Long product steelmaking

Building the world

Technology is rapidly moving forwards, enabling us Steel is integral to this progress. Without steel, the
to reach the other side of the world within a few wheels of today’s industry would grind to a halt:
hours, build skyscrapers that dominate the skyline, trains would no longer run, ships would no longer
construct bridges between countries and produce set sail and planes would no longer be able to take
energy using wheels as large as football fields. to the skies.
These are just a few examples of how far technology
has come but in a world where technology is Steel builds our world and keeps it moving.
progressing so quickly, consumer demands are also
increasing in line with the rate of technological


They allow customers to energy production. SMS Concast helps to build the SMS Concast machines and plants produce a broad world and keep it moving. logical innovations. develop a variety of products to speed up techno- 3 . construction and transport.Steelmaking is essential to today’s society. by providing products for range of steel grades.

engi- neering. That’s why SMS Concast solutions deliver such excellent benefits for their customers. INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS SMS Concast belongs to the SMS group and is part of the SMS Meer business area. Together. SETTING BENCHMARKS WITH EXPERIENCE Since 1954. it has designed a great range of innovative products that improve the steelmaking process. 4 . SMS Concast offers high-performance plant and machinery for steelmaking. To perform well in areas such as consulting. reliability and flexibility – these are the hallmarks of SMS Concast. commissioning and service.SMS CONCAST A technology powerhouse Expertise and experience. Over the years. This leading supplier of electric steelmaking and casting technology helps customers worldwide achieve a competitive edge in their markets. SMS Concast and SMS Meer are able to better serve the growing demand for state-of-the-art minimills. our employees offer a combination of both outstanding expertise and flexibility. The two companies turned the idea of an integrated plant with an electric arc furnace (EAF) and rolling mill into reality. secondary metallurgy and continuous casting. SMS Concast has supplied more continuous casting installations than anyone else in the industry.

forging and heating technology. and aluminum for use in SMS Siemag start with thin. aluminum and non-ferrous metal processing. and alumi. together The SMS group is among the leading plant and machinery construction companies for steel. tubes. steelmaking and secondary metallurgy technology. hot and cold challenging markets: steel for tire cord. Its products are used in the steel. SMS Concast is the specialist in long product steelmaking. medium and thick skyscrapers and offshore wind turbines. it is a leader in machinery for steelmaking.MEMBER OF THE SMS GROUP Strong. It comprises two business areas: SMS Siemag and SMS Meer. tubes for rolling mills. Its solutions SMS Siemag’s extensive portfolio also includes provide customers with tangible benefits in continuous casting. strip processing plants. successful. pipelines. long products. alumi- num and non-ferrous metal industry worldwide. wheels for num plants. Additionally. CSP® technology. 5 . slabs. SMS SIEMAG SMS MEER SMS Siemag has more than 100 years’ experience SMS Meer is a leading supplier of plant and in reduction processes. heavy structural profiles. The high-quality steel products of high-speed trains. Within the SMS Meer business area.

SMS CONCAST HISTORY Always innovative Concast AG is founded The merger between Schloemann and Siemag forms by Irving Rossi SMS Schloemann-Siemag. and SMS Schloemann- Siemag becomes main shareholder of Concast AG Schloemann becomes a Concast begins specializing in the Concast shareholder design and engineering of continuous casters for long products COMPANY HISTORY 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 INNOVATIVE POWER Collaboration with Mannesmann on the development of a continuous casting process Conseal: time-efficient preparation of strands before casting 6 .

SMS Holding becomes a 100 percent SMS Concast becomes part of shareholder of Concast the SMS Meer business area Concast launches its Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) business (taken over from ABB) Concast is renamed SMS Concast 2000 2010 2020 Conmould®: mold production Invex®: Concor®: strand-guiding roller Convex®: technology and refurbishment faster casting and for optimized internal cooling for more direct feeding of rapid casting Trueflow®: billets to rolling Concharge®: special plating process mills charging concept Conmax®: Conmark®: Conmould®: the competence center for Condoor®: revolutionary nozzles marking machine mould production and refurbishment slag-door concept for EAFs 7 .

PORTFOLIO From steelmaking to casting – an end-to-end offering RAW MATERIALS STEELMAKING SECONDARY Our solutions are suitable for all individual Integrated process automation and a robust Secondary metallur iron-input materials and combinations: design ensure maximum productivity with correct steel compos minimum production costs. effectively as possible of-the-art technologies minimize emissions: n Storage. state. Additionally. handling and charging system n Alternating current (AC) and direct current n Ladle furnace (LF) for scrap/direct reduced iron (DRI)/ (DC) electric arc furnace (EAF) with single n Vacuum degasser (VD hot briquetted iron (HBI) or multi-bucket charge n Vacuum oxygen decarb n Hot metal handling and charging system n Chemical-energy technology n  rimming/chemical heat T n  crap-preheating system S nMechanical or steam inje n Fume treatment and dust-collecting plant pumps n Material handling and additions system AUTOMATION AND SERVICE AND 8 .

n  emi-continuous super-jumbo caster S n Stainless. blooms. rounds and beam blanks. seamless tubes and n ection vacuum n Continuous billet caster welded tubes n  einforcing steel bar R PROCESS CONTROL CONSULTING 9 . bearing and spring steel D) n Continuous combi caster (bar and wire) burization n  ontinuous beam-blank caster C n Special bar quality (SBQ) steels for tire cord. wide range of steel semi-finished products: e. METALLURGY CONTINUOUS CASTING SEMI-FINISHED PRODUCTS rgy systems achieve the Our continuous casting machines (CCM) pro. forging etc. free cutting. ting station n Continuous bloom caster (1000 mm Ø) Steel for rails. ranging from construction steel grades to high-quality products for high-end applications. SMS Concast plant and machinery produce a sition as quickly and cost duce billets.

SMS Concast offers the full range of state-of-the- art minimill technology: from logistics solutions for handling raw materials (scrap. HBI or hot metal) to continuous casting machines using the latest equipment. and allows cast billets or blooms to be charged directly into the rolling mill. SMS Concast melt-shop technologies.000. SMS turned the idea of a minimill 350. This does away with the need for conventional reheating furnaces. reduced costs and fewer emissions. such as the INVEX® mold system. CMT™ stands for Continuous Mill Technology. set the benchmarks Minimills are part of the SMS group’s DNA.MINIMILL EXPERTS Integrated solutions for greater customer value benchmarks within the industry.000 to more than 2. SMS Concast and SMS Meer developed CMT™ together. About for long product minimills with capacities from 40 years ago. making CMT™ crucial to more energy- efficient long product minimills.000 tons per year. the key benefits of SMS minimills include lower energy consumption. at a high temperature. DRI. Since then. Nowadays. and the first plants with an EAF and Highly efficient. testament to our expertise in minimills. into reality. flexible plants around the world are associated rolling mill were built. combined with SMS Meer rolling mills. We give SMS minimill technology has continued to set new customers a competitive edge through: PLANT LAYOUT (EXAMPLE) ADVANTAGES 1 Electric arc furnace Customized solutions 2 Ladle furnaces 3 Increased Vacuum degasser profitability 4 Continuous casting machine 5 5 Fume dedusting plant Maximum safety Care-free 1 2 processes 3 Superior production results transport on rail 4 10 transport by over head crane Ecologically sustainable .

Economic benefit Cost reduction: 11 €/t 11 . uniform temperature in the inductive heating plant. The minimill at Tung Ho is a best-practice example of groundbreaking power efficiency. Then the billets run directly into the rebar rolling mill. The hot billets running out of the continuous caster (with a capacity of 40 to 45 tons/hour per strand) are immediately brought to a single.TUNG HO STEEL – CONTINUOUS MILL TECHNOLOGYTM Tung Ho Steel’s plant in Taiwan has implemented the basic minimill concept in an exemplary way.a. with short processing times and a direct link between the rolling mill and the steel plant. 410 t So2 p.000 t CO2 p. Ecoplants criteria Ecological benefit: Emissions savings: 72. This means a gas or oil fired reheating furnace upstream of the rolling mill is no longer needed. 225 t NOx p.a.a.

IÇDAS Watch the video SMS Concast supplied 100 percent of the plant and machinery at the IÇDAS steel plant (Scrap-preheating. including maximized rate of energy input. The group has ordered as many as 71 casting strands for long products in various machines. reduced downtime. NUCOR STEEL Watch the video Nucor Steel is one of the leading steel producers in the United States. SMS Concast is proud to be its chosen supplier for all plant and machinery for EAFs. especially using SMS Concast’s CONVEX Technology®. The modern casting plant at Jindal incorpo- rates all the equipment and technology required for high-quality products: CONVEX Technology® molds. LF and the CCM. all designed by SMS Concast. LF CCM).REFERENCES AND PRODUCTS Companies all over the world rely on SMS Concast SHAGANG GROUP Watch the video Since the early 90s. hydraulic oscillators and Conseal IV systems. electromagnetic mold stirrers. SMS Concast was able to meet the vast majority of IÇDAS’ requirements. JINDAL SOUTH WEST (JSW) Watch the video Thanks to the tremendous progress in high-speed casting. China. EAF. and controlled metallurgi- cal operation through a cutting-edge automated system. SMS Concast has been a key supplier of continuous casting technology to the Shagang Group in Jiangsu province. 12 .000 tons per year and strand. JSW has achieved production rates of more than 200.

The roller comprises two innovative bearing shells and has an exceptionally long service life. The solution: CMT™ technology from SMS Concast. Taiwan is faced with huge challenges. resulting in high energy costs. Tung Ho Steel near Taipei therefore commissioned a high-performance plant with low energy consumption and minimum emissions. Oil and gas must be imported. Find out more by watching our videos at http://videos. TUNG HO STEEL Watch the video As an up-and-coming industrial nation. CONCOR™ Watch the video The new cooled Concor™ strand-guiding roller developed by SMS Concast combines several benefits: space-effi- cient 13 . intensive internal cooling of all critical components and lifetime lubrication.

Tung Ho Steel 14 . The CO2 savings per year are thereby just as important SMS Meer rates the corresponding product and the today for many companies as the cost reduction per respective reference plant as an ecoplants solution tonne. but also hard cash. Particularly in the metal industry with its comparatively high energy savings potential. – provided a further crucial condition is also met: Every ecoplants solution has to offer the plant owner real tangible economic advantages. cut costs thanks to energy-efficient processes and do something for the environment at the same time. If these are satisfied. These factors are examined and measured the direct comparison with the previous technology. Ecoplants is the new hallmark from SMS Meer for sustainable solutions. ECONOMIC AND ECOLOGICAL VERIFIABLE SUSTAINABLE ADVANTAGES RECONCILED SOLUTIONS Ecoplants reduce raw material input.” Tim Hsu.ECOPLANTS Act economically – grow sustainably Reconciling sustainability with economic growth is a challenge facing practically all markets worldwide. this topic is playing an ever more important role. “We were able to up production. So we not only save on emis- sions. emissions The economic and ecological advantages of the and energy consumption and improve the recycling ecoplants solutions can be clearly proven – through quota. on every reference plant. SMS Meer has recognised this and offers machines and plants which give equal ecoplants consideration to both aspects.

html 15 .Find out more on our website: portfolio/ecoplants.sms-concast.

REGULAR MAINTENANCE SAFEGUARDS EFFICIENCY SMS Concast conducts equipment checks and performs maintenance and monitoring. upon request. SMS Concast can also assume responsibility for all maintenance services. SMS Concast finds the right solution for every modernization project. SMS Concast ORGANIZING SPARE experts analyze processes and show ways in which PARTS PROPERLY they can be optimized. Thanks to increased produc- – from short-term emergency operations to tivity and product quality. to train their staff or need support with production. ACHIEVING MORE THROUGH MODERNIZATION “Plants designed for eternity” also need to be re-equipped from time to time. user-friendly package. SMS Concast’s employees know exactly which parts must be stocked for which machine. our specialists are ready to help. as markets and production processes are continuously changing. 16 . SMS Concast can even handle stock- taking. SMS Concast modernizes veteran plants and adapts them to is always on hand to provide the required service current requirements. because SMS Concast’s employees take care of And when market requirements change. our plant plant operator’s needs across the entire lifetime of and machinery change with them: SMS Concast a plant. even decades later. either on-site at the customer’s plant or online via a remote service. Working together with its customers. as part of an all-inclusive. even after commissioning. That is low. supporting customers with spare parts management. And if customers wish remains one step ahead of the competition. That’s why SMS Concast supplies wear and spare parts quickly and reliably for all stages of production. At the same There is always a demand for new ways to make time. This allows business partners to maintain a strong market position. Not least concepts for process optimization or maintenance. Spare parts must always be available to keep production downtime to a minimum. investment and storage costs must be kept production more reliable and profitable. the customer always regular maintenance work.SERVICE One step ahead of the competition SMS Concast’s business partners have long been where the SMS Concast Service comes in. with satisfied with their plant and machinery.

cant reduction in costs for wear and spare parts. as new tubes. SMS Concast can also provide support with implementing the solution. A reconditioned offers workforce training. A further benefit is that SMS Concast helps its customers come to the external geometry of the tube remains decisions. This means plant operators can easily the customer’s problems and develop suitable switch formats or enlarge their product portfolio solutions. But that is only the beginning: with SMS Concast mold tubes. enables it to recondition used mold tubes several times over. for example. The training ensures mold tube delivers exactly the same performance employees are knowledgeable about every aspect. With the exception of plate shares its expertise. so that they can significantly contribute to their Plant operators therefore benefit from a signifi- company’s success. cost-effectively and sustainably. SMS Concast’s consultants look into unchanged. TRAINING AND SUPPORT FOR STAFF Casthouse operators simply collect the used How should plant and machinery be operated. methods molds. and has the same service life. SMS Concast the inner surface. customers can rely on RECYCLING MOLDS: THE SMS Concast Service: the technicians help with SMS CONCAST MOLD CENTER troubleshooting and repair damages quickly and easily. geometric changes. for larger or consulting on processes or a feasibility study – smaller cross sections. molds and send them to SMS Concast. mold wall thickness remains the same and skills are typical areas in which SMS Concast over the entire life of a product. CONSULTING PROVIDES CERTAINTY The manufacturing concept even allows for Whether it’s advice on a maintenance concept. 17 . ensuring that the customer’s plant is up SMS Concast’s patented manufacturing process and running again as quickly as possible. Technical procedures.FIELD SERVICE FOR EMERGENCIES Even in emergencies. where maintained and overhauled? To help its customers specialists restore the hard-chromium plating of find answers to these questions.

India Tarcento. Italy 18 SMS Meer sites SMS Concast sites . United Kingdom Pune. China Redcar. act global Barueri. CLOSE TO CUSTOMERS Think local. Brazil Shanghai.

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The provision of this information is not intended to have and will not have legal effect. these may change as a result of further developments of the products. in particular.SMS Concast Toedistrasse 9 B. An obligation to deliver products having particular characteristics shall only exist if expressly agreed in the terms of the contract. The actual products may not always have these characteristics as described and. .ch MEETING your EXPECTATIONS www.sms-concast.04/13 en · Printed in Switzerland 8027 Zurich Phone: +41 44 204 65 11 Fax: +41 44 202 81 22 The information provided in this brochure contains a general description of the performance characteristics of the products concerned.