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SPRING SUMMER 2017 E T 905-896-5011 W

City Awarded $2.5 Million in Canada 150 Community
New Peel Infrastructure Funding
Paramedic I am very pleased to announce that the City will receive over $2.5 million in Government of Canada funding
Reporting Station for 28 infrastructure rehabilitation projects in Mississauga, through intake 2 of the Canada 150 Community
Infrastructure Program (CIP 150).
The CIP 150 approved City projects under intake 2 include the rehabilitation of five trails, 17 playgrounds,
one facility renovation, and five specific renovation projects. The federal program celebrates Canada’s
150th anniversary, under the theme “Giving Back to Canada.” The objective of the program is to strengthen
public infrastructure and provide economic benefits in communities across Canada. The Canada 150
Community Infrastructure Program helps municipalities undertake much-needed renovations and improve-
ments to aging infrastructure. In total, the 28 infrastructure rehabilitation projects will cost over $5 million,
which includes over $2.5 million in CIP 150 funding.  Projects must be completed by March 31, 2018.
The rehabilitation of 14 trails and nine playgrounds, along with two specific renovation projects at Lake
Aquitaine Park and Riverwood Park with up to $2.1 million in funding, was previously approved through in-
take 1 of the CIP 150 program.
Peel Regional Paramedic Services (PRPS) is I am also very pleased to report that 6 infrastructure projects will be completed in Ward 11 as part of the
building a new $13.4 million paramedic report- CIP program intakes 1 and 2.  The projects are budgeted at approximately $890,000 and will receive ap-
ing station and active response bay in Ward proximately $400,000 in CIP funding.  The Ward 11 projects are as follows:
11. The station is located on the vacant lot at  
the southeast corner of Erin Mills Parkway and Project Name Project Estimate Fed. Contribution
Thomas Street. Vista Heights Trails $26,400 $12,276
Manor Hill Trails $161,458 $75,078
The reporting station is a building that is used Erin Woods Trail Reconstruction & Extension $47,300 $22,103
as a central hub for the consolidation and dis-
Bancroft Park Playground Redevelopment $167,990 $78,500
tribution of paramedic crews and their vehicles
to various active response bays across Peel. Godwick Green Playground Redevelopment $167,990 $78,500
Paramedics will travel to the reporting station Jon Clipperton Park Retaining Wall  - Streetsville Cadet Centre $320,000 $149,533
from their homes, be assigned a paramedic Total $891,138 $415,990
vehicle, and travel to an off-site active re-  
sponse bay for their shift. Ambulances will be For more information about Mississauga’s CIP projects, please visit
serviced and cleaned at the reporting station.
Ambulances entering and exiting the reporting
station will be generally traveling with their si-
City Wins Municipality of I am also very pleased to report that the Bread
& Honey Festival has been selected again as a
rens off. The active response bay will be one the Year Award FEO Top 100 festival. The FEO Top 100 rec-
ognizes festivals and events that excel in the
of the regional bays serviced by this reporting
station. The City has been recognized by Festivals and industry and are among the most well-known
Events Ontario (FEO) as the 2017 Municipality of and respected celebrations in the province. The
the Year. This award is presented to municipali- Bread & Honey Festival is in its landmark 45th
Vehicular access to the reporting station will
ties that provide partnership support to and have year and is the longest running festival, second
be as follows: only to the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE).
• A right-in/right-out access to the report- created a supportive atmosphere for successful
festivals and events. The City won the award in For more information about the FEO awards,
ing station from Erin Mills Parkway please visit
the 150,000+ population category.
• An all-moves access to the reporting
station from Thomas Street The City’s Culture and Recreation Divisions sub-
• An egress from the active response mitted an application to FEO for the Municipality
bay to Thomas Street of the Year Award in November 2016. The award
was accepted by City Staff during an awards gala
Peel Paramedic Services provides pre-hospital in March. Our festivals and events are integral
primary and advanced paramedic emergency as they allow us to celebrate our traditions and
care and responds to more than 110,000 share our unique culture. In 2016, Mississauga’s
emergencies each year. For more information outdoor venues operated at maximum capacity
while we hosted many successful events. The
about the new paramedic reporting station and
opening of Celebration Square, Streetsville Vil-
Peel Paramedic Services, please visit www.
lage Square, and the Festival and Celebrations grant program have played an important part in
the success of our festivals and events.

2017 City of Mississauga and Region of Peel Budgets 
The  2017 City and Region Business Plans o Support to culture groups and local artists to provide bet-
and Budgets have been approved by Coun- ter services that reach more people
cil and Regional Council.  The total increase o Expanding year-round programming and enhancing win-
in Mississauga’s residential property tax ter events at Celebration Square to attract tourism
will be 2.9 per cent. The increase includes o Improving the Library’s collection to support the City’s
1.9 per cent for City services and 1.0 per population growth
cent for the Region of Peel.  Highlights of
the 2017 City Business Plan and Budget Highlights of the 2017 Region Business Plan and Budget include:
include: • Additional 22,500 Accessible Transportation trips
• $4.1 million in cost savings, which is • Two more ambulances on the road to address 5,500 additional
equivalent to reducing the City tax levy by 9-1-1 calls
0.9 per cent • An investment of $4.5 million to support affordable housing and
• Adding approximately $5.7 million worth of assist 205 households from the existing waiting list
new services, including: • Subsidy for low income “MiWay” users
o Continuing the MiWay service growth and adding 45,000 • Changes to provincial programming for immunization
service hours • More support to seniors with increasingly complex dementia
o Completing the Mississauga Transitway and adding care needs in the Long Term Care homes
11,000 service hours • Service 3,550 new households in waste collection
o Continuing implementation of the Advanced Transporta- • 4,750 new water billing customers
tion Management System to mitigate traffic congestion  • Additional police staffing for community safety
o Enhancing sidewalk maintenance to eliminate the City’s
repair backlog For more details on the City and Region budgets, please visit www.mis-
o Relocating the Square One Older Adult Centre to con- or 
tinue service to Mississauga’s older adults

City Launches SaugaBusks!
After a successful Busker and Street Performer Pilot Project, the City
will be launching a program to support busking in Mississauga, which
is called SaugaBusks!  SaugaBusks! launched on April 18th.  Busking
brings energy and excitement to cities and provides an opportunity for
emerging and established buskers to showcase their work to the commu-

As part of SaugaBusks! Busk Stop locations will be established across
the City and decorated with a colourful street decal, which will include key
information about the program.  25 artists will participate in the program in
2017.  Busk Stops will be located in the following areas in the City:
• Port Credit
• Jack Darling Park
• Celebration Square
• Streetsville Village Square
• Lake Aquitaine Park

I hope you enjoy these busking performances this spring and summer! 
For more information about SaugaBusks!, please visit www.mississauga-

Please Slow Down! City Launches Safety Campaign
The City of Mississauga is encouraging drivers to slow down on streets to
ensure the safety of residents in the community through a number of public
education safety campaigns.

The City is distributing ‘Please Slow Down’ lawn signs to promote safe driving
habits and to lower vehicle operating speeds on neighbourhood streets. You
may request one sign per property. You may obtain ‘Please Slow Down’ lawn
signs at the following locations:
• Streetsville Branch Library- 112 Queen St. S.
• Courtneypark Branch Library- 730 Courtneypark Dr. W.
• Transportation and Works Customer Service Counter- 3185 Mavis Rd.

The City is also working with the Share the Road Cycling Coalition to encour-
age cyclists to follow the recently amended Highway Traffic Act. The new Act
states that when passing, motorists must leave at least one metre of space
between their car and a person riding a bicycle. This helps to ensure the safety
of cyclists.

In addition, the City is working with Transport Canada and railway authorities
to ensure resident safety around railway crossings in Mississauga. For safety
tips, educational programs, and more information, please visit the City’s road
safety website at

Village Square Wins Award of Excellence
I am very pleased to report that the Streetsville Village Square recently
won the Award of Excellence at the 2016 Mississauga Urban Design
Awards. The winners of the 34th Mississauga Urban Design Awards
were announced at a special awards ceremony.

“Transformation by Design” was this year’s theme and the City honoured
designs that showcased how the city transformed through time over
the years. The Urban Design Awards recognize good urban design in
Mississauga developments. The Award of Excellence is presented to
projects that exemplify the City’s design principles.

The Village Square has revitalized and transformed the community and
become an important hub for community events. The jury was greatly
impressed by the Village Square and had the following comments about
the Square:
• The Square is a point of interest for the City and the local com-
• It is a wonderful gathering space for people, with a historic ele-
ment provided by the Cenotaph
• It creates a strong sense of place and is accessible
• It enhances the character of the area

I would like to thank the Streetsville BIA and everyone who was involved with the Village Square project. This achievement would not be possible
without your excellent work. For more information about the Urban Design Awards, please visit

New Animal Care and Control o Therapy animals supported with medical docu-
By-law Amendments • Reduction of fees for the surrendering of animals to the
shelter for residents who may be experiencing financial
hardship or meet the low-income criteria
For those of you who are pet owners, please be advised that
changes were recently made to pet licensing, which allow resi- For more information about the changes to the by-law, please
dents to buy a new two-year pet licence at a reduced rate, as visit .
well as lower the cost of a pet licence for low-income residents. 

In addition to revising the pet licensing fee structure, there will
also be some changes to the cost of surrendering an animal to
Animal Services.

The recommendations are based on comparisons to other ma-
jor municipalities across Canada, as well as an online survey,
which asked residents and community stakeholders about pet
licensing.  The recommendations include:
• Enable residents to purchase or renew a regular two-year
pet licence and receive a $10 discount
• Discounted pet licence for low-income residents
• Free pet licence for:
o Service animals certified for the blind, hearing
impaired, or other disabilities

Frank Dowling Park Playground Redevelopment
I am very happy to report that the playground at Frank Dowling Park was The protective surfacing has also been changed to engineered wood fibre,
recently redeveloped. The original playground was installed in 1994. The which allows for greater accessibility for persons using mobility devices. I hope
playground was updated with the latest safe and accessible playground equip- you and your family enjoy the new playground at Frank Dowling Park!
ment. The new playground now includes the following pieces of playground
• Play structure for ages 2-5 years with a slide, “what to wear” play
panel, wavy rung climber, steering wheel, store play counter, and trans-
fer deck (for children with disabilities)
• Play structure for ages 5-12 years with slide, spiral slide, fan climber,
“infinity hi-climb” climber, sliding pole, bongo panel, and transfer deck
• “Tikes of steel” climber/monkey bars
• “Solo spin” spinner toy
• Bulldozer spring toy
• Lady bug spring toy with backrest
• Therapeutic Rings
• Chinning Bar
• 4 belt swing seats
• 3 toddler swing seats
• 1 accessible swing seat
• Sand play pit
• Wheelchair accessible route into playground
• Three park benches with armrests, and wheelchair accessible route to
seating area

New Spray Pad at Swinbourne Advanced
Meadows Park Management System
I am very pleased to report that a new spray pad and park amenities are being constructed at Swinbourne
Meadows Park, which is located at 1129 Swinbourne Drive. Spray pads are unsupervised, interactive
in Mississauga
water play areas, with no standing water and are open to the public during regular park hours. The budget
for this spray pad is $252,750. Construction of the spray pad and park amenities began in May and all
amenities will be open for public use in July 2017, weather permitting. The new amenities at Swinbourne
Meadows Park will include the following:
• New spray pad facility
• Additional seating
• Additional park pathways

The existing playground, sports fields, and park pathways will remain open while construction activities are
occurring. As with any construction project, it is expected that the area will be busy with construction activ-
ity.  During this time, we ask for your patience and assistance in keeping clear of the construction site.

Should you have any questions regarding this work, please contact Virginia Kalapaca, Park Development,
at (905) 615-3200 ext.4813 or e-mail:

The City of Mississauga continues to imple-
ment a state-of-the-art Advanced Transporta-
tion Management System (ATMS) to better
respond to changing traffic conditions and
adjusting traffic signals.  The ATMS project
seeks to:
• Maximize the available capacity of the
roadway network,
• Minimize the impact of roadway inci-
dents to users,
• Pro-actively manage traffic,
• Assist in the provision of emergency
services, and
• Create and maintain public confidence
in traffic management.

The key features of the ATMS Project include:
• Set up of a new Traffic Management
Centre (TMC) to allow traffic staff to
monitor and respond to traffic related
situations in real-time.
• Upgrade of the traffic signal communi-
cations by leveraging the City’s exist-
Mississauga Will Receive 21, and $32 million in 2021-22.   In 2016-17,
Mississauga received $16.6 million from
ing Public Sector Network (i.e. Fibre
Additional Funding for Provincial Gas Tax funding. These funds
Network) as the backbone for signal
were used to enhance and grow the MiWay
Local Transit transit system, including the completion of
• Replacement of the existing traffic
control system that will also include
the Transitway.  
The City of Mississauga will receive addi- the replacement of the traffic controller
tional Gas Tax funding from the Province to units in the field.
improve and expand the transit system. The • Implementation of Intelligent Transpor-
Province will double the gas tax funding that tation Systems (ITS) to include traffic
goes to municipalities. Mississauga can now control cameras and traffic detection.
expect approximately $32 million in gas tax • Future ATMS initiatives like adaptive
funding. traffic control, incident management
and traveller information.
These funds will be invested into mitigating
gridlock, building transit, and improving the The new ATMS will provide better integration
transportation network. Mississauga could with other agencies and active management
see its funding increased to an estimated of traffic in Mississauga. When the project is
$20 million in 2019-20, $24 million in 2020- completed, commuters will be able to receive
real-time information on travel times and will
be able to choose their mode of travel accord-
ingly. The ATMS will help decrease congestion
Important Numbers and allow commuters to travel more efficiently
to their destination within the City.
Peel Regional Police 905-453-3311
Aircraft Noise Complaints 416-247-7682 Poison Control Centre 416-813-5900
Animal Services 3-1-1 Recreation Facilities 905-615-4100
The City will be investing a total of approxi-
City (after hours) 905-615-3000 Region of Peel 905-791-7800 mately $16.2 million (gross) for the completion
Courtneypark Library 905-615-4745 River Grove CC 905-615-4780 of the ATMS project by the end of 2020. The
Catholic School Board 905-890-1221 Safe City Mississauga 905-615-4155 estimated cost for the new Traffic Manage-
Alectra Utilities (Hydro) 905-273-7425 Snow Line 905-615-7669 ment Centre is $3.9 million and about $7.1
GO Transit 416-869-3200 Streetlights (Alectra) 905-273-7425 million for the Traffic Signal Control system
Health Line Peel 905-799-7700 Streetsville B.I.A. 905-858-5974 replacement. The City has partnered with the
Mississauga Fire 905-615-3777 Streetsville Library 905-615-4785 Region of Peel and the Ministry of Transporta-
MiWay Transit 905-615-4636 Transhelp 905-791-1015 tion and will be recovering approximately $4
Park Lights (City) 3-1-1 Vic Johnston CC 905-826-3011
Parking Control 3-1-1
million from these partner agencies.
Waste Management 905-791-9499
Public School Bd. 905-890-1010 Water Billing 905-791-8711