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The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars

Em D. Moretti
The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars 2

He walked across a field of darkness and looked up at the blackness, shouting, “Why is it dark?

Why can I not see? I walk across this field and all I see is black. Blackness. And darkness in

sight. Is there anyone who can guide me through this field? Can anyone give me something


He stood still for a moment or two and a voice came calling from above.

The voice was deep and strong, but bright and calm.

“I am here,” said the voice, “and I can give you bright, but there is one thing I ask you to do

in return. Once you can see across the field, look for a large stone and engrave the word, hope,

into the side.

“But why?” asked He, “For what does it mean?”

“Hope is what you have asked for and what you will be given. Keep hope with you wherever

you go and in whatever you do.”

“Alright.” He looked above him and awaited his gift.

For a long, long time he waited, but he still could not see light. He kept the word, hope, in his

thoughts all those days of darkness, and every day he looked up, awaiting a light.

He was blinded for a moment by none other than sight. He looked across the beautiful land in

front of him and saw for the first time trees and shrubs, stones and grass. Mountains, rivers,

jungles, and oceans. Even living creatures came into view.

He looked to the sky and whispered softly, “thank you,” to the source of light above his head.

He found a large white stone and carved the word, hope, into the side.
The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars 3

He enjoyed the light for many days, but soon he became dry and heated. The rivers and

oceans drained to valleys and the mountains and all life shriveled to ruin.

“Help me, please,” said He, “this light is just too much. The light has left nothing and the heat

is too much.”

And then the voice came again, deep yet calm, and said to He, “I then shall give you night.

But again, you must do something in return. When you see night, you must climb the highest

mountain and trace into the snow the word faith.

“Night?” said He, “what is night? And what is faith?”

“You must have faith in night, and night will give you faith.”

“Alright,” said the man, and the world grew dark again. But up above him, where light had

been, a new light showed. It sat in the darkness, small but fulfilling to He.

“Thank you,” He whispered again.

The voice had done good to him, so he did good to the voice. He climbed the tallest mountain

and traced the word, faith, into the snowy peak.

He danced in the changing of day and night for many seasons, but soon he became lonely.

There was no one to share day and night or the rivers or mountains or creatures.

The voice answered the call immediately, and spoke in his strong, yet soft, voice.

“You are lonely?” asked the voice.

He nodded to the sky above his head.

“Then I shall give you She, who will be your best friend. But in return for my favor, I ask you

to walk along the finest shore and write in the sand love upon my first gift to you. Next to the

word, love, write life upon receiving my second gift to you.”
The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars 4

“How will I know these gifts when they appear?” asked He.

“You will know,” said the voice.

“Alright.” He waited seven days and seven nights and at last received the first of the two gifts.

She appeared to him, and He no longer felt lonely.

“Thank you,” He whispered once more to the sky.

He, with She, wrote the word love into the sand upon the finest ocean shore, and many years

passed thereafter until the second gift finally showed.

An endless amount of bright lights glowed that night along with their proceeding brother.

They were beautiful, He thought, and He whispered, “thank you,” to the voice beyond.

He and She wrote the word life into the sandy shore, and were soon blessed with generations

of children that exceed the lights in the sky above.

He grew old now, and, after many years, He heard the voice again. Strong and clear as

always, the voice spoke.

“Come up here with me and come home.”

“Is this not home?” questioned He, “for it is the only place I know.”

“It is hard, I know, but remember the words I gave to you and let them guide you to me once


He began to weep, and spoke to the voice through his tears, saying “Alright.”

He said his goodbyes to the world he knew and he departed into the sun, the moon, and the


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