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Aves Ruffin-Justis & Ben Heyman Action Plan Tracking Sheet

Goal: By finals, personal finance students will have increased their basic math skills by 75%, especially student #1 and by the end

of his project, student #1 will be able to complete his checkbook and balance it.

Instructional Tactic Method (Specifically how will it be Acting Frequency Completion Verifying Artifacts
Tactic done?) Party (How often will Date (Which artifacts will
(What will be (Who this task be serve as evidence that
done?) will do done?) the instructional tactic
it?) has been

Public Students will research current events Teacher Weekly Wednesdays Current Events
Speaking outside of classroom and share with fellow
students in classroom on Wednesdays

Classwork Students will complete financial simulation Teacher Daily Monday- Lesson Plans
activities. Simulation reading, practice and Friday
quizzes are done in class and online via

Married at Students will work in small groups in

First Sight class(couples). 10th grade students will Teacher Weekly May 5, 2017 Lesson Plans, check
Real-World work as divorced parents. Students will be writing, balanced check
Project Based/ given real-world conflicts to solve in the register, budgeting and
Blended classroom and online via Edmodo. Students complete money
Learning will have family day (project day) in class management booklet

Formative Students will complete the pre-examination Teacher Near the May 19, 2017 Practice Exam
Assessment individually middle of the
term, prior to
the final exam
Summative Students will complete the examination Teacher Final Exam May 31, 2017 Final Exam

Evaluation Final Exam: Completion of blended learning/group project and final exam
Metric will indicate if SMART goals were achieved.