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The Real History of Our Nation.

Who Founded & Owns Washington, D.C.

Justitia Omnibus = Justice for All (?)

Columbia is a name given for the Goddess of Creation, War, Destruction,

and the Underworld. She is also known as the goddess of death & pain or
Persephone. Her representation is the statue on top of the Capitol building
called the Statue of Freedom which is crowned with pentacles (stars with
five points or pentagrams, also a Satanic symbol). She is also seen in other
statues around the District of Columbia. She is derived from the imagery of
Semiramis, wife of Nimrod, and the Queen of Babylon. See if you can answer
any of these basic questions:

Why is it named the District of Columbia?

What are the other Districts?
What exact date was Washington, D.C. founded?
What was the name of the city in Maryland before it became Washington,
Who donated the land that became Washington, D.C.?
Who is the White House named after?
What major Jesuit University was founded just six months before in what was
to become Washington, D.C.?
Why is the name of the Federal Government always in capital letters when in
reference to itself?
Who owns & controls it?
Why do our tax-dollars go to Puerto Rico?
Why is our legal systems (metaphorically) based on the sea, as well as our
financial systems?
What Pope financed the Confederate Pres. Jefferson Davis to help fight the
Union North in the Civil War?
What are the similarities of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy?
Why was the Vietnam conflict called Spellies War?
Why was George H. W. Bush nicknamed Poppy?
Did you get any right? Most cannot even answer one of these questions
correctly. Why? Simply because we have never been taught or told the true
history of the most important inception of government in the modern world
along with the Vatican City and the City of London.

On the National Mall, the Washington Monument is a male phallic Egyptian

styled obelisk measuring 555 ft., or 6,660 inches tall, surrounded by a
Vesica Pisces, directly across the Oval (Ovum) front of the White House. The
Vesica Pisces (Isis) symbolizes the ovaries of a female goddess, as well as
other multiple meanings.

Another two city/nation-states are the City of London and the Vatican City.
Neither of these three independent, sovereign bodies are beholden to any
other countries rules, laws or customs. All three have their own officials,
flags, constitutions, banks (remember the Federal Reserve?), & law/military
enforcement and cannot be touched by any other nation.

Located in the center of each city is an Egyptian obelisk erect. They are: the
obelisk in St. Peters Square, the Washington Monument, and Cleopatras
Needle in the City of London. Of course, one question you may ask yourself is
why is there an Egyptian obelisk, which is a tribute to the Ancient Egyptian
pagan sun god Amun-Ra, in the middle of the Vatican's courtyard, as it is
supposed to be the center of purity, chastity & Christendom?

Contained within these three cities-states is more than 80% of the

worlds wealth!

George Washington as Freemason & First President

On April 6th, 1789, the session of the first U.S.
Congress had a quorum in both houses to convene.
George Washington was then unanimously elected
the 1st Pres. of the United States under a new
constitution. His inauguration was on the 30th
of April. The Bible used for the oath was that of
St. Johns Lodge No. 1 of New York. Washington
himself at the time was Master of Alexandria Lodge
No. 22 of Virginia. The new government of America
came officially into existence.

It is not my intention to doubt that the doctrine of the Illuminati and the
principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. (Yet) on the
contrary, no one is more satisfied of this fact than I am. (Source: letter to
George Washington, October 24th, 1798, Mount Vernon, in The Writings of George
Washington, vol. 20, p. 518)
The oath was administered by Robert Livingston, Grand Master of New Yorks
Grand Lodge. The marshal of the day was yet another Mason, Gen. Jacob
Morton. General Morgan Lewis, who was Washingtons escort, was also a

Of the thirty-nine men that officially brought the United States government
into existence, most of them were either Freemasons or had association with
the secret fraternal order (including George Washington, a 33 rd Degree
Freemason himself). Of them, thirteen were definite Freemasons, and more
than that number (discreetly) have chosen to remain anonymous.

I have every hope that the grand work we have done today will be handed
down to a late posterity, as the like work of that ever-memorable temple to
our order erected by our ancient Grand Master Solomon. - Maryland Grand
Master Joseph Clark, on September 18th, 1793, at the laying of the
cornerstone of the Washington Capitol.

The U.S. Capitol Dome at the Heart of America,

Representing the Female Ovum and Roman Allegiance
Excerpt from William Henrys, The U.S. Capitol and the Temple of Man:

The U.S. Capitol has numerous architectural and other features that
unquestionably identify it with ancient temples including stone construction, an
underground entrance, chapels, an image of a deified being, religious imagery,
symbols, and inscriptions, divine proportions, massive columns, palpable
spiritual energy, acoustic trickery, terrifying guardians, mystic visitors, closed
doors, private members, secret chambers, and orientation to the Sun.

The dome of the Capitol ices this connection. Domes have been called the
perfect architectural shape: the circle, symbol of the universe, executed in three
dimensions. In religious architecture domes proclaim the glory of God. The word
dome comes from Latin domus, a house, via Italian duomo, a house of God, that
is a church (from kirk, meaning circle). The temple is a house of the holy.

Temple is also a word for the flat part on either side of the human head, called
a dome in slang, above and beyond the eye. The oculus or eye of the dome is
considered the Gateway of the Sun. From this gateway at the top of the dome
rises the World Axis, the link between heaven and earth. Domes, therefore, are
the threshold or gateway of the spiritual world.

The Capitol Rotunda is a large, circular room located in the center of the Capitol
on the second floor. 96 feet in diameter, it is the symbolic and physical heart of
the U.S. Capitol. It is the ceremonial center of the United States of America.
Floating in the center of the Apotheosis, a uniformed Washington sits
enthroned on a rainbow in front of a Sun gate. Liberty, holding her fasces and a
combination of Victory and Fame sounding a trump flank him. Apotheosis is a
Greek word that means to raise to god like stature or the glorification of a
person as an ideal.

Indeed, this fresco depicts Washington as a god-man. Christian art portrays

Jesus sitting on a rainbow and enthroned exactly the same way. The sun is a
symbol of Christ from the prophecy of Malachi 4:2 But unto you that fear my
name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings.

Christopher Columbus - the First American Terrorist

Christopher Columbus never set foot in the United States, and the District of
Columbia wasn't named after him. Columbus Day, as we know it in the
United States, was invented by the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal
service organization.

He is also credited for proving the Earth not to be flat, thereby through
'empirical' evidence declared over 5,000 years of Theo-Cosmology to be false
and a multi-cultural lie.

Sidebar: Back in the 1930s, they were looking for a Catholic hero as a role-
model their children could look up to. In 1934, as a result of lobbying by the
Knights of Columbus, Congress and President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed
Columbus Day into law as a federal holiday to honor their Catholic 'hero.'

When he set foot on that sandy beach in the Bahamas on October 12 th, 1492,
Columbus discovered that the islands were inhabited by friendly, peaceful
peoples called the Lucayans, Tanos and Arawaks. Writing in his diary,
Columbus said they were a handsome, smart and generous inhabitants. He
noted that the gentle Arawaks were remarkable for their hospitality. They
offered to share with anyone and when you ask for something, they never say
no, he said. The Arawaks had no weapons; their society had neither
criminals, prisons nor prisoners. They were so kind-hearted that Columbus
noted in his diary that on the day the Santa Maria was shipwrecked, the
Arawaks labored for hours to save his crew and cargo. The native people were
so honest that not one thing was missing.

Columbus was so impressed with the hard work of these gentle indigenous
islanders, he immediately seized their land for Spain and enslaved them to
work in his brutal gold mines. Within only two years, 125,000 (half of the
population) of the original natives on the island went extinct.
Shockingly, Columbus supervised the selling of native girls into sexual
slavery. Young girls of the ages 9-10 were the most desired by his men.

In 1500, Columbus casually wrote about it in his log (diary). He said, A

hundred castellanoes are as easily obtained for a woman as for a farm, and it
is very general and there are plenty of dealers who go about looking for girls;
those from nine to ten are now in demand.

He forced these peaceful natives to work in his gold mines until they died
from exhaustion. If an Indian worker did not deliver his full quota of gold
dust by Columbus deadline,' soldiers would cut off the mans hands and tie
them around his neck to send a message. Slavery was so intolerable for these
sweet, gentle island people that at one point, 100 of them committed mass
suicide. Catholic law forbade the enslavement of Christians, but Columbus
solved this problem. He simply refused to baptize the native people of

On his second trip to the New World, Columbus brought cannons and attack
dogs. If a native resisted slavery, he would cut off a nose or an ear. If slaves
tried to escape, Columbus had them burned alive. Other times, he sent attack
dogs to hunt them down, and the dogs would tear off the arms and legs of the
screaming natives while they were still alive. If the Spaniards ran short of
meat to feed the dogs, Arawak babies were killed for dog food.

Columbus's acts of cruelty were so unspeakable and so legendary even in

his own day that Governor Francisco De Bobadilla arrested Columbus and
his two brothers, slapped them into chains, and shipped them off to Spain to
answer for their crimes against the Arawaks. But the King and Queen of
Spain, with their treasury accumulating with gold, pardoned Columbus and
set him free.

The centers of all three branches of the Federal Government of the United
States are in the District, including the Congress, Executive branch and the
Supreme Court. Washington is home to many national monuments and
museums, which are primarily situated on or around the National Mall. The
city hosts 176 foreign embassies as well as the headquarters of many
international organizations, trade unions, 'non-profit' organizations, lobbying
groups, and professional associations.

That 'Columbus-proved-the-Earth-is-round' is also another programmed

meme in the minds of the masses and nothing could be farther from the
truth. I recommend you to read a book titled Flat Earth - Investigations in a
500-year Massive Lie.
The District of Columbia receives three electoral votes in presidential elections
as permitted by the 23rd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1961.
On July 9th, 1790, Congress passed the Residence Act, which approved the
creation of a national capital on the Potomac River. The exact location was to
be selected by President George Washington, who signed the bill into law on
July 16th, 1790.

The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1801 (officially An Act Concerning

the District of Columbia) formally placed the District of Columbia under the
control of the United States Congress and organized the unincorporated
territory within the District into two counties: Washington County &
Alexandria County. The Common laws of both Maryland and Virginia
remained in force within the District. A federal court was established in each
of the new counties.

Congress passed the Organic Act of 1871, which repealed the individual
charters of the cities of Washington and Georgetown, and created a new
territorial government for the whole District of Columbia. The initial shape of
the federal district was a square measuring 10 miles (16 km) on each side,
totaling 100 square miles (259 km).

All Roads Still Lead to Rome

The land known today as the District of Columbia bore the name 'Rome' in
the 1663 property records; and the branch of the Potomac River that bordered
'Rome' on the south was called 'Tiber.'

Maryland was the name of the city before the land was donated by John
Carroll, the wealthiest man in America at the time, who also founded
Georgetown University (a Jesuit institution) one year before Washington, D.C.
was founded.

It is well known that the City of Rome was built on seven hills or mountains
and Washington, D.C. as well. They are: Capitol Hill, Meridian Hill, Floral
Hills, Forest Hills, Hillbrook, Hillcrest, and Knox Hill.

In biblical prophecy, at the end of which the city of seven hills will be
destroyed. Will this city be Rome or Washington?

Excerpt from the library:

Catholicism came to Maryland on March 25th, 1634, an auspicious

day: The Feast of the Annunciation and the first day of the English
new year.
A small group, Protestants and Catholics mixed, landed on a small
island in the lower Potomac near the Maryland shore, and Father
Andrew White celebrated Mass to bless the beginning of their colony.
The Calverts came to Maryland as the Puritans had come to
Massachusetts, for piety and for profit. Seeking a refuge from the Penal
Laws, they hoped also to reap the benefits of a bountiful new land.

The Jesuits came to minister to the Catholic colonists, but also with an
eye to the conversion of the native population. Who then can have a
doubt, White wrote before leaving England, but that by this one work
so glorious, many thousand souls may be led to Christ? White and his
companions overcame the hostility of some of the tribes, the prejudice
of Proprietor and English settlers, and the great barrier of language to
convert several tribal chiefs. At St. Marys City White made of an
Indian hut the colonys first chapel.

The story of the Jesuits of English-speaking America is largely

forgotten. They came to Maryland only shortly after their better-known
brothers reached Canada and more than fifty years before Eusebio Kino
traveled north to California. But they had no romance. The dreams of a
new Christian empire, of a European system translated whole onto the
American wilderness, were not theirs, nor did they find the heroic
martyrdoms of an Isaac Jogues or a Jean de Brbeuf.

In their day they published no annual letters, and no historian since

has imparted to their story the epic vigor with which Francis Parkman
chronicled the Canadian Jesuits. Yet this small group of men laid
stronger foundations for Catholicism in America than did the Spanish
in California or the French in Canada.

The Andrew White House

The White House is named after The Apostle of Maryland & Jesuit, Andrew
White, who helped found St. Marys Maryland and returned to England to die
in his later years. The Jesuits founded Canada, at around the same time as
White was establishing Maryland. Jefferson Davis, the only Confederate
President, as the first to call the building, the White House. Interestingly, it
was Gen. Davis who accepted financial support from Pope Pius IX that greatly
assisted the Southern Confederates against Abraham Lincolns Union forces.
(The word soldier comes from sold-to-die, that's why they are issued dog

The name White House, however, was not used officially until Pres.
Theodore Roosevelt had it engraved on his stationery in 1901. Prior to that,
the building was known variously as the Presidents Palace, the Presidents
House, and the Executive Mansion.

Pastor Charles Chiniquy, born in 1809, was a noted French Canadian ex-
priest who left the Roman confession after a long struggle with the bishop of
Chicago over property.

Former Roman Catholic priest, Charles Chiniquy wrote his most important
book, Fifty Years in the Church of Rome. It is powerful scathing indictment of
the Roman Catholic Church. Chiniquy claimed that the Roman Church,
because they needed to counter the Protestants, who were the 99% of the
original settlers in America, favored the South. The Roman Catholics of the
Vatican wanted a civil war to weaken America and its support of liberty in
general. He claimed that Abraham Lincoln was well aware of this, and that
the hierarchy had fomented conspiracies against him, but did not make it
publicly known, lest it become a war of extermination on both sides.

The false rumors that Lincoln had been born Catholic, Chiniquy said, were
spread by the Jesuits to make it appear that Lincoln was an apostate and
renegade, and thus deserving of the ultimate fate the Church saved for
heretics - death. Chiniquy claimed that the South would never have dared
attack the North without assurances of covert assistance from the Church.

Lincoln and Kennedy Assassination Similarities

The Jesuits considered Washington D.C. to be the New Jerusalem, or their

new birthing of a New World Order (N.W.O.). This is why the two states
adjacent to Washington, D.C. are named VIRGINia and MARYland, or the
VIRGIN MARY! This also shows how long the American historical narrative
has been counterfeit as to the founding of Washington, D.C.

Andrew White (1579 -1656) was an English Jesuit missionary who was
involved in the founding of the Maryland colony. He was a chronicler of the
early colony, and his writings are a primary source on the land, the Native
Americans of the area, and the Jesuit mission in North America. For his
efforts in converting and educating the native population, he is frequently
referred to as the Apostle of Maryland. He is considered a forefather of
Georgetown University, and is memorialized in the name of its White-
Gravenor building, a central location of offices and classrooms on the
universitys campus.

George Calvert, the first Baron Baltimore, whom White is credited in helping
to turn to Catholicism in 1625, wrote to White from his colony on the Avalon
Peninsula in Newfoundland after 1628. Whites further interest in America is
shown a letter from Superior General Mutio Vitelleschi in a letter dated
March 3rd, 1629, approving a mission to America. Though George Calvert died
in 1632, his son, Leonard Calvert, second Baron Baltimore, continued the
colonization program. Baltimore had wanted White to help found a new
colony in the Chesapeake Bay which had been chartered June 20 th, 1632.

White himself wrote of the benefits of converting the native population, and in
a document dated February 10th, 1633, he specifically advocates Catholic
settlement in lord Baltimores Plantation in Mary-land. He describes to
potential financiers a paradisaical land with majestic forests and fruitful soil,
advertising 2,000 acres (8 km2) of land for each potential settler.

Baltimore, Maryland was founded and laid out on July 30, 1729, and is
named after Lord Baltimore (Cecilius Calvert), who was the first Proprietary
Governor of the Province of Maryland.

On November 22nd, 1633, Bishop Andrew White took Baltimores offer and set
sail from Cowes on the Isle of Wight with lord Leonard Calvert and fellow
Jesuits John Altham Gravenor and Thomas Gervase on The Ark, one of
George Calverts ships.

Their landing on March 25th, 1634, on St. Clements Island marks the birth of
the Maryland colony. The anniversary of this date is now celebrated as
Maryland Day. In saying Catholic Mass that day, he became the first priest to
do so in the original thirteen English colonies.

By July of that year, White had written his first discussion on the new colony,
titled A Relation of the Sucessefull Beginnings of the Lord Baltimores
Plantation in Maryland. Sections of this were used to further advertise the
colony. White spent most of the next decade in St. Marys City, working on
English-Native American relations, particularly with the Yaocomico tribe,
which consistently saw favorable trade treaties from Calvert because of White,
and the Anacostans. In 1637 they were joined by Jesuits Thomas Copley and
Ferdinand Poulton, and between 1634 and 1650 there averaged four
permanent Jesuits in the Maryland Colony.

To further his missionary work, he wrote dictionaries and translated the

catechism into the native languages. On July 5th, 1640, he famously
converted Chitomachon, the chief of the Piscataway Natives, to Christianity.
The chief was baptized as Charles. He later baptized a princess of the
Patuxent Indians, and much of her tribe. In 1933, the architect and writer
Christopher La Farge designed a monument to White that is located just
outside St. Marys City.

The English Civil War was to cut short his missionary work. In 1644, Richard
Ingle and Puritan colonists from the neighboring Virginian colony of
Jamestown, which had previously rebuffed George Calverts visit, first raided
St. Marys City. Ingle succeeded in burning the town and, with the aid of
William Claiborne, in controlling the Maryland Colony. White was again
arrested for his Catholic preaching, and in 1645 he was sent with Thomas
Copley in chains to London.

Once there, he was tried for the crime of returning to England after being
banished in 1606, which carried the punishment of death. He escaped this
fate by arguing that his return was not of his own will. His petitions to return
to Maryland denied, he spent the last decade of his life quietly in England
until his death on December 27th, 1656.

In the War of 1812, the British torched and burned to the ground the White
House and all U.S. government buildings, destroying ratification records of US

Directly after the American War of Independence, in 1812, the founders of the
new country chose the exact same colors as the hated and defeated British,
who they had just fought to death where Ben Franklin challenged his fellow
patriots to 'hang together or hang separately.'

Why would you choose the exact same colors for your new country as the
country you just fought against? Does this make any sense to anyone? Also,
the U.S. flag (which Betsy Ross did NOT design) is nearly the exact same flag
design as the infamous British East India Company, who were owned &
operated by the loathed British. According to conventional American history,
this was the event that set off the American Revolution. It is no coincidence
that many other country flags are also red, white and blue, like Russia, Chile,
France, Australia, Great Britain, and many others. Why so when each country
could choose any other colors in the spectrum?

Most people who live in the United States have pledged, at least one time or
another, their allegiance to the U.S. Constitution and the American flag, not
to a living being. The U.S. Constitution was founded by the wealthiest
Caucasian men of the time. When they finished with their 'We, the People'
document, the only ones that were considered part of this compact were those
who owned land or held stocks and shares, rich, white, privileged and male.
It would take almost another century before women & minorities would be
finally given a chance to equal treatment and the right to vote.

Most will cite the U.S. Constitution as proof of their 'unalienable rights' while
living in an ever-increasing police state where we now have Pres. Donald J.
Trump openly calling for stop-and-searches of any and all of those living in
the U.S. For the record, rights are not given by government, nor written on a
piece of paper as 'proof' or 'evidence.'
Rights are unalienable and inherent, not granted to humans by man-made,
artificial constructs.

The U.S. is STILL a 'British' Colony

A careful study of signed treaties & charters between the U.K. and the U.S.
exposes a well-kept secret; that the U.S. has always been and remains today
a 'British' Crown colony. King James I is not just famous for translating the
Bible into the King James Version, but also for signing the first charter of
Virginia in 1606 which granted Americas British forefathers license to settle
and colonize America.

This charter also guaranteed future British Monarchs, Heirs & Successors
would have sovereign authority over all of its subjects and colonized land in
the Americas stolen from indigenous inhabitants via genocidal methods and
its agriculture/infrastructure was developed by Africans stolen from their
homeland, classified as property and relegated to a sub-human status (the
U.S. Constitution was written and declared Negro slaves to be three-fifths of a
person for accounting purposes).

After America declared independence from Great Britain, the Definitive Treaty
of Peace (1783) was signed. This Treaty identifies King George III as the Prince
of the United States & Prince-Elector of the Holy Roman Empire, completely
contradicting the premise that America won the American Revolutionary War.
Although the British Monarch did cede most of his claims to the 13 colonies,
he kept his right to continue receiving payment for the British Crown's benefit
and business ventures, as well as requesting Congress and the State
legislators to grant real British subjects restitution of their properties in
Article V:

If America had really won the War of Independence, they would never have
agreed to continually pay 'bona fide' debts & reparations to the Crown, nor
adopt the design from one of its colonial ventures - the British East India

Americas blood soaked War of Indepen-

dence against the British bankrupted
the U.S., turning its citizens into perma-
nent debt-slaves of the Crown. This
occurred once again after WWI when
the U.S. declared bankruptcy and birth
certificates were later issued as collateral to back the national debt, which is
still in effect today. This is why debt is key to the control of all and the more
debt is increased, the more susceptible we are to financial slavery.
The Roman Catholic Carroll Family
Daniel Carroll provided the land for the foundation of Washington, D.C.
Brother Charles Carroll was War Commissioner, controlling all the executive
duties of the military department, with its ammunition supplies of cannon
balls, shot, kettles, spikes and nails to the army. John Carroll, an intimate
friend of Benjamin Franklin, even living in Franklins house, founded
Georgetown University just 6 months before Washington, D.C. was founded.
He was also the first Catholic Bishop.

Jesuit Georgetown Universitys emblematic seal proclaims a Roman eagle

grasping the world and the cross, State and Roman Catholic Church with a
banner in its beak, Utraque Unum (Bond Together in Latin).

Excerpt from The Grand Design Exposed by John Daniel

The Catholic Carroll family was one of the wealthiest American families alive.
They all had been trained in Jesuit warfare at the Jesuit St. Omers College in
France. John, the Jesuit, became a teacher there. Charles studied law at the
Jesuit College Louis-le-Grand in Paris, and was sent to study further at
Londons Inner Temple.

The mother of Daniel and John, Eleanor Darnall, claimed direct descent from
the Calverts (Calvert was Lord Baltimore), the owning family of original
Maryland. She had come into possession of much of the land that Daniel would
transfer to the District of Columbia. Charles Carroll stood to inherit Americas
largest private estate; later, John Adams would label him Americas richest

Charles Carroll was named by the Annapolis Committee of Correspondence to

be a delegate to the First Continental Congress. Charles declined because he
felt that his usefulness might be restricted by anti-Catholic sentiment
engendered by the Quebec Act, however, he attended as an unofficial
consultant to the Marylanders. Charles Thompson and Charles, Daniel and
John Carroll spent the critical preliminary days to the congress lobbying for the
inevitability of war.

Thompson was already heavily invested in New Jerseys Batso Furnace. Batso
would furnish cannon balls, shot, kettles, spikes and nails to the army through
the War Commissioner, who controlled all the executive duties of the military

The War Commissioner was Charles Carroll.

Charles Carroll of Carrollton (1737-1832) was the most illustrious and best-
known of the Carrolls. He was the only signer whose property - Carrollton -
was mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. Carrollton was the 10,000-
acre estate in Frederick County, Maryland, that Charles Carrolls father had
given him on his return to America from his education in Europe.

Charles Carroll first became known in colonial politics through his defense of
freedom of conscience and his belief that the power to govern derived from the
consent of the governed. He was a staunch supporter of Washington, and when
the war was going badly at Valley Forge, he was instrumental in persuading
the Revolutions Board of War not to replace Washington with General Horatio
Gates. Carroll supported the war with his own private funds; he was widely
regarded as the wealthiest of all the colonists, with the most to lose were the
fight for independence to fail.

At the time he signed the Declaration, it was against the law for a Catholic to
hold public office or to vote. Although Maryland was founded by and for
Catholics in 1634, in 1649 and, later, in 1689 after the Glorious Revolution
placed severe restrictions on Catholics in England, the laws were changed in
Maryland, and Catholicism was repressed.

Catholics could no longer hold office, exercise the franchise, educate their
children in their faith, or worship in public. With the Declaration of
Independence, all this bias and restriction ended.

Daniel Carroll of Rock Creek (1730-1796) was a member of the Continental

Congress (1781-1783), and a signer of the Articles of Confederation. He was a
delegate to the Constitutional Convention and one of only two Catholic signers
of the United States Constitution. (The other Catholic signer was Thomas
Fitzsimons of Pennsylvania).

At the Constitutional Convention, Daniel Carroll played an essential role in

formulating the limitation of the powers of the federal government. He was the
author of the presumption enshrined in the Constitution that powers not
specifically delegated to the federal government were reserved to the states or
to the people.

Daniel Carroll later became a member of the first United States Congress (1789-
1791). He was also a member of the first Senate of Maryland, where he served
up to the time of his death. He was appointed by Washington as one of the first
three commissioners of the new federal city that is now known as the District of
Columbia. In todays terminology, he would have been considered the mayor of
Washington, D.C.
After the 'Great Work' of separating themselves, and gaining independence
from British rule was accomplished, it was now necessary to form a suitable
government for the new nation that would provide its citizens the guarantee of
civil and religious liberties; which had been the real purpose of the Revolution
from the start.

The Confederation of the United States had served its purpose during the
war, but all agreed, it had numerous shortcomings. So on 25 th May 1787, the
Federal Constitutional Convention was held at Independence Hall in
Philadelphia to draft a new constitution, with George Washington chosen to
serve as its President.

It was recorded, This began the meeting of one of the greatest sessions of
wise men in the history of the world. And two men, Thomas FitzSimons of
Pennsylvania and Daniel Carroll of Maryland, were among those 'wise men'
representing their Roman Catholic constituencies.

John Carroll (1735-1815), Daniel Carrolls younger brother, was educated in

Europe, joined the Jesuit order, and was ordained a priest. He founded a
private school for boys and named it after the town where it was located,
Georgetown, a port on the Potomac River that later became part of Washington,

He went on to be elected, by all the Catholic priests in America, to become

Americas first Catholic bishop. He later became archbishop of Baltimore that
was consecrated n the day of the feast of the Assumption (The feast day of the
Assumption of Mary celebrates the Christian belief that God assumed the Virgin
Mary into Heaven following her death).

In any procession of American bishops, the archbishop of Baltimore always

goes last in recognition of its role as Americas oldest diocese. In 1789, John
Carroll founded the college in Georgetown that later became known as
Georgetown University.

During a period when the Revolutionary War was going badly, Washington
asked John Carroll to join a mission to Canada to seek the support of the
French for the colonies. Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Chase, and Charles Carroll
of Carrollton were the others on the four-man mission. While it failed, it
established a relationship with the French, much influenced by the Catholic
faith they held in common with the Carrolls.

The expedition by the four Catholics bore fruit years later at Yorktown, where
the largely Catholic-financed French fleet cut off supplies to British general
Charles Cornwallis, and Washington was able to force Cornwallis to surrender
and bring the war to an end.
John Carroll was an intimate of Washington.

He wrote a prayer at the time of Washingtons inauguration asking Gods

blessing on the president, Congress, and government of the United States, a
prayer still very much in use today. Out of gratitude for John Carrolls support
during the war, Washington gave a modified version of the seal of the United
States to the institution that is now Georgetown University, and that seal is still
in use.

Despite their enormous contributions to the American founding, the three

Carrolls somehow fell below the radar screen of recognition as full-fledged
founding fathers. Perhaps that was because they were Catholics in a country
and a culture that for many years was overwhelmingly Protestant.

But one name, surprisingly, or perhaps not so surprisingly, stands out. In spite
of, and regardless of the popes anathemas and fearful excommunication that
sends one to hell for being a Freemason, we find Roman Catholic, Jesuit
educated, Daniel Carrolls name among those who are the most prominent of

How is it possible that Daniel Carroll, who represented the top echelons of the
hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church in America, whose cousin Charles,
was the most vocal political spokesman for that Church, and his brother John,
a Jesuit, who founded the new American Roman Catholic Church can be a

The answer to that question, solves a deeply hidden mystery. However, it was
not until August that the matter of religious liberty was brought up for

Charles and Daniel Carroll both were members of the new congress. Charles
Carroll was elected to the senate and

Daniel Carroll to the house. Wherever the contest was to be, whether in the
senate or the house, one of the two Carrolls was sure to be in the arena of
action. The end result gave us as the first amendment to the Constitution,
which reads: Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of
religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

This was a day of great glory for the Carrolls and the Roman Church they
represented. As another phase of the Great Work was accomplished, it firmly
established by Federal law Liberty for the Church of Rome to function and
flourish in English America.
And that opened wide the door for good things yet to come.

In a letter written some years later to George Washington Custis, the son of
George Washingtons wife Martha, that he adopted, Charles Carroll said:
When I signed the Declaration of Independence, I had in view not only our
independence from England but the toleration of all sects professing the
Christian religion and communicating to them all full rights. Happily this wise
and salutary measure has taken place for eradicating religious feuds and
persecutions and become a useful lesson to all governments. Reflecting as you
must on the disabilities, I may truly say, on the proscription of the Roman
Catholics in Maryland, you will not be surprised that I had much at heart this
grand design founded on mutual charity, the basis of our holy religion.
(National Gazette, Philadelphia, Feb. 26th, 1829)

In 1827 in a letter to a Protestant minister, Charles Carroll wrote: Your

sentiments on religious liberty coincide with mine. To obtain religious as well as
civil liberty I entered zealously into the Revolution

As the Carrolls and Freemasonry were influencing the forming of the new
American government that was brought into existence in year 1789, precisely
13 years after independence was declared in 1776, we find also a very
conspicuous correlation between the launching of the American
government and the founding of the American Catholic Church

For in that year 1789, John Carroll founded and laid the cornerstone for the
first Jesuit college in America at Georgetown: in what was afterwards to be the
District of Columbia, and the college that George Washingtons two nephews,
Bushrod and Augustine, attended.

And as George Washington was inaugurated the first President of the United
States in 1789, so also was John Carroll elected the first Bishop of the Catholic
Church in the United States in the same year.

And as the jurisdiction of the first President of the United States was from
Georgia to Canada in the north and from the Atlantic to the Mississippi, so too
was the jurisdiction of John Carrolls diocese.

Be assured, it is no coincidence that the American government, the American

Roman Catholic Church hierarchy, and the Jesuit Georgetown College all mark
their beginning from year 1789.

But on top of that, it will be shown how a business venture put into operation also in
1789, with George Washington becoming their front man, enabled the
Carrolls to have the American seat of government placed in their own front
yard. Jesuit Charles Plowden, who preached on that memorable day, when
commenting on the American Revolution, said:

Although this great event may appear to us to have been the work, the sport,
of human passion, yet the earliest and most precious fruit of it has been the
extension of the kingdom of Christ, the propagation of the Catholic
religion,which heretofore fettered by restraining laws, is now enlarged from
bondage and is left at liberty to exert the full energy of divine truth. Glorious is
this day, my brethren, for the Church of God which sees new nations crowding
her bosom.

The majority of Christians, particularly Protestants, hold to doctrines planted by

Jesuits during the counter-reformation. This was for the purpose of
undermining the reformation and for bringing nations and men back under
papal yoke by altering their view of salvation and of the pope.

Americas national motto Annuit Coeptis came from a prayer to Jupiter. It

appears in Book IX of Virgils epic propaganda, the Aeneid, a poem
commissioned just before the birth of Christ by Caius Maecenas, the mult-
billionaire power behind Augustus Caesar. The poems objective was to fashion
Rome into an imperial monarchy for which its citizens would gladly sacrifice
their lives, War of Independence ?!?

Americas first Catholic bishop (was) a strong supporter of the American

Revolution, Carroll firmly believed that a Catholic institution could make a
major contribution to the political, cultural, and educational life of the fledgling

Once the War began, in order to dispel the deep-seated suspicion of the Protestants-
that the Catholic Church in America was no more than a tool of the Holy See-Bishop
Carroll encouraged Catholics to fight in the 1776 war for Americas independence from

This proved to be the major turning point in Catholic-Protestant


Anti-Catholic sentiment greatly abated, especially when, according to Dr. John

J. Pilch of Georgetown University, Americans noticed the wholehearted
participation of Catholics in the common struggle and war for independence.

And John Carroll wrote to John Fenno of the Gazette (June 10 th, 1789): Their blood
flowed as freely (in proportion to their numbers) to cement the fabric of
independence as that of any of their fellow citizens.
The year 1776 was the year in which the Jesuit Adam Weishaupt, established
the Illuminati, whose expressed aim was then overthrow of all the established

Why, you ask, would a Jesuit or zealous Catholic fight and die in a war on
side that he did not really support, when his true allegiance was with Rome.
Because, as on Jesuit General put it, We have men for martyrdom if they be
required. Fighting and dying in the American Revolutionary War was a small
price to pay for Romes advantage. If this proposition seems preposterous, I cite
again the instructions given to the Jesuit at his initiation to a position of

Another fact worth of note is that soon after Washingtons Continental

Congress declared its independence from Britain in 1776, a military alliance
was formed with Catholic France against Protestant England. Next, Catholic
Spain joined in. Why would France and Spain get involved in such a distant
war? To ensure the success of the Catholic cause! If the reader still doubts that
Rome had a hand in and benefited from the fomenting of the American
Revolution, then consider the following report written by Bishop John Carroll
from a committee of Catholic clergy reporting to Rome in 1790:

In 1776, American Independence was declared, and a revolution effected, not

only in political affairs, but also in those relating to Religion. For while the
thirteen provinces of North America rejected the yoke of England Before this
great event, the Catholic faith had penetrated two provinces only, Maryland
and Pennsylvania. In all the others, the laws against Catholics were in force
(but) By the Declaration of Independence, every difficulty was removed every
political disqualification was done away.

Thus, in John Carrolls own words, the Revolutionary War was a war relating
to Religion. Of course, the Catholic Church gave lip service to universal
religious toleration as it served her ends-at the time (the ends justify the
means) Catholicism was the religion not tolerated!

But the Churchs real agenda is found in a letter of February 27, 1785, from
John Carroll to Cardinal Leonardo Antonelli, that the most flourishing portion
of the Church, with great comfort to the Holy See, may one day be found here.

this opinion he was joined by Father Charles Plowmen, who gave the sermon
at Carrolls consecration on August 15, 1790: Although this great event may
appear to us to have been the work, the sport, of human passion, yet the
earliest and most precious fruit of it has been the extension of the kingdom of
Christ, the propagation of the Catholic religion, which hitherto fettered by
restraining laws, is now enlarged from bondage and is left at liberty to exert
the full energy of divine truth.
Let there be no mistake: the American War of Independence was a double
victory for Catholicism. Firstly, over Britain-having used the light cavalry of the
popethe Jesuitsand the Freemasons to encourage the Crown to pass those
intolerable acts and secondly, over the psyche of the American people. Thus
did the papists and the Jesuits play their role in the American War of

That the Jesuits and their French Illuminatists were the instigators behind the
American War of Independence was hinted at by President George Washington
himself. In response to a letter from Jesuit Bishop Carroll congratulating the President
on his election, Washington wrote back on March 12th, 1790, saying: To the Roman
Catholics of the United States your fellowcitizens (non-Catholics) will not
forget the patriotic part which you took in the accomplishment of their
Revolution, and the establishment of the Government, or the assistance
received from a nation in which the Roman Catholic faith is professed (i.e. from
the French Jacobins, or Illuminati).

The Founding of Washington, D.C.

Few Americans even know the date or circumstances for founding of the
Federal Government in Washington, D.C. where the U.S. President, Congress
and the Supreme Law of the Land rule. The modern-day Washington, D.C.
was created by the Organic Act of 1871 on February 23rd, 1871. This is when
Congress created a new government for the District of Columbia.

This, along with the passage of the 14th amendment which did not genuinely
free the Negroes as advertised, but made made all Americans 2 nd class U.S.
Citizens under chartered corporate governance. On June 20 th, 1874, the
President with advice of Senate abolished and replaced the 1871 govt with a
commission consisting of three persons. 18 Stat. at L. 116, chap. 337.

A subsequent act approved June 11th, 1878 (20 Stat. at L. 102, chap. 180)
was enacted stating that the District of Columbia should remain and
continue a municipal corporation, as provided in 2 of the Revised Statutes
relating to said District brought forward from the act of 1871.

The Act of June 11th, 1878 (20 Stat. chap. 180), a permanent form of
government for the District was established. It provided and that the
commissioners therein provided for should be deemed and taken as officers of
such corporation. - The District of Columbia v. Henry E. Woodbury, 136 U.S.
472 (1890)

Our currency and jurisprudence are still based on Roman Latin Law.
One needs a Latin dictionary to decipher English Common Law, yet few even
know what the word 'Latin' even means or where the word is derived. Our
money, or 'one-eye' system of exchange is all based on Roman Cannon laws
created with the first Cestui Que Vie trusts by Pope Boniface VII in 1306.

This is when he and the Holy See declared themselves to be the trustees of all
of Jesus Christ's holdings on Earth, including the reaping of all lands and
souls. These trusts are still in place in the western legal systems of today. The
B.A.R. association, which most U.S. attorneys belong to, stands for British
Accredited Registry, a corporation domiciled in the City of London. U.S. courts
are for-profit artificial contructs (the meaning for the word corporation) and
attorneys are beholden to the courts or they cannot practice.

Therefore, U.S. lawyers/attorneys who are B.A.R. members are registered

to the 'Crown,' whose corporate papers are registered away from any country
jurisprudence in Puerto Rico. Civil Law is based on the Roman Law of the
Seas or Maritime Admiralty Law, in order to keep humans ungrounded or
not under the law of the land. This is also why in court we enter on our
citizenship, partnership, relationship, ownership, membership, leadership,
friendship, etc. And we enter through the docket, opened by the bailiff.

Therefore, in court you will see the American flag with golden fringes and a
tassel, and why we have bailiffs and enter the courts through a gate, called a

Our monetary system is also derived from the Romans and the Law of the Sea
that the Romans have controlled since the days of Alexandria and Cleopatra.

This is why we put our money in a river bank, with our currency (current-sea)
holding our deposit slips while we account for our money (a piece of paper
with ink on it) in liquid and frozen assets. It isn't coincidence that the Roman
Catholic Church is also known as the Holy See(a)!

With great help from our willful ignorance and silence,

they have created legal fictitious persons in a contrac-
tual obligation through 'corps-orations,' meaning our
names are considered to be dead legal structures, and
we are considered 'human resources' and property back-
ing it in the eyes of the law. The birth (berth) certificate
was created in 1927 and only the mother's (or informant's)
surname is used on the document (if you were born in a hospital).

The hospital is paid by the State to register your infant at birth. Regis means
'crown' and 'ster' means 'to enroll' in their artificial system (which means
'crown enrollment' put together).
So when you sign your name to a document the U.S. birth certificate includes
a registered, securitized number that is pledged as collateral to the national
debt since the U.S. declared bankruptcy in 1933.

This ever-increasing debt has never been paid off, only accrued. After WWII,
the bankers had to have collateral for the massive U.S. debt incurred, so they
securitized us as 'collateral' against the debt of all of us from birth.

The Jesuits Assassinated Abraham Lincoln

Excerpts from John Smith Dye - The Adders Den:

The Jesuit Order fulfilled their oath again that they would poison, kill, or do
whatever was necessary to remove those who opposed their plans. From 1841
to 1857, we saw that three Presidents were attacked by the Jesuits as outlined
in the Congresses of Vienna, Verona, and Chieri. Two died and one barely

Abraham Lincoln, as far back as 1855 and 1856, was already a marked man
that Rome sought to destroy. Four years later, in 1860, Abraham Lincoln was
elected President of the United States. As he made his way from Illinois to
Washington, D. C., he had to pass through the city of Baltimore.

He later said to Charles Chiniquy, I am so glad to meet you again.... You see
that your friends, the Jesuits, have not yet killed me. But they would have
surely done it when I passed through their most devoted city, Baltimore, had I
not passed by incognito a few hours before they expected me.

We have proof that the company which had been selected and organized to
murder me was led by a rabid Roman Catholic called Byrne; it was almost
entirely composed of Roman Catholics; more than that, there were two
disguised priests among them, to lead and encourage them. I saw Mr. Morse,
the learned inventor of electric telegraphy: he told me that when he was in
Rome, not long ago, he found out the proofs of the most formidable conspiracy
against this country and all its institutions. It is evident that it is to the intrigues
and emissaries of the pope that we owe in great part the horrible civil war,
which is threatening to cover the country with blood and ruins.

I am sorry that Professor Morse had to leave Rome before he could know more
about the secret plans of the Jesuits against the liberties and the very existence
of this country.

Twenty men had been hired in Baltimore to assassinate the President-elect on

his way to Washington. The leader of this band was an Italian refugee, a
barber well known in Baltimore. Their plan was as follows: when Mr. Lincoln
arrived in that city, the assassins were to mix with the crowd, and get as near
his person as possible, and shoot at him with their pistols. If he was in a
carriage, hand grenades had been prepared, filled with detonating powder,
such as Orsini used in attempting to assassinate Louis Napoleon. These were
to be thrown into the carriage, and to make the work of death doubly sure,
pistols were to be discharged into the vehicle at the same moment.
Theassassins had a vessel lying ready to receive them in the harbour. From
thence they would be carried to Mobile, in the seceded state of Alabama.

An Italian barber well known in Baltimore, a Romanist, was to have stabbed

him while seated in his carriage, when he started from the depot. Burke
McCarty, The Suppressed Truth About the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln,
Arya Varta Publishing, p. 66.

Fortunately, the first plot of the Jesuits to kill Lincoln failed, as they sought to
take Lincolns life before he ever reached the White House. While riding on a
train John Wilkes Booth dropped a letter written to him by Charles Selby.
Shortly after, the letter was found and delivered to President Lincoln, who after
having read it wrote the word Assassination across it, and filed it in his office
where it was found after his death and was placed in evidence as a court
exhibit. Ibid. p. 131.

Here is an excerpt from the letter:

Abe must die, and now. You can choose your weapons, the cup, the knife, the
bullet. The cup failed us once and might again. You know where to find your
friends. Your disguises are so perfect and complete. Strike for your home;
strike for your country; bide your time, but strike sure. Ibid. p. 132.

This letter was used to help convict Mrs. Mary E. Surratt and some of the other
conspirators in the trials of the Lincoln assassination. They wanted to stab him.
If that failed, they were to shoot him, and blow him up. Those failed, so they
tried to poison him. They were the emissaries of the Black Pope, the Jesuits.
John Smith Dye, who was a witness to these events, tells us:It was a dark
day in our countrys history when an armed guard had to surround the hotel
(Willards) where the Chief Magistrate had taken temporary lodging to prevent
his assassination. And on the day, (March 4, 1861), of his Inauguration, he
was escorted up Pennsylvania Avenue in a hollow square of cavalry, and the
utmost vigilance was exercised by Gen. Scott to prevent his being publicly
assassinated on the way to the Capitol to deliver his Inaugural Address from
the east portico. These were terrible times. John Smith Dye, The Adders
Den, p. 135.

Abraham Lincoln stated,

So many plots have already been made against my life, that it is a real miracle
that they have all failed, when we consider that the great majority of them
were in the hands of the skillful Roman Catholic murderers, evidently trained
by Jesuits. But can we expect that God will make a perpetual miracle to save
my life? I believe not.

The Jesuits are so expert in those deeds of blood that Henry IV said it was
impossible to escape them, and he became their victim, though he did all that
could be done to protect himself. My escape from their hands, since the letter of
the Pope to Jeff Davis has sharpened the million of daggers to pierce my breast,
would be more than a miracle. (from Burke McCarty, The Suppressed Truth
About the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Arya Varta Publishing)

And after twenty years of constant and most difficult researches, I come
fearlessly today before the American people, to say and prove that the
president, Abraham Lincoln, was assassinated by the priests and the Jesuits
of Rome.

In the book of the testimonies given in the prosecution of the assassination of

Lincoln, published by Ben Pittman, and in the two volumes of the trial of John
Surratt, in 1867, we have the legal and irrefutable proof that the plot of the
assassins of Lincoln was matured, if not started, in the house of Mary Surratt,
561 H. Street, Washington, D. C.

The sworn testimonies show that it was the common rendezvous of the priests
of Washington.

What does the presence of so many priests in that house reveal to the world?

No man of common sense, who knows anything about the priests of Rome, can
doubt that they were the advisers, the counselors, the very soul of that infernal

Those priests, who were the personal friends and the father confessors of
Booth, John Surratt, Mrs. and Miss Surratt, could not be constantly there
without knowing what was going on, particularly when we know that every
one of those priests was a rabid rebel in heart. Every one of those priests,
knowing that his infallible pope had called Jeff Davis his dear son, and had
taken the Southern Confederacy under his protection, was bound to believe
that the most holy thing a man could do, was to fight for the Southern cause by
destroying those who were its enemies.

Read the history of the assassination of Admiral Coligny, Henry III and Henry
IV, and William the Taciturn, by the hired assassins of the Jesuits; compare
them with the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and you will find that one
resembles the other like two drops of water. You will understand that they all
come from the same source Rome! p. 309.

That arch rebel [Jeff Davis] could give the money; but the Jesuits alone could
select the assassins, train them, and show them a crown of glory in heaven, if
they would kill the author of the bloodshed, the famous renegade and apostate
the enemy of the pope and the church Lincoln.

Who does not see the lessons given by the Jesuits to Booth, in their daily
intercourse in Mary Surratts house, when he reads those lines written by
Booth a few hours before his death: I can never repent. God made me the
instrument of His punishment. Compare these words with the doctrines and
principles taught by the councils, the decrees of the pope, and the laws of holy
Inquisition, and you will find that the sentiments and belief of Booth flow from
those principles, as the river flows from its source.

And that pious Miss Surratt, who, the very next day after the murder of
Lincoln, said, without being rebuked, in the presence of several other
witnesses: The death of Abraham Lincoln is no more than the death of any
nigger in the army. Where did she get that maxim, if not from her Church? Had
not that church recently proclaimed throughthe devoted Roman Catholic
Judge Taney, in his Dred Scott decision, the Negroes have no right which the
white is bound to respect? By bringing the president on a level with the lowest
nigger, Rome was saying that he had no right even to his life.

Right after Lincolns death, John Surratt, who was part of the assassination
conspiracy, fled to Montreal. From Montreal he was taken to Liverpool, England
and then to Rome.

When a United States official finally caught up with him, he was found in the
Popes personal army. A conspirator in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln
was a member of the Popes personal army!

Three or four hours before Lincoln was murdered in Washington, the 14th of
April, 1865, that murder was not only known by someone, but it was circulated
and talked of in the streets and in the houses of the priestly and Romish town
of St. Joseph, Minnesota. The fact is undeniable; the testimonies are
unchallengeable, and there were no railroad nor any telegraph communications
nearer than forty or eighty miles from St. Joseph.

Mr. Linneman, who is a Roman Catholic, tells us that though he heard this from
many in his store, and in the streets, he does not remember the name of a
single one who told him that. But if the memory of Mr. Linneman is so
deficient on that subject, we can help him and tell him what was said with
mathematical accuracy. The priests of Saint Joseph were often visiting
Washington and boarding, probably, at Mrs. Surratts. Those priests of
Washington were in daily communication with their co-rebel priests of St.
Joseph; they were their intimate friends. There was no secret among them.
The details of the murder, as the day selected for its commission, were as well
known among the priests of St. Joseph as they were among those of

How could the priests conceal such a joyful event from their bosom friend, Mr.
Linneman? He was their confidential man. He was their purveyor; he was their
right hand man among the faithful of St. Joseph.

The priests of Rome knew and circulated the death of Lincoln four hours before
its occurrence in their Roman Catholic town of St. Joseph, Minnesota. Ibid.
pp. 316- 317.

In the trial of John Surratt, a French minister by the name of Rufus King stated

I believe that he [John Surratt] is protected by the clergy and that the murder
is the result of a deep-laid plot, not only against the life of President Lincoln, but
against the existence of this republic, as we are aware that the priesthood and
royalty are and always have been opposed to liberty. Burke McCarty, The
Suppressed Truth About the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Arya Varta
Publishing, p. 185

Conspirator John Surratt, who escaped conviction by flight, was an alumna of

St. Charles College, founded by the Sulpicians, who also helped the Jesuits
establish Georgetown University. Four people were tried, convicted, and
executed by hanging for the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Their names were Davy Harold, Lewis Payne, George Atzerodt, and Mary E.
Surratt. They were all Roman Catholics. That information is in Fords Theater,
in several glass cases showing many things about Lincoln, the Civil War, and
his assassination.

As Abraham Lincoln was being assassinated, an attempt was also made to

assassinate William Seward, the Secretary of State. There was also to be an
attempt on the life of Ulysses S. Grant, but Grant had to take an emergency trip
to New Jersey to be at the bedside of a dying relative. Andrew Johnson, the
Vice President of the United States, was also to be assassinated at this time.
The man who was to kill him became scared and ran off, riding on a horse into
the country, and did not carry out his part of the plan.

The Pope, at this time, in Rome was Pius IX (1846-78). Pius was the first Pope
to officially declare himself to be infallible. Pius was on very good terms with
Confederate General Jefferson Davis and wrote him acknowledging him with
such titles as honorable Mr. President titles which showed his approval of
the Confederates States of America as a sovereign entity and Davis as its
leader. The Pope then funded the Confederates during the Civil War.

William Henry Harrison took his oath to become the President of the United
States, the Jesuits saw a man that openly opposed them and their plans.
Unfortunately, President Harrison was poisoned just thirty- five days into his
term of office. There was no failure of health or strength to indicate such an
event, or to excite apprehension that he would not go through his term with the
same vigor with which he commenced it. His attack was sudden and evidently
fatal from the commencement.

William Henry Harrison became the first president to fall a victim of the Jesuits
in their attempt to take over the United States, destroy the Constitution, and
install the papacy as the supreme ruler in America. If any U.S. President or any
other leader refused to take orders from the Jesuits, they too, would be targets
of assassination. Zachary Taylor refused to go along with the destruction of
America and he was the next to fall.

Six years later James Buchanan, a Pennsylvania Democrat, was elected

president. James Buchanan had wined and dined with the Southerners and it
appeared as though he would go along with their desires.

The new president proved himself a decided Trimmer. Although he was a

Northern man, he had strongly courted the Southern leaders and given them to
understand that he was With them heart and soul, in short, he double-crossed
themThe gentleman had had his ear to the ground evidently and had heard
the rumble of the Abolitionists wheels.

He coolly informed them that he was President of the North, as well as of the
South. This change of attitude was indicated by his very decided stand against
Jefferson Davis and his party, and he made known his intention of settling the
question of Slavery in the Free States to the satisfaction of the people in those

James Buchanan didnt have to wait long to find out what the Jesuits would
do to him for double-crossing them.

On Washingtons birthday, Buchanans stand became known and the next day
he was poisoned. The plot was deep and planned with skill. Mr. Buchanan, as
was customary with men in his station, had a table and chairs reserved for
himself and friends in the dining room at the National Hotel. The President was
known to be an inveterate tea drinker; in fact, Northern people rarely drink
anything else in the evening. Southern men prefer coffee.
Thus, to make sure of Buchanan and his Northern friends, arsenic was
sprinkled in the bowls containing the tea and lump sugar and set on the table
where he was to sit. The pulverized sugar in the bowls used for coffee on the
other tables was kept free from the poison. Not a single Southern man was
affected or harmed.

Fifty or sixty persons dined at the table that evening, and as nearly as can be
learned, about thirty-eight died from the effects of the poison. President
Buchanan was poisoned, and with great difficulty his life was saved. His
physicians treated him understandingly from instructions given by himself as
to the cause of the illness, for he understood well what was the matter.

Since the appearance of the epidemic, the tables at the National Hotel have
been almost empty. Have the proprietors of the Hotel, or clerks, or servants,
suffered from it? If not, in what respect did their diet and accommodations
differ from those of the guests?

There is more in this calamity than meets the eye. Its a matter that should not
be trifled with.

James Buchanan was poisoned and almost died. He lived because he knew
that he had been given arsenic poisoning and so informed his doctors. He knew
that the Jesuits poisoned Harrison and Taylor. - (The Suppressed Truth About
the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Burke McCarthy Arya Varta Publishing,
p. 50)

Today the path to total dictatorship in the U.S. can be laid by strictly legal
means We have a well-organized political-action group in this country, determined
to destroy our Constitution and establish a one-party state It operates secretly,
silently, continuously to transform our Government This ruthless power-seeking elite
is a disease of our century This group is answerable neither to the President, the
Congress, nor the courts. It is practically irremovable. Sen. William Jenner, 1954.

Nation-State Flag of Washington, D.C. The Trinity of

the One World Empire

Why is Washington, D.C. not a State and legally a separate city-municipality

apart from the whole United States continent and its territories?

Why is the one square mile of the City of London, an epicenter of world
financial control, with its own Mayor, a separate city-state from the rest of
Great Britain?
Why does the Vatican City have its own country code, where the entire city-
state entity is guarded by Swiss Guards and shares no laws with Italy?

Why has Switzerland never been involved in two great world wars, where the
elite go to hide their vast sums of accumulated wealth in secret, off-shore
accounts, where the Rothschilds provide the Swiss guards for the Vatican,
and are guarded the massive wealth of the Vatican and where the Bank of
Banks, the Bank of International Settlement, where all central banks,
including the private fiscal agent of the 'U.S. government,' the Federal
Reserve, clear their trades?

The aforementioned city-states listed above are sovereign, corporate entities

not connected to the nations they appear to be part of. In other words, the
City of London (that is the square mile within the Greater London) is not
technically part of Greater London or the U.K., just as the Vatican City is not
part of Rome or Italy.

Likewise, Washington, D.C. is not part of the United States that it controls.

These sovereign, corporate entities have their own laws and their own

They also have their own flags. The flag of the District of Columbia is a perfect
example. Note it has three stars, representing the trinity of these three city-
states, also known as the Empire of the Cities.

As stated earlier, these three City-States belong to no Nation and pay no

taxes. They have their own separate laws, own police, mayors and officials,
post offices, their own separate flags and their own separate identities.

The constitution for the District of Columbia operates under a tyrannical

Roman law known as Lex Fori, which bears no resemblance to the U.S.
Constitution. When Congress passed the act of 1871, it created a municipal
corporation as the new government for the District of Columbia.

Our legal court system is based on Roman Latin Law and one needs a Latin
dictionary to understand legal words, terms and meanings.

This [treasonous] act of the 41st Congress allowed the District of Columbia to
operate as a body-corporate entity outside the U.S. constitution and the best
interests of American citizens.

What the Congress did with the passage of the Act of 1871 was it created a
new government for Washington, D.C.
The C.E.O. (President) presides over the U.S. corporation and governs his/her
secretaries, treasurers and generals while working with his/her Board of
Directors (cabinet officials) and managers (Senators/Congresspeople).

The United States Isnt a Country Its a Corporation

Most Americans believe that the United States is a de jure, free & sovereign
'democracy' and the President who presides it is the most powerful person in
the world. But nothing could be farther from the truth.

The United States is not a land-mass, but a corporation headquartered in

Washington, D.C.

I refer you to the U.S. Code - Title 28 Part VI Chapter 176 Sub-chapter A
3002 (15) (A). It unequivocally states that the 'United States' is a federal
corporation. Realize too that this corporation is not a separate and distinct
entity from the government. IT IS the government we have now. This is
extremely important. The Uniform Commercial Code, UCC9 - 307 (h) states
that the location of the 'United States' is in the District of Columbia.

Another document I will also refer you to is titled Articles of Incorporation

UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY (1925). This entity has been
chartered in perpetual existence in Tallahassee, Florida on July 7 th, 1925,
with offices in New York, Delaware, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania and Paris. If you want to get full detail, visit the link below:

More evidence can also be seen here in this court case titled Supreme Court
Annotated Statute, Clearfield Trust Co. vs. United States 318 U.S. 363-371,
1942. It states, "Governments descend to the level of a mere private
corporation, and take on the characteristics of a mere private citizen... Where
private corporate commercial paper [Federal Reserve Notes] and securities
[checks] is concerned... For purposes of suit such corporations and individuals
are regarded as entities entirely separate from government."

These are just a few examples from an ample of evidence I would've shown
you; but I will encourage you to see them yourself, do your deep research and
judge on what has been presented and documented objectively.
American & Vatican Relations
Before Ronald Reagan gave the Vatican an embassy, the Vatican was allowed
only a delegation and even this delegation was not allowed until after the Civil
War. Why? Eight Catholics had conspired to kill Lincoln.

Within months of President Reagans inauguration in 1981, President Reagan

moved quickly and on January 10th, 1984, announced that full diplomatic
relations between the United States and the Vatican had been established.
The President did this over the opposition of the office of the Secretary of
State. One of those speaking strongly in favor of the Holy See role at the U.N.
was the Hon. George W. Bush, then Governor of Texas.

For 117 years, the Vatican was banned by Congress from having an embassy
in the U.S. until Roman Catholic for the Jesuit assassination of Abraham
Lincoln. In 1984, Ronald Reagan, with the help of the conspiratorial
Congress, reinstituted full diplomatic relations with the Vatican.

The Monroe Doctrine

The Monroe Doctrine was Americas response to the Jesuits Congresses of
Vienna [in 1814-15] and Verona [in 1825]. America would consider it an act of
war if any European nation sought colonial expansion in the Western
Hemisphere. The Jesuits have been able secretly to attack and infiltrate
America to accomplish exactly what the Monroe Doctrine was stated to
protect against. They (i.e., the Jesuits) have been able to get away with it
because it was done with utmost secrecy and under the faade of being a

The Monroe Doctrine challenged any advance on America by Europe.

However, [President] Monroe did not really understand that the crafty Jesuits
would not initially use the force of arms to gain their objectives. They, (the
Jesuits) would use cunning craftiness and utmost secrecy. They would appeal
to mens basest points. They would plant their agents in positions of wealth
and power [Ed. Note: such as in the U.S. Congress and in U.S. intelligence
agencies] and then use their influence to gain their great prize the
subversion and destruction of every Protestant principle as outlined in the
Constitution of the United States. Bill Hughes (From his book The Secret

The Monroe Doctrine was a U.S. foreign policy regarding domination of the
American continent in 1823.

The threat under the secret treaty of Verona to suppress popular governments
in the American Republics is the basis of the Monroe doctrine.
This [secret] treaty sets forth clearly the conflict between monarchical
government and popular government - the government of the few as against
the government of the many.

Manifest Destiny - American Imperialism

First used in 1845, the term Manifest Destiny

conveyed the idea that the rightful destiny of
the U.S. included imperialistic expansion.
This idea certainly contributed to several wars.
For example, in 1846 the United States declared
war on Mexico and proceeded to win much of
what is now the Southwestern United States.
The war with Mexico was just one out of a
series of aggressive acts that can be tied to
Americas Manifest Destiny. Manifest Destiny
emerged naturally and inevitability out of fundamental want and need to
explore and conquer new lands and establish new borders. With this growth
came moral, cultural, social ideological and economical differences between
people, states and countries.

On January 3rd, 1871, Pres. Ulysses S. Grants (1822-1885) Indian Peace

Policy put Indian Affairs agencies directly under the control of missionaries
of various Christian religions. So arbitrarily did it divide them across
denominations that Catholics got not the expected half but merely seven out
of eighty-eight, wrote a later Jesuit historian.

The Holy Alliance made its powers felt by the wholesale drastic suppression of
the press in Europe, by universal censorship, by killing free speech and all
ideas of popular rights, and by the complete suppression of popular

The Holy Alliance having destroyed popular government in Spain and in Italy,
had well-laid plans also to destroy popular government in the American
colonies which had revolted from Spain and Portugal in Central and South
America under the influence of the successful example of the United States.

It was because of this conspiracy against the American Republics by the

European monarchies that the great English statesman, Canning, called the
attention of our government to it, and our statesmen then, including Thomas
Jefferson, took an active part to bring about the declaration by President
Monroe in his next annual message to the Congress of the United States that
the United States should regard it as an act of hostility to the government of
the United States and an unfriendly act if this coalition or if any power of
Europe ever undertook to establish upon the American Continent any control
of any American Republic or to acquire any territorial rights. This is the so-
called Monroe doctrine.

Everything, (since June, 1933), operates under Commerce! Commerce is

based on agreement or contract. Government has an implied agreement with
the legal construct (our names/identities established by the State) & it is
subject to government rule, as we illustrated above. But when we (the bona
fide, flesh & blood homo sapiens) step into their process, we become the
surety for the dead legal structure/person. Reality & fiction are reversed. We
then become liable for the debts, liabilities & obligations of this legal person,
relinquishing our true (protected) character as we stand up for a counterfeit
version (known as the straw-man/woman).

The people are then subjects to the State(s) and National government at the
same time. The public government is an artificial entity. The government is
owned and controlled by the same people. The government is a sole
organization, not an aggregate organization. As long as a man is dealing
publicly, he is in a sole relationship with the public. The 'straw-man,' being
artificial, lives in the artificial world called the public. At the same time as
people are acting collectively in the larger body of people called the State and
National government, they maintain their ability to act individually on a
private basis.

The people did not give up the rights they did not delegate to the government
they retained those rights. Any man can contract privately as they see fit
and the government cannot interfere with the private contracts of men. The
straw-man lives in the public side of government. He is part of the public
government, and functions under the laws of the public. This is necessary
and proper because the creator of an entity has the right to control it.

Since the government created the straw-man, it is only right that the straw-
man live under the rules of its creator. But once the straw-man has been
redeemed, the government is no longer in control of the straw-man. He is now
controlled by the man using his right to private contracts.

The following 15 points are based upon factual historical evidence:

1. In 1861, Pres. Lincoln instituted martial law. He ordered that the States
(and the people) either con-scribe troops and provide money in support
of the North or be recognized as an enemy of the State. This military Act
of Congress is still in effect today what it means is that the President
has dictatorial authority to do anything that can be done by the
government in accordance with the Constitution of the United States.
This is the foundation of Presidential Executive Orders.
2. The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 created a municipal
corporation, owned and operated by the actual government for the
reason of carrying out its purposes under Lex Fori. This was done under
the constitutional authority for Congress to pass any law within the ten
mile square of Washington, District of Columbia.

3. The U.S., Inc. began to generate debts via bonds etc., which came due in
1912, but they could not pay their debts so the 7 families that bought
up the bonds demanded payment and the U.S. could not pay. Said
families settled the debt for the payments of all of the 'United States'
assets and for all of the assets of the Treasury of the United States of

4. As 1913 began, U.S., Inc. had no funds to carry out the necessary
business needs of the government so they went to said families and
asked if they could borrow some money. The families said no (U.S. had
already demonstrated that they would not repay their debts in full). The
families had foreseen this situation and had the year before finalized the
creation of a private corporation of the name Federal Reserve Bank.

5. U.S., Inc. formed a relationship with the Federal Reserve Bank whereby
they could transact their business via note rather than with money.
Notice that this relationship was one made between two private
corporations and did not involve government; that is where most people
error in understanding the Federal Reserve Bank system-again it has no
government relation at all. The private contracts that set the whole
system up even recognize that if anything therein proposed is found
illegal or impossible to perform it is excluded from the agreements and
the remaining elements remain in full force and effect.

6. Almost simultaneously with the last fact (also in 1913), U.S., Inc passes
and adopts (as if ratified) their own 16th amendment. It must be noted
that this amendment has nothing to do with our nation, with our people
or with our national Constitution, which already had its own 16th
amendment. The Supreme Court ruled that it did nothing that was not
already done other than to make plain and clear the right of the 'United
States' to tax companies. We agree, considering that they were created
under the authority of the U.S., Inc.

7. Next (also 1913), Congress passed and entered the 17 th amendment as

ratified, even though the states had no opportunity to ratify the same.
This amendment is not only not ratified, it is not constitutional; the
Constitution forbids Congress from even discussing the matter of where
Senators are elected.
8. In 1914, the Freshman class and all Senators that successfully ran for
re-election in 1913 by popular vote are seated in 'government' capacity

9. In 1917, the 'United States' enters WWI and passes their Emergency
War Powers, and Trading with the Enemies Acts.

10. In 1918, President Wilson is re-elected by the Electoral College but their
election is required to be confirmed by the constitutionally set Senate;
where in the new U.S., only Senators were allowed to participate in the
Electoral College vote confirmation. The only authority that could
possibly have been used for electoral confirmation was corporate only.
Therefore, President Wilson was not confirmed into office for his second
term as President of the United States of America and was only seated
in the U.S., Inc. Presidential capacity. Therefore the original jurisdiction
governments seats were vacated because the people didnt seat any
original jurisdiction government officers.

11. In 1933, the Trading with the Enemies Act is adjusted to recognize the
American people as enemies of the 'United States.'

12. In 1944, under the Bretton Woods Agreement, U.S. ceded claims to the
International Monetary Fund, and becomes a foreign controlled private

13. Sometime after 1935, you ask Social Security Administration for a
relationship with their program. They create an entity with a name (that
sounds like your name but is spelled with all capital letters) and a
depository account number in the Social Security General Trust Fund
(G.T.F.). They give you the Social Security card which identifies you as
the single person with authority to control the entity they created (on
review: you may notice that the Social Security Administration was the
creator of the entity, the G.T.F. is its beneficiary and you were made its
Trustee.) More importantly: this capacity does not limit you or your
capacity to act in your sovereign capacity in any way.

14. In 1968, at the national governors' conference in Lexington, Kentucky,

the I.M.F. leaders of the event proposed the dilemma the State governors
were in for carrying out their business dealings in Federal Reserve Notes
(private but gov't mandated currency), which is forbidden in the national
and State constitutions, alleging that if they did not do something to
protect themselves the people would discover what had been done with
their money and would likely kill them all and start over.
They suggested the States form corporations like the 'United States'
and showed the advantages of the resultant uniform codes that could
becreated, which would allow better and more powerful control over
the people.

15. By 1971, every State gov't in the Union had formed such private
corporations (artificial states), in accord with the I.M.F. admonition,
and the people ceased to seat original jurisdiction government
officials in their State government seats.

When you find there is no error,

then remember these basic facts and
let no one dissuade you from the truth.

The Bottom Line: when you speak about

these private foreign corporations,
remember that's what they are and
stop addressing them as governments.

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