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Teacher Education Lesson Plan Template

Teacher Candidate Tracie Coyne School Long Cane Primary School Date March, 31 2015

Subject/Grade Level Language Arts/ First Grade Start and End Time of Lesson 10:30-10:45

Description of Lesson: Illustrate the main ideas from each stanza of the poem

Lesson Title or Essential Question: Mr. Butterfly

Curriculum Standards Addressed:

SC Curriculum Standard(s):
Standard 5: Incorporate craft techniques to engage and impact audience and convey messages

Standard 6: Summarize key details and ideas to support analysis of

central ideas.

SC Academic Indicator(s):
5.1 Present poems, short stories, role-plays, or songs using voice inflection,
expression, rhythm, and rhyme.

6.1 Retell the central idea and key details to summarize a text heard, read,
or viewed.

Indicate how at least one the following are incorporated into the lesson:
Fine or Performing Arts:
Standard 6: The students will make connections between the visual arts and other arts disciplines, other
content areas, and the world.
VA1-6.1 Identify similarities and connections between the visual arts and other subjects in the school

Accommodations required in this class:

There are no students with IEPs or 504 Plans in this class.

Instructional Objective(s) Criteria: Assessment(s) of the

After listening to the reading of Mr. Butterfly Before: Actively listen to the teacher
students will underline the rhyming words and reading Mr. Butterfly.
illustrate the main ideas from the poem by stanzas
with 100% accuracy. During: Students will listen actively
to the teacher reading the poem one
stanza at a time and underline the
rhyming words.

After: Students will listen actively to

the teacher reading the poem one
stanza at a time and retell the main
idea by illustrating each stanza.

Revised 10.3.16
19 Poems

Procedures Differentiation
To introduce the lesson the teacher will explain
that this poem, Mr. Butterfly, is a poem that
someone wrote and that they (the students) will be
the illustrators. While the teacher is reading,
o The teacher will first remind students students may use (if needed) their
please dont wait, write your name and tracking finger to follow along.
o Today we are going to read another poem
that you will be illustrating
o The teacher will read the whole poem first.
Students are to follow along while
teacher is reading
The teacher will walk around while
reading to make sure students are
following along.

Before rereading the poem by each stanza, the

teacher will instruct students to draw a line
between the two stanzas
The teacher will then reread the poem one stanza
Students are to frame any of the
at a time and instruct students by stanza:
words they know (noun, verb,
o (after reading) I want you to underline the
adjective etc.) i.e, rectangle= noun,
rhyming words you found in stanza one/ four mountains= verb
The teacher will call on students to see which two
word they underlined and underline them on a
copy of the poem using the Elmo

After underlining the rhyming words by stanza,

the teacher will instruct the students to illustrate
the stanza:
o Next I want you to illustrate the first/
second stanza
The teacher will give an example for students as to
what they can draw
To close this lesson the teacher will take up the


Revised 10.3.16