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Haylie Reichenbach SWBAT: argue and support

Mrs Stultz their claims in a 5 paragraph

English 1p, period 5 essay.

9 June 2017

Leader Odysseus

Arnold H. Glasow once stated A good leader takes a little more than his share of the

blame, a little less than his share of the credit. In the literary work The Odyssey by Homer, the

reader is introduced to the main character Odysseus. In this epic, the author shows the readers

what kind of leader Odysseus is. By examining this popular greek myth text, the audience can

see that Odysseus is not loyal towards others and conceded due to all the hardships he has faced

such as not being able to make it home to Ithaca peacefully, having to deal with goddesses and

monsters, and lastly losing his men during the fights with the deathly creatures.

Odysseus is not loyal towards others and conceded while he was on his journey home.

This made it more difficult to be a good leader for his crew. In The Cyclops by Homer, he

describes how Odysseus treats the cyclops when he states Beholden for your help, or any gifts

you give(Homer 257). This is an example explains that the men invaded the Cyclops home and

then asked for gifts. Its apparent that Odysseus thinks he deserves to get what he wants. In

addition, Homer also reveals what the men do in the cave before they were caught by the scary

one eyed giant. The epic states we lit a fire, burnt an offering, and took some cheese to eat

(Homer 220). THis text evidence suggests that Odysseus stole the Cyclops food and wood to

make a fire without asking. Based on the quote readers can conclude that odysseus and his men

were selfish and didn't think about the Cyclops feelings.

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The story Circe, the Grace of Witch by Homer helps readers decide whether Odysseus

is a good or bad leader for his crew. Homer points out Next on the land of Aeolus, the wind

king and stay there with him for a month(Homer 386). This is important because the men have

had to delay their journey home. On a similar note, the author states in the story The Sirens,

Scylla and charybdis that Odysseus keep a secret from his crew. Homer states Odysseus does

not tell his men...that he will be the only survivor (Homer 680). This teaches the audience that

Odysseus is untrustworthy for his men. Readers can conclude that he is a bad leader.

In this epic The Odyssey by Homer, he explains how Odysseus is as a person and

leader by showing how he acts towards others involved in the story. In the text The Sirens,

Scylla and Charybdis the author states Better to mourn six men than lose them all and the

ship( Homer 706). This quote informs the readers that Odysseus cares more about losing his

ship and having to finish the journey alone. Similarly, Homer provides another example of

Odysseus not being a good leader for the crew when he describes They stay for one year, until

Odysseus finally beg her to let them go (Homer 386). This text shows that Odysseus is not

much of in a hurry to get home to his family in Ithaca. This is true because him and his crew stay

for awhile at every destination they stay at. What is understood here is that Odysseus doesnt

care much about anything other than himself and getting home.

Some may think that he is a good leader, however, the fact that he did many bad things

on this journey some disagree. It cannot be denied that he did get home to his family in the end

of the epic. The literary piece piece explore the theme that family is forever and Odysseus didn't

ever give up on his family even though he didn't see them for 20 years. Once he made it home
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his family was so happy and grateful that he was alive. Others in the town thought he was dead

since it took him longer than the others that fought in the Trojan War to make it home to Ithaca.