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wre HCNC ‘Bran Kl, Present ‘Alan Kurt, 1 Ve Prosiont se Ernedaneee ones Psa Historic Cultural Neighborhood Council (en Toy, 4 Vie President Sere Haris Secretary George Ys Treasurer Lyeia Morro, Hstoran June 30, 2015 To: Department of neighborhood empowerment Cc. General Jeff Subject: Skid Row as a independent Neighborhood Council ‘To Whom it may concern, The HCNC is in support of the idea of cre: voted on our April 14,2015 board meeting. HCNC Vote Yes_21 No. Abstain__2 ZY Ai iar ote President Historical Cultural Neighborhood Council HISTORIC CULTURAL NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL eo Koban 307 Et Seat Les ngeles, A 30012 President ‘Secttany:henda@gna.con 1218 e@on12 4 213 580282 ig an independent Skid Row Neighborhood Council as, Execurive Boano Memocns ZAPATA-KING NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL Boao Memeens City oF Los ANGELES sharon Blekbur, corte Tees, rent a laeteprseve ester Hendenen, Ment rans, Wrechresaent arg hepsensve Frey Tres, eee At-Large Representative Deas Mares Turner, — ss lacgegesee ‘rewart tron Tore tens, omen ners Repeente tos angee cA 9007 You epee srw tapatshngre ong Letter in Support of the Creation of the Skid Row Neighborhood Council ‘The Zapata King Neighborhood Council declares that a Brown Act compliant public meeting was held on Wednesday, August, 19 2015, and with _ members present for a quorum, the Zapata ~ King Neighborhood Council voted __~ to support the formation of the Skid Row Neighborhood Council. With all of the numerous issues, including homelessness and mental illness, that need to be addressed in the area commonly known as "the homeless capitol of America," a pioneering governing body encompassed with representation of the local residents, businesses, non-profit organizations and other Skid Row stakeholders, which include arts, crafts and culture, the opportunity presents itself for the formation of a platform which we think will help to create the necessary solutions to change Skid Row for the better, August 19, 2015 George Torres, President Date

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