The 21st century world and globalization have incurred much demands to the
common people in order to be sustained of their needs. As the demands are
heightened, much financial security becomes vital. Due to the lack of knowledge
and awareness in managing finances, many have ventured into different
entrepreneurial activities to make ends meet. Included in some of the most affected
sectors of the increasing modern demands are students who are obliged to support
their own education. In doing so, it was found out the selected students coming
from AMA Computer Learning Center College (ACLC College) of Dau, Mabalacat
under the program BS Entrepreneurship lack the necessary knowledge and skills to
strategize their ways of dealing with their finances which often lead to overspending
and other unnecessary expenses.This brought the Graduate School Students of the
University of the Assumption to conduct and facilitate a Training and Development
Seminar which aims to assist and engage them in building their very own finances
under the theme “Savings: The Speaker’s Approach” which served as an extension
service activity in the Human Resource Management course. The said extension
service was officiated under the guidance of an experienced bank employee
supported by a school teacher and administrative officer of a district hospital who
have dealt with finances in their respective institutions. The said extension service
program was conducted at Destino Diner located at Angeles City, Pampanga. In the
conduct of the said program, selected graduating working students under BS
Entrepreneurship were given training regarding the importance of saving money,
engagement in banking services, different methods that can be implored in saving,
and steps in building their financial future. At the climax of the activity, the
participants were given the opportunity to raise concerns regarding their finances.
The participants were as well given a step by step guide in the different banking
procedures through a run through with the different accessible and affordable
saving services being offered in respective banking institutions.
After the said program, the participants became very much encouraged to
invest in banking services and employ other doable methods to maximize their
finances. In the same way, facilitators were as well able to incorporate their
expertise and professional routines and experiences in organizing finances to
graduating working students who aspire to become entrepreneurs. In doings so, the
participants were given the idea and the opportunity to build their financial future;
thereby developing a financially stable and secured sustaining practical lifestyle
matched with their immerging entrepreneurial skills and potentials.