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General Capabilities:
Literacy Numeracy ICT Critical and creative thinking Ethical Behaviour Personal and social Intercultural Understanding
1-4 1-4 1-4 Competence 1-4

LE Knowledge and Concepts & Specific Lesson TEACHING LEARNING EXPERIENCES Specific Skills RESOURCES and
SS Understanding Objectives (include learner diversity) ASSESSMENTS
The physical Identify and discuss the elements of a Intro: Construct a timeline.
features of timeline. - Timeline shown to students of Australian History (topic https://obook4.oxforddigita
Ancient India studied in year 6) ICT research methods.
and how they Use knowledge learnt in prior lessons Key qu: What is a timeline? eader/0294.html
influenced the to construct a timeline What is a timelines roll in historical investigation? Group work.
civilization that Body:
developed there. Collaborate with fellow students - Refer students to 11.1 (pg. 330-331 obook) Ancient

through ICT group work. India timeline.

- In groups of 3-4 students will use Timetoast to
Discover new information through ICT. construct a timeline of Ancient India using the Obook
and further research on the internet to outline key dates,
a description and 1-2 pictures.
- Scaffold embedding of timeline onto group Prezi.

The physical Determine what elements must be Intro: Obtain information https://obook4.oxforddigita
features of present for a civilisation to transpire. - Watch YouTube video (40sec- 5:30). Students to fill from media and identify
Ancient India out Cloze worksheet. key points and eader/0294.html
and how they Distinguish what is common among all Body: information.
influenced the ancient civilisations. - Whole class Scribble map, key qu:
civilization that - Where are the ancient civilisations located? Draw evidence based
developed there. Research using ICT methods to - What features do they have in common? conclusions on cause

discover information about the physical (Can refer to textbook 11.2). and effect from watch?v=n7ndRwgJYDM
features and climate present in the - Students to create a slide on Prezi for one (of the 4) research. &t=267s
Indian sub-continent. physical features each and write a paragraph as to why
civilisation developed there. ICT research methods. Cloze worksheet
- Embed onto group Prezi. Group work.

Create a Prezi slide

LE Knowledge and Concepts & Specific Lesson TEACHING LEARNING EXPERIENCES Specific Skills RESOURCES and
SS Understanding Objectives ASSESSMENTS
ON (include learner diversity)
The physical Identify the main business and trade Intro: ICT research methods.
features of activities of the Indus Valley - Students begin to play Indus Trade Game and fill out pen/gxcp574t5t
Ancient India civilisation. scavenger worksheet. Group work.
and how they Indus Valley Trade game
influenced the Investigate the general activities that Body: Translate and scavenger worksheet.
civilization that the Indus Valley people engaged in. - Students to write a journal entry A day in the life of a summarise information (Assessment Item 10%)
developed there. civilian in the Indus Valley including reference to; from one medium to

Collaborate with fellow students Business/trade, the great baths, Chores/farming/cooking another.
through group work. and entertainment onto a group Padlet. The students
then work together to create a pictorial journal for Prezi. Academic writing.
Discover new information through
exploration using an online game. Close:
- Journal entry discussions
Key qu: What similarities between entries did you find?

Roles of key Discuss trade in the Indus Valley Intro: ICT research methods. https://obook4.oxforddigita
groups in civilisation. -Discuss the scavenger hunt.
Ancient India, Key Qu. Group work. eader/0294.html
and the Create an invention pitch for - What was being traded?
influence of law something that could be used in the - How did the Indus Valley people trade? Create a video and Indus Valley Trade game
and religion. time of the Indus Valley. Body: embed onto Piktochart. scavenger worksheet.
- Students to work in their groups to invent something to

trade in the Indus Valley. The invention can use person Create a Piktochart.
power, wind, water, sand or animal. Premise is based
on Dragons Den. Invention is pitched using a video Forward planning.
describing the invention and a supporting poster using
- Students to show work to teacher and plan to finish
next lesson.