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Gestalt Mage

Ability Requirements: Intelligence 18, Wisdom 18, Charisma 18, Constitution 15, Dexterity 15
Races Allowed: Any allowing Mage
(Teaching all schools of magic)

Mages of the Gestalt Path are those who have chosen to devote their lives to the art of magic, not
merely settling for the ability to cast spells which have been memorized the night before, but rather to
understand the weave and learn how to manipulate it at will. These icons of power potentially have all
arcane, divine and psionic spells and powers available to them. They require twice the experience
points to progress to each successive level.

The gestalt mage casts spells by drawing upon the limitless energies of their eminence, shaping it into
the desired form at the time of casting. The mages eminence is a measure of their personal energies,
and fuels arcane and divine spells, as well as psionic powers. Eminence also fuels the use of other
abilities such as invocations, ki abilities and so on, using eminence according to equivalent spell level.
Each eminence point relating to one spell level. A gestalt mage using 3 spell points, could thus cast a
third level spell, a second and a first, or three firsts. Unlike a mage of the lesser path, these spells can
be chosen at the time of casting.

The amount of energy which can be used before requiring rest is equivalent to:
<previous HD> + <HD before previous HD> +

Thus a 5th HD Gestalt Mage would possess 10 eminence points (4+3+2+1 = 10).

A gestalt mage has an additional eminence point per HD for every point of Cha, Int and Wis modifier
he has, minimum +0 each.

The Gestalt mage can cast spells at half his HD again by paying ten times the spells level in eminence
points. For example, a 13th HD gestalt mage wants to increase the effective caster level of a Dispel
Magic spell so that its power will be as if a 19th HD mage (131.5 = 19.5 = 19) had cast the spell,
expending 30 points. He may choose to cast at double effective level by spending thirty times the
eminence, thus the same third level spell would then cost 90 eminence; effective caster level may not
be increase beyond double.

The mage regenerates eminence points equal to his total pool divided by his HD per minute. This
regeneration doubles while sleeping or meditating. Whilst meditating, the mage must be in a relaxed,
relatively quiet environment. He is aware of his surroundings, but cannot perform any actions without
breaking his meditation. Eminence point regeneration may not exceed HD*2.
When the gestalt mage learns a new spell, it is added to his spell book in a similar way to the lesser
mage, although the gestalt mage does not require the spell book to memorize his spells from. A gestalt
mages spell book is kept only for reference; this is usually taken while out adventuring to study from,
but is not required for the casting of spells.