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MATERIALS AT 14.2 MeV(Font Size 14)

N. L. Singh, RajnikantMakwana, S. Mukherjee(Font size 12)

Department of Physics, (Font size 11)

Faculty of Science,
The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda,
Vadodara 390 002,India
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ABSTRACT(Capital Letters Font Size 12)

The (n, p) reaction cross section for some structural materials such as 66Zn, 64Zn, 55Mn, 51V and
Ni was measured at 14.2 0.2 MeV using activation and off line gamma ray spectroscopic
technique. For the purpose of safe and economical design of reactors, the neutron cross section
data for structural materials are required with high precession and accuracy. The neutron cross
section data for important structural materials are collected and evaluated systematically and data
files are prepared for the reactor design. However, considerably large discrepancies exist among
different evaluated nuclear data files. Hence there is a need to study these reactions with better
accuracy. The results were compared with existing data available in EXFORE data base. The
measured cross sections were also estimatedtheoretically using nuclear modular codes: TALYS-
1.6 and EMPIRE-3.2.2.(Font Size 12)

Keywords: Activation technique,Structural materials, En=14.0MeV, TALYS-1.6,EMPIRE.(Font Size 10)

References(Font Size 10)

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