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Complete the sentences. Use wish + past simple or wish + would and the verbs in brackets.

1. I can’t play the guitar. I wish I ________________________ (can) play the guitar.

2. I don’t live by the sea. I wish I ________________________ (live) by the sea.

3. We wish we ________________________ (know) how to play this game.

4. Billy wishes he ________________________ (have) a puppy.

5. They wish they ________________________ (be) adults.

6. I wish you ________________________ (not, make) so much noise. I am trying to study.

7. I want to play tennis. I wish it ________________________ (stop) raining.

8. I wish you ________________________ (hurry up) – we’re going to be late.

9. You are driving far too fast. I wish you ________________________ (slow down) a bit.

10. I wish your sister ________________________ (not, keep) asking to borrow money. It is very annoying

and we’ve already lent her a lot.

11. Where’s John? I wish that he ________________________ (hurry up) and get here.

12. Mike Smith is a bad influence on you. I wish you ________________________ (not, spend) too much

time with him.

13. I wish you ________________________ (not, smoke) so much. It’s really unhealthy.

14. Alison is nice, but she’s so nosey. I wish she ________________________ (not, ask) so many questions.

15. I wish the weather ________________________ (improve) – it is so cold and wet.