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3 Blade Hydraulic Tubing Cutter

The Wellvention Hydraulic Tubing Cutter is a three-bladed hydraulically-

activated cutting device used to cut downhole production tubing,
casing and drill-pipe. The device provides a safe alternative to
chemical and explosive cutters. The tool is run in conjunction with
a positive displacement motor and can be run on coiled tubing or
jointed pipe. A high expansion hydraulic anchor is also available, and
is typically included in the cutting assembly to prevent any movement
of the cutter during activation - a common cause of failure. The tool
incorporates a dual activation piston which increases the axial load on
the cutter blades, ensuring a clean and efficient cut.
Circulation through the jet sub creates the internal pressure required to shift the
dual piston and blade cams, forcing the cutter blades to expand. The jet sub
incorporates interchangeable nozzles to adjust the flow rate required to achieve
desired activation pressure. Upward-facing jets help clean the cut area while also
cooling the cutter blades. On completion of the cut, the spring-loaded blade-return
mechanism ensures the cutter blades are returned to the run-in position and
retained within the body of the tool.
The cutter blades can be dressed with a variety of cutting structures, with each set
of blades purpose-built and designed to suit the particular size and grade of tubing/
casing to be cut.

Dual activation piston for clean and efficient cut
Three-blade design for maximum stability
Blades fully retracted and retained within the tool
Variety of cutting structures to suit all material grades
Interchangeable nozzles
Fully field-redressable

3 Blade Hydraulic Tubing Cutter

Technical Specifications

Tool OD 1 11 16 2 1 8 2 7 8

Connection 1 AMMT 11 2 AMMT 2 3 8 PAC DSI

Tubing / casing size up to 3 1 2 Up to 5 Up to 7

Activation pressure 550 psi 350 psi 400 psi

Tensile strength 56,000 lbs 80,000 lbs 155,000 lbs

Overall length 2.57 ft 2.68 ft 2.80 ft

* Yield Specifications based on AISI 4145 120,000 psi yield.

Additional tool sizes and variations are available on request. The data provided is
for information purposes only and no warranties or representations of any nature,
express or implied, are made as to the data, its accuracy or reliability or as to the
products fitness for any particular purpose. Specifications are subject to change
without notice. ALS Limited 2013, all rights reserved.

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