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Lesson Plan

Date: 06/04/2017
Duration: 45 minutes
Class level: C1
Class profile:
Lesson objectives: Acquiring new vocabulary, reading comprehension and speaking practice

time Procedures Possible problems and Interaction Materials

T will introduce the lesson
theme by playing a
Ss might not be willing to Whiteboard,
controversial Hyundai advert,
share their opinions / T image
and asking the Ss what they T Ss
4 min will prompt them if projector
think about new and
controversial forms of
Ss might have problems
Ss will read the text aloud (pg.
with pronunciation of Upstream
220/221), and will then practice
certain words, as well as T Ss Advanced C1
12 min their reading comprehension by
picking the right answer in Ss Ss (Unit 10)
completing ex. 1c (in pairs)
the exercise / T will assist
while consulting the text.
when needed
T will ask Ss whether they
Ss might not be willing to
agreed with the text or not, and
initiate a discussion / T can
how they view adverts/ T Ss None
10 min provide a starting
consumerism in general so as to Ss Ss
argument for discussion if
facilitate a discussion between
T will present new vocabulary Ss might not fully grasp Whiteboard,
from the text, and explain the the meaning of certain Upstream
8 min T Ss
meaning and usage of the new words or concepts / T will Advanced C1
terms. elaborate where necessary (Unit 10)

Ss will match words from the Upstream

Ss might now know which
text with their synonyms in ex. Advanced C1
4 min words are synonyms / T T Ss
2. T will provide elaboration (Unit 10)
will advise when needed
where necessary.

Ss might be confused by Upstream

(OPTIONAL) Ss will form the variety of possible T Ss Advanced C1
7 min
sentences in ex. 3 (pg. 222) choices / T will assist when (Unit 10)