Disinformation and the Dangers of Neuro-linguistic Programming A Tract Essay By Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J..D., Esq.

, Coif © Copyright 2007 by Anthony J. Fejfar I am a student of Neuro-linguistic Programming or NLP. I have never been to an NLP seminar and am not a certified master, nevertheless I have read most of the books on NLP and have a good understanding of the subject matter. The one thing I do know about NLP is that it is dangerous. NLP is dangerous because it gives the NLP practitioner the power to put another person in a hypnotic trance state and make compulsory suggestions to that person regarding beliefs or actions. If NLP is to be used

at all it must be used ethically. In that regard, I suggest that if the NLP practitioner uses the Ethical Matrix that I have developed, then he or she will be able to use NLP ethically. Unfortunately, however, some choose the opposite approach. A classic NLP technique is to begin a communication with a “lead” of truthful information, establish rapport or credibility as an authority with that information, and go to the “hook” which is information which may not be true, but which the NLP practitioner wants you to believe. When the NLP practitioner is an expert in Disinformation, such as certain espionage agents such of the old Russian Soviet KGB, are probably trained in, NLP can be a very dangerous weapon to the common good. The following is an example of an NLP Disinformation strategy. Your KGB Disinformation assignment is to make your audience believe that the Popes of the Roman Catholic Church during the renaissance period were responsible for murdering

over 75 million Jews in Russia. Here is how you convince your audience that this incorrect statement is true. First the lead. “The Medici and Borgia Popes of the Italian

Renaissance were responsible for the production of many great works of religious art in Rome.” Now the hook. “It is unfortunate, however, that these Popes were also responsible for a progrom in Russia where over 75 million Russian Jews were murdered.” Now, to the ordinary reader of the foregoing, you have been placed in hypnotic trance state where the suggestion that renaissance Popes were responsible for the murder of 75 million Jews in Russia, seems not only plausible, but believable. Think to yourself, right now, were renaissance Popes responsible for the murder of 75 million Jews? If the answer to this seems to be yes, then you are the unwitting victim of Disinformation and NLP. You have been NLPed. The only way to really get out of NLP hypnosis it to transcend the level at which you have been hypnotized. If you are a Critical Thomist, you probably read the NLP Disinformation at level 2, the level of Understanding. If one can shift one’s mind to formal operations at level 4 or hermeneutics at level 5, then it is possible to transcend and beat the NLP and recognize that the Disinformation given you was, as a whole, false. If you are not a Critical Thomist, to correct the problem you will probably have to placed in a deep trance state by a hypnotherapist and deprogrammed.