur there were a the Supreme Court directed that the opinion of Gram Sabhas be taken and

March,, 2017 45 46 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
the Gram Sabhas of the Adivasis overwhelmingly rejected the handing active support for the amendments among the people who have migrated
over of land to Vedanta for bauxite mining. The objectives expressed in into Jharkhand from other parts particularly Bihar, Chhattisgarh and Bengal.
the Fifth Schedule of the Constitution also are to “…regulate the allotment The basis for this was also laid during its electoral campaign where it
of land to members of the Scheduled Tribes in such area…” and to propagated for a non-Adivasi Chief Minister and subsequently in its liberal
“…prohibit or restrict the transfer of land by or among members of the domicile policy for migrants.
Scheduled Tribes in such area…” The Govt. of course has no compunctions
about riding roughshod over any constitutional or legal safeguards won by One important aspect which is often not considered regarding the validity
the Adivasis. of these amendments is that these Acts are not routine laws, but are special
laws regarding a specific community of people in a specified geographical
Since the time of the promulgation of the Ordinances there has been area and essentially represent a contract arrived at between Adivasis and
widespread opposition particularly from Adivasis. There have been many the British Govt. They have been carried over and are acknowledged in
agitations by various political forces and other democratic organizations. the Constitution separately and are not subject to judicial review. Is it
Within the ruling political alliance the AJSU party has expressed its strong democratic for legislators in the Assembly who have been “elected” from
opposition but remains in the Govt. Adivasi MLAs of the BJP have expressed other geographical areas to decide on changes in these laws? If these
their reservations mutedly. In view of the groundswell of opposition in the amendments are so beneficial for the development of Adivasis, why does
masses the opposition parties in the assembly with the Jharkhand Mukti the Raghubar Das Govt. not conduct a referendum on these amendments
Morcha leading have called successful Jharkhand Bandh twice. A new in the Scheduled Areas of Jharkhand? Or at least the opinions of the Gram
phenomenon emerged during these bandhs wherein important leaders down Sabhas should be sought. That would be much more democratic but the
to block level were taken into preventive detention on the eve of the Bandh Govt. knows they will be rejected on this count.
and they submitted without a murmur. They were fed well and rested
comfortably while the common adivasis faced police repression in the The Adivasis of Jharkhand know from long experience that so-called
streets. The Bandhs were successful but organized big demonstrations on development has meant for them only displacement from their land and
the streets were very few in the absence of leaders. The right to bear livelihood, destruction of their social formations and customs and culture
traditional arms was not questioned in Jharkhand till now but after the Bandh and even their identity for tens of lakhs of them. They are fighting against
police raided Adivasi student hostels in Dumka and other places, beat up this fresh assault on them in the form of these amendments and will continue
students, seized their traditional bows and arrows and the administration to fight. All patriotic and democratic forces must come forward to join this
evicted them from the hostels. There was only mild token protest from the struggle.
side of the opposition parties.
The attitude of the ruling class parties in Jharkhand has so far been of
opposing the amendments as an electoral compulsion. This is
understandable considering that they are all in favour of luring Corporate
into Jharkhand with lands and mineral resources. Furthermore, there are
leaders in all the parliamentary parties in Jharkhand who have openly flouted
the existing provisions of these Acts and have acquired lands for
themselves illegally.
The Raghubar Das Govt. and the various wings of the BJP-RSS are
propagating about the necessity of land for ‘development’ and are organizing

March,, 2017 47 48 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
Union Budget 2017-18 having one of the lowest tax/GDP ratio. This however hides the fact that
while between more than half or nearly two third of the tax collections in

Total Neglect of the
developed countries are spent on social sectors, in India this expenditure
is virtually miniscule.

Concerns of the People Govt. talks about providing employment but there are no measures for
the same in the Budget. Employment generation has been low and has
further slowed down in the recent years. Mr. Jaitley has only talked of self-
Union Budget presented by the Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley is employment and not announced any measures to spur the employment.
devoid of any attention to the problems faced by the common people. It This ‘Swayamsewak’ is enamoured by the ‘swayam’ and does not think it
showers further concessions on the MNCs and corporate and increases is the Govt. responsibility to provide employment.
economic burdens on the people. There are no measures for addressing
There is a lot of rhetoric of investment in the agriculture and rural
unemployment and the ills plaguing the major sectors of Indian economy
development but that is only an eyewash. The large increase is in the
mainly agriculture and industries. Industrial production is stagnant and
credit flow to the agriculture while peasants are sinking deeper into debt
whatever growth has been registered in agriculture is due to favourable
burden and peasants’ suicides owing to them are continuing. There is no
weather conditions. This Budget is marked by total neglect of the main
attempt to address the causes of this increasing indebtedness of peasantry,
sectors- agriculture, industries, health, education and social sectors.
there is no attempt to lower the prices of inputs and no announcement on
Mr. Jaitley has acclaimed demonetization and consequent increased the remunerative prices of the produce. This increased flow of rural credit
deposits in the Banks but the Govt. has used this to lower interest rates will only help the landlords and other rural rich who corner these loans and
whose main beneficiaries will be foreign and domestic corporate. There is further give them to small peasants on exorbitant rates.
no waiver of the loans for peasants, agricultural labourers, small businesses
On the other hand, Mr. Jaitley has announced the Govt. intention of
and other sections of poor people. Finance Minister has also not addressed
promoting contract farming which is another name for bringing in corporate
the question of rising NPAs of the Public Sector Banks which have reached
agriculture and deprive the peasants of their land and agriculture and make
over 12% of their total lending. While the Govt. has commended itself on
them labourers on their own land.
demonetization, there was not even acknowledgement of the sufferings of
the workers, peasants and middle classes. Mr. Jaitley has made much of his ‘increased allocation’ for MGNERGS
but this again is misleading. He has allocated Rs. 48000 crores in this
In this Budget and preceding it, Modi Govt. has tried to increase the tax
Budget while Revised Estimates for the last year have put the expenditure
net and tax burden on the people. Goods & Services Tax (GST) and cashless
under this head at Rs. 47000 crores.
transactions are meant to draw increasing sections into the tax net. The
projected increase in revenue by 17% even while the growth rate is projected The increased expenditure on SCs and STs is similarly misleading as
by the Govt. to be between 6.75 to 7.5% is due to increasing the tax burden these expenditures are made without any result to improving the lot of
on the people. The increase in indirect taxes will only increase the burden these sections.
on the people and fuel increase in the prices of essential commodities.
While Mr. Jaitley has complemented himself on low rate of inflation the In his Budget Speech, Finance Minister has declared the Govt. intention
reality is that price rise of the commodities used by the common people is to carry through anti-worker changes in labour laws doing away with the
much higher. rights of workers. Modi Govt. has already announced its proposal to replace
all existing labour laws with four codes. This is yet another effort to bring in
The Finance Minister has called Indians as non-tax compliant and India FDI to exploit the lower wages to labour in the country. On the other hand

March,, 2017 49 50 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
there are no measures to address the crisis faced by the textile industry parties is at the root of political corruption which has not been addressed in
which is one of the biggest employer in the country. There are no measures the present Budget. The whole effort of Modi Govt. is to divert the attention
for the workers employed in construction industry and other sectors of of the people from the real causes and to hide the role of big sharks.
economy which are facing stagnation or where growth rate has slowed
down. The whole Budget exercise has been robbed of its credibility with its
larger outlays but less spending on social sectors, with jugglery of figures,
Even the so-called emphasis on infrastructure is mainly to rope in private increasing of burdens on the people round the year and with announcement
investment through PPP. The Budget Speech mentioned utilization of land of the schemes year after year with virtually no implementation.
assets by the infrastructure sectors like railways, airports and ports which
is in fact abdication of the responsibility of the Govt. in favour of the private Union Budget 2017-18 once again shows the priorities of the Modi Govt.
players in these fields. and how little it cares for the people.

Finance Minister has claimed an increase in FDI inflows. The whole (Issued by the Central Committe of CPI(ML)-New Democracy on
strategy of the Govt. is to depend on FDI particularly in face of declining February 1, 2017)
private investment in the country. There are a number of concessions
announced for the FDI and select corporate.
Abolition of separate budget for the railways has coincided with
abdication of responsibility towards this public carrier. Budget banks on
privatization for providing the funds for investment. In the recent years
there has been gross neglect of the maintenance including on tracks
resulting in increasing accidents and declining quality of service. The Union
Govt. has adopted totally callous approach towards these problems.
Union Budget also neglects the growing crisis of health care delivery Read and Subscribe
system in the country and health services going out of the reach of the
overwhelming majority of the people. There is no emphasis on improving CPI(ML) Or
Orgg ans
the peripheral health care centres which are crucial to affecting any
improvement. There has been announcement of increase in PG seats, the New Democracy English
same are in private institutions with their quality already doubtful. Similarly, Pratirodh Ka Swar Hindi
education too has been neglected. Mr. Jaitley has talked of increasing
autonomy of the educational institutions while every day the Govt. Voice of New Democracy Telugu
interference in their affairs is increasing. Scientific research has also been (Telengana)
neglected. Modi Govt. has cut down funding for the scientific research as
it depends more and more on foreign sources for bringing in new technology
Biplabi Ganaline Bengali
and improvements. Inquilabi Sada Rah Punjabi
Jaitley has made a mockery of addressing the question of funding of Lok Yudh Marathi
the political parties. Reduction of the permissible limit to Rs. 2000 will be
Sangrami Ekta Oriya
as meaningless as the earlier one. Nexus between corporate and ruling

March,, 2017 51 52 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
the banner of socialists in 1909 to demand the right to vote for all women in
8th March 2017 contrast to the suffragettes who were demanding a white, propertied

Fight Gender Discrimination! women’s vote. Thus that struggle itself raised the slogan not only for similar
political rights as men but also similar political rights for all women
Fight for Equality! irrespective of colour and class. Today, world over it is customary for even
Govts. to adopt this day and use it to announce hollow promises for women.
Gender discrimination is faced by women in India in all walks of life. In MNCs and corporate adopt it as another day of celebration in which then
the workplace, it begins with unequal and lesser wages for the same work can sell special gifts, perfumes, cosmetics, clothes and household goods
and also refusal to employ in permanent posts. The other important in the name of ‘Women’s Day’. But it began as a working women’s day, a
manifestation is to restrict women’s access to higher managerial posts. day of struggle, a day in which the working women reaffirmed that their
The markedly lower number of women in the higher positions of the judiciary struggle was for all women and not sectarian; it was also for a political right
despite there being a large number of women lawyers, the lesser number and not only restricted to economic or domestic demands.
of women heads of Universities, are all pointers to the restricted access Let us mark 8th March this year by emphasizing the same spirit. The
for women to the higher posts. At the other end of the spectrum, women year gone by has especially seen discriminations of all varieties against
workers are more likely to be piece rate and informal workers in the textile women of minorities and Dalit women. Let us march this Working women’s
industry; one hardly finds skilled or even semi skilled workers in the Day for the right of all women of India to equal status with men in all walks
construction industry. of life. This fight, of course, is incomplete without being part of the struggle
And so it remains in other walks of life. The female foetus is sought to to ensure that all men and women are socially equal.
be discarded through sex determination and selective abortions. The birth
of the girl child is met with sorrow and she is discriminated against in food
and education in comparison to brothers. Where there is want, the girl child
is discriminated against in diet. The women are the last to eat in the home West Champaran (Bihar)
and if there is not enough they will feed the family even if they have to
sleep on empty stomachs. The same holds true where sickness is
concerned. Rates of female infants dying are more in India simply because
Com. Siraj Ansari Killed
the girl child is brought for treatment to a hospital at very late stages.
Maternal deaths are also due to poor levels of nutrition leading to anaemia by Landlord Gang
and to weak bones and also because hospital aid is denied to them. This is
the direct fallout of the patriarchal values of India’s society. The girl is Com. Siraj Ansari, aged about 40 years, was murdered on February 8,
seen right from birth as the property of some other household and thus 2017 at about 11 PM by a landlord gang in Katia Matia village in West
nothing is to be invested into her development on a scale equal to the boys Champaran district of Bihar. In this village struggle over 40 acres of land is
of the family. The terror of having to supply her future dowry keeps parents continuing. Out of these nearly 22 acres of land have been captured by
from being willing to spend on her education. And thus the story of the girl landless poor peasants. Com. Siraj was leading this struggle and had been
is written from some man’s daughter to some man’s wife to some man’s a target of landlord goondas. There have been several attacks on Com.
mother. Siraj and other comrades. Attempts were also made to implicate him in
false cases.
8 th March is a day when working women all over the world mark their
fight for equal rights in all aspects. Women in New York marched under Struggles for land and against landlord oppression have sharpened in

March,, 2017 March, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
this area over last two years and
landless poor peasants are resisting
Rohtas (Bihar) : Landlords
the landlord goonda violence. Many
land struggles are continuing in Sikta
Torture Dalit and MBC Youth
and Majholia blocks of West Rohtas district in Bihar has witnessed a heinous torture of one MBC
Champaran district. and a Dalit youth by landlords in the village Nauvan under Dinara police
Com. Siraj was a member of Sikta station dominated by Kurmi landlords. JD(U) MLAs were elected from this
Majholia Area Committee of CPI(ML)- area i.e. Dinara and Kargahar in which landlords of this community dominate.
New Democracy and was working as The area has also been notorious for atrocities on landless poor peasants
a full time activist of the Party. He and massacres e.g. Vishrampur and Akodi Gola had taken place in this
was also a known leader of All India area in which landlords of this community and their political mentors had
Kisan Mazdoor Sabha (AIKMS). He been the perpetrators.
led the struggle over 100 acres of The two rural labourers, namely Suresh Chauhan belonging to Nonia
land of landlord Harimadhav Shahi caste, a most backward caste and Vijay Sharma belonging to Lohar caste,
of his panchayat and 32 acres of a caste included among SCs by the State Govt., worked as mason and
land of Jaimangalpur State in the labourer respectively for a landlord, Ramashankar Chaudhary. When on 29
neaby panchayat, Sugha January 2017 these two asked for the money for their labour, Ramashankar
Bhawanipur. AIKMS was organizing peasants for capturing 80 acres of Chaudhary, his son Patali Chaudhary and his goondas accused them of
land belonging to pattaholders and 150 acres of land of Jaimangalpur State. stealing the battery of their tractor. They were confined and undressed,
Landlords employed criminal Indrajeet Yadav for dispossessing landless made completely naked and badly beaten with rods. Hot iron rods were
poor peasants from the lands captured by them which led to clashes of thrust into their private parts causing serious injuries. Their ordeal continued
this gang with peasants. Murder of Com. Siraj Ansari is a continuation of for 6-7 hours in Kurmi Tola. When the mother of one of the victims of this
this attack by the landlords against landless poor peasants. violence reached the place and pleaded for her son's release, she too was
manhandled and was forced to go back. When some persons belonging to
Over four hundred people participated in the funeral procession of Com.
Nonia community, including the brother of Suresh Chauhan, informed the
Siraj held on 9th February evening.
Incharge of Dinara police station of this heinous crime, he did not even
On 23rd Feburary 2017 AIKMS held a day long Dharna at the District bother to go to the spot but enquired from the village Mukhia, Ramakant
Collectorate at Bettiah demanding ceiling surplus and Math lands for the Sah. The Mukhia denied the incident and PS incharge rebuked those who
landless poor peasants. AIKMS demanded that the real culprits of Com. had informed him of the atrocity.
Siraj's murder should be arrested immediately and false cases foisted At about 4 PM, feudal goons threw the badly injured Suresh and Vijay
against leaders and activists of AIKMS should be withdrawn. Participants into a gali. People took them to the police station in a tractor and a video
were addressed by AIKMS state President Com. Rambriksh Ram and recording of this atrocity was shown to the police station Incharge. Badly
General Secretary Com. Shambhu Singh. injured Suresh has been admitted to a hospital in Benares. He has suffered
CPI(ML)-New Democracy pays its homage to the martyred comrade serious injuries due to an iron rod being thrust into his anus. Vijay’s left leg
and vows to intensify peasant struggles against landlords and their goondas, has been broken and his body bears marks of branding by hot iron rods.
to resist their attacks and to mobilize the peasants in large numbers in This attack is a clear demonstration of the kind of atrocities by feudal
these struggles. landlords which are continuing against the rural poor.

March,, 2017 March, 2017