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Zindia Solorio


English 242B

Directions: Read over the rubric for Essay 1. Then answer the following questions by
using the language of the rubric.

1. What specific part(s) of the rubric do you think you addressed well?
The Introduction is always my strongest paragraph I address the writer my thesis clearly
and provide a larger conversation with necessary information. I also think that my
conclusion was strong I restate my thesis but use different wording.
.What specific part(s) of the rubric do you feel the least confident in? Explain.
I feel confident in the entire rubric; I think I am good at writing and getting the reader's
attention and the organization of my paragraphs. except the analysis I feel like I Can't
really explain as much as I think in my head or when I put it in words it's not as
2. What grade would you give yourself in EFFORT for this essay?
I would give myself 100 .I went to the tlc I did research I read the actual Birmingham
letter so many times, I was exhausted because I work nights and I was up 72 hrs.
straight for this essay and I was sick. I tried to do better than my last essay. I didn't give
up although I wanted to. I also used a thesaurus for my first time.
3. What grade would you give yourself on the essay itself? Explain.
If I could grade myself I would get an A 97% I know that there is always room for
improvement but I am really proud of myself. I answered the thesis question and
provided reasoning .I used quotes to support my main ideas .The conclusion restated my
thesis. I used a clear vocabulary. Overall I think I did a good job with my device usage I
gave examples and quoted how it was used and how it influences readers. For example
in anaphora to show where it was I even highlighted.

4. Write about an idea that most impacted, changed, or challenged

your thinking from MLK's Letter from a Birmingham Jail. Specifically,
consider the following topics as possible ideas you can comment on:
non-violent direct action- It was eye opening to me how this type of resistance actually
help change a disgusting law and help accomplished in the process of our civil rights. It
impacts me now because I am apart of protesting going on now in 2017 and this gives
me home 50-60 years ago it was getting done and we have come a long way to know the
history of protest make it that much more meaningful.

5. How will you use your understanding of rhetorical appeals to help

you develop your own essay and argument writing? Explain.
Understanding rhetorical appeal help me in my essay to persuade the reader to where I
want them to be at mentally .It will be easier to make my point and connect the reader to
my text. I hope that it will help me impact my audience by using rhetorical strategies.
Just as the letter of Birmingham impacted people into wanting to do the moral think
because of the writing technique. His writing made a difference maybe my writing will
have more value to if I am able to reach my audience emotionally, and mentally.