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Visayas State University

Visca, Baybay City, Leyte 6521-A, Philippines

Tel: +63 53 335 2600; Fax: +63 53 335 2601

Jul 29-Aug 11, 2017

Green RDE: Keeping nature and technology in harmony

Date Time Event/Activity Venue Focal Persons

Jul 29- 7:30 AM 8th Visayas-wide Ultimate Frisbee Upper Oval Frisbee Club
30 Tournament Grounds and IHK
(Sat- ViLTEC Members Tennis Tournament Tennis Court ViLTEC
July 31- 5:30PM VSU OBC Cup 2017 Upper OBCapuno
Aug 7 Basketball Court
July 31 7:00 PM Welcome Night for all Students Upper Oval USSO and
Aug 1 1:00PM Blessing of Beach Kiosks, SLH, TBI, DBS Engr. Mario
(Tue) Faculty Room, DFST Extension Valenzona
3:00PM Formal Opening of Flower and Garden Upper Oval DoH and
Show Grounds ViHOS
Guest: USEC Evelyn Lavia/DTI Reg. Dir.
Cynthia Nieras
5:00PM Opening of Art Exhibit TBI
Aug 3 7:30PM High School Night Gym VSUSHS and
(Thu) VLHS
Aug 4 6:00 PM Friday Night Live Upper Oval USSC
6:30 AM Welcome and Cultural Night - AAACU CCE
Aug 5 5:00 AM Fun Run/Walk for A Cause Upper Oval ACRO and IHK
(Sat) 7:00 AM Congressional Cup Tennis Court
7:00 PM Mayors and Congressmans Night Upper Oval
(c/o Baybay Tourism & Investment
Aug 5-6 7:00AM Age-group Swimming Competition Olympic-size IHK
(Sat- swimming pool
Aug 6 7:00 AM Armenias Invitational Tennis Tennis Court IHK
(Sun) Tournament
Aug 3:00 PM Anniversary Mass Gym CDV Godoy
7(Mon) 4:00 PM Formal Opening of Booths Welcome Arc OVPRE
7:00 PM Concert with Boy Band PH (Tentative) Gym Derek & Jed
Aug 8 8:00AM Opening of International Jackfruit Fiesta Upper Oval OVPRE
(Tue) 9:00AM Kaugmaran Festival Upper Oval OVPRE
2:00 PM Wellness Seminar: Mens Health/Mental RDE Hall Dr. JO Zafico
7:00PM Amateur Singing Contest for Grades 7, Upper Oval CAC (Prizes:
11 and College Freshmen Pres, VPs and
Aug 9 7:00 AM Blood Letting, Free Medical Services Convention Hall VSU Hospital
(Wed) 9:00 AM Conference on Strengthening LGU- CCE ISRDS/OP
to Academe-Industry Partnership/Green
5:00PM Forum
8:00AM- International Jackfruit Fiesta Upper Oval OVPRE
7:00AM- Goodwill Games Upper Campus IHK
5:00PM Courts
8:00PM Christ the King College Concert Gym Derek Alviola

Date Time Event/Activity Venue Focal Persons

Aug 10 7:00 AM Anniversary Parade Lower Oval
(Thu) (start)
9:00 AM Anniversary Convocation Program Gym
Chair. E Prospero J. de Veyra
6:00 PM Anniversary Night for Faculty and Gym CAC
Aug 11 4:00 AM Diana Around the Dr. Pastor
(Fri) campus Garcia
6:00AM Registration for Farmers & Upper Oval OVPRE
Fisherfolks Day
7:00 AM Farmers & Fisherfolks Parade Upper Oval OVPRE
7:30 AM Farmers & Fisherfolks Day Opening Gym OVPRE
Program & Forum (Pinol)
8:00 AM Pinaka Farm Products Contest Upper Oval OVPRE
9:30 AM Awarding of 2017 Outstanding Gym OVPRE
Farmers (Vegetable, Farmer-Entrep,
Livestock, Fisherfolk, Association)
1:00 PM Dulang Pinoy Upper Oval IHK
Farm Skills Competition Upper Oval OVPRE
Pet Show Upper Oval CVM-CSSC
Livelihood Caravan Gym OVPRE
Livestock Challenge and Poultry DAS Arena DAS and AREV

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