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Subject: Scope of consultancy.
Kindly find the scale of charges,schedule of payment and conditions for our architectural and
interior design consultancy


Total fees (excluding service tax) 2.65,000/-
Schedule of Payment
1. Retainer/Advance on issue of work order - Rs 25,000
2. Final Sketch Design/View/Estimate -20%
3. License Drawings- 20%
4. Interior Working Drawings (Co-ordinated drawings Structural,Plumbing,Electrical) - 20%
5. Supervision stage/Issue of completion certificate - 40%
Stage 1: ( Advance payment)
Furnish a site evaluation and analysis report with basic approach to circulation, activity
distribution, interaction and external linkages.
Analyse schedule of spaces in relation to activities and site potential.
Prepare conceptual designs with reference to requirements and prepare rough estimate of cost on
area basis.
Stage 2:
Modify the conceptual designs incorporating required changes, prepare the preliminary drawings
and schedule of finishes for the Client's approval along with the preliminary estimate of cost on area
Stage 3:
Prepare drawings necessary for Client's/ statutory approvals and ensure compliance with codes,
standards and legislation, as applicable and assist the Client in obtaining the statutory approvals
thereof, if required
Stage 4:
Prepare working drawings including details from all other consultants,vendors etc,providing set
out drawings, specifications and schedule of quantities sufficient to prepare estimate of cost and
tender documents including code of practice covering aspects like mode of measurement, method of
payments, quality control procedures on materials & works and other conditions of contract.
Invite, receive and analyse tenders, advise Client on appointment of contractors
Prepare and issue working drawings and details for proper execution of works during construction.
Stage 5:
Approve samples of various elements and components.
Check and approve shop drawings submitted by the contractor/ vendors.
Visit the site of work and fabrication workshop, at intervals mutually agreed upon, to inspect and
evaluate the progress of works and where necessary clarify any decision, offer interpretation of the
drawings/specifications, attend conferences and meetings to ensure that the project proceeds
generally in accordance with the conditions of contract and keep the Client informed and render
advice on actions, if required.
In order to ensure that the work at site proceeds in accordance with the contract documents/
drawings and to exercise time and quality controls, the day-to-day supervision will be carried out by
a Construction Manager (Clerk of Works/ Site Supervisor or Construction Management Agency in
case of a large and complex project), who shall work under the guidance and direction of the
Architect and shall be appointed and paid by the Client.
Issue Certificate of Virtual Completion of works.

In addition to the amounts reimbursable against site visits by the Architect/ Consultant, the Client
will reimburse the Architect the following expenses incurred by him for discharge of his obligations:
Actual cost of travel (to & fro), boarding & lodging and local transport for any visit made by his
staff to the site or such other place as may be necessary in connection with the execution of work and
in connection with the performance of duties referred to in this agreement.
Cost of presentation models, computer simulation, presentation drawings, etc., prepared at the
instance of the Client for purposes other than the Design and execution of the project.
Only 3 sets of blue prints will be issued for the statutory approval. Printing expenses should be
paid by client for additional copies.


The Client shall discharge all his obligations connected with the project and engagement of the
Architect as follows:
To provide detailed requirements of the project.
To provide property lease/ ownership documents.
To provide location plan, measured drawings and photographs of existing space with full structural
and relevant details, existing services and common outlets to which proposed services can be
connected. In case such information is not readily available, the Client shall arrange for the collection
of necessary information and pay for the same.
To furnish specific conditions/ statutory stipulations/ codes of practice/ schedule of rates, etc.
desired to be followed.
To pay all the fees, levies, security deposits and expenses in respect of statutory sanction.
To give effect to the professional advice of the Architect and cause no changes in the drawings and
documents without the consent of the Architect.
To honour Architect's bills within one month of its submission.
To appoint a Construction Manager (Clerk of Works/ Site Supervisor or Construction
Management Agency in case of a large and complex project) as per the Architect's advice.


The Architect shall keep the Client informed about the progress of work in his office.
The Architect shall appoint specialised consultants in consultation with the Client, if necessary.

Ar Abhishek Sanker