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4th Grade

Math and Science

Kimmy Traynor
St. Matthias School Room 27

About Me

Dear Families,

Welcome to 4th Grade Math and Science! My name is Kimmy Traynor. I grew up in
Union County and have an Associate of Applied Science degree in Early Childhood
Education from Raritan Valley Community College. Working with and teaching
children has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Im looking forward to
this year and getting to know you and your children!
Quick Facts~

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy baking, spending time with family, and

I own an 11 year old dog named Sparky.

I have a twin brother.

Philosophy of Education

As an educator, I believe the role of a teacher is to guide, manage, and instruct

students. In order for students to reach their full potential, the teacher must be
conscious of their surroundings and committed. A teacher must respect and be fair
to every student, no matter their abilities or inabilities. A teachers role is to make
the classroom a safe, nurturing, and creative environment. The role of a student is
to respect their teachers, explore, and ask questions. Students should respect the
rules of the classroom, their peers, and classroom materials. Students must be
active learners and question their surroundings.I believe students learn best
through experience and experimentation with real, hands on group tasks. I believe
that students learn best through their own inquisition and observations of the

Goals of the Year

I hope for my students to set high goals for themselves this year. Students will
develop strategies in becoming active learners. Students will learn to think
critically, gain a greater sense of responsibility, and acquire skills to analyze
information. Through positivity and proper guidance, every child will reach their
full potential.
Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. I will try my best
respond within 24 hours.

Call or leave a voicemail 908-123-4567 Ext:417


I will not be available to meet with parents before school or during drop off/pick
up. Please call or email to set up a time for us to meet.

Incase of emergencies, please contact the Main Office at 908-751-6692

Classroom Expectations

All students are expected to arrive on time, with all of their materials, and
homework completed.

Materials for the year include:

#2 Pencils

Black or Blue ink pens

Glue Sticks


1 Pkg. Washable Felt Markers

Pencil Case

2 Pocket Folders
2 Lined Notebooks

Along with being prepared, students are expected to treat their peers, teachers,
and materials with respect throughout the school year.

Bullying, teasing, and copying/sharing of homework will NOT be tolerated.

Daily Schedule

Students are expected to be in the classroom by 8:05 a.m. Some of the topics we
will be covering this year include the Solar System, ecosystems, fractions,
multiplication, division, and more! Each week, 4th grade students have the following

Monday- Music





Please send students with the appropriate attire and footwear according to their
daily special. Note that Tuesdays require sneakers.


Recess is a part of the day that every student looks forward to. We will be going
out to the playground for recess as often as the weather allows. Please be sure to
send your child to school with the appropriate attire (jacket, hat, gloves, etc.)
according to the weather.
Snack & Allergies

Allergies are a serious matter in the classroom. To ensure the safety of every
child, our classroom will maintain the following procedures. Upon entering the
classroom, students will wash their hands to prevent germs or contamination.
Tables will be cleaned with bleach at multiple times throughout the day. There will
be a list of students allergies in the classroom at all times. Due to serious tree nut
allergies in the classroom, snack will be provided by the school. However, each
classroom must raise money, at $5 per child. Please send your child to school with
$5 in an envelope or drop off in the Main Office. The deadline for the snack money
is September 30th. Students will wash their hands before and after snack, and
when they return from lunch.


Technology plays a major role in our world today. In our classroom, technology is
integrated into the curriculum. We are provided with an Interactive White Board
and iPads to enhance students learning experience. Students will have
opportunities every week to use technology to explore, research, and hypothesize.


Birthdays are an exciting time for students and parents. Students and parents are
welcome to bring in a book, a short activity, or nut free, individually packaged

Date Completed: Spring 2017

Date Submitted: Spring 2017
Title of Artifact: Parent Handbook
Standard: Standard Ten Leadership and Collaboration The teacher seeks appropriate
leadership roles and opportunities to take responsibility for student learning, to collaborate with
learners, families, colleagues, other school professionals, and community members to ensure
learner growth, and to advance the profession.

I am placing my artifact, Parent Handbook, under Standard Ten- Leadership and Collaboration as
evidence of continued mastery towards promoting student success and making connections with
others to benefit the student. Developing clear communication with students and their family
members is important as a teacher. In the Parent Handbook, I talk about classroom expectations
and schedules. I also talk about my philosophy of education and goals for the year. This is
evidence of my understanding of working collaboratively with students, families, and others to
support student learning.