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Assistant Director DEPARTMENT/
JOB TITLE Enforcement
(Enforcement) DIVISION
Deputy Director Head Office,
Enforcement Peshawar
Regular GRADE 17


The incumbent will assist Deputy Director Enforcement in all the processes of
implementation/compliance of Procurement Rules 2014.


❖ Support all capacity building programs within KPPRA
❖ Assist in the evaluation of all program aspects
❖ Develop, monitor, and adjust budgets for all capacity building programs in
consultation with the Deputy Director and Director
❖ Provide administrative and research support in capacity drive for KPPRA as
❖ To evaluate the effectiveness of capacity building interventions through feedback
from participants and managers, and where applicable, measure the impact of
the interventions through various research methods.
❖ Maintain and organize all capacity building programs and participant records that
team members can easily comprehend and navigate
❖ Establish and maintain appropriate system for measuring training needs and
developing training plan
❖ Responsible for organizing the logistics of internal and external training events.
Includes liaising with external training providers, arranging suitable venues,
organizing catering, organizing publicity and delegates bookings, answering
delegate queries, monitor attendance, and dealing with any problems, which
might arise.
❖ Provide monthly reports to supervisor.

and intrapersonal skills. REQUIREMENTS ❖ Master’s degree in Management/ Social Sciences and Minimum three years of relevant experience ❖ A demonstrated track record in producing and developing professional development programs ❖ Proficiency in MS Office Suite ❖ Strong verbal. and ability to execute effective multi- tasking. written. REPORTING POSITIONS ❖ Clerical Staff Reviewed: Approved By: Date Approved: .❖ Any other task as assigned by the Deputy Director. excellent organizational and logistical skills (with attention to detail). and differentiate high and low priority tasks.