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VSA Group of Institutions, Salem -10
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Date: 09.10.2013 Time: 9.30am-12.30Pm
Year: II Max Marks: 100
Part-A (10 x 2 = 20)
1. Classify the types of extrusion. (Anna Univ.may06)
2. What is impact extrusion? (Anna Univ.Dec07)
3. What is meant by closed die forging? (Anna Univ.Dec10)
4. Define hydro forming process. (Anna Univ.may07)
5. Define embossing. (Anna Univ.Dec09)
6. What is meant by recrystallisation temperature? (Anna Univ.may10)
7. What is peen forming? What are their applications? (Anna Univ.Dec10)
8. What are the characteristics of thermoplastics? (Anna Univ.Dec10)
9. What is film blowing? (Anna Univ.may08)
10. What are the types of plastics? (Anna Univ.may09)

Part-B (5 x 16 = 80) (Answer the Question)

11.a)i)Explain briefly with neat sketches, direct and indirect extrusion process. (Anna Univ.may08) (8)
ii) Explain the types of rolling mills with neat sketch. (Anna Univ.may08) (8)
b)i)Explain with neat sketch of upsetting and drawing down operations. (Anna Univ.dec08) (8)
ii) Differentiate between open-closed die forgings. (Anna Univ.dec08) (8)
12. a) Explain the working principle of wire and tube drawing processes with neat sketches. (16)
b) Explain the explosive and super plastic forming with neat sketches. (16)
13.a)Briefly explain about magnetic pulse and hydraulic forming its application (16)
b) Explain the stretch forming operations and peen forming its application. (16)
14.a)i)Explain the principle of metal spinning process and shearing, bending operation with
Suitable examples. (16)
b)i)Explain the transfer moulding process. (8)
ii) Explain the compression moulding process. (8)
15.a)describe the working principle of film blowing and thermoforming. (16)
b) Explain the injection moulding and discuss the processing of thermosetting plastics. (16)

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