Azerbaijan University

School of Business

Fall 2010

Eng 0081 Academic Writing

Class time: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.
Instructor: Esmira Gahramanova, Irina Viktorovna, Jala Zamanova, Irada Bagirvova,
Tural Ahmadov,


Course Materials (required):
1. David Cotton, David Falvey, Simon Kent Market Leader (Pre-Intermediate Business
English) New Edition
2. Bill Mascull Business Vocabulary in Use, CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS
3. Peterson’s TOEFL GRAMMAR FLASH, 2005


Market Leader is an extensive new business English course designed to bring the real world of
international business into classroom. It has been developed in association with the Financial
Times, one of the world’s leading sources of professional information.
The course is intended for use by students preparing for a career in business, to meet the world of
business, to master business vocabulary, special terms used in different fields of business
activity: accounting, management, marketing, brand management, etc. Role plays and Case
Studies encourage students to use active vocabulary of the unit and opinions to maximize
involvement and learning, to improve their communication skills.
Upon finishing the course the students have no difficulty studying special subjects.
Business Vocabulary in Use is designed to help intermediate and upper-intermediate learners of
business English improve their business vocabulary. It is for people studying English before they
start work and those already working who need English in their job. The book also helps the
learners to develop the language needed for important business communication skills.
Peterson’s TOEFL GRAMMAR FLASH is the quick way to build grammar skills for the
TOEFL. Students will perfect test-taking skills, review the basice of English Grammar featured
on the TOEFL, boost confidence with proven shortcuts and strategies.

Course objective:
This course is designed to develop effective verbal and written communication skills for use in
business environment.

General Rules:
1. Don’t be late to your class.
2. Proper materials should be brought to class. This includes your textbook, workbook pen
and pencil. Keeping a notebook and folder for this course is strongly suggested.
3. I will take attendance at each lesson. Each hour of the lesson will be noted separately.
4. Don’t eat, drink and smoke during the class. You will have 10 minutes break at the end of
each hour.
5. Don’t ask permission to go out for any reasons during the class.

Assignments should be submitted in a hard copy format. homework assignment quizzes or in relation to any aspect of the grading process will not be tolerated. Legitimate reasons for being absent are 1) illness – note from doctor required. at the end of each unit you will be given to write case study from that book. not via email or in any other electronic format. Case study: Each unit in “Market Leader Course Book” is provided with case study. playing. It includes making noise. Business Vocabulary in Use (15 chapters) 6 quizzes (each 10 points). TOEFL GRAMMAR (4 chapters). etc. you will be quizzed on reading content. Remember! Mid-term 100 points 5. vocabulary. Students are not allowed to use their mobile phones (in any way) at the lesson. If a student is seen calling. Attendance is based on the entire period. Attendance: Students are expected to attend all classes. 11. 10. 8. 7. Policy on cheating: Cheating on exams. Students who miss nine classes will be dropped from the class roster and will not be allowed to continue in the course 9. or any other “school business” are not valid excuses for missing class. Student is allowed to make up 4 (four) quiz during the term provided he/she is absent from the lesson due to illness or some other considerable excuse and presents special note from the doctor or his/her parents. 6. Midterm exam. 4) religious holidays.100 points 60 points 4. Each quiz will be valued at 10 points. Make-up is also not permitted after final exam. The following grade scales will be used: 1. Quizzes: At the beginning of each class. Printing assignments. It will help you to work individually and be 30 points 2. Switch off your mobile or put it on a silent-mode during the lesson. grammar and other content covered in the class. These things should be done on your own 40 points 3. Technical failures are not an excuse for not submitting work. etc. homework.4 quizzes each 10 points. arguing with the teacher. receiving calls. 2) death in family – copy of death note. THERE ARE NO MAKEUPS FOR MISSED QUIZZES REGARDLESS ILLNESS. he/she will be dismissed from the lesson without having a chance to earn any scores. You should read the background of every case study and prepare required assignment given to you. Any kind of unallowed (forbidden) action that can bother the studying and teaching process will not be tolerated and be punished.). participation are not allowed to be made up. messaging. homework. discussing grades with academic administrators.10 quizzes each 10 points. In this case you can write only 2 quizzes. vocabulary) 6 answers (each 5 p. Quizzes. Attendance – 70 points 6. Interrogation( text. Final exam – 300 points ( Oral – 100 p/ Written – 200 p) Total 700 points . 3) jury duty – bring official notice from court. Internet usage is necessary.

Selling online. 4 29 Revision and Preparation for the Final Exam 4 30 Final exam 4 . BVU/unit 10 4 19 Unit 4. BVU/unit 2 4 5 Quiz 2. 120 hours (30 classes) Lessons Topics Hours 1 Introduction of Syllabus. Listening p. Vocabulary. 38-39 4 20 Unit 4. C. BVU/ Unit 8. Case Study p. 4 25 T. 4 27 Unit 6. Starting up. Unit 5.69 B. Starting up. Unit 6. Practice File. BVU/unit 1. Unit 6 Entertaining. Language Review p. BVU/unit 13. BVU/ Unit 6 4 10 Quiz 4. Unit 5.79. Starting up. Skills p. 14-15.1-100% C+ 78. Case Study 1 p. Case Study 3 p. Reading.9 A. 4 TOEFL Chapter 1. 4 26 Quiz 9. BVU/ Unit 7 4 12 Quiz 5. Unit 3 Listening and Reading p.1. Unit 1. Language review. BVU/unit 3. Listening. 28-29. TOEFL Chapter 2. Reading p.1.0. Listening. Unit 2. T. 53-54. 2 Unit 1. Skills. Skills. Case Study 2 p.Q 4 .90-93 C 72. BVU/ unit 4.1. Unit 2. 27. 48-49.69. 4 11 Unit 3. 4 24 TOEFL Chapter 4. 11-13.80-82 F <59. Case Study p. Practice File. Language Review p 9-10. D.18-21. 4 4 Unit 1. Practice File. Starting up. 6 Unit 2. BVU/unit 9 4 17 Quiz 6. 56-57. TOEFL Chapter 3 4 18 T. 26.Q. Starting up.9 C. 50-51. Practice File. Grades: A > 93. Practice File.Q. Unit 3. Practice File. 46. 42-43 4 22 Unit 5.24-25. 6-7. ex. Language review. 3.34-35. 40-41. Unit 1. T.chapter 1 4 3 Quiz 1. BVU/unit 15 4 28 Quiz 10. Careers. BVU/unit 14. Vocabulary p. 4 14 Revision and Preparation for the Midterm exam 4 15 Midterm exam 4 16 Unit 4 Great ideas.1-88 D 60.72 B 82. Language Review p. Case Study p. 36-37 .1-89.Practice File 4 13 Unit 3. Unit 4. Vocabulary 4 p. Skills p. Practice File . 4 8 Unit 2. BVU/ Unit 5 4 9 Unit 3 Companies. 17.Q. Skills p. 8. BVU/unit 12 4 23 Quiz 8. Unit 6. Practice File. 1 4 7 Quiz 3. Vocabulary p. Vocabulary p. BVU/unit 11 4 21 Quiz 7. Reading p 16. Starting up. Reading p. Skills p.22-23. 2. Listening p. Unit 5 Stress. Language review.78 B+ 88. Reading. Unit 4.

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