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Female members as karta:

CIT V. Seth Govind Ram female not a karta

Nami chand v hira chand: if senior most member donot want to be Karta. He
may relinquish his right and a new karta can be made with the consent of other

Chander Dip v Jagannath : On the death of the karta the next male will become
the karta. If ant legal proceeding is pending than name of karta will be replaced.
Junior member:
1. M/s Nopany Investments (P) Ltd vs Santokh Singh (HUF), 2007 (13) JT 448
Ordinarily, the right to act as Karta of the HUF is vested in the senior most male member
but in his absence, the junior members can also act as Karta in exceptional circumstances.
Issue ws whtr a younger coparcener cud file the suit fr eviction - in the capacity of Karta of
a HUF when admittedly an elder member of the aforesaid HUF ws alive.
Court obsrvd in Sunil Kumar vs Ram Prakash (1988) 2 SCC 77, it ws laid down tht, in general,
the father of a family, if alive, and in his absence the senior member of the family wud be
entitled to manage the jt family property.
In Trivbhovan Das vs Gujarat Revenue Tribunal (1991) 3 SCC 442, the court obsrvd tht a
younger member of the JF can deal with the JF property as manager in the following
circumstances (i) senior member or the Karta is nt available (ii) whr the Karta relinquishes
his right expressly or by neccessary implication (iii) in the absence of the manager in
exceptional & extra ordinary circumstances such as distress or calamity affecting the whole
family & for supporting the family (iv) in the absence of the father (a) whose whrabouts
were nt known (b) who was away in a remote place due to compelling circumstances & his
return within a reasonable time ws unlikely or nt anticipated
Books on Principles of Hindu law by Mulla and Shri SV Gupta on "Hindu law" wherein it hs
been observed tht ordinarily, the right to act as the Karta of HUF is vested in the senior
most male member but in his absence, the Jr members can also act as Karta
Present case Dhuman Raj Singh, the senior most member of the HUF ws settled in UK, nt in
position to handle JFP -thrfr power of attorney to Jasraj Singh, further more no protest frm
Dhuman Raj Singh or by any member of the HUF to the filing of the suit by Jasraj Singh -
thrfr nt open to tenant to raise question of maintainability of the suit at the instance of
Jasraj Singh

Mudit v ranglal: there can be more than one karta.