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cox Important Information about Changes to Your Cox Services at Sun City Festival Effective July Ast, 2017, Cox Starter video service will no longer be provided as a benefit from your home owner's association. You will see an increase in your bill for the cost of the video service, $25.00 plus taxes/fees as well asthe rental price of each min! box (DTA), $2.99 each, effective July 1, 2047. ‘Scenario 1— I have a higher level of bulk services and currently receive a billfrom Cox. Ifyou already have a higher package of TV service and currently receive an individual bl from Cox, Your bil wil be adjusted tothe retail rate for your cable TV since a portion ofthe charges for these services wil n longer be paid by your Homeowner's Assocation, action required. 1F you wish to make changes to your account, see if you qualify for bundle discounts or have {questions about your new charges, please cal (855-512-8876 option 1) or visit us online at ‘Scenario 2— Ihave Cox internet and/or Digital Telephone but no other TV channels other than the community package (Cox Essential TV) and currently receive a ill from Cox. If you. wish to keep the Cox TV, you do NOT need to call nto Cox, your bill will be adjusted to retail rate for your cable TV since a portion of the charges for these services will no longer be paid by your Homeowner's Association. No action required. If you DO NOT wish to keep the Cox TV, You will need to call into Cox to disconnect the TV and return the equipment, Action required, Please call 855-512-8876 Option 1 or vist us online at, “Scenario 3—| only have the bulk level of services. Please reach out to your local Direct Sales Representative. Letters wil be mailed with the name and contact number for your dedicated Direct Sales Representative to your address on fle or sneak with a representative onsite today (May 25%, 2017) You may also vist your nearest Cox Solutions Store, Please be advised changes to your account cannot be made on or after July 1, 2017, Nearest Solution Store: ‘© CoxSurprise Towne Center Solutions Store: 13754 W Bell Rd, Suite 8; Surprise 85374 ‘Monday ~ Friday 108M to 7PM; Saturday 10AM ~ 4PM