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Key Resources Key Activities Type of Intervention Segments Value Proposition
•Cryptocurrency •Blockchain A service to vote and real time track •Electors (+/-) •Portray democratic
•Votes •Managing an Online platform votes in an innovative way powered by •Congress (+/-) •Increase trackability & impact of
•Technology support •Connecting physical votes to digital blockchain technology. •Voters individual votes
•Taxes votes •Media •Increase transparency of current
voting system
•Have a democratic outlet to show
political point of view
•Real time tracking of votes
•Affect individual vote choice
•Enabling voting

Partners & Key Channels
Stakeholders •Interface/platform to vote •NARA •Increase effeciancy
and track voting •States •Long term cost efficiency
•Voters •Decrease control over democracy
•Blockchain developers

Cost Structure Surplus Revenue
•Translating votes Saving money
•Cost impact analysis